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Live Feed Discussion - August 31

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 31

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    Morning everybody. Happy eviction day!


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      Happy Eviction Day All,

      Well it was an unusually quiet pre eviction night in the BB house - guess they had more than enough drama this week. As a testament to how poor this year has been I can't recall a season when the comments on BBU & elsewhere (or even running updates) have been limited to single digit pages, often on consecutive days. While I'm not sure of the National TV audience numbers, this does speak to how fans like ourselves who love to gather in a community & discuss the current season have been disenchanted by the live feeds & BB19 cast actions.

      That fact alone should be sending TPTB a message on the types of hamsters they need to bring in for BB20 (assuming it happens). And, maybe - just maybe Robyn Kass will catch a clue & put together a solid cast of TRUE Big Brother super fans and a mixture of ages.

      If you are a frequent visitor of BBU you'll recall many of us have pined for a season of mixed ages, or rather one with some more mature players. IMHO a cast comprised of 4 twenty somethings, 4 thirty somethings, 4 forty somethings and 4 fifty+ somethings would be ideal. And, if TPTB are worried about needing youngsters to draw viewers I'd point to the fact the best seasons have tended to include multiple 30+ year old players. Several in fact have been fan favorites or down right beloved. Sure there are the odd exceptions; Evel Dick wasn't everyone's cup of tea nor Cappie Eric & his nerd herd. Others faded into the background or were disposed of quickly, especially in seasons with only one or two mature players in the cast.

      Still a scan through each individual season points to some stand outs who were very popular. To that end since I didn't have to pull together an NBA article early this morning (SHOCKER) I pulled together the following list of plus 30 year old players by season & calculated the average age of the season.

      Season 1: Chicken George -41. Cassandra 37, Karen - 43 Ave age: 29.3

      Season 2: Kent - 46, Monica - 40, Bunky - 36, Hardy - 31, Nicole - 31, Sheryl - 43 This was also coincidentally a great season. Ave age: 33

      Season 3: Danielle Reyes -30, Gerry 51, Tonya 35, Marcellas - 32, Lori - 37. Ave age: 30.8

      Season 4: Jack Owens -58 (I LOVED Jack btw) & Ericka/Robert/Scott all 33 Ave age: 28.2

      Season 5: Marvin - 36 (he was either someone you loved or hated - he made me laugh), Mike - 41 Ave age: 27.4

      Season 6: Howie - 34, Rachel - 33, April - 31 & OMG Cappie UGH (Eric) 36 Ave age: 27.7

      All-Star Season: Chicken George 47, Danielle Reyes 34, Erika 36, Howie 35, Dr Will 33, Mike Boogie 36, Marcellas 36 (plus two 30 yr olds Jace/James) Ave age: 31.4 Again another exciting season featuring a higher than average age hamster & a higher than average number of the cast 30 & older

      Season 8: Evel Dick 44, Kali 37 AND the most mature 27 yr old ever to play BB in Eric Stein. For those who don't know Stein is cited by many former players as the best player never to win. He was America's player & that role likely cost him the game in the end. Of all the returnees ever to come back Stein is the one I've personally pined to see get a second chance. He'd be 38 now & still young enough to play IMHO so if there is another All-Star season I hope he finally gets the nod. Ave age: 26.7

      Season 9: Sheila 45 BUT I refuse to acknowledge this season happened lol Ave age: 26.3

      Season 10: Libra 31, Steven 35, Renny 53, Gerry 75 Ave age: 33.5 removing 75 yr old Gerry the ave age is still 30 (& Dan was 2nd youngest @ 24)

      Season 11: Jeff Schroeder 31, Chima 32, Casey 41 Ave age: 27.4

      Season 12: Enzo 32, Matt 32 Ragan 34, Andrew 39, Kathy 40 Ave age: 29

      Season 13: Adam 39, Lawon 39, Shelly 41 & RETURNING: Brendan 31, Jeff 33, Dick 48 Ave age: 31.5

      Season 14: Willie 34 Jenn 37, Joe 41, Jodi 42 & RETURNING: Janelle 32, Mike Boogie 41 Ave age: 30.1

      Season 15: Spencer 31, Gina Marie 32, Helen 37, Ave age: 27.1

      Season 16: Derrick 30, Frankie 31, Jocasta 33, Donny 42, Ave age: 26.8

      Season 17: Austin 30, James 31, Vanessa 32, Shelli 33, Ave age: 26.3

      Season 18: Tiffany 32, Glenn 50 RETURNING: James 32, Frank 32 Ave age: 27.8

      Season 19om 30-, Cody 32, Matt 33, Christmas 35, Jason 37, Kevin 55 Ave age: 29.1

      To be completely transparent - age alone doesn't guarantee a great season. After all Dan Gheesling is one of the best to ever play & yet he was still under 30 even in his second appearance (28) and was 24 when he won. Ditto for the universally described "best ever" Dr. Will who won when he was 28 & was just 33 in All-Stars (made it to F4). That said, when I review the above seasons my favorites tend to fall into the higher average age categories and ones where there were multiple players over 30 cast. My personal favorite seasons were 2, 3, All-Stars, 10 and 14 was the last time I was fully invested from beginning to end.

