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Live Feed Discussion - August 24

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 24

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Note-CBS is promoting watching the HoH play out on the feeds tonight. ENDURANCE! Have your popcorn and feeds ready to go after the show.


    • BBfan4life
      BBfan4life commented
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      Have no interest watching it, no matter who wins Paul will be HoH anyway so what's the point?

    • KeninVA
      KeninVA commented
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      The funniest thing would be seeing everyone jumping off at once, and Paul accidentally winning HoH, and having to show his hand. It might be a little early, since he has Kevin as an escape valve, but it would be funny. How to justify to Matt that he has to go up as a Pawn again.

    • Ms. Charlie
      Ms. Charlie commented
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      The site also says that free viewing is available for this one with a free week trial of the feeds. I am fine reading about it here!!

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    While we're waiting, here are the Zings that Zingbot tweeted last night on Twitter...

    Zingbot‏ @ZingbotOfficial 15h15 hours ago

    President Zingbot is back, losers! I’m on CBS tonight at 8/7c, so cancel your plans… oh wait, you didn’t have any! #ZING!

    My zings were so good tonight, even @DrWillKirby was able to smile... #BotoxZing!

    @BBADOrwell, I was watching #BBAD on @PopTV last night with your mom and sister. Great hooters! ZING! (For those that don't know, Orwell is the Big Brother After Dark Owl)

    #BBAD fans…. What do you call someone who stays up all night, stares at strangers, and lives in their mom’s basement…. @TheJayRoy. #ZING (Jason Roy)

    Jason's responses...

    Jason Roy‏ @TheJayRoy 5h5 hours ago

    Isn't this basically the same thing you trying to say to me like three years ago? you need a new operating system.

    And what's the stares at strangers part about LOL

    Time to discontinue Zingbot like the iPod shuffle. Lol

    After someone replied telling him when Zingbot said, "stares at strangers" he was talking about him watching the Live Feeds:
    After living in that house for over 108 days you think I still watch feeds. Robot boy BAI

    Yeah you really need me to ghostwrite for you @ZingbotOfficial LOL

    Something fell off the wall in my apartment is the only reason I'm actually up right now. But I'm going back to sleep after that lame sh**


    • BBFAN2017
      BBFAN2017 commented
      Editing a comment
      I am tired of the politics- Zingbot should have left that off- guess that's just CBS way of hitting president
      I don't like it- for ANY sitting president -may not even watch next year- keep politics out of it- this is to be fun i bet most of these people don't even vote- not to mention they worship zingbot- Really? and the way he hit Raven was pretty ugly/mean/bullying
      not for me...

    • Janlin3503
      Janlin3503 commented
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      Totally agree BBFAN2017. Politics should never have been a part of this. Hate that they did that. And I really don't get the whole ZIngbot craziness in the house.

    • LCnSummer
      LCnSummer commented
      Editing a comment
      Jason response to the zings in a funny yet truthful manner was refreshing. They need to fix Zings voice box. It gets worse each year. Prolly the same batteries they installed when the suit was made. Bring in the Dalek's....then we'd get some action.

  • #4
    Good morning Everyone here and all who follow.

    I have a quick confession to make, one that I have never said out loud - I can't stand ZingBot. There, I said it! lol Half of the time I cannot understand him/her, and I hate the way the HG's always scream and run when they know he's in the BB immature! Reason being, it just all appears to be so juvinile and ridiculous to me. The only positive laugh I get is that every once and a while ZingBot throws a zinger in there that is "all-telling" about a HG that is revealed for the first time, and it gives a heads-up to the other HG's that they should watch that HG much closer throughout the game. So this season I feel that the real zinger goes to Matt & Raven. Yeah, about the only thing Matt HAS done is Raven! lol Sooooo true! Anyway, Sorry to see Mark go tonight, but at the same time I can't wait for all of them to turn on each other. I really dislike this season . Thank you to all who post on the LFU's. I appreciate all of you more than you will ever know.


    • BBFAN2017
      BBFAN2017 commented
      Editing a comment
      I DID like Zingbots song to Christmas! that was good but his remarks to Raven- to her face
      that was just mean

    • Snipers35
      Snipers35 commented
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      I think the rehab ZING has to do with all the physical therapy rehab she is going to have to do.

    • Border57
      Border57 commented
      Editing a comment
      I LOVED Raven's zing. That white clown make up that she wears is ridiculous, and the only reason I can come up with why she does it is to make herself appear ill. The rest of her body is tan, her face is five shades lighter. Just ridiculous.

