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Live Feed Discussion - August 15

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 15

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Pillowgate last night was just ridiculous.


    • #3
      Listened to Alex's explanation of the Pillow Fight and it was deviously brilliant. She started it as a game play and says 'Look, I only said what which was true that he did take the pillows and got him to apologize.' Yes, in the real world this would be petty nonsense, but what she did was build on Christmas 's attack on Mark hogging the food, which everyone resents. It makes Mark look selfish and shady. Meanwhile, she reinforces her image as an honest player. SHE'S the one to stick to deals and doesn't lie. She even tells Jason and Josh it's her way of building a Jury who will vote for her. It'll go over Jason's head, but I'm sure Josh has tucked it away in his brain.

      ​​​​​​Had to laugh a bit at complaints that Paul is only in it for himself. Well, of course he is since only ONE person will win. Just as Alex is building her resume as an honest player who had wins, Paul is doing the same, all while being demure that he 'can't ' win. He has others poke the bears for him, while appearing to be the reasonable person who can hold their secrets. Both he and Alex laugh their butts off at how they have kept their partnership off the radar.

      Meanwhile, Cody is having bunker fantasies that he'll be there after Thursday. 'Oh those people can't stick to a plan' is his smug assessment, not seeing that they have made plans and are getting out who they want to get out. He also misreads the fights as bickering and not game strategy. Neither he or Jessica manged to get out their targets.

      I am guessing that even if Mark wins on Thursday, Paul and Alex will survive. Josh will be his prime target, but Christmas could be hampered since the Veto will probably be a version of the clown shoe comp and she'd have problems playing it since there's running and an obstacle to jump over. Doctor may not permit it even if no water or goo involved.

      Well, now 3 days of Mark and Elena suck, but it's OK if Matt or Kevin go. Yadda yadda yadda.


      • OutOfTheDarkness
        OutOfTheDarkness commented
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        Bullying at ANY age is unacceptable. Just cause someone is an adult does not discount their emotions. Adults SHOULD KNOW better then to treat others this way.

      • Snipers35
        Snipers35 commented
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        I agree with what you are saying, I'm just saying that these people are adults and should be able to use adult methods of handling it.

      • MrsVee
        MrsVee commented
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        Bunker Fantasies --- soooo truuueeee

    • #4
      I know that Big Brother is a game, and that it's not the same as the real world, but I am done with this season's BULLYING tactic. I am not sure if they've shown it in live TV when Mark talked about he's against bullying. (He was bullied before apparently, and so was Josh...). I can't help but root for the ones being bullied. I've never seen it this bad in big brother history. and it's just sad.


      • #5
        Morning all,

        Not much to see this week. Was holding out hope that Alex might try to flip the house now, but it is clear, she is marching on with the Paul plan, get Cody out this week, Mark at the double, and then finish up the week with Elena, Matt, and Raven as targets, with the prime target being Matt.

        I expect, from Paul's perspective, that once he gets Cody, Mark and Matt out, he will turn his attention to his own alliance. It will be interesting to see if and when Alex decides to let Jason go. Still rooting for her, but am sure that she won't beat Paul at the end, and needs to figure out how she is going to dispatch him, before he dispatches her.

        I am still convinced that Paul wants to preserve Xmas until the F3, since it will be easy to dump her, even if she can start rehab in 3 weeks time. The open question for me, is who takes Kevin's seat as his preferred F2? Josh might be moving up his list, but I think Josh is a risk, especially if Xmas is still in the game. Raven might be another option, but I am not sure he has the skill to shift the target off her, and onto the other members of his alliance.

        I agree with many, the bully tactics are sometimes hard to take, but I find it much easier to handle, when I can discern a legitimate game motive, vice some of the random chaos and mean spiritedness displayed in previous seasons.



        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
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          I think he is trying to move Raven in that spot. Several times yesterday, he talked about how Matt and Raven do what every they want and how loyal he is. He knows most of them do not like her and she would be a good one for F2

      • #6
        Personally I don't see bullying. I see hard gaming. But if bullying is going to be called out then all bullying should be called out. Not just the successful bullying. Cody and Jessica started this type of game play this season. They just weren't as good at it.

        This season son is like high school.

        Cody is the star quarterback who thinks everyone else should worship at his feet for his prowess and good looks.

        Jessica is like the head cheerleader who can't see past her own physical beauty and has no concept of common decency.

        Elena is her sidekick cheerleader blinded by popularity and power.

        Raven is also a cheerleader in the pack but not as blinded by the lies. She still feels she's better than the rest of the class and has to have a handsome man at her side.

