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Live Feed Discussion - August 23

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 23

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    Morning all.


    • Freebyrd
      Freebyrd commented
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      G'Mornin' Geo!

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    Good Morning Geo and all who follow:

    So yesterday I spent most of the evening dealing with the big NBA trade - only in my industry would someone put their heart and soul into their job playing days after the death of a younger sister, be the most beloved player on their squad and end up getting traded in the offseason. Suffice to say it was a crazy day in the Association.

    Anyway back to BB.

    Following up on a few things I noted yesterday. Many were discussing the advantage Paul got early and how it set the standard to keep him safe all summer. From my personal perspective this type of benefit for 3 weeks of safety wasn't ideal, BUT I will point you to BB Canada where Neda had safety all the way to jury & the night she was finally unprotected in a DE she was promptly sent packing. Then again IKA knew how to play the game & what to do. That said ALL the newbies wanted her nominated & evicted so there's that.

    Paul also did something Neda never bothered in her 2nd chance which was to develop a relationship with the newbies Obviously Paul had no choice as the only vet, but he still invested in getting to know all the hamsters. Neda unfortunately preached down to the house & treated many of them with a condescending attitude. She didn't bother developing a relationship with the majority of the newbies. Rather she told them what to do & if they gave ANY push back she was rude to them & condescending. She called Karen an old idiot (to her face) which pretty much lost me on her for the season b/c it was not only rude it was completely unnecessary & untrue.

    I'm not sure where the disconnect was, but it was a massive disappointment to me b/c prior to this past season Neda ranked only behind Danielle Reyes for me as a strategic female. After this season I was far more impressed by Ika than Neda. Few have navigated return opportunities well -- Janey got to F3 twice, Danielle Reyes did well in both seasons & of course Rachel won, but on a whole many players either don't perform as well or aren't as liked in their second go round.

    Dan is considered one of the best to ever play but looking back he wasn't as liked in his second go round either. Only Dr. Will & Janey seemed to escape the negativity mostly due to his charm & her utter unwillingness to lose & Danielle Reyes probably b/c she got such a raw deal being on such an early season (pre jury isolation days). Even Brittany didn't garner as much support her second go round, though she still holds the best BB gif of all time "Help me" lol.

    As for the current hamsters here's my musings gathered while I wrote article after article last night & replayed BBAD a couple of times in the background.

    His negotiation skills tells me how little knowledge he has of the house and how little he understands who is aligned. To wit:
    • First he went to Christmas and offered his support to her & Josh with the intention on targeting Alex & Jason
    • Then he went to Kevin, Jason and Alex offering to target Raven, Matt, Christmas and Josh
    • Then he went to Josh offering to take out whoever he wanted
    • Finally, he went to Paul basically saying Jason was on board with him

    I mean doesn't he recognize they all talk? Mark's penchant for turning on anyone including his BFF Cody and his girl Elena proves he has no loyalty to anyone but himself. Keeping him would only result in him going right back to floating to whoever was in power. Besides Mark has proven himself to be a competitor something Matt hasn't necessarily done yet.

    While Mark made his rounds, Paul made an astute observation - the last two people he approached to rally for votes were Alex & Paul & that alone states they are his targets. Solid analytical observation.

    This brings me to another aspect of this year's hamsters which is highly interesting. Only Paul, Josh and a to a lesser extent Christmas and Alex have a very solid understanding of their housemates. yet each of them is missing a vital component which hinges on their safety (other than Paul/Josh).

    Alex: thinks she has Josh locked in more tightly with her than Christmas. It's unfathomable to me the house doesn't recognize how close Xmas/Josh bond is. Moreover, Alex is convinced Paul will take her to F2 (over Jason) and that he'll work to bring the 3 of them to F3. The only reason I can assume she believes Paul is committed to her wholly is he hasn't done anything for her to question it. AND, should Maven win HOH they'll target a Jason oust. Paul will do his best to ensure Alex is on the block with Jason or someone other than Kevin is up when this occurs. First b/c if Alex sits beside him it's an easy explanation as to why he'd vote to save her. BUT if it's Jason w/o Alex he needs Kevin off the block so he can blame the hinky vote on Kevin. The more I ponder this I think Paul will need to find someone to tell Alex that Jason approached them about getting Paul out so she can be okay with Jason leaving (in the event she isn't sitting beside him).