  • #5
    Heyyyyyy, Big Mur....LOVE you and miss you terribly! <3 <3 <3


    • BigMur
      BigMur commented
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      Ditto Freebyrd!! I don't have the free time I used to, I miss hanging out in the summer. Maybe now that CBS has decided to stop being stupid and offer the All Access in Canada starting in January, I can get the feeds again.

  • #6
    @Betty Boo ` Hi Betty! Just wanted to comment on your post from yesterday "Outside note, noticed that Raven fell very hard on her belly on the Crisco, thus her device, and lived more than a couple days. Hmmm? Haven't heard HGs comment on that?" Yes, I saw that fall - she body-slammed it! Wow, I thought the very same thing as you, whoa, but...nothing was said afterwards as to how she was feeling from that. Strange.


    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      Of course if Raven gets targeted rather than protected, then her survival will be duly noted and regurgitated over and over and over.

    • magoopy
      magoopy commented
      Editing a comment
      When Paul was limping around and sore after the comp, they were talking about bumps from the comp. I can't remember who else was there (think it was Christmas), but Raven said that she really banged up her knee-the one that needs surgery. She didn't mention her abdomen or pacer at all.

  • #7
    I am still enjoying this season. Want to see how it all plays out. Maybe we will get an unexpected HOH winner.


    • Diane40
      Diane40 commented
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      That's the way I feel Kenny. I just stay on the positive. I love Big Brother and will always watch it.

    • magoopy
      magoopy commented
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      I agree. It is definitely not my favorite season, but I still enjoy watching and hoping that something unexpected will happen.

    • herms is here
      herms is here commented
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      I agree. It was just a competition. Yes, it had some real life campaign implications, but it was just entertainment.

  • #8
    Which team gets an opportunity to strike first is also worth waiting for.


    • #9
      Yeah, once Mark is gone and all of the "threats" are out of the house, they'll have to turn on each other. Might actually be entertaining......or not.


      • #10
        I like Paul this year and would be happy if he won BUT I would really like to see someone give him a run for his money (for the fun of it!!). I think Alex could be the one to do this, she just needs a little 'birdie' whisper in her ear (DR). I think Alex has done much more for the 'Team' than Christmas has and so deserves to sit in the F2 spot with Paul. I like Christmas but, due to her injury, I find her contribution has been minimal. Also, at times, she comes across as very bossy and preachy and condescending. This may be great in her business relationships but really irritates me to hear in the house, especially when she's speaking to Josh. If Paul is in the F2, he will win over all of them, that's how well he's socialized and maneuvered throughout the game. I just want the fun of someone challenging him and making him nervous !!


        • DisMom
          DisMom commented
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          Hi birdiefriend

          I agree with all you said. I'm not a big Christmas fan (the player, love the holiday ) and like you I'd rather see Alex in the F2 seat. However, Paul is correct in his thinking in choosing Christmas/Josh as his final 3 just because they are not as good at the comps and I don't either of them being a jury favorite over Paul.

        • birdiefriend
          birdiefriend commented
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          You're right about Christmas/Josh, I just would like him to face more of a challenge in the run-up. Everyone has just rolled over and are 'letting' him win.

      • #11
        I have to laugh, otherwise I would scream about Christmas saying this was her B-I-G move, her chance to shake things up. Seriously/ Matt and Mark? We all knew that Mark was going at some point, he was never going to do F2. Want to break up a Power Couple? Go for Alex and Jason! Matt is ALWAYS on the block, volunteers for it, even. No surprise or BIG move there. IF she really wanted to do a B-I-G move, she should have put up Alex or Paul.
        I hear tell that Paul went on a rant yesterday about Cody, his daughter and his military service. I hope when Paul gets out, no one offers him Salt to put on all the crow he will be eating.


        • #12
          Happy Live Eviction Day and Live HoH Endurance Competition Night!

          We appreciate the handful of members who have helped out with the expenses via their continued support of BBU.

          We are reaching out to everyone, who enjoys their time here because even though things are a bit quiet now, since there's been no real drama leading up to tonight's eviction, prior to that we had high usage of bandwidth, which increased our monthly expenses. We're in a different tier, more expensive, so we need to raise some funds to cover that added expense.

          If you can help, we need to raise $340.00 to cover August.