        Mark is Cody's #2. Doing whatever Cody wants. Often ignores the little voices in his head telling him right from wrong when they don't line up with his goals.

        Matt is the pot smoking biker dude who thinks everyone is an idiot. He looks down his nose at both sides but his core allegiance is to the nerd group.

        Paul is the leader of the nerd crew who uses his considerable powers of deduction against the "popular" kids and sometimes his tactics cross the lines of decency. He thinks the ends justify the means. He had no problem blowing up the science lab or his own fraternity house.

        Christmas is a biker chick. She's gonna do whatever she needs to do to end up on the winning side.

        Alex is the nerd girl who suddenly finds herself the somewhat popular pretty nerd.

        Jason is the goofy jock who's not really part of the popular jock team. Not overly talented or overly smart.

        Josh is the idiot kid brother who's always getting himself into bad situations. He's always being chased by the jocks who want to beat him up and runs straight to the nerd crew to save his Be-hind. His big mouth overloads his hummingbird butt ....a lot.

        Kevin is the principal who wishes he was part of the kids group. He doesn't care which group. He just wants to be one of the cool kids.


        • OhThisHouse
          OhThisHouse commented
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          This group has done nothing that hasn't been done in the past. BB allowed in all seasons, so why would this group think its not allowed? BigBrother PTB are to Blaim for this. TptB from the start, should include no bulling, and will be called out if it occurs.

        • misscmm
          misscmm commented
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          Actually in today's High school you have the Goth group (and nerds) ... the ones stranger than strange as in collecting human skulls, perverse music, weird idolatry... hmmmm ... wonder who fits into that party?

        • MrsVee
          MrsVee commented
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          Loved it ! Period !

      • #7
        I have read that STOMP Out Bullying the #1 anti-bullying organization in the country is calling on all it's members (local citizens and celebrities) to boycott CBS. They will formerly be sending a letter to CBS, Les Mooves, Julie Chen, Endermol blasting them for allowing, accepting and promoting bullying on it's network through Big Brother. This might just turn into a PR **** storm for all of them.


        • ~Linden~
          ~Linden~ commented
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          I'd sure like to read your sources. Feel free to email them to me. 🙂

        • Anyaspapa
          Anyaspapa commented
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          I looked at STOMP's Twitter feed from July 1 through present time and there is no mention of CBS or Big Brother. Also, nothing on their main page. OutOfTheDarkness, do you have any sources we can check on this? I would love to hear their perspective. Thanks

      • #8
        I think after reading comments on Twitter and listening to the HG talk in the house, I have put my finger on this season. Anyone remember the movie "Heathers?" That is just like this season. The popular kids (Jody and Marlena) look down on everyone and plan to rule the school. They are intentionally nasty to others and see nothing wrong with it. Along comes Christian Slater (Paul) and Winona Ryder (Alex) who decide that they aren't having it. They proceed to rid the school (house) of the bullies and give them a taste of their own medicine and take them out one by one.

        Who is the victim here? The original parties being bullied or the bullies who end up being bullied? In order to victimize Jody and Marlena, their original behavior, which is identical to what they suffered, must be overlooked. Similarly, if you empathize with the original victims, you must deem their reactionary behavior as justified due to their original treatment. It becomes difficult either way. Jody made comments against the LGBTQ+ community and have also fat-shamed others, threatened them with slander outside the house, etc. Mark and Elena have sat by and allowed bullying to occur at times, and then tried to fight against it at other times.

        I agree with @Linden in the fact that I do not see real bullying. I especially agree with one of Jason's comments. He stated that everyone in the house has been a bully when it worked for them. They all walked in here trying to win a prize through lies and manipulation. Let's be frank.... this isn't high school, which teens are forced to attend..... this is Big Brother, and none of them are victims. They are willing, paid participants in a reality show competition.
        Last edited by Anyaspapa; 08-15-2017, 11:59 AM.


        • DisMom
          DisMom commented
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          Beautiful comparison!

        • lisains
          lisains commented
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          I agree with you - they are paid adults doing a tv show and knew that when they walked in - happily....They "bully's" are given power when u react - then they know the button to push --- I don't like that tactic and don't agree but hey you agreed to this when you signed up IMO

      • #9
        Watching BBAD. I like Cody personally. Is he one is the worst game players ever? Possibly lol. What I find funny is the rest of the house is talking smack about him because when they want details of what he might have said he won't tell them anything. I mean you back doored him this week. You think he might be a little uncooperative?😈 This has got to be the weirdest set of houstguests ever or the house dynamic just drifted in a strange direction this season. That's why I want no vets or all vets and way less producing. The producers created this mess. On that, I think we can all agree.
        Last edited by Walleye; 08-15-2017, 11:23 AM.