      In recent years Robyn Kass MO is to throw in a few token mid 30 year old players along with one 40+ year old who tends to be the first target. Although this is just one opinion, I do feel BB could benefit from having a better distribution of age groups as well as people who are TRUE super fans (meaning ones who've watched live feeds & know the intricacies of the game - not someone who has only caught Nationally televised episodes). Anyway, thought everyone might find this interesting.
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-31-2017, 06:45 PM.


      • Freebyrd
        Freebyrd commented
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        Great post TTOT! Yeah, lets just erase Season 9! LOL. I either watched or read an article of an interview with Allison Grodner (sp?) and the viewers were asking her questions. The one question someone asked was ..How come BB doesn't cast more older people in their show? Allison explained that it's something that their casting directors find difficult to do because once people reach a certain age, they can't just pick up and leave their jobs, families, and lives. That the older they are (like over 40, she explained) by that time they are pretty settled in life and 3 months is a long time to expect them to be gone from home. So, that was Allison's answer - she did say, that they would if they could, but it's hard. She also explained that alot of older one's apply, but back out after they go through the interviewing process because they realize it won't work for them. I remember this from years ago.

      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
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        1st and 2nd: America's Got Talent (family entertainment)
        3rd: Game of Thrones (sick family relationships)
        4th: 60 Minutes (oldest cast ever, but reruns)
        8th: American Ninja Warrior (family entertainment) and reruns of The Big Bang Theory and NCIS
        So top ten is mix of new and old stuff

      • BigMur
        BigMur commented
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        Good article. I miss the old old days...

    • #4
      Okay - so back to the game at hand....

      The strategy seems to be set with everyone telling Jalex that Kevin has to go next (is the target). They are playing up his fights, lies, winning $25k & how he spoke to Alex as the reason. The reality is they are all onto how mean Alex is being to Kevin & everyone's goal is to put up Jalex with Jason as the primary target, and Alex as nice secondary option.

      The HOH plan: The trio of Paul/Xmas/Josh (we need a name for these 3.. maybe I'll just refer to them as PXJ... sounds like a workout video lol). Anyway, PXJ have worked all sides of the house with how the HOH is suppose to play out. If all goes according to plan it will play out as follows:
      • First to go out will be Kevin (who the trio will confirm is safe prior to comp)
      • As soon as Kevin is out Raven is suppose to purposely drop out
      • Then if Alex plays ball she is supposed to go out (we'll see if she trusts anyone or is capable of giving up HOH when she has a chance to win)
      • As soon as Alex goes out if it is a mental comp then Paul/Josh will immediately throw the HOH to Xmas
      • If it's a physical comp then after Alex drops out, Paul will follow thereby throwing HOH to Josh

      In the event Xmas is HOH she has no problems telling Jason he has been a target for her since early in the game b/c he voted against her, blatantly lied to her AND oh yeah - he broke her foot. If Josh is HOH the pair discussed telling Jalex they are pawns so they ensure someone wins POV & to keep Kevin calm until renoms. In essence the thought was Josh would do an exact replay of Jason's week by putting up his two targets with no intention of replacing anyone. The pair bandied about how this would play out with Josh going back & forth on using the above explanation or being straight up & telling them they are the power duo in the house, threw hinky votes for jury, change direction at their own discretion & bottom line need to be broken up. Odds are if Josh wins he'll take the more subtle route.

      Keys to this plan working:
      Critical to the group achieving success is it relies heavily on Alex dropping out (or potentially straight up losing - I mean she has only won two HOH's). Secondary to this is keeping Jalex focused into believing they are safe until nominations so they don't pick an apple (2 POV's/erase 2 votes). If Jalex suggests it - watch for Paul to say that would make you look suspicious resulting in making you targets & could hurt our chances next week. Additionally, PXJ will need to ensure Kevin doesn't pick an apple b/c it could be the "Bounty on Head" which could entice one of the hamsters to put him up instead or vote him out if he is the renom.

      At this point, I'd wager Kevin won't want to win HOH anyway (b/c he trusts Paul) & even if Raven lucked into the win she would have no issues going along with the Jalex noms.

