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Live Feed Discussion - July 20

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 20

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    Good morning everyone!

    One disturbing trend in past seasons for me is that so many HG's are playing for jury.


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      Morning everybody. Happy eviction day.

      I hate that too Kitty. Is anyone besides Paul playing to win?


      • nannicarol
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        I definitely think Alex is playing to win and has been since day 1.

      • Shmennifer
        Shmennifer commented
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        I think Alex has too! Especially when she outright told Cody no! That's when I decided I loved her!

      • herms is here
        herms is here commented
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        There probably just there to get their 15 minutes of fame and to meet potential new friends. I also dislike the showmance.

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      Hey everyone!

      That also irritates me too. Besides the floaters... I think ones that say that might be a tactic like "I'm not playing too hard, don't come after me" If they are "just wanting to make it to jury" maybe others won't see them as much of a threat? I don't know, who knows what they are thinking in there lol. I feel like Alex is playing a good game, but she has also said this too and working with Paul. Besides Paul, Alex is the top one sticking out to me for strongest player. She really lucked out with her HOH this week. I see Jessica making a turn around as well.

      I am just so ready to see tonight's show and who got the temptation tonight. Wish us Live Feeders could watch the Battle Back live.. I guess I can wait until tomorrow.


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        Morn all. It looks like Dom didn't get the temptation. I think Raven is getting jealous of Jessica she seems to be flirting with Matt and Alex isn't liking the fact she's getting along with that side of the house after all the work Alex put in. I wonder if they are going to try a last minute switch with the vote. I cannot believe Dom and that bathroom cult chant she did in the episode where she said she summoned God who told her Paul was the snake. The was NOT Latin or Spanish. She sounded like the chants you hear in movies of people in a satanic cult. I' m scared for her being a nuclear engineer for the government, how did she pass the clearance with her wackiness ??.
        i wonder how Jess is going to do when if Cody comes back. I like this side of her .she seems to get along well with everyone .
        CANNOT stand the Paul show. I'm really hoping CBS starts realizing the bad press he made with the snake (that outfit and face paint just made him look like an idiot not a snake ) and will tone down the Paul show, and start dropping hints for people to get him out of the house. I'm so sick of watching him. Someone mentioned the next temptation should be the Friendship replacement, Paul goes out and Cameron comes in. That would be epic. Happy eviction day.
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            I wonder exactly how it is that the houseguests will determine rather someone gets to come back or not (as Julie had stated). It may just be as simple as they all compete in the next HOH Competition together and the only way a person gets to return is if they win the HOH Competition.

            If connected to the Halting Hex temptation, then all it takes is for someone (the person that got the most votes) to ACCEPT the temptation (which we know they would, I mean, being able to stop an eviction, who wouldn't?) but not necessarily use it tonight and the consequence (curse) is that an evicted houseguest gets to return.

            We know it has to be something along those lines because they planned this whole Battle Back special Friday episode in advance so they had to be confident that the Battle Back would happen. Guess we'll find out for sure soon enough.


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              Eviction Notice has been posted, but how did week go?
              Time to grade the House Guests on their performance this week.

              - Posted on day of Eviction 7/20 -

              SUMMA CUM LAUDE (Best in Show):
              Alex: Her HOH went fairly smoothly in that none of the House turmoil stuck to her. Will end her week not being an obvious target.
              Matt: Silently stays off radar, never gets into fights, gives wise advice when asked, and cleans up without making a big deal. Also, most of House has a crush on him.
              Paul: Somehow the parfum, venom AND Production help got him through these four weeks. But, Battle Back and Double Evict may sink him IF they start comparing notes and decide to toss his fanny out. BUT he has got tentacles everywhere (more 🐙 then 🐍 ?)

              HONOR ROLL (Doing Well):
              Raven: Remains mostly liked, despite shade being tossed. She's Paul's sous-chef keeping the hamsters fed.
              Elena: Dominique tossed some shade, but Elena attempts to remain friends with all and flirting with everybody.
              Christmas: Her injury has made her less of a factor as for comps and her time out should hurt her, but she presents a positive outlook and tries to keep in the middle of the action not hiding away. But time in this position is limited.
              Mark: Escaped two traps only because Dominique and Josh acted much worse. A very sweet guy, but to be in this game ya gotta grow a hide. His time will come sooner than later to depart.
              Kevin: Instead of the usual old guy goes first, his goofy guy persona is well received and enjoyed. He and Paul have played a sly game of deception together. But that veneer has had cracks.

