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Live Feed Discussion - August 28

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 28

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  • #2
    Morning all. Veto Ceremony today. Should be an interesting aftermath.


    • #3
      Looking forward to that, sdkgeo . Gotta say, I loved when Jason said he was tired of every step he made being predetermined. Will be pretty ****ty of Alex to throw him under the bus if she lets Raven and Matt know she had nothing to do with his decision. He has had her back the whole game, done everything she told him to do, even if he did not want to, and now she won't stand behind him? That's ridiculous. Yeah, I really don't like this cast...


      • Snipers35
        Snipers35 commented
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        Alex is a pretty immature person - she looks to get away from taking responsibility. One of the great things about this game is that 95% of the people playing it will eventually show their true colors of who they are. It takes a special kind of person to keep that up for months.

        Think I'm cheering mostly now for Jason or Paul. Paul because of his gameplay, Jason because you can just tell he is a good dude.

    • #4
      Good morning all- I feel like I have no idea what is going on with BB. Watched a little of the feeds Sat and Sun. I hope Jason does not give in to EVERYONE pushing to put Kevin on the block. When he is on the block Thursday, I am sure everyone will say it is because he did not put Kevin up. I think unless Alex wins HOH, Jason would be on the block no matter what he did. I really like Jason and would not mind if he won the game,

      Josh seems to be catching on that Paul is covered by everyone. Looking forward to reading that he begins to question others. I wish he would question Jason as Jason can not lie. (Am I dreaming, he will only talk to Christmas)

      Really disappointed in Alex. When she was on the bottom, she worked to pull in others, won comp., and seemed to be a good player. She is so different the last couple of weeks. I am off her train.

      Have a good day everyone.


      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
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        Josh has figured it out but the others are so tied to paul that when he brings it up they immediately asks if he trusts paul. Then Josh has to back track.

    • #5
      Morning All,

      Today's excitement will center around whether Raven goes crazy on Jason once he doesn't use the POV.

      The past 2 days have seen Jason sticking to his guns to keep noms as they are, but as late as last night he was saying to Paul he still might put up Kevin. This is mostly just posturing on Jason's behalf because Paul and Josh have both told him to do what's best for his own game when they are alone with him.

      As for who'll get voted out Alex seems to be the only one pushing for a Raven vote out. Interestingly Alex seems to want to rid the house of all females as she also told Paul they need to get Xmas out. AND... she stupidly told Josh that Xmas didn't want to be dragged in the game and can't win comps which was precariously close to telling him they need to get her out.

      Moving forward there are different plans on the table once Matt likely leaves on Thursday.

      Raven: She'll go cray cray on Jason today & increase the reason to keep her through to the end afterward. Paul told Raven if worst case scenario happens they should let Xmas/Josh win HOH. This b/c Paul isn't convinced she would target Jalex (Jason yes - but not Alex). However, depending on conversations between the trio of (Josh/Xmas/Paul) Paul may change his thought process on her winning if they push back that Raven needs to win. If that occurs watch for Paul to tell her she needs to push for the win so she can get revenge by winning HOH, nominating Jalex & getting one of them out.

      Matt: Will leave Thursday 99.9%. In the off chance he stays I'm no longer of the belief he was "waiting to turn it up" but should he stay/win Jalex go up & Kevin would be renom.

      Jason: Can't play in HOH so he'll be in jeopardy of being the target & will need one of Alex or Kevin to win to avoid nomination. Since Kevin won't bother winning & Alex is leaning toward Paul's plan for her not to win HOH things aren't looking very good for Jason next week. Overall, it's good to see Jason march to his own drum. He's well aware having Alex as a partner is great, but he's not happy she treats him like a subordinate. In retrospect Jason has always worked to keep players he's close to in the game. Mark was the exception b/c of his flip-flop nature & trying to make Jalex targets.

      Of the remaining hamsters, he's the most honest and genuine. His pecking order is likely: Matt, Raven, Xmas, Kevin, Josh, Paul, Alex.

      Alex: When she's not going out of her way to sell discord with her ride or die (Jason) she's patting herself on the back. She's working the Xmas/Josh relationship hard core (especially Josh) and telling Paul they need to get Xmas out. I'll be interested to see if Alex will be comfortable throwing HOH to Josh like she says she would to Paul b/c she hates to lose. If she were to win HOH she would 100% put up Kevin, but I'm not convinced Raven would be her second. Rather, I think she might put Xmas up which would cause major conflict. Moving forward, expect Alex to keep complaining about Jason, but as Paul pointed out taking him to F2 would be a losing proposition for Alex.

      Her pecking order is likely: (she would prefer Raven leaves this week, but she'll concede to keeping her), so... Matt, Kevin, Raven/Xmas I think Alex won't care who leaves first between the ladies but she'll want to go F4 with Josh, Paul & Jason & F3 with Paul/Jason BUT ... I'm not convinced she would take Jason b/c should those 3 get to F3 I'm pretty sure Paul would make her see she couldn't beat Jason.