      Hamster Target Factor:
      From Red to light blue who is in greatest jeopardy to safest in house (IMHO):

      Other tidbits
      Jason straight up told Kevin - Alex is my ride or die & if you are on the block & the house wants you out I'll have to vote with the house. THIS was a mistake by Jason. Sure, it's honest & fair, but it will give Kevin all the reason he needs to abandon the F4 ship he has been so faithful to this entire season. Now he'll go along with the PXJ Trio & Raven to target Jalex.

      Christmas being mean to Josh is all an act. PXJ have planned this (throwing out the bacon as an example) so that Jalex don't catch on to how close the trio is. This b/c Alex has been popping into rooms trying to keep abreast of everything going on.

      Jalex were studying dates (which tends to point to Alex perhaps not being sold on throwing the comp) BUT I think they are wondering if it's a DE, which would make sense for her not to be so comfortable throwing the comp. We all know it's not a DE - so we'll just have to see how it plays out.

      Paul has to navigate tomorrow night carefully as well. He can't allow Alex to win b/c he needs Jalex split this week. BUT .. it's not ideal for him to be the one to take the initial shot at Jalex, so I'd imagine if it was just Alex & him left in the comp he would acquiesce to Alex & wait to take his shot at the pair during DE next week.

      I always ponder how the studio audience will be read by the hamsters & if there is a huge cheer if/when Alex or Paul drops from the competition it may send the house a message. Also, I won't be surprised if Jason gets some sort of yell out comment (or conversely support for Kevin) after how much attention has been paid to Jason's tasteless unfortunate sense of humor.

      To that end, TPTB tend to do things to their own agenda. And, while they've yet to comment on the media attention focused on what Jason' said, they have been airing more of Alex's mean girl in action segments as well as Jason going back on his word on the National show. (As to the latter, hey- it's Big Brother - people lie!). Therefore, I won't be surprised if the competition is geared to someone other than Alex winning HOH just so the pair end up on the block. Nor will I be surprised if the POV is also geared to them both remaining on the block (counting comp where the group can target taking them out). It stands to reason TPTB would LOVE for Raven to win POV so she can return the karmic retribution to Jason.

      Let's play whose your ally & ride or die (ROD):

      Jason: Alex (ROD), F3 +Paul, F4 +Kevin Note: in the event Alex leaves Jason would team up with Kevin

      Alex: Jason (ROD) F3 +Paul, F4 +Josh

      Raven: Paul (ROD) F3 +Xmas F4 (whoever Paul tells her it is )

      Kevin: Paul/Jason (ROD) I do think Kevin would take Jason given that choice, but he might be shining us all & truly be linked to Paul. Certainly Jason admitting Alex was ahead of him & he would vote him out may have pushed Paul ahead of Jason. F3 +Xmas F4 (whoever Paul says but likely Raven since Kevin thinks he can beat the females)

      Xmas: Josh/Paul (ROD) this one is tricky since she won't likely be able to play in Final HOH comps due to them generally being physical. But both guys would take her over the other. She does think she can beat Paul, so in the event she could play in an endurance comp like the one where she almost beat Jess I do think she might take Paul believing she could beat him. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if she cut him at F3 given the choice to secure herself winning the game. Her F4 is currently Kevin but could change to Raven given her 100% commitment to Xmas/Paul

      Josh: Xmas (ROD) +Paul F3, + whoever PXJ decide on for F4 (right now it's Kevin)

      Review of the above 6 hamsters showcases Paul is either ROD or F3 in every single scenario which obviously gives him the best shot at F3. Next likeliest to reach F2 is Xmas based on potential for Paul to take her & Jason would rank among these top 3 if he weren't the top target in the house.

      As for Paul His final plans are the most difficult to figure out. He's told the camera's his F3 is Xmas/Josh but I'm not convinced he'll back away from someone saying YOU are my F2 (Raven). I've been over thinking this to the nth degree b/c I can also make the argument he will return to taking Kevin, since the house probably wouldn't want to hand him the main prize now that they know he took the $25k. Ultimately, I do think his current F3 is PXJ but I can see him shifting to bringing Raven instead of Josh.

      Figuring out Paul's F2 is far more difficult:
      Beside Xmas there is the perfect jury story of how he rallied the house to save her in week 1, threw the HOH (possibly 2) to her. How he convinced Jalex that Xmas was someone to keep & a good ally to have. In terms of votes Xmas would get Josh for sure, likely Cody (who just will refuse to vote for Paul regardless). The question is whether Maven would be bitter & whether Jalex would also be bitter/petty. Plus Xmas may have a good story especially if she's the one who is HOH & splits Jalex.

      Beside Raven it's basically I just deserve to win story and unless the jury completely votes with bitterness Paul should take all but Matt & (maybe Cody) votes.