        • DisMom
          DisMom commented
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          I'm completely with you on the all vets or no vets and less interference. I also don't need to have the Kens and Barbies of the world in there. Real people with real flaws, no fake hair and eyelashes (I don't understand the hair extensions thing, lol). I get that these younger folks are easier to look at than a bunch of old codgers, but at least they might be interesting. I've always thought, for both BB and Survivor, that I'd love to see a cast made of the first couple of people evicted/voted out. Most of the time these people get sent packing for no good reason before anyone gets to know them or see what kind of game they would have. Just like Cameron this year, I would love to have seen him play.

      • #10
        Hello Everyone

        I've had to be MIA due to family junk. and work. and stuff. Those darn employers asking me to do what they pay me to do, .

        I see the BB Big Bully stuff is still an issue and that's a shame. I think though we have seen this behavior before in this house, as a matter of fact it might be one of the side effects of living in that house. I agree with ~Linden~ and Anyaspapa these are adults, they knew what they signed on for. If we saw behavior like this in the real world I would hope everyone here would stand up and demand for it to stop. My guess is that very few of these HGs would actually behave the way they are in the real world. I also feel like we as fans take it a lot more personally than the HGs, they will all be at Kevin's for Thanksgiving after all this is over.

        Elena- she is now my least favorite HG, yep even over Cody. She's awful to Mark and I just can't stand to hear her speak. Wish she would GO already, but I don't see her going over Cody or Mark.

        Kevin-why did you go stirring up the crapola? I don't want Christmas there longer than him.

        Mark-man, wish you never hooked up with Elena! Any other season I think you would have could have been a hero, but with this pack of wild dogs you just never stood a chance.

        I'm still on the Paul Island- I've put up a tiki hut, making Margaritas and Painkillers, and cooking up some jerk chicken. I'll be there until the others wise up and I think they will once their collective targets of Cody and Marlena are gone. All are welcome
        Last edited by DisMom; 08-15-2017, 01:45 PM. Reason: I meant to say I don't see Elena staying over Cody or Mark.


        • lisains
          lisains commented
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          I so agree about Elena - she is the biggest mean girl to Mark!!! She wraps him when she needs something then pats him on his head and sends him on his way,. uggggg Will you share the Margaritas (lots of tequila in mine plz) with OhThisHouse stated with pretty umbrellas I will bring salsa and chips.

        • DisMom
          DisMom commented
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          lisains of course we will share, plenty to go around. Love me some chips, salsa, and guac

          Mark got the wrong end of the deal in this season. Matter of fact I would have liked to have seen how him and Cody operated without those 2 mean girls dragging them around by their dinkys.

        • lisains
          lisains commented
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          Thank you Dismom - I so agree the girls def have those boys wrapped and it destroyed any game they may have had

      • #11
        I just think it's an integral part of the game when it becomes one sided. Those who aren't in power always feel bullied because they don't have power. I don't see bullying...I DO see a lot of childishness on all sides in that house.


        • #12
          Darn it! It looks like the feeds will be down again later this week. Probably after Thursday nights show which means we'll miss who the new HOH is and the aftermath of the Double Eviction. It's because of Friday nights special show.


          • aprilshowers
            aprilshowers commented
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            I have heard a couple of the HG comment about someone coming in to perform later this week. Maybe that is why the feeds will be down. I can't imagine them cutting feeds after a double eviction.

          • Lynette
            Lynette commented
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            Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think they usually show who wins HOH in a DE on the show that night. They advertise that they play a whole week in one night. Hoping so anyway.

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            They'll show the first HOH & eviction, but not the next HOH which will follow later that night. That one will probably be an endurance? The first HOH always gets cheated out of the HOH room for the week, just gets a basket.

        • #13
          Again...this season had such promise but they all turned into sheep and those that didnt were slaughtered. This group has no game in them. As I have said before no one really wants to win anymore. Its all about tv exposure and a little bit of jury money. Lame!!!


          • lisains
            lisains commented
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            to true - maybe if they took "normal" people not the "pretty" people it would be a good season but it seems they need to switch up the games / comps and how they are running the game so people do not know going in what will happen when .... The houseguests have pretty much figured out the schedule

        • #14
          Good Day All,

          As per usual, I'm on the same page with KeninVA (shocker -NOT). Also, hat tip to BettyBoo @~Linden~ & @Anyaspapa posts today (enjoyed them immensely). @DisMom I'm with you completely on the Elena dislike (though I'm not a big Mark fan either).