      Josh: he's growing tired of being urged to cause conflict and is complaining about it. He's also begun to question Paul & is continually bringing that up with Xmas. He told her TPTB have been questioning their trio & it makes him suspicious. He also said Paul suggested a fake fight between them which Josh believes is only for Paul to make himself look good with all parties. For the most part Xmas has assuaged his concerns. As for the DR she said they are probably talking about their alliance. Xmas did agree the fight was a bad idea, but told Josh they are all trying to make sure they are good on all sides (this is true as both Josh/Xmas are working their relationships with Jalex & Maven as well). The key factor for next week is Josh DOES NOT want to win HOH (he wants Raven to).

      Moving forward his pecking order is: Matt, Jason, Alex, (at this point I'm not convinced he won't try to oust Paul over Raven), his F2 is definitely Xmas but I think he'd be happy to have a F3 of Xmas/Raven, unless Paul does something to save him in the next few weeks.

      Xmas: I think the reason Xmas is continually backing Josh off his Paul conspiracy is b/c she feels her best shot at making F3 (& F2 honestly) is if she keeps the trio together. She's working her Raven relationship hard core b/c she seems to be on board with Paul to keep her to F4. She won't have an issue putting up Jalex should she win HOH this coming week b/c her relationship with Jason has always been tenuous at best. Surprisingly, she hasn't caught on to Alex wanting her out yet & Paul won't tell her unless she backs off getting rid of Alex.

      So, her pecking order will align with what she think Paul wants: Mark, Jason, Alex, Kevin, Raven to reach F3 with her two guys (Paul/Josh).

      Kevin: I watched Saturday night as Paul/Josh joked around in the pool & Alex was down right rude to Kevin who was just trying to talk to her. It reminded me of being in school when someone ostracized another person just b/c the popular kids said to. This is a common trend which occurs in the BB house, so although unsurprising it was no less disappointing to see Kevin's pained expression.

      As for our elder statesmen, he does tend to ask others to cook for him & Freebyrd made some good points about that yesterday. Although he's a stay at home Dad it's true he might just not be someone who cooks. Plus we don't know if he was always a stay at home Dad (or worked when he was younger) & he likely has the kids cooking for him.

      That said, his game play is pretty obvious as he tries to be humorous & force his main objective of not having to go on the block. He said he would go up next week, but you can be guaranteed once Matt is gone he'll be trying once again to not go on the block. In spite of that, I doubt he'll try to win HOH. But, if he did win I think he would put up Raven & Josh with Xmas as the renom since he'll do everything he can to stay true to the F4 he's been in all game. His preference would be to reach F3 with Jason & Paul believing they would both take him & then sell the jury on never putting them on the block or being mean to them (which for the most part is true).

      NOTE: should Kevin win HOH by mistake I could see Paul trying to talk him into backdooring Alex by telling him everything she has said about him behind his back & that she is the one driving getting him out of the game. How funny would it be if Alex ended up leaving b/c Kevin won HOH & back doored her?

      Paul: Although he remains solid with all 3 duos & Kevin there is a bit of change with Josh (& apparently TPTB) pushing how he's playing all sides. He's currently trying to push his mandate for Josh to win HOH so he can put up Jason/Alex & break up the power duo. Over the next few days let's see if either of JC push back & tell him it needs to be Raven who wins HOH. Although it's not essential for Paul to get out AJ it definitely would be better for him. Some feel Paul can't lose & some feel Paul can't win. Personally, if he reaches F2 it's hard not to envision him winning. Why? B/c BB will bring in Dr. Will, Derrick or Dan to make sure the jury recognize what a great game Paul played.

      Much will depend on how bitter the jury is, but I can't see them voting for Alex, Xmas, Matt, Raven or Kevin over Paul. The 2 Paul should be careful of are Jason for all the reasons he outlined to Xmas why Alex can't beat Jason. As for Josh he might be the one person Cody would give his vote to Paul over, but I could see Malena, Xmas & Jalex giving their vote to Josh citing how much he overcame and b/c of Paul betraying them. Still, it's unlikely Josh would be sitting beside him as I think Paul will try to ensure it's Raven & Xmas with him at game end (& Xmas sitting beside him IMHO).

      So... my guess is his goal will be to get out Matt, Jason, Alex, Kevin, Josh, Raven & take Xmas to F2

      Something will need to happen for Josh to get back on Paul's side. That could be as simple as Paul winning DE HOH (at F6 we think). It's reasonable to assume he would nominate Kevin/Raven & then take down one to take out an unsuspecting Alex. If he does that & keeps both Xmas/Josh off the block it would serve to pull Josh back into the commitment of going to F3 with the trio.

      Have a great day all.
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-28-2017, 09:37 AM.


      • #6
        That fight was beyond ridiculous and how old is Matt? It is almost perverted seeing those two. She in her pig tails and phony accent, the role playing is just over the top. IDK about anyone else but they just come off very disturbing and twisted.


        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
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          They are a very strange couple. I don't see any way it lasts outside the house unless by some miracle, one of them were to win.