              VARSITY TEAM (Comp Champs):
              Jason: Won the important VETO with ease over the people on the block. Who knew battling bulls meant you can walk a balance beam?

              PASSING GRADE (Just Taking Up Space):
              Jessica: Is working hard to become part of the group again and survived this week thanks to Dominique. However, her nastiness has not been forgotten and she is not trusted.
              Ramses: On borrowed time in Paul's book. Getting more into group, but still an awkward fit.

              CLASS CLOWN (You Made Me Laugh This Week):
              Josh: Mommy, Mommy, they're picking on me! Boo hoo hoo. Did himself no favors with latest meltdown.

              FAILING GRADE (Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out):
              Dominique: Cody planted the seed, but SHE poured water on the weeds and let the seeds of doubt about her grow. Jessica could have been an easy out, but Dom played the cards wrong with Paul. She was correct in her assessment of him, but didn't present her arguments in a clear concise believable manner.

              Megan: DOA
              Cameron: Chance in halibut?
              Jillian: Wake her up!
              Cody: His to lose. 🐸


              • MrsVee
                MrsVee commented
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                Who knew Josh could be so funny 😂

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              Paul's protection is over. New HOH tonight. If Jessica has DOT doubt she'll play it and Dom should go out. Who will return tomorrow and how will that play out? Only stating the obvious since I still feel like I'm on the Magical Mystery Tour and expect surprises.

              Although Paul and Alex are obvious front runners as players, surprising survivors like Jason can tilt their apple carts. We laugh at Cowboy's game ignorance, but he's moved up front next to go to a ride or die. My sense this isn't 16 with obvious winner or 18 with power shifts, but more like 17 when front runners have rug pulled out from under them and a dark horse wins. But two months to go, so lots can happen.

              So far I'm being entertained and not having a dog in the race, I can just enjoy the show. It's fascinating to watch how people perform when challenged. Christmas showed how to go from shock and rage to persuasion and logic and save themselves when on the block. Who will face that challenge next week and how will they perform?

              Other than that, will Matt pick blue or orange shirt today and does he get tired of whiping everyone's drool off himself? 😜


              • Shmennifer
                Shmennifer commented
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                Bahahahahahaaaaa! Maybe Matt will choose both today! I bet Texas loves it!

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              Morning all,

              Hope everyone is well, I've been busy dealing with NBA, so this was the first chance I've had to pop in & comment and say hi to everyone. Missed you all since last summer & hope you got to watch the EPIC BB Canada though it appears it was our last (boo!).

              Anyway, here's my two cents on the house & the hamsters.

              So, Dom will leave tonight. Early this morning she clarified to Jess she doesn't have the DOT (Halting Hex). This makes sense since they need someone to leave tonight in order to have their battle back show on Friday. If Dom/Jess had won & used it to stay it would have only served to stop that from occurring. Julie's comments last Thursday were the house had an opportunity to stop the battle back, so I assume this was what she meant. That said, with a show scheduled to air on Friday it made zero sense for Dom or Jess to win the power.

              Edited to add: for those thinking Jess has it - why would she go back to Dom twice to confirm if she had the power unless she was worried Dom had it? That makes no sense to me.

              By process of elimination I'm inclined to think Kevin has the power, in spite of not telling Paul (see why I think that is below). The other options based on ability to keep a secret (so Jason, Josh & the couples are ruled out), who is getting a good edit on National show &/or ranks high in polls would have me leaning to the possibility Alex who might have received it & just chosen not to tell Jason/Paul. I know there are those who would like to see Ramses get it to shake up the house as well, but I think he would have been more outwardly excited if he had.

              So, I think it's Kevin, who after a week of sensing Alex is acting differently toward him decided not to tell anyone. Perhaps that's also me hoping it's Kevin b/c he has been the most entertaining person on the feeds for me. At least once a day he says something to crack me up & I love how he utilizes his Dad skills to relate to the youngsters. Note to BB casting- witnessing Kevin (& Karen on BB Canada) can you finally get a clue & have at least 4 mature players in the house. Surely, it's not that difficult to find 4 or more people between 40- 60 who know the game.