    Kevin: appears to be getting severely affected by stress. His goal is to remain off the block & he seemingly believes Jason, Paul & Christmas will carry him through to game end. He's unaware they are on to his double dipping to make all the jury love him and keep men in the house who would carry him all while working to turn those players against others he has working for him. Kevin's inability to recognize his shady dealings would come back to haunt him will cost him getting to what was likely a F2 with Paul. It's too bad, b/c I still really enjoy Kevin, but I suspect his options of making it farther than F4 are slim to none.

    Maven: again baffling .. Matt seems to think Raven & Paul are playing the best game. Like Christmas/Paul I'm confused as to why Matt has been bowled over so much by Raven. He's truly intent on getting her as far as he can. I've witnessed different BB showmances over the seasons, but the relationship between the pair seems more like a high school relationship - than one of deep love. I tend to think Matt must have lost someone extremely close to him in his life & her illness registered with him. Why else would he be so completely committed to getting her to the end at his own detriment? Raven has a better feel than most, but she also believes Alex likes her which is far from the case. In addition, Raven reminds me the most of a high schooler in the manner that she plays. As each person becomes a target she suddenly invents reasons why they are terrible people. And, in a new update the fact Paul caught Maven having sex has run the house. Despite their denials to the contrary now everyone knows they've been having sex.

    This is relevant b/c Raven spoke badly about Jody for doing the same. And, now the house is cluing in to Raven's lies & recognizing how she takes their things without asking. I remember when Alex had the HOH, Raven was up in the room using her new eye makeup w/o asking & being very sketchy. She waited for Alex to be called to the DR before using it & it kind of felt like a birds eye view of who she is.

    Jason: God love him he's the epitome of innocence. Who else would watch someone trash them using Mark's name (Cody), then hear about how Mark wanted to target Alex/him & suddenly be willing to forgive him to keep that person in the game. I think Jason has a soft heart & thinks the best in people, particularly genuine people so he wants to believe in Mark & Kevin in particular. But, he can't read liars well & b/c he's not a turn coat he has a hard time believing people he likes would be shady either.

    Christmas: believes Paul is going to take her to F2 where she'll beat him. Like Alex she is caught up in getting to a F3 with 2 men who both would select her. Perhaps these women just are so caught up in the mist they can't see the forest for the trees. As much as I commend Christmas for her game smarts & navigating a game under duress (I mean I can't imagine functioning under the haze of pain killers), but let's be clear: she won HOH b/c Paul threw it to her, she stayed in the game week 1 b/c Paul rallied to keep her there. How does that add up to her beating him should she sit beside him at game end?

    Josh: in fairness I think Josh has a pretty good argument for recognizing who people are the best of all the newbies. It was Josh who first noticed Elena/Mark were flip-floppers & fully self motivated. It was Josh who saw Jason was trying to work with Mark to keep him in the house & would turn on Paul. It was Josh who saw Maven weren't trying to win & flying under the radar. It was Josh who first recognized Kevin was trying to align with every major player in the house to keep himself safe. He's wrong about Alex turning on Paul, but that's only b/c the one person who has fooled him is PAUL. In some ways it's understandable b/c Paul has included Josh in his F3 in more iterations of all his variables than even Xmas. Every time I hear Paul talk to one of the duos it's Josh who has been replaced in Kevin's spot. The irony of this season may well end up being that Josh (like Paul last season) played the best newbie game, but ends up losing b/c of how he got in people's faces. I just can't see Cody, Marlena, Maven, Alex or Jason giving him the prize over Paul (and perhaps that's what he's banking on). Still, love him or hate him, who would have thought week one that Josh would be a player who now looks destined to make F3?

    Paul: I think the only person who can screw up Paul right now is Paul himself OR TPTB with the temptation tree. Still, it's unlikely he leaves sitting beside anyone. Week after week I've watched someone who would maybe have had the votes to stay over him suddenly become the target. First it was Kevin, then it was Jason. Even with Kevin or Maven sitting beside him although they aren't as troublesome as players, they'll leave b/c Paul has made sure to endear himself to each trio making everyone of them buy into the belief he has their best interest at heart. Still, he won't skate by unscathed unless he finds a way not to vote out Alex personally. Jason can be covered especially if Alex sits beside him b/c then he'll be voting him out to save her. BUT if Jason sits beside Kevin he'll have to fanagle either a way to not vote for him or explanation why he did to offer Alex who'll no doubt be furious in this scenario & seek payback for the betrayal.

