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Live Feed Discusion - July 16

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  • Live Feed Discusion - July 16

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    Good morning everyone!


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      Morning all. Glad to see some comic relief with the pillows beds in have not room. The big boys In there on slop and no sleep it might get ugly. Looks like Alex spent a lot of time in DR and has come to the conclusion she's putting up mark. Yeah. Raven mentions if she got hoh she would put up Paul, Matt says mark. Paul worked his way into the other side of the house and Kevin, Josh, Jason and Alex all seem to trust him and want him in the final 4 with them. If Cody is coming back it looks like he is teaming up with them too. I don't like Paul. but he seems to be playing a good game. he should be it's his second time in there and the only vet. Hope Raven wins the hoh and actually has the courage to put him up. Jess seems to be making friends back. After Alex seeming to do Paul' a bidding she is no longer my favorite, but I'm glad the house is shaken up and there is some real drama and real laughs. Wonder how temptation is going to play out.


      • Border57
        Border57 commented
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        I think the vets have an advantage for the first few weeks, but after that you are either a gamer or you're not. Paul is good because he's good and it's why they brought him back. Alex and Kevin are gamers and if Alex doesn't win this season, I'll bet they invite her back. Josh and Jason could come back three times and still wouldn't know the game. It would be great if they could get a whole group of good gamers one season.

      • Ladycop
        Ladycop commented
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        Border57, Paul is good but having safety for 3 weeks really helps your game. No one has ever had that advantage. How lucky for him.

      • Bbfanbb
        Bbfanbb commented
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        Paul this year was the only returning houseguest. So far anyways. I would have liked to see them bring back Victor or even James or someone not a Paul fan when Megan quit. But being the only one with bracelets, three weeks safety, and hoh letters, obvious tips from diary room production, it's getting old. He is using his second time in really well and has snow over almost everyone's eyes but Dom though.
        Last edited by Bbfanbb; 07-16-2017, 02:29 PM.

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      Isn't Alex falling onto the spikes that Cody left, but his spreading the lies about Dom and Mark? This is what Cody wanted to happen so everyone would leave Jessica alone. I'm glad to hear that Christmas is not going to be backdoors. On your list of who should come back, I believe that she should be one do to not being able to play to her fullest potential.


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        Raven has room to talk, she is as useless as Christmas, if not more.


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          Why is it that the ones that are bad at everything, worthless, seem the most in titled! What has any of them done in just 2 weeks to make them so special?


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            Someone yesterday said that if Jessica was voted out they think Cody would throw the buyback to her.....I agree and I think that would be the smartest move for the house. That way they don't bring back Cody, a strong competitor, and we don't have to watch Jody snog again! Nobody is really mentioning buyback this week.


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              I thought they were having eviction today and fast forward week because of buy back why haven't they done POV ceremony yet ?


              • gabesrah
                gabesrah commented
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                On the show Thursday night, Julie said it would be a live eviction on Thursday's show. Same schedule as always.

            • #9
              Raven is finally showing her snarky side. She's talking about Christmas if one of them are on block and Christmas gets picked for the POV and can't play to get them off, what good is she . lol . didn't Raven hurt her foot too? I haven't seen her shine in any competition yet. I feel for her but she is just one of those girls who expects to be carried by her sweetness , injury, and hooking up with a strong likable man in the house. Sadly for me anyways this seems to work for some girls winning i.e. Jordan and Nicole. Survivor as well. I really like Alex's saying I'm not on the Bacehelor I didn't come to hook up with guys this is big brother I'm here to compete.


              • joniw1
                joniw1 commented
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                I feel sorry for Christmas, however, I agree with Raven. Christmas really can't compete in any physical competitions. Basically all she can do is talk and vote. I would have liked to see her play at 100%, but I think she needs to go home. Not to mention, she needs to heal properly

            • #10
              Is Dom going to self evict? I keep hearing things from her that sound like it?


              • Bbfanbb
                Bbfanbb commented
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                some people are saying it. I think she is planning on saying something that Paul is a snake at veto ceremony .she also has been talking to mark saying if they vote me out the other side will have more,numbers. I think she's gonna hang in there.

            • #11
              CBS still has voting for the DOT.

              Alex did her noms, then sat back and watched the House explode. Never saw a more invisible HOH.

              Dom learning the hard way the Cody lesson: if you go to kill the King, you better kill the King.

              Paul fought off a second attack and has many players loyal to him. When he did his defence tour I noted he told the same story to each. It was couched in proclaiming his 'honesty'. By repeating the tale, if they compare notes, they will discover he said same stuff. His victims chose themselves by either coming after him, like Cody or Dom, or by appearing to not go with THE (his) plan, Ramses.

              The initial Cody alliance that Paul adopted is totally fractured. The odd balls are a tighter group emotionally, but players like Jason, Kevin or Josh are not organised enough to plan long term schemes. They need Paul and Alex to guide them.

              Ramses is making efforts in group, but will always be on outside and any easy out. Josh has grown and is trying, but not respected.

              Glad the inmates got some time in the yard.

              ​​And I find myself not caring who comes back, though Cameron would be fun.


              • Bewero
                Bewero commented
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                Dom is no Cercei Lannister/Baratheon.....whatever her psychotic highness goes by

            • #12
              Cooler vs ice chest. An ice chest was what a fridge was called since it held a huge block of ice to keep food cool before the days of electric refrigerators. (I yelled over the wall, but they couldn't hear me.)


              • xplus1
                xplus1 commented
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                Never heard of the fridge called an ice chest. My grandparents had one and they call it an ice box.

            • #13
              Alex & Jason are FOOLS to be thinking to take Paul to mid-game. SMDH. At this rate of game play they won't be around to F6. They mill be lucky if both make jury. They need a weaponized Dom to stay in the house & a booted Xmas talking to Julie this week.

              I I just can't take another week of this Paul Show CBS is putting on. I'll switch 100% to NBC reality shows & Battle of the Network Stars and consider this season a complete cursed season.


              • #14
                Downton Abbey, BB version:

                Lord of the Manor - Paul
                Second Wife - Alex
                The Wild Daughter - Elena
                The Bitchy Daughter From the First Marriage - Jessica
                The Pampered Youngest Son - Josh
                Crazy Aunt - Christmas

                Butler - Matt
                Maid - Raven
                Laundress - Kevin
                Footman - Ramses
                Stable Master - Jason
                The Hunky Gardener - Mark

                The Manor's Ghost - Dominique

                Next Episode: Who will return to upset the House? The Cousins Nobody Knows Who Survived The Titanic OR The Bitter War Hero Son OR The Exorcised Ghost?


                • #15
                  So funny, I had wondered how Kevin makes money and have been hearing the hamsters wondering the same thing and making allegations of 'Family' connections though they have no knowledge of his parents' convictions.


                  • Bbfanbb
                    Bbfanbb commented
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                    I heard him talking to I think Jessica talking about smuggling superglue into his dads prison but they switched cameras, I think Alex and Jason know too. Alex keeps,saying he's a gangster. His dad might not have signed a release to talk about him,

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