          Like Ken I'm curious to see if Paul will stick with Alex (like he would have Victor last season) or position himself with an easier path to victory. As for the pecking order I'm not sold on Paul wanting Matt out prior to Elena or Kevin. Elena may be unlikeable but she is capable of planting seeds of doubt. Ditto for Kevin who knows a lot from Paul via early game talks & being Paul's original F2 partner. I think Paul is hoping Maven will be able to dispense of Jason which is another reason I think he'll pull for Elena/Kevin to follow Cody/Mark. & then hope for a Matt HOH which targets Alex/Jason with the latter leaving. Then the following week Matt would likely become the target for the majority of the house.

          This week has been interesting as it's the first time since week 1 in which Paul took major public hits & others increased their behind the scene efforts (Cody, Mark, Elena, and even Kevin). Whether it was masterful game play, luck or a combination of both Paul responded well.

          From my perspective Paul made three key changes:

          1) sensing the need not to be seen as a dictator to fuel Jess & Cody's comments Paul made a point of asking the group what was best (I also think he threw the HOH, which was risky - but a calculated risk).

          I've noticed his discussions with each of his trio groups - Alex/Jason -- Maven -- Xmas/Josh frequently include "what do you think is best" or "should we do this?". In other words he's reinforcing they are a "team".

          2) Paul made definitive moves to show who his targets are. Prior to this week he was conducting behind the scenes pointing out the targets & often having his minions doing the public attacking. But, now Paul has intensified his public attacks on Mark (& Elena) while also pointedly letting Kevin know his actions haven't gone unnoticed. These actions are proving to his 3 trio groups he's in it with them for the long haul & more importantly it provides him with the fodder to throw out should someone say he's playing all sides. (Again - I'll point to his previous smart move of having Alex/Jason in meetings with Maven & with Josh/Xmas so they are equally aligned in these groupings thereby giving validity to there authenticity)

          3) the other big alteration was the move to shore up his bond with Xmas/Josh.

          Prior to this past week (& the public Paul shade) I think his desired group had Maven & possibly even Elena ahead of Xmas/Josh. Sensing his main comp partner (Alex & by association Jason) wanted Maven out he quickly adjusted.

          First he orchestrated the little fight with Mark over not defending Josh which garnered huge brownie points for him.

          But arguably his most masterful move was tied to his management of Christmas:

          He fed Xmas' ego with "you & Josh are the only 2 who have never been disloyal to me since game start" (ie: I trust you the most). And, in possibly his smartest game move (assuming he was the one who made the choice) he selected Xmas to be his tandem partner. That action reinforces his statement of loyalty/trust with her & was a brilliant move. Plus he let Christmas take his place at the Outback Dinner (remember nice deeds go a long way in this game).

          Now she likely feels it's possible she could be his F2 & with her closeness to Josh she might sense a F3 with the 2 guys is entirely possible. Xmas had been wary of Paul prior to this week & although aligned was among those actively discussing when they should pounce on him. The combination of these moves has seemingly moved her off that tangent all together as she witnessed her stock rise dramatically this past week.

          These moves punctuate Paul's best game play this season. Each of the hamsters feel much more comfortable if they think they are Paul's F2 or in his F3. Alex game conduct is the perfect example and in many ways she has been every bit Paul's equal and ideal teammate. Jason's relationship with Paul has undergone a slow steady build to the point he feels like he's among Paul's top 3 & has protection from the two best competitors in the house. Maven blindly believe they are his F3 partners and this week his efforts to pull Xmas/Josh closer have given them confidence in their rising stock. This effect can't be under valued as playing BB is fraught with paranoia and uncertainty. Ironically, Xmas stayed close to Kevin to get information & to keep an eye on Paul's movements as she believed Kevin was Paul's F2 partner. With the shift away from Kevin it served to reinforce Xmas' bond with Paul and her belief she is safer having replaced Kevin. It doesn't hurt they share mutual targets & with her position/safety bolstered it's been comical watching her actions emulate Paul's. Repeatedly this week they've worked in concert whether it be via a verbal assault or playing good cop - bad cop.

          Moving toward what is surely a DE, the only person who would nominate Paul is Mark (I just don't see Elena taking the shot- either b/c she knows he has the votes to stay or b/c she still believes he'll protect her). Yet even if Mark won & put Paul on the block it's hard to think of anyone who Paul wouldn't stay over. Mark has said he'll put up Paul & Alex although I'm not sure in the moment he would take that shot & ruin his one possible olive branch in Jason. So, it's more likely Mark would put up Josh & Xmas, one of them with Paul or try to back door Paul.