              As for my thoughts on the house (and I apologize for those who don't want a long winded read, feel free to skip ahead, since this is my first post of the season).

              The Nominees:

              Dom: Prior to this week she was positioned extremely well with Cody, Mark and Paul all sharing information with her and working to keep her safe. Paul recognized she was smart, didn't like the innuendo she possibly knew Cody was going to try to backdoor him or her using the show to either make others look sketchy or to get information. The fact she could have pulled something over on Paul without him sensing it didn't help her cause. So, she simply became the most appealing of the original group for him to surrender to Alex.

              Where Dom went terribly wrong this week was isolating herself, preaching AT people, & most especially by spending her time going after people who were potential votes for her. Had she worked to shore up the situation with Paul there is a possibility he may have been persuaded to get out Jess instead. Ditto for Elena. Certainly Alex wouldn't have taken much to convince to take out Jess instead.

              Although Dom was correct in her assessment of Paul turning on her, she used the wrong argument. She told Mark of her jealousy concerns (who told Elena the same night). She also told Alex indirectly with "someone is jealous of me" b/c of "someone who I'm close to". Okay Dom, even Josh & Jason could figure that one out. She lost Alex at that precise moment b/c Elena asked for Dom to be kept safe & Paul wasn't the one to divulge that intel. As soon as she did that with Alex, nothing else she said was believable. Ironically, she never once considered Mark didn't have her back or would fight for her, choosing instead to put it all on Elena and Paul. It was a poor game decision on her part.

              Jess: Although she's seemingly integrated back with the couples, she remains someone who most of the house isn't fond of as a person. The ladies (other than Elena) all dislike her (jealousy?). And the men see her as manipulative and a liar. What Jess has going for her (for now) is that she is a lone soldier. If Cody wins his way back, that will change. At the moment Paul is angry at her, moving her back up the hit list (all b/c she said Paul was scared of Cody returning). But, who will win the argument if Cody does return on how Jess/Cody play? She'll no doubt steer him away from Paul whereas Cody's most recent thoughts were to align with him. We'll see.

              The vote: Mark promised he wouldn't vote for Dom to stay off the block & Kevin will want to be in line with everyone tonight so it might be the first unanimous vote of the season as Dom leaves.

              The Couples:

              Mark & Elena:
              I’m much more on the let’s get rid of Mark train b/c he reminds me of that big Cake Baby from New Orleans. He flip flops as much as Josh & seems to delight in being mean toward Josh/Ramses & crying to all the females. Just strikes me as someone who used to get picked on in HS then got big in the gym & now he’s being mean to the type of people who remind him of who he used to be.

              As much as he calls those 2 his targets & cites them for being flip-floppers who can't be trusted it's a pot calling the kettle black situation. To wit, it's ironic Cody (his ride or die) & Dom (his other ride or die) have been abandoned by him in back-to-back weeks. I'm not a fan.

              As for Elena, she surprised me by staying on the wall as long as she did, but I'm not convinced she has much game savvy. Dying to see how she acts once nominated & I'm convinced Paul ranks higher for her than Mark.

              Matt & Raven: Of the 2 couples these 2 are the more intriguing to me, and probably not for the reasons most people think, lol. Raven is a skilled liar which gives her a huge advantage in this game. If the news is true re: her being a grifter (that's disgusting). Regardless, I'm not a huge fan & see her being pegged as an easy cut in a double eviction b/c no one will want to sit beside her at F2.

              Now, Matt is the intriguing one for me. Remember when he said I just want one of Raven, Paul (or some other female: Elena?) to win — BUT if they were gone I’d go for it? That speaks to me in the same way Paul is saying he's not there to win (yeah - right). Matt is there to win, but doesn't want to say so IMHO.

              There have been too many little things I’ve noticed that convince me he’s a better player (physically & strategically) then he’s letting on. For example – he knows it’s best to keep a low profile until jury. Most winners will tell you they tried to lie low until that point & say the game is split into 3 sections (up til jury getting to F3 & then winning out). The other thing I’ve noticed is Matt is smart enough to never say anything to offend others. But notice how many people in the house want to target him? Why is that? ... b/c they know he's more capable than he's showing I think. Just imagine how big the target would be on him if he was playing harder.

