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Live Feed Discussion - August 27

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    Just finished watching TV episode and turned on feeds and we have FISH. Anyone know what is going on? Nevermind, feeds came back and Raven and Matt playing pool and Josh and Paul and Alex bouncing a ball back and forth and Christmas laying in the hammock and back to FISH. Back with Josh yelling. Paul joined Christmas in the hammock.
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    • KennyERJ
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      I thought maybe they had gotten a Raven Interpreter and cut the feeds so they could translate what she was saying to the house guests! LOL

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    They had FISH because Jason was inside yelling. He said he was tied up with ropes by Production guys.

    BB keeps telling them to raise an awning. Finally they do and BB says thank you.


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      Jason has already told everyone that he doesn't feel good about putting Kevin up but they continue to go back to Jason to get him to change his mind.

      I couldn't play this game because I would be told them all that I have made my mind up and the next person that comes up here to try to change my mind, I will pull Raven down and put you up as the pawn. Back off folks.

      Ready for the Veto ceremony to be over and hopefully Matt and Raven are still there. And I would really rather them send Raven home instead of Matt.


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        Alex and Josh are relentless in trying get Jason to backdoor Kevin. It's so hard to watch right now. I hope Jason sees through them both and can stay strong to his original plan to get rid of Matt or Raven. I thought there was a great player in Alex but I can't watch her any more. At this point there's slim pickings.....Jason is on my list at the top for final 2 but who to be with him is hard to doubt Paul's game is amazing but I just can't! Christmas throwing Kevin under the bus throws her off my list. Josh....absolutely not! So that leaves final 2 with Kevin and Jason, which will never happen. Oh well....back to watching the feeds and screaming at my iPad.


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          Yikes, I wasn't able to finish reading and being part of the Discuss 2-Nights Show...... and now I am 23 minutes in to it on my trusty DVR.... and I keep LOOKING at Matt.....

          EVERYone is shivering and miserable. He is mad that the comp is dragging on and on and that his Disease Ridden Gal Pal is just one breath short of death.n.stuff....

          HOWEVER, our beard toting Matt is absolutely fine. I mean, nary a shiver to be seen.

          If I worked in the super secret lab of The Cold Cereal Manufacturing Ne'er-do-well Division,.....I would be nodding my plotting head at the silver bearded-not-shivering-one-specimen.

          If I worked in the... Redheaded Va..ginas Rule Super Secret Lair Division,..... I would be nodding my plotting head at the silver bearded-not-shivering-one-specimen.

          If I worked in the... Sit Ups & Bed Presses R Us Undercover Latex Division....I would be nodding my plotting head at the silver bearded-not-shivering-one-specimen.

          .......Ergo be expecting to hear the ...Woop Woop of the Helicopters of the... At Your Beck.n.Call--Super Secret Abscond With Your Matt Division as they swoop in to collect the silver bearded-not-shivering-one-specimen.

          And just know, a petri dish is gonna be his home till his powerful secrets can be revealed.

          But don't worry..... because the Orange Wife Beater Arm-Pit-Dirty-Towel Take No Competitions Division will have rescued the silver bearded-not-shivering-one-specimen away to an island of......... (Well that part really is a secret.)


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            So Raven/Matt believe noms are staying the same; so they stage this b/s so that 1. They get TV time & 2. Raven believing Cody is being portrayed as the villain this season, she thinks Matt calling her like Cody will get her positive viewer feedback for standing up for herself.

            Such a fake fight. Matt can't even keep a straight face. I hope this TOTALLY backfires on Raven and they send her packing & keep Matt.

            This season is full of complete and absolute IDIOTS!!!


            • beckyd30
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              Here's hoping Jason stays strong and doesn't use the veto. One goes and the other figures out Paul was really behind it and they work it out with one if the other couples and Kevin and take Paul out in the DE.

            • OutOfTheDarkness
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              It would take Josh winning the next HOH & Matt staying for Paul to become in jeopardy. Matt could get Josh alone in the HOH and spill the beans on Paul to Josh. Thus confirming Josh's recent doubts about Paul. Once they figure out that Paul's goal was to get all the guy's out of the pairs leaving just the ladies. Each Paul believes would take him over the others to the F2. His goose is cooked. Pull in Kevin & possibly making Jason SEE THE LIGHT on why then Alex & Paul were pushing to backdoor Kevin. Jason might have a huge light bulb moment. Take out Alex & then Paul then it's pretty clear for one of the four guys to win this season over Xmas. Personally I would like them to throw the HOH to Kevin and let Paul go out under his HOH. POETIC JUSTICE is served. And the Jury House will cheer when Paul walks in by Kevin's hand!!

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