    Surely, Alex would be a bitter vote if Paul voted her out though, so this will take a deft hand. For him to continue navigating the game in his current manner he'll need some luck on his side. I laughed out loud at the start of BBAD on Monday when Paul was telling all the hamsters how much LUCK is involved. I swear I'm scaring myself by how much Paul has been doing/saying what I've been writing literally a day after it lands here on BBU.

    Like Paul I'm still wavering on who his best bets are to take to F3, but my gut tells me taking Xmas and MATT (shocker I know) to the end may be his best bets. I think in that iteration he could not only beat Matt at the F3 comp but I also think he could ensure he was their pick for F2 should they upset him in part 3. I mean if Matt is so committed to getting Raven to the end why wouldn't he be equally committed to getting Paul in a F2 chair over Xmas?

    Anyway, that's my thoughts for the day. Enjoy your day all.
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    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      Mitch Albom had a Detroit afternoon radio show I'd listen to on the way home in his before Tuesdays With Morey days. I remember hearing him talking about all the coaches going to see and negotiate with LeBron when he was young kid. It bothered me since I think kids should be kids and not a commodity. But he definitely learned that since he is the Hot Property, he might as well use use them as they use him.

    • ~smee~
      ~smee~ commented
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      Thanks, TTOTambz . I told my son on Saturday that you would have a lot to say on this. I agree, it is illegal for this type of collusion to occur, but its really hard to imagine anything coming of it. As you said, the league has looked the other way for so long. Love Paul George as a player, but his shortfall for the Pacers was his lack of leadership skills. I did not blame him for wanting to chase a ring, but would hate to see him following in LeBron's footsteps to get there. Looking forward to seeing him play with Westbrook. If he really wants to be in LA, then I can live with that. And, much as I like watching LeBron play ball, I am as salty as you over the demands.

      You know, our Reggie never got a ring and that was a travesty; we can thank Mr. Meta World Peace for that one. Now THERE was an ego to match LBJ...

      (Sorry , @Linden -- my fault, smack me, not TTOT)

    • misscmm
      misscmm commented
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      So glad, as a Warrior fan for 30 years, that I don't have a King to deal with. And .. it's only 55 days until NBA. WHOOTWHOOT. Now back to BB ... rumor, you know good ol' rumor, is saying Jason's wifes pregnancy is a game move and she's not truly PG. Anyone?

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    Have Matt and Raven just taken over the HoH room. I swear, it seems like they are spending more time up there than anyone, including Christmas, usually just the two of them.


    • gabesrah
      gabesrah commented
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      And either Alex or Christmas said that when Josh was HOH all of his treats from his HOH basket were gone in less than 2 days. Every time you saw Raven she was there eating all of it like it was hers. I noticed once when Josh was there by himself he got a bag of something out of a drawer. Was he trying to hide some of it for himself?

    • Crlillian
      Crlillian commented
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      I have noticed from the beginning of the season that Matt and Raven are in the HOH room more than they are anywhere else in the house. Raven is worse about it than Matt, but I think it is because Raven is hooked on the TV in there.

    • zoziemom
      zoziemom commented
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      (That is all) ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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    Wow, Paul and Mark going at it now.


    • CubbyBrother
      CubbyBrother commented
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      He's going to tell Cody-----right now Cody, Elena, and Mark will all vote against Paul---as will the one from the pair that doesn't go up against Paul. (If it's Paul v Alex, Jason will vote for Alex). Paul already has four votes against him. It's already 4-zip. He needs all of the other five to vote for him to win.

    • Walleye
      Walleye commented
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      They are going to spend a lot of time in the jury house decompressing. They might not stay mad, except for Cody lol.

    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      Can never assume how they'll vote. Paul used C word on Meech, she voted for him while Day who despised Nicole voted for her. Also Cody gave Paul the Sempter Fi heart tap when Paul nommed him. They could respect the way Paul played the House, especially if say Matt sits next to him.

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    Am watching the show, and have no clue what Zingbot is saying. He is always a little hard to understand, but this one is impossible. Has someone written out the zings?

    Edited to add: I am hearing challenged and voices are my loss. Music out drowns the voice.
    Last edited by OhThisHouse; 08-23-2017, 09:49 PM.