              He pays keen attention to what others say as well which shows he’s playing just not overtly outwardly. I could be wrong – but I think he’s more of a player than he’s shown & I hope Raven leaves sooner rather than later, so we get to see precisely how much game he does have.

              The Solo Artists:

              Christmas: Ironically, her injury which should have made her less of a target hasn't necessarily accomplished that goal as she remains high on several players boot list. She is a driven accomplished lady, but she drives the hamsters insane via her one-up-man-ship. Still it's unfortunate she got injured the way she did as I think she would have given all the men a run for their money in competitions. Mark, Jason, Jess and others all want her out which is why Paul likes keeping her around (not to mention she does precisely what he tells her to). But, just like Dom he'll sacrifice her if need be.

              Ramses: He isn't trusted & that may be either b/c he aligned early with the wrong players, got nailed for being blamed for things he didn't do (taking $25k, hinky votes) or b/c he hasn't kept his mouth shut. Much like Andy Herren or BB17 winner Steve he has a tendency to look sneaky going into rooms all the time. Still, he's knowledgeable as a super fan, can win physical, skill & especially intelligence/memory comps. More importantly, he might be the one player who'll make unexpected big moves should he win HOH which makes him dangerous. To that end, it's precisely why Paul wants him gone.

              The Loose Canons:
              Josh: As much as he has no filter and zero capacity to control his emotions, I have to admit I find him funny for the most part. Basically, I simply can't look away. It's akin to the car accident on the side of the road, you just can't help but look even though you know your contributing to the traffic by not just driving by.

              He does have game sense yet he promises the same thing to everyone "you are the only people I trust". In spite of this I still find him endearing. An example: the other night when he freaked out about the boys messing with his bed & returned to find all the pillows under the blanket & started giggling, I found myself laughing as well. He's a true millennial whose been babied by his mamma. But, he's also his own worst enemy. When Mark threw the hot sauce in his eyes he had a real opportunity to garner favor, but he couldn't let it go- subsequently he ended up looking bad instead of gaining an advantage to make Mark look bad. Funny part was everything he was saying about Mark was true, but the manner in which he spilled the tea left others who are 'trying' to work with him wondering if he'll do the same to them when his back is against the wall.

              Jason: Mr. Whistle Nut is definitely a competitor and what you see is what you get. Whether you can stomach his vulgarity may place him higher or lower on your likeability list. I ignore that simply b/c it's no more annoying to me (at least not yet) than the couples pawing at each other. He vacillates between being precisely spot on regarding who should go or completely wrong based on who is sidling up to him/or influencing him. Case in point: he was adamant Jess not go on the block & how much he wanted Matt on the block early in the week. This followed by him saying he wanted to take Jess down to changing to keeping her up moving to now wanting her gone after Xmas (the latter I still think is b/c he feels guilty about her injury). Ditto for his about face re: Mark-Paul-- At week start he was all in with Mark & less so Paul & now that situation is reversed.

              He is extremely loyal to both Alex & Kevin & although Alex is wavering on Kevin he's tried to defend him in spite of also thinking Kevin was the hinky vote. He'll be a comp beast for anything physical, l mean when can you remember someone over 6' (Jason I think is 6'3") staying on the wall? But, as much as Alex is getting him to study with her I doubt he'll do well in memory or intelligence comps.

              Of all the players, I'm most interested to see how Jason responds if Cody returns. Will he want to fall back in with him? Or will that make him want Jess out even more? Paul is playing nice with him right now, but ultimately you know Paul wants Jason gone b/c it will pull both Kevin & Alex closer to him if Jason isn't there. Keep an eye for that if Paul is successful at getting Ramses out.

              The Players:
              Alex: Although some felt she did Paul's dirty work I'd argue Alex did precisely what she needed to do this week. Let's not forget she was tops among most of the house as a target just one week ago. Now she has both couples wanting to align with her/Jason over each other as well as Paul, Kevin, Josh, Ramses & Xmas.