        • LCnSummer
          LCnSummer commented
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          And Raven says to that.. "Are You Kidding Me?" 😡.

          Just grab a container of milk 🍼 if she comes at you with a spice of any kind. 😎

      • #7
        I read in a few earlier posts that Paul is only there because of his Mom but I can't find an explanation on what that means. Can anyone enlighten me on how his Mom got him back on BB?


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
          Editing a comment
          A couple of seasons ago many assumed Frankie Grande was on BB b/c of his sister - Ariana Grande was launching her album & CBS had ties with her label. Now that I can see.

          But- this conjecture that Paul's mother (who is a lawyer) paid for him to come on feels more like someone who doesn't like Paul making the statement. There have also been comments made that Paul knows Raven and possibly Alex. Since Paul doesn't seem driven to take either to Final 2 -- I'm not sure I'm buying either. That said, several people have seen pictures of Raven - Paul online. Paul did admit she told him she came to see his band Reviver perform where she got a picture with him. I was able to find that picture & it does look like a typical fan girl picture. It's the only picture I found. (which doesn't mean there aren't others).

          Other statements have been made about other hamsters like Jess. Someone posted she was an escort, but the twins from season BB17 said Jess works as a bottle service girl at a bar in LA.

          Without ample coverage of something (or ties like CBS - Grande) I don't tend to buy into one story. We could learn later they do know each other, but I barely trust anything Raven says, so I'd need to see confirmation of that fact believe it Plus as DisMom points out Paul; was shading her pretty heavy in the DR-- that doesn't seem like something someone would do to a friend.

        • Missyjo
          Missyjo commented
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          Thanks TTOT. I couldn't imagine how his Mom would have gotten him on there!

        • OhThisHouse
          OhThisHouse commented
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          Paul seems to be a fav BB guest, and many felt he got shafted last season. Heck, he was with Frankie Grande on opening show of Candy Crush. They lost to couple from survivor by the way. I think he was a fan fav, and would bet his Mom had nothing to do with him getting on show, BB or Candy Crush.

      • #8
        Good Afternoon everyone

        Just watching last night's episode and I'm laughing so hard I'm in tears over the Fruitloop floater and Raven needing speech therapy. And they really did make a point to call her out on some of her BS, Paul's DR was so funny.

        I feel bad for Jason, no matter who goes this week, he is going to be in the hot seat if Alex doesn't pull off an HoH.

        Josh, who has had a good read on the house, is finally starting to see through Paul's perfume. It may be too late though to get anyone to listen though.

        I think that even Paul has been surprised at how easy it has been to schmooze over the people in this house. He's played a good game, hoping he can bring it home.


        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
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          Paul says all the time he can't believe they are buying this crap right after he talks to someone.

      • #9
        Jason did NOT use the POV to remove Raven or Matthew. One of them will be evicted this Thursday night.


        • aprilshowers
          aprilshowers commented
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          I would really love for it to be Raven but they will send Matt to jury.

        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          Plus Matt plans on getting penalty votes to make sure he goes. Says he's going to eat even though he's on slop.

      • #10
        It went from a major blow up between Matt, Raven & Jason to now everyone (except Kevin outside walking) just sitting in the Kitchen/Dining area and it's so quiet you could hear a pin drop!


        • #11
          Are Raven and Matt that delusional? They have all lied! Matt ' comment to Alex about 2 grown men is so sexist -honey!


          • #12
            I hate this for Jason. He was flipping about using he veto. Everyone was telling him to put up Kevin and he thought he should do what they said (when talking with them) After he had time to think, he realized that they were going to vote out Kevin and he did not want to be the one to send Kevin out. He should have went to Raven/Matt ahead of time and tell them, he was not going to uses the veto.

            I love Jason for not following Paul's orders but I know he does not like hurting anyone.

            Matt sure found his voice.


            • #13
              Please BB gods let the HOH Thursday be something Kevin can win.


              • #14
                I think this is the quietest Josh has been since he entered the house!! LOL


                • #15
                  Off topic,I was not around during Sunday's show - After Thursday's vote, we all wondered if Paul knew about the vote for Mark. Paul knew before hand that there was going to be a vote against Mark. It was only suppose to be one vote but Alex messed up. I knew Paul was behind that vote.


                  • belle1
                    belle1 commented
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                    Paul is behind everything

                  • TTOTambz
                    TTOTambz commented
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                    When did that come out? Because Paul asked both Jason & Alex who they voted for & even said to both of them it was probably Kevin & Raven. Prior to Kevin telling him he asked them both (Jason in the shower & Alex in the kitchen) they both lied to him. Even after Kevin told Paul that Jason told him when he asked Jason again (& told him Kevin said Jason told him it was them) he still told Paul no it wasn't us.

                    So, if he knew why did he not assume they were the 2 votes? I only saw after the fact when Jason finally admitted it & it took Alex until the next day to say she prayed on it & asked DR who confirmed it was her.

                  • SmilemakerRDH
                    SmilemakerRDH commented
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                    They showed it on last nights show TTO. He was in on the plan

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