          Looking ahead to tonight's events, HoH endurance, the hamsters having to start turning on each other, we are anticipation high usage again and would like to get in front of that, so that we aren't behind the 8 ball, so to speak, when the end of September rolls around.

          If you can help with either August expenses or the upcoming September expenses, we truly appreciate any support.


          • Lexie
            Lexie commented
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            Thank you guys so much!!

          • ~smee~
            ~smee~ commented
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            I'm in. Thanks all.

          • Luanne
            Luanne commented
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            Donation made- I appreciate everything you do to keep BBU up and running.

        • #13
          Donated 😀


          • KennyERJ
            KennyERJ commented
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            Thank you, Yaya1300!

          • Lexie
            Lexie commented
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            Thank You!

        • #14
          Happy Eviction Day All,

          Well we've reached Thursday eviction day in one of the most non eventful weeks of the season. Here's my insights heading into F8:

          Mark: I was never a big fan of Mark. Had Paul never been in the house I firmly believe Mark/Cody would have strutted around all season telling people what to do. Alas, that's not how things worked out & instead we got to see Mark's sensitive crying side. Ultimately he demonstratively flip flopped between power, cried and turned his back on his own alliances. He wasn't loyal to one person through the entire game & that is why he can't be trusted to keep in the house. I'm sure he's probably a very nice guy out of the house, but he irked me from the start. Funny Xmas referred to Mark as looking like one of the Berenstain Bear characters & I have to admit he does. This past week alone he went to each of the power couples & threw out the other's names not recognizing they would talk to each other. All that did was serve to cement his un-trustworthiness.

          Kevin: The new "house target" is probably only leaving if something hinky happens this week It's doubtful Kevin will even try to win HOH since he's smart enough to recognize he's not among the top 2 targets.

          AJ: The power pair in the house will gun for HOH & if they win will target Maven with Matt as the key target. If Alex wins she'll use Kevin as backup pawn & if Jason wins I won't be surprised if he puts up Xmas (saying she's a pawn, but in truth he'd prefer to take her out). AJ are committed to sticking with Paul as their F3 but Alex is more committed. Of the pair the house will target Jason since Alex would tie back to Paul & not work with Kevin. Whereas Jason staying w/o Alex would be harder to control or know who he would target. If Jason assumed any type of betrayal from Paul/Xmas/Josh he could go after them or if Maven took her out he'd likely look to reap revenge on them. Entering F8 Jason is the most the danger to exit next barring an AJ HOH win or apple tree intervention.

          Maven: will target AJ (Jason) with Kevin as the backup. I did find it curious the Xmas/Paul/Josh trio didn't work harder to make Maven feel like AJ were going after them if they win b/c their ideal scenario would be for Maven to gun for the win. B/c they didn't reinforce that message I'm not sure they'll try to win HOH. Matt ranks second on the danger scale & an AJ win will see him as the main target with Raven secondary (or Kevin). Should Maven land on the block however watch for Matt to gun for POV to save her. Paul will do his best to keep them from selecting an apple if AJ win HOH so they can't pull anything hinky like win the 2 POVs. These 2 spent an inordinate amount of time in the HOH watching everyone, but have a very POOR read of the house. They believe they are playing the best game, are Paul's trio to the end & don't see how much danger they are in.

          Xmas/Josh: For now these 2 have moved into the power position in the house with Paul. Like most weeks depending on who wins HOH next we could find Paul re-adjusting, but based on his friendship talks these 2 do seem to be his priority. Josh has said he'll gun for HOH. Credit to Josh for convincing Alex she has him in her pocket. Much like Raven thinks Alex likes her (she doesn't) Alex believes Josh is a number for her (he's not - he wants both AJ gone). Should he win the likelihood is he'll push for Alex to leave. Neither Xmas/Josh are top priority targets with the couples in each other's sights & Kevin is also ahead of them as a boot.

          Paul: The reason Xmas/Josh have moved into Paul's F3 (for now) is likely b/c Paul recognizes Alex could potentially beat him in comps/votes, Jason is well liked (expecting a baby). Of the 3 duos Paul knows AJ & Maven would take each other & he hasn't yet figured out Xmas/Josh would also likely take each other. Once he figures that out he'll need to also break that bond.