              Plus she got the opposite side of the house to question each others loyalties. Had she put up the couples that would not be the case. I'm not certain how she'll do with mental or memory comps but she is definitely loyal and a competitor. Like Jason I'm interested to see how Alex responds should Cody return. For now I think she sees Raven/Matt as more trustworthy than Mark/Elena. She is a bit of an of oxymoron b/c for as smart as her game sense is her downfall is the inability to let go of minor personal things. She went up as a pawn without complaint, manipulated the other side into thinking she's "with them" but she still can't let go of her personal issues with Jess (or Kevin in spite of the fact his true desire is to go F4 with Jason, Paul and her).

              Kevin: MY FAVORITE, at least once a day he makes me laugh. Maybe it's my age, but I truly enjoy Kevin the most. Whether he's doing Ramses laundry to show him how, joking with the girls like he would his daughters, saying the funniest things (we at home are all thinking) or being more competitive than people half his age.

              I hope Alex can get over the hinky vote situation & I hope I'm right he won the power b/c he's must watch TV for me. I'm not even sure if he's playing us about how much of the game he knows half the time, b/c he's so adept at making everyone laugh & feel good about themselves. Although he's mentioned Jess, Ramses & Josh as all being people who need to leave they all adore him & it's unlikely he would be any of their targets. Rather, he wants (logically) to break up the couples or get out a smart game player (Ramses). So, if he doesn't know the game his instincts are spot on.

              Another reason why I think he might have the power & doesn't want to say anything is he knows Alex was off on him this week AND PERHAPS MORE IMPORTANTLY he recognizes if he tells Paul, Alex or Jason he has the power they'll want him to use it on them if they are in danger. If I'm right & he has it, I think it's smart of him to keep it to himself in case he does have to save himself from eviction. Ultimately, he's got what I would call street smarts mixed with life experience and nothing would make me happier (at this stage anyway) to see him get to F2.

              Paul: if you recall I wasn't a major fan of his last season, but in the end he deserved to beat Nicole IMHO. So, can I blame him this season for playing with his tool set? No. I loved Nicole and BB Canada Neda in their first seasons & couldn't tolerate either in their returns, so you would think what Paul is doing would incense me...but I expected this from him. Therefore I'm not as put out as many are by him.

              He's managed to position himself well with the Alex/Jason/Kevin trio, both sets of couples and solo players Xmas/Josh. The only people he's not managed to navigate (read: control/get information) from are Ramses, Jess and Dom (just recently). Subsequently they are the players he is continually citing who need to be targeted.

              The big question is (other than himself) who is Paul most loyal to or would he take to F2? There are several I see as possibilities, but my gut says his ideal F2 partner is Kevin b/c Paul will use the fact he took the $25k as well as threw the hinky votes to beat him. Alex is also a potential partner (though I doubt he wants her sitting beside him at F2) b/c she has the Victor ability to win copious comps. He's also partial to keeping Xmas around b/c so many people don't like her which makes her a potentially bigger target than him. And Elena is a definite possibility especially over Raven who no one (at least who wants to win) will want in F2 b/c of her "life or death condition". Whether this is a real thing or not the house believes it is. To that end, the longer Raven remains in the house the more likely it is a banner plane or man with a loud speaker will arrive to spread that news internally.

              As much as he is playing all sides, he is keeping the secrets that matter (no one knows by his mouth Kevin voted that way or that he won the $25k & he never told anyone Xmas won - I think she may have told a few people after the fact though I believe Paul is still the only one who knows the precise power).

              As of tonight, Paul's safety is over, we'll see how it plays out, but it's looking like he's pretty safe at the moment.

              The Battle Back:

              It's hopefully a 2-horse race & I'm pulling for Cameron to win simply b/c I think he offers the potential for a complete player & one who won't be afraid to shake things up especially after being ousted on night one. Cody is my second pick simply b/c he'll at least do something whereas Gillian will still just be a vote & since Dom made no attempt to play wisely this week why should we believe it would be anything different should she return.

              So, massive first post Glad to be back among friends & looking forward to seeing how everyone is doing.
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              • MrsVee
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                Hey TTotambz welcome back 😊

              • Ladycop
                Ladycop commented
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                TTOTambz, so glad to see you on here. BTW, anyone can follow (and retweet her) on Twitter. Haven't been able to get on this site much this year. An uncle died last month from cancer, another uncle is battling cancer and although it looked like he was getting better, he is now back to bad and to top it off a cousin just died unexpectedly of a heart attack at a young age so my summer has been busy with sick people and helping to take care of them. I miss being able to be on her doing live updates but Lexi reminded me that we have to do what is the most important thing. Glad I took today to look and see your post. I missed your tomes.

