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Live Feed Discussion - August 5, 2017

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 5, 2017

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  • #2
    Good morning, everyone!

    Another day in the Big Brother house!

    HOH: Josh
    Safety (due to Temptation Competition): Cody Nickson
    3rd Nominee (due to Temptation Competition): Jessica Graf
    Nominated by HOH Josh: Elena Davies & Mark Jansen


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      It will be interesting to see how Elena handles this!


      • #4
        Morning all.

        Wow, this is why being able to survive an eviction, like Jessica and Cody did last week, is critical. Once there is a new HoH, the priorities for eviction change and dynamics shift. Of course, Jessica could still walk out the door come Thursday, but there's a decent chance that Elena or Mark could go.

        I woke up to go to the bathroom overnight and had to peek in to see who had won safety and who was on the block and saw Elena talking to Josh. She was pretty aggressive with Josh on trying to get him to say why he put her up. I thought that was not the way to survive the block. I don't know that Jessica and Cody would be able to reintegrate, but you just never know. Someone else may become the priority boot for a long time.

        This week should be interesting. Yay Josh, let's shake things up.


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          Apologizing in advanced for quoting a long post on August.4.

          DisMom said:

          I'm happy that Josh won HoH and I will likely regret saying that later. When he's not being annoying and he's just having regular conversation sans pans and circus songs, he seems like a normal sweet kid. Still immature certainly, but I think that comes from the fact that he is so young.

          I think it's interesting that while Paul appears to be the puppet master much of that is due to the fact that he is being allowed to do so by design by a few of the HGs. Some are drinking the kool-aid, but I think there are several who only make it look like they are drinking it. Several of them see it very clearly.

          Christmas certainly sees it, often voicing a different opinion and making her rounds feeling out all sides of the house. Kevin and Jason often talk about how Paul will need to be dealt with. Although I will admit that Kevin confuses me as I've heard him say he will always be honest with Paul. And Matt is kicking back enjoying his kissykissy boomboom time with Raven until he feels like it's time to start playing. These pretend kool aid drinkers are letting Paul lead, letting Paul grow the target on his back, the blood on his hands and when the time comes they will have the ammo they need against him.

          Josh is obviously a Paul minion, but he is also very pliable, like warm bread dough. This would be a perfect opportunity for Christmas to get in his ear. Build his ego. Make his see that he has a golden ticket to the BB hall of fame by taking out the Vet. Tell him sure Jody are threats, but everyone wants them out and they can be gotten out next time. Let him know big moves are a part of the game and now is the time. Of course that would require the kool aid drinkers to be swung over to that way of thinking, but look at the shot they would have.

          Alex appears to be in Paul's grasp, but I wonder if she's just trying to keep it looking that way for the moment.

          Raven, Mark, Elena-meh, I think they will go where the wind blows.

          To which

          LCnSummer commented
          Yesterday, 09:44 AM
          I love it. ... Who only pretend to be drinking the kool aid.... Reminding me of a great line from "Princess Bride."

          "He's only mostly dead."

          LOL! This Reminds me of a quote from Little Big Man:

          Old Lodge Skins declared "It is a good day to die", and decides to end his life with dignity. He offers his spirit to the Great Spirit, and lies down at his spot at the Indian Burial Ground to wait for death. Instead, it begins to rain. Old Lodge Skins is revealed to still be alive, and says, "Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn't". Then returning to his tepee to have dinner.
          Last edited by Starshine; 08-05-2017, 08:58 AM.


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            Good Morning, Happy Saturday everyone!

            From what I read last night, Josh is attempting to play his own game. About dang time! As much as I love my boy Paul, I think his reign of terror is coming to an end. Some one swapped out the perfume (to the de-caf version) and I think the HGs are finally waking up and seeing things. Doesn't that usually happen around jury time though?

            Cody is safe. Jess is on the block. Didn't they plan it that way? The BB see-saw has teetered back to their favor...maybe. Josh seems pretty darned determined that he wants Elena out, but there were some rumblings of a possible revolt of Paul's dog pound. Problem is, if Jess/Cody win Veto, Jess comes off and there's no replacement nominee. Elena will be toast if that happens. If someone else wins, I can see this getting ugly for Paul in a hurry.