          For now Paul is telling Xmas he'd gun to win POV & remove Alex from the block if AJ were up BUT I wonder if he has time if he'd rethink this strategy b/c the smarter move would be to let one of Josh or Maven win - keep noms the same & then vote to keep Alex. That would be the safest move for Paul as she'd be indebted to him. Paul also recognizes how solid Kevin is with memory recall & many of the jury members like him & Cody would push for him to win should he reach a F2 chair.

          I'm inclined to believe Paul may start to reassess his stance on F3 to include Xmas & Matt... my reason is Josh's has a great story to tell in terms of what he's overcome in the game & he can sell how he was the one to clue in Xmas/AJ/Paul on the house social dynamics first (as per an earlier post). I doubt Paul will want to risk taking Raven who has come close to winning intelligence/memory comps & of course there is the whole "health" situation. At some point it stands to reason if Raven was voted out Paul could get Matt to work for him like he has for Raven. In this F3 scenario Paul has the best shot to reach a F2 chair as I think both players would select him to sit beside them (although it's not their best move) should they win part 3.

          Doubtful Paul even tries to win HOH tonight b/c he's in zero danger of going up as all 3 duo's think he is with them to F3 & Kevin is earmarked as a potential backup plan to vote out. Of all the hamsters Paul enters F8 as the safest in the house. Worst case scenario for Paul this week - Kevin wins HOH & the others spill the beans on his triple dipping or the Double POV apple gets selected & he lands in a chair going into eviction night. Best case scenario is Maven win HOH put up AJ who stay on the block & he saves Alex.

          As the hamsters head into F8 Paul & Xmas are working hard to set the 2 duos sights on each other. They need to amp up Maven however, b/c they don't seem to be too concerned about winning so let's see if they light a fire under Maven's tail to recognize how important it is for them to win.

          Side Note: @Smee back to yesterday - big BIG fan of Reggie Miller. Still marvel over his 8 points in 9 seconds in the Mecca. Too few players are in this modern era who are willing to stay with one franchise for the entirety of their careers. As for PG I think he's made some rather poor (cough) personal choices in the past & feel his interaction with Hibbert's fiancee was the reason the Pacers imploded. He reminds me of Tracy McGrady as he's an absolute beast but not a leader. He's never had the chance to play alongside someone of Westbrook's ilk & he'll enjoy it immensely b/c Russ IS A LEADER. Plus I've been saying for 2 years the banana boat boys will head to LAL this summer & something tells me PG will recognize how strong Russ & he can be in OKC. Watch for them to have the best clutch defense this season. As it stands GSW are head & shoulders over all the teams BUT OKC have the best shot to stop them b/c of their defense & length.

          Anyway, heading into F8 HOH with Xmas not playing it makes sense this could be a physical HOH. Perhaps the race where you hold down the button & race (Matt, Jason, maybe Josh, Alex should fair well in this one) or one where they are on the spinning discs. Didn't Jason have issues with dizziness? Have a feeling Raven could win this comp though again Alex would likely do well. Last year I think it was the black box HOH but again it makes sense for BB to go with a physical HOH since Xmas as outgoing HOH can't compete.

          Best guess: Raven (noms AJ) or Alex (noms Maven) win HOH

          Edited to add: just saw an advertisement saying watch HOH play out live so assume it will be some type of endurance which keeps my 2 guesses in the mix of race/spinning or it could be another wall comp which lends itself to the girls winning

          Anyway enjoy eviction night all.
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-24-2017, 03:35 PM.


          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
            Editing a comment
            It's a good thing Christmas can't play, it would kill her to miss another "power" comp. My bet if it's endurance that Jason or Alex win. Maven, Josh and Paul didn't last long in the last one they had.

          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            Didn't Maven do okay on the last wall comp? I thought she dropped b/c of her toe & he dropped second last of the guys only Jason beat him BUT I think they both threw it. Raven told Paul she could beat Alex so it will be interesting to see

        • #15
          Since tonight is should be some type of endurance and since they have been locked in for two days it has to be some sort of big build. Anyone have a\guesses on what it might be? I am thinking maybe the standing on a disc spinning one.

          If this is the comp who do you think has the advantage? Will depend on if someone has motion sickness issues?

          I agree with TTOT that Paul doesn't even try very hard. May stay up long enough to not make it obvious. I do not think Josh would do well. I think Kevin could do well if he tries. It will probably make Raven sick, Matt might do well if he tries. I would give the edge to Alex or Jason.

          Not sure about a Wall comp. Isn't the 2nd Wall Comp closer to final 4 or 5?


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