              • TTOTambz
                TTOTambz commented
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                Oh my - I knew I was missing out not being on the board sooner, but can't even express how great it is to see & hear from everyone. I'm waving at all of you too. Lynette, Luanne, Bbfannbb, Livzee, Sofie, Betty, Herms, llongori, LCnSummer, Mrs Vee as well as some new faces.

                Special hello to Ladycop - I'm so sorry to hear about your losses, my condolences. Sending hugs and prayers your way. xo

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              Good Morning! I don't think we will be seeing who becomes the new HOH until tomorrow night's Battle Back show. They have been having the Battle Back winner compete with the others in the HOH competition. It should play out tonight, but it will be when our feeds are down and we won't know until we watch Battle Back tomorrow night.

              I was just ready to turn my TV to BBAD and was stopped by seeing Natalie Negrotti (BB18) on my screen. She is co-hosting Daytime (Tampa Bay talk show). They said it was her third time co-hosting. She road tripped down here from NY with her Aunt and Mom and two dalmations in a small car. She said she is doing a Reality Charity gig in Orlando in August with different Reality Stars so I guess there is a bit of entertainment afterlife for some of the BB HG's.


              • stefshay89
                stefshay89 commented
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                Woah! I didn't know that. I will have to check it out. Pretty close to me as I'm just north of Tampa!

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              Good morning all, I still think Jessica has the DOT. I am sure she will hold on to it this week. I still love Alex. She needs to slow down and listen a little more to Jason. Glad today will be a slow one in the house as I will be out of town today. Hopefully will be back in time to watch the show. Have a great day everyone.


              • Lynette
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                Whomever has it, sure is keeping their mouth shut. Still hoping it's Alex.

              • TTOTambz
                TTOTambz commented
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                Luanne, the reason I'm thinking she doesn't is because she was so worried Dom had it. And, the reality is Dom is the only one who could throw a wrench in Jess leaving since they don't know what the power is right? Therefore, Jess going back to ask a second time (which occurred very early this morning) signals to me Jess doesn't have it. Why go out of her way to get out of bed & follow Dom to the bathroom to get an answer on that if she herself had it?

              • MrsVee
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                I'm hoping its Alex too , I just don't think everyone would vote for Jessica

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              This season is just not grabbing me yet. The manipulation by cbs is so blatant and for a player I found beyond annoying last year. If the cards played as they would have naturally, Paul would be gone. Woulda, coulda, shoulda... I know. I guess objectively, Paul is a "good' player so I should give him props' but his domination has so overshadowed everyone else that I find myself mourning for how this may have played out without him. Predictably, Cody will get to re-enter, and I'm not happy about that either.
              props to Alex, Christmas, Kevin, Matt and even Elaina for good gameplay' for now they're just bit players.
              paul has revealed in so many ways how he's in productions good graces.
              i understand what makes good game play, but you can get someone out without groupthink shunning? Dom has isolated herself but This is mean spirited.
              Sorry to be so rambling. Though I think the Paul Show will be ongoing and therefore lose me as a fan, I have hope that someone will take a shot and succeed in getting him out.
              Oh, and while I'm being negative, the little muffin girl is not so nice.
              wish I could have a rooting interest for someone, but not yet.
              Thank goodness you all are here bc that's what I'm holding onto right now.
              OK... Debbie Downer signing out....


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                When the Feeds came back up, I noticed Ramses was rather cheerful doing loud table drumming, so I assumed he had won DOT. Hearing so many viewpoints is fun since so far nobody has spilled the beans in the House. Tonight should be fun with DOT being revealed to us and the Battle Back being revealed to the inmates.


                • Shmennifer
                  Shmennifer commented
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                  I can't wait! 😬

              • #15
                Oh get outta here! Christmas has a little buggy to roll around on now?? This is great LOL
                They need to give her a big red bag and deliver gifts AKA temptations to the HGs


                • Shmennifer
                  Shmennifer commented
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                  Ha, I thought she needed a basket on the front! With a bell!

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