            After just 15 minutes of BBAD I had to turn it off. Elena is MADDENING to listen to. Give me Josh and his pots and pans circus any day over her. She was pleading her case for not being on the block, saying the same things over and over and over. She has to have a job, but she left her job to be there. She's not going to beg to not be on the block, but she really is. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Josh stayed very calm with her the entire time though trying to explain his reasons. He called Paul up I think as a way of making her shut up.

            I also watched a clip after the nomination ceremony. Josh trying to speak Jess and Cody and being shot down. I guess he said something in his speech that she didn't like. Since I don't know what it was I can't comment on it, but I think she was extremely rude to him. Just more of the entitled type behavior and he isn't even the reason she's on the block. He kept telling her to feel free to come and have a conversation with him, which I think was him trying to subtly say that there could be options for working together. But we know that it's Jody against the world .

            I know that everyone is sick/tired/disgusted by Paul, his perfume and groupies running the house. Honestly, I miss Paul and Pablo from last year. That was funny and entertaining. This year is just blah.

            Last edited by DisMom; 08-05-2017, 09:01 AM.


            • Border57
              Border57 commented
              Editing a comment
              Josh should have said "Shut up! You've got options, come talk to me!" but Cody would probably have gotten in his face over it. Never mind! (said like Roseanne Rosannadanna, god, I loved her.)

          • #7
            One other random thought that keeps popping in my head. Everyone, myself included, has said that Cody has ruined Jess's game. She would have been better off without him. But can't the same be said for him?

            LCnSummer or BettyBoo (sorry I can't remember!) posted some of his strategy coming into the game that he gave in an interview. NONE of which he's come close to. BUT does anyone remember the first couple of shows where more than once they showed a DR of him saying how saying how this girl could really throw off his plans. He was all smiley and looked all starry eyed. Heck he even had a little personality.

            I know the whole Paul safety thing threw the screws to what he was aiming to do. I think though that Jess being there and him getting attached to her messed him up also.

            Those 2 are so toxic to each other and they can't even see it. Instead they choose to sequester themselves and make even more toxicity. And I hope not a Tadpole .
            Last edited by DisMom; 08-05-2017, 09:18 AM.


            • Border57
              Border57 commented
              Editing a comment
              Cody doesn't like people. He's quiet and won't talk, even when they are on his side, like the first week. He had no reason to keep the idea of blindsiding Paul from his own people, but wanted the glory all to himself when everyone was supposed to bow down to him as alpha after his brilliant move. Had he explained himself to them before hand, and then gone after an easy out (Ramses, Josh) instead of Christmas, he still would have been hailed as a hero and would be running the house.

              Jessica has some game smarts, actually quite good, and if she had aligned herself with Alex, say, early on instead of horizontally with Cody, she'd be in a way different place.

              I agree, they are toxic to each other in the game.

            • Bbfanbb
              Bbfanbb commented
              Editing a comment
              I'm in agreement with you Dismom. The first week Cody formed an alliance with his boys, was friends with a majority of the house, and was making post game moves to even to get the girls out, I have watched Cody several times Jess was in the DR. One was in the hot tub a few days ago and he was laughing talking with Jason and Maven. Yesterday Jess was off feeds for a bit and he was in kitchen while everyone was gorging socializing and participating ,he even said goodnight to Paul last night they are both in Rose room. I think Codys aggression stems from protecting Jessica a lot. He doesn't want Josh anywhere near Jessica because Jessica pulled he was mean to me got in my face and peeps on girls while he was out of house. He didn't like it when Paul talked down to her, He wins a lot, and many of the girls would have flocked to him and I think Matt and Kevin as of last night are realizing yesterday he wins comps and HOHs so he's good to have on their side. The first week he said the reason why he did what he did was becuse he was protecting the group in taking blame if it backfired , military have a plan and take them by surprise. He said he didn't like the energy of the group or Paul last year when he's around. So he tried to get him out. Cody says to Jess and Mark all the time if Paul didn't have three weeks safety he would have been gone and the house better. I don't think he would be retreating or isolating himself that much without Jessica pulling him in and whining to him and the booty must be good so why not get your alone time together they are just in the new romance anyway if Paul is making everyone not talk to you or your public enemy number one ( look at Mark Elena). I think Cody would have been a lot better without Jess.
              Last edited by Bbfanbb; 08-05-2017, 10:49 PM.

          • #8
            Well, well, well----now it's simply sit back and wait for the Veto. Unless one of the three nominees or Cody wins the Veto comp, this is within a hair or two, exactly where we thought we would be when Josh won the HOH. Nothing surprising up there and no way to really think, at this point, there aren't enough votes to get Jess out. And BY FAR, of the players on the block she is the best, has the best read of the house and is probably the best competitor.