    • LCnSummer
      LCnSummer commented
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      Yay for the hard of hearing. I always tell the customer service person etc, when I call ๐Ÿ“ž a company for some reason,
      "Tell your boss I gave you permission to ๐Ÿ—ฃ yell ๐Ÿ“ข at me and speak with a p.a.u.s.e. between each word that you have
      carefully ...๐Ÿ˜ฌe๐Ÿ˜ฎnun๐Ÿ˜ci๐Ÿ˜€ated."

      However to make up for that loss I'm gifted with the ability to always pick the perfect size storage container (Tupperware...Glad... etc.) when putting food away. I can really show off at those large family potluck shindigs. Of course I often can't hear the many accolades due to the frequent clapping and cheering.

      I'm betting Kevin wishes he could turn his ears off. I think because he's had a house full of all ages for years, he thought he could put up with the BB House for 3 months. It's hard to see him so frustrated.

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    YEAH ZINGBOT!!!! Love Love LOVED the Christmas ZING!!!

    ๐Ÿค  Boy Howdy ๐Ÿค  How I needed me some ________ ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜ซ got nuttin', no play on words. I needed the laughs.

    The ๐Ÿ’ on top would have been for them to ๐Ÿถ-PILE on Zingbot ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


    • grannychris
      grannychris commented
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      I loved how Raven didn't get her ZING

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    Just because... here are the zings...

    Zingbot - Mark, I think you might be bye sexual because every time you try to get sexual with Elena, she said bye....

    Zingbot - Alex, I see you've been forced to carry around a ton of dead weight...... or as I like to call it... Jason....

    Zingbot - Poor Raven.... you've got the clownitard..... this is the worst punishment ever.. oh wait.... that's just your face!

    Zingbot - Josh, my heart goes out to you... you've shed so many tears this summer.... too bad you can't shed any weight!

    Zingbot- Paul, last season you taught me so much.... like how to have friendship.... how to be pissed....and how to lose half a million dollars!!

    Zingbot -Matt, congrats on making it so far in the game.... especially since the only thing you've done ... is Raven

    Zingbot - Kevin, I hear you like to use saran wrap to preserve your youth. .....News Flash.....too freaking late!

    Zingbot-Alex, what do you call someone with bleach blonde hair, wears cat ears, and handles lots of wieners? A (bleep) .. ZING!

    ( ** Christmas and Raven were talking about how Zingbot called Alex a "hooker" ... which would fit in that "bleep" ... but I didn't know you couldn't say "hooker" ... so maybe the "bleep" was something more .. but that's the jest of it)

    Oh.. then there was Christmas...

    Zingbot - Christmas, you have such a good heart, I can guarantee you'll find no coal in your stocking this holiday season...... however... you will find ( in tune with the 12 days of Christmas ) ... ten shattered bones, nine weeks in a cast, eight surgeries, seven more x-rays, six years of rehab, five titanium screws, four hospitals, three pain pills, two crutches, and a guilty rodeo clown.


    • Crlillian
      Crlillian commented
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      I loved how Josh was laughing so hard at all the zings.....except his....LOL

    • magoopy
      magoopy commented
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      Lexie, you are the best!!!! <3

    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      Josh also got very defensive about his weight zing. From their post conversations Zingbot also made political zings which kinda unnerved them since they have no clue as to current events. Paul has worried the US could be in war and they wouldn't know.

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    Matt and Raven's relationship is just so strange. I can't figure either of them out or their relationship with each other. If anyone can explain, I would love to hear.


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      Originally posted by magoopy View Post
      Matt and Raven's relationship is just so strange. I can't figure either of them out or their relationship with each other. If anyone can explain, I would love to hear.
      Raven needs an audience and Matt likes to watch. His thing watching sports and isn't a clever or witty person. She is heavy into making herself into a dramatic persona so people will watch her. Thus the Camille dying routine, screaming faux fights, heavy makeup and dancing around. She exclaims 'Look at me!' And he can watch her like she's a character on a sit-com. The sex is just a bonus.

      This is a summer fling not a real relationship. Matt will use her as a funny story at the bar with his bro's. Raven will make it a dramatic tale of how he broke her heart.

      Outside note, noticed that Raven fell very hard on her belly on the Crisco, thus her device, and lived more than a couple days. Hmmm? Haven't heard HGs comment on that?
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