          Examining the scenario of a Mark DE HOH & Paul on the block after POV is played:
          • 4 votes would be required to evict
          • Two players would never be sitting beside Paul - Elena or Jason. Ironically Jason might be the one player Paul would go home against b/c Alex, Kevin, Elena & possibly Josh might select Jason over Paul (maybe)
          • Versus Alex - Maven definitely keep Paul, high probability Kevin votes out Alex to free up Jason, Xmas & Josh feeling like they are Paul's F3 vote out Alex and Elena's distaste for Alex likely also lean that direction. So, Jason could be Alex's lone vote
          • Versus Kevin: maybe Elena votes to keep him but unlikely
          • Versus Maven - both scenarios likely equal a clean sweep (other than whichever of Maven aren't on the block) though again Elena could be the exception
          • Versus Josh - Doubtful he gets a sympathy vote
          • Vs. Xmas - Jason has never been a fan & Elena would be chomping at the bit to cut her, so probably only Josh votes to keep her

          The only variable I can imagine is if Jason decided to take the shot to oust Paul believing Elena, Kevin & someone else were on board. The problem is in a DE there isn't time to strategize & Alex would insist to Jason he keep Paul.

          DE Done Deal?
          Although we're still 2 days from Eviction Night this week is a done deal. Elena could spit in everyone's faces & Cody would still leave on Thursday. Alex herself said where was this guy 6 weeks ago about Cody. And, true to form the minute his plan to stay off the block didn't work he downshifted right back into his old demeanor. That being Cody's greatest flaw (& Jess) in this game ... BB is not played in shifts, rather it requires a 24-7 effort. Cody's inability to consistently 'play" IMHO is what was his greatest downfall.

          I'm guessing the DE HOH will be a knock out comp which means the big group will be able to isolate Mark vs Elena to narrow them to one & then keep attacking. Unless the survivor of the initial knockout vs each other wins every round they'll both be on the block. If my hunch is wrong & somehow one of Marlena win DE HOH then it will be interesting to see which of the big group follows Cody out the door.

          If Mark doesn't win HOH or POV he's as good as gone & the interesting side note for me will be if Paul can convince Maven to start winning. At some point he'll need them to win an HOH so they can separate Alex/Jason with the latter being the target. I'm also curious to know if Maven are purposefully throwing all the comps. Raven seemed upset she lost last week so perhaps not.

          Moving Forward:

          Finally, should things go as expected with Cody leaving first, Marlena getting knocked out early in DE HOH & Mark ousted second, I expect Paul will throw the next few HOH comps so he can let his trio's start attacking each other. Moreover, how Paul navigates the game from here out will be interesting as Ken pointed out the hamsters are now in the critical jury management phase of the game.

          Depending on who reaches F6 he might try for that HOH, but I won't be surprised if Paul waits until F4 to win HOH again to secure his F3 spot. The trickiest spot for him at that point becomes whether to try to win F4 POV & of course that will depend on which other 3 players are still in the game. If it's Xmas, Josh & Raven it might not matter, but if Jason & Alex are still in the house with Xmas I could see him trying to win, so he can keep Xmas safe & let her make the choice on who is evicted to keep the blood off his hands. Although protecting Xmas over Alex (especially if she booted Alex) could cost him jury votes.

          That's my Tuesday musings. Have a great day everyone!
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-15-2017, 12:53 PM.


          • MrsVee
            MrsVee commented
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            Ya got my head spinning in a good way😊 and I can't wait to see what happens

        • #15
          I agree bajkjn. They are all just following Paul nobody can seem to think for themselves in there. As for the mob mentality bullying whatever you want to call it I find it amusing that people actually try to defend a few in there. Cody and Jessica while not perfect in any manner were destroyed by everyone in that house. They 100% ganged up on them and what they did in the backyard went way past game play. Then to expect Cody and Jessica to try and assimilate with them after that is hard for me to fathom. Imagine taking **** all day everyday for weeks are you going to try and talk and be buddy buddy with the people giving you a hard time. They are to blame for their actions early in the game but let's think of what actually happened. Cody tried to get Paul out. The only returning vet who went final 2 the previous year. Not a bad idea. Then his entire alliance bailed quicker then people running out of a burning house. They quickly chose sides and wanted nothing to do with him over one decision and have been following Paul 100% of the way since then. Josh thought about going against him but it was only half hearted. They are letting Paul run the show for them. I just wish someone would grow a pair and step up to him instead of letting him choose who is nominated who goes home who plays veto. It's like he is HOH every week


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