            Not buying yet that the house would vote out Elena ahead of Jess.

            See not only cracks, but fractures in Paul's reign sets up the possibility of backdooring him pre-jury. I don't think that is necessary as I think he will now be an early boot into the jury. Unless production really gets in the way, he's going to get into a must win scenario for an awful lot of consecutive weeks. And with this being the last eviction before jury, I am sure the double eviction is right around the corner so there are two in the house together.

            I'm agreeing with DisMom, unless Pablo somehow reappears in the pool, Paul this year is an aggravating waste of space and takes up too much edit time for my liking. Not sure how everyone feels, and I get the lure of returnees, but last year--really liked Paul---this year can't stand him. Year one of Rachel couldn't stand her---the year she won--loved her. Even Dan---Season 10---loved him and still think that was the best single year game play ever---when he came back--it was still masterful to finish second, but a much dirtier player and harder to like. Nicole--first year--loved her. Last year---not anywhere near the top of the list.

            I love reading some of the raw emotion and feelings on this site and cannot comprehend how it would be to be inside that house for just a couple days, let alone weeks on end. I try to put it into perspective at work when talking with co-workers. What is seen on CBS is three hours of EDITED footage out of the 168 hours in a given week. The feeds and BBAD are great, but still just a glimpse into the house and there is no real way to measure the emotion inside each of the house guests.


            • MrsVee
              MrsVee commented
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              I agree 100%

          • #9
            Did you all catch the Alex & Josh conversation last night? Alex got very emotional and opened up to Josh. Most of it was cut by the Big Brother crew (jumping to a different camera) but Alex revealed that one of her cousins had been tortured, raped and murdered. I tried to find some info on it but was unable to. It would probably have to be talked about by someone in her family or a close friend to be revealed as I'm sure something like that happening would have been in the newspapers/news but doubt they would mention Alex (in the news) being she's a cousin. Just kind of curious what the circumstances were. Was it someone her cousin knew, a one-time stranger abduction or maybe even a serial killer?

            Besides that part of the convo, the things she said about Jessica & Raven were kind of shocking too.

            Check out the convo that Lexie captured in the LFUs starting HERE


            • belle1
              belle1 commented
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              Thanks KennyERJ for sending me to this post. I now take back my sympathy for Jess. Dang TV edits. I should have known I was being manipulated

            • joahnn00
              joahnn00 commented
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              But don't forget it was Raven that made the original accusation against Josh. She is the one who told them that Josh tried to peek at her while she showered. So the original group of Cody, Jessica, Matt, Raven said those things about Josh.

            • MrsVee
              MrsVee commented
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              Thanks for reminding me about that conversation I was glad that Alex told Josh everything and I got to understand Alex a little better by her opening up to him I like that Alex loves to have fun even though the house is stressful

          • #10
            I feel so out of the loop. Given my moving to another state, traveling, and just life happenings, I have not seen many live feeds or even kept up with your discussions. I have watched the TV shows. My perspective is definitely limited! I do find myself being sympathetic to Jess and ready to have Paul free viewings. Glad to read that he is losing some of his power with the group.

            My my goal is to get back to my summer love in full force this week.


            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              Hi belle1 Yeah, real life can get in the way of our summer obsession sometimes and not much we can do about it. Glad things seem to be calming down for you and you're back with us now.

            • MrsVee
              MrsVee commented
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              Welcome back Belle 1 may the FORSE BE WITH YOU 😊

            • belle1
              belle1 commented
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              Thank you both

          • #11
            As much as I would like Jess and Cody OUT I think it would be so much fun to have Josh actually get to talk to both of them and set up a scenario where the 3 of them are actually working together and no one would ever think it could happen. Paul would be so shocked and the rest of the house would go bonkers if Josh, Jess and Cody worked to get Elena and Matt and Raven and Paul out, in any order. There's no one I'm hoping wins at this point...just want to watch some fun stuff....without super cruelty!


            • #12
              Jessica had no right to go after. Josh at the nomination ceremony. I am anxious to see what was said that made Josh so upset. Talk about bullying, isn't verbally abusing someone just because you feel you deserve to be there more than you a form of bullying. I'm sorry but I just can't watch Jody, but I feel that now Cody may just be the person that will win.
              Last edited by herms is here; 08-05-2017, 10:27 AM.


