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Live Feed Discussion - August 15

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    I would love to see a big brother season with 30+ or 40+ age houseguests. Think it could be interesting. Even made as a test online only one.


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    I don't want to watch a chess game on TV.
    And I don't want to watch Sesame Street either. I tune in to watch a fight to the death. Like them or don't like them, my hat is off to most of these players all the way back to season one. I wouldn't do this for a million 💵.

    And they entertain me. Sometimes I love to love them and sometimes I love to talk trash about them. I always find it interesting to see what my own reactions are to houseguests and the things they do.

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    • MrsVee
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      I'm with you linden, I love the chaos, good or bad funny or sad it's a show and that's why I watch it .Its Big brother !

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    Can they get through even one day without everyone arguing? These people really need to just learn to walk away form Josh when he starts.


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    Do they not know that the ones they are arguing with will be a jury vote? I wish Cody would have told them, I am going Thursday, but I get to vote for the winner.

    Paul working hard again to keep his two girls, Raven and Elena. Why do the others not see that. He even told Alex (when just the two of them were talking) that he had Raven and Elena. He asked her if she had Jason.


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    I went over my initial comments on the players based only on their Jeff interviews and the one I most misjudged was Alex. I wrote:

    Alex: Wants to team up with the guys. Yeah, that is always an effective system for victory for a girl. Knows the show, but doesn't mean she knows how best to play. And, add dumb points for not knowing she was talking to THE Jeff.

    I saw her hanging out with Jillian in the beginning and discounted her. Then she won the HOH and joined up with Paul. She used the green room to build her ride or die with Jason, another player who should have been gone. Since he is the most honest person in the House, it added to the rep she's building as an honest player who keeps her deals. Even Cody likes her feistiness.

    With all the conversations about bullying, who has been the person whose stuff has been most messed with? Alex. From the ears and pouring out of the Coke to the pillows and cereal. Yes, little things but none the less done to annoy her or out of lack of consideration. It's a quiet form of bullying. Does she go overboard in responding, yep. But in doing so, she not only defends herself, she skunk sprays whom she believes is the perpetrator. She uses her anger as game play.

    Gotta admit she's now my fave, so I've probably cursed her.


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    I think what this group needs is an Italian House Mother who rules with a wooden spoon. She would knock this crap off and they all would be scared ****less.


    • Mary4BB
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      YES YES YES YES YES and YES!!!!!!

    • BettyBoo
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      Mama would be stuffing them with food and wine all while yelling MANGIARE!!! Alex and Mark would be in pig heaven.

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    Does anyone, besides me, wish someone would take a pair of scissors to Kevin's hair while he's asleep? Or, at the very least, give him a rubber band so he can make a top knot.


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    Paul spilled the beans about Kevin taking the $25k. He kept the secret much longer than I thought he would, but he did mention that Josh knew also.
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    • TTOTambz
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      I think Paul had planned on outing that information in the end game (believing Kevin was on his side). But the combination of Kevin cuddling up to first Jess, then Cody, and then Mark & Elena this week & learning he was planting negative seeds against him all the way back to the beginning of the game via Josh & Xmas was the straw that broke the camel's back. I truly believe Paul would've taken Kevin to F2 until this past week.

      Now that Josh has confirmed he also knew about the $25k it offers Paul options to tell Kevin I didn't say anything or "who else did you tell?" Meanwhile, Kevin has hinted (threatened) Paul with "you were the one who made me throw the hinky votes" but with Kevin acting so shady it's doubtful people will believe him. Besides, Kevin does what he wants in the game & Paul didn't tell others to throw votes so all he has to say is have I told you to throw votes? & would you just do what I tell you? okay then. I'm still a little sad Kevin couldn't just ride out the wave b/c Alex wouldn't have made a move unless Paul was on board (& Jason) so he really over played in his efforts to make sure he was safe on all sides.

    • Walleye
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      Yes TTOT, Kevin has been over playing for a couple of weeks now. He's so super paranoid that it will be interesting to see if he melts down on the block when it happens.

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    Why are they, Alex, Paul, Josh, Christmas and Jason think they are so superior over Kevin, like they are the only ones that can play the game. I'm sorry, but Kevin is still my favorite. Alex gets on my nerves with the way she talks to Jason and Josh. So Paul and Kevin are definitely don't have a secret alliance? Could Paul just be playing Alex, Jason, Christmas and Josh?


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      I am now definitely hoping that one of the showmance win HOH doing the double so that the other side can scrum. In my mind one of the six needs to go, anyone except Kevin.


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