              • #13
                Good Morning BBU friends. I am still playing catch-up. Thank you to the LFU crew and for all the insightful AND hilarious comments. This site has been the brightspot for me during a tough time that has identified the limits of my ability to cope. and. stuff. <-- not sure I got that right, but it cracks me up when y'all say that.

                Ok game related. From the very beginning, when Josh was being ... well, Josh, it was seriously hard to watch on TV (I don't have the feeds). So, via LFU's I wasn't as dumbfounded by his behavior and found his interactions and friendship with Christmas noteworthy. As I tend to root for the underdog, I kept thinking, IF he could avoid eviction, this could possibly be a remake of Bang the Drum Slowly: BB Josh edition.

                💕 loving scruffy faced Jason, hat or no hat 💕 but gotta admit to scratching my head and a few double takes when he was sportin' his Stetson 🤠 while washing dishes.

                Oops, one more thing, a question ... 🤡 how does one 'Give Up' on vacuuming? 🐂 just wonderin' 🤔

                and finally NicChick, hop all is well with the work thing.


                • LCnSummer
                  LCnSummer commented
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                  LOL, YOU brighten my day,

                  "how does one 'Give Up' on vacuuming?"......

                  Best Silliest Goofball Question Of The Day... fer sure

              • #14
                Who is going to be Josh's replacement nominee if Mark or Elena win Veto.


                • DisMom
                  DisMom commented
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                  That is the million $ question. I think we could see just about anyone up there. It would be a perfect time to take a shot at Paul. But with Jess up there and her STILL not trying to play anything other than the victim I'm not sure they would vote anyone else out. Will be interesting to see what happens if Paul feels his back is against the wall. Those floaters may just turn into sharks!

                • TTOTambz
                  TTOTambz commented
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                  Given Cody is safe & Josh has repeatedly said he wants to go to F6 with Alex/Jason/Kevin/Xmas & Paul one would assume one of Maven

              • #15
                Good morning all. Wow, I felt so bad for all the Live Feed subscribers yesterday. Tell me again why people pay $20 or more/month for a live feed that goes down whenever anything important happens? It's not like the results are a secret, people find out the second they pop back up. As a former LFU'er, it drove me bat sh*t crazy when they do that. My kudos to all of you for watching CATS and DOGS for 8 hours...

                With that, I'm not sure how I feel about the nominations. Once again, Cody has escaped the chopping block. The most boring, most ANTI social HG that there has ever been is safe for another week. Why do I get the feeling that as long as this stupid temptation is around, he'll keep winning the comps? They had a perfect plan to get him out last time, and it worked. But then there came the PTB. I have no problem with any of the 3 going home this week, but I'm pretty sure Cody or Jessica will win the POV and the love fest will continue. I'm not sure where Josh got the idea that Elena is some master strategist, cause I don't see it. She's loud, annoying, and either isn't that bright or is really good at playing dumb. She quit her job to come on the show? She's a radio talk show host, they don't get paid a whole lot anyway(other than Howard Stern) and there are literally THOUSANDS of radio stations in the U.S.

                Ok, guess I should get back to work. Have fun watching the hamsters!


                • BigMur
                  BigMur commented
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                  I guess that's a bit better, still frustrating as hell. Doesn't do me much good however, as it is blocked in Canada. I can't even watch that Star Trek show, if I wanted to. BB Canada Live Feeds are free, but probably blocked in the U.S. Not sure who wins in either case... Oh well, guess there's always Netflix.

                • CubbyBrother
                  CubbyBrother commented
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                  It really wasn't the PTB that kept Cody safe, it was America. Jess received that from the vote. Reviewing some popularity votes that are out there, Jess is holding #1 and Cody is at #3 with Kevin in between. Matt, Paul, Raven at the bottom and Raven has been secure there for a long time. She is pretty inconsequential so I am surprised that she is an anchor there. Two interesting things, Josh has taken a major leap forward the last two days and the Jess and Cody duo and the Matt and Raven duo are close to each other in the rankings. Mark, in the upper tier and Elena working towards the bottom tier are on opposite ends of the spectrum. IF the vote was TODAY it looks like the America's Favorite would be very close between Jess and Kevin.

                • BigMur
                  BigMur commented
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                  and here I thought that America hated Jody as much as the rest of us. Guess not.

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