      Should Paul/Xmas decide to honor the PXJ trio to F3 there is also a good story to bring Josh as his F2 partner Since it's doubtful anyone would vote for him over Paul, ditto for the Kevin F2 as noted above.

      From my perspective as much as it's obvious Paul has orchestrated the majority of the season's moves there are reasonable stories to be told by Xmas (overcoming her injury & drawing people in to trust her, helping Josh), by Josh (completely turning his game around & having arguably the best read on the house, & Kevin (never needing to win & never instigating any attacks).

      All season, I've had a pretty good read on anticipating Paul's moves, but haven't been able to nail this down. Perhaps it's b/c Paul himself frequently vacillates. Ultimately, if he owns up to having solid relationships with all the duos & went with who he felt worked the closest with him (ie: that term I hate... most deserving) then I say he takes Xmas. If he is worried about what happened last season (losing to Nicole instead of taking a for sure win vs James) I say he takes Raven

      So that's the eviction day diatribe - lol.

      Have a wonderful day all & heart felt prayers to anyone in Texas or with loved ones who live there.


      • Babben
        Babben commented
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        Paul/Xmas/Josh = PaXJo

      • herms is here
        herms is here commented
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        Something tells me that Kevin and Paul are covertly working together.

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Babben that's GLORIOUS PaXJo it is

        herms is here I've been speculating all along that no original alliance with him is EVER over. Hence they could take out Jason next week & Paul could easily realign with Alex to sweep house with NONE of them wanting to vote for her she might be a good take to F2 lol. Ditto for Raven b/c the aligned so early as far as she knows he's never wavered. But to your point - his VERY FIRST F2 (made even before his AMF with Alex) was made with Kevin in the first week. Like I said I'm baffled who he would take & don't just listen to his friendship talks b/c I'm not convinced those aren't just for TPTB.

        Paul is a smart kid & recalling how upset people like Dan G & Derrick got with TPTB who would try to throw in curve balls to the top dogs plans. So, Paul may have figured out a way to mislead TPTB via his friendship talks & may be genuinely taking someone other than PaXJo to F3 Hey at this point he could end up with anyone remaining in F3 & say he's been working with them the entire game b/c he has (they just haven't figured it out) lol .

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      Another testament of BB19 is Cameron is consistently ranking 5th on popularity poll on one site (i still wish he had won battle back as I wanted to see his game- he reminded me a bit of Ian from 14).


      • CubbyBrother
        CubbyBrother commented
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        And two weeks post-eviction Cody still #1. I expected, with the baby news, Jason would take a jump up but it really never occurred and then he opened his mouth about Kevin's wife. I am going to guess Kevin wins AFP, especially if the public gets to see the gang up towards him over the next few episodes.

    • #6
      My guess is Paul knows you can only plan so far. Who would guess Megan would self-evict or that Jason and Josh could have worked their way out of the basement? His key move is to get to Final Three by knocking out any pairings and winning that final comp. Raven is his best goat, since only Matt buys her I'm dying act and her shrieking gets on their nerves. But he's got some Fierce Foo Fighters to clear out first.

      Also, who the halibut would trust the 'you're just a pawn' assurance after Jason's faux pax this week? Everyone is now walking around with a huge bullseye on themselves. If Alex buys it and doesn't go for a win, then she deserves to see her or Jason get an eviction notice. But, she doesn't seem to be hearing the jungle telegraph.


      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Yep - Raven definitely makes the most sense, I'm just not sure he wants to take her (yet). For as much as he's manipulated the season I get the feeling he enjoys having a partner in crime. When we see his early game chats with Alex & now his late game chats with Christmas he does truly seem to enjoy Xmas. Now that she isn't on meds, she offers a great sounding board & they work very well as a team. I think I'm trying to force it in my mind (lol) b/c there is a good story for him with Xmas & I'd prefer to see her get there over Raven.

        To your point about them all having big targets - Alex knows the dates super well, so they definitely need her out before they hit F5 & F4 when date comps become a factor. Though I anticipate Paul will make sure he has the dates on lock too.

      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
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        Last night he and Christmas were going over the dates together and they've been sleeping together. I know hese bitter about the end of the last game, so presuming he doesn't want to make the same mistake of taking a stronger vote getter. But still too many variables to predict the end. Nobody left is going to go as Matt has with relative passivity.

      • herms is here
        herms is here commented
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        When you think about it Paul and Kevin are the only ones not in a duo. Why not have a final 3 of PKR.

    • #7
      Iffin I was Allison:

      When the Feeds go down I'd call Matt to DR and tell him no need to sit down. Then remove him from the House for continued defiance of the rules. Once deed is done, tell HGs there will be no vote tonight and put Matt's stuff in SR.

      Raven has her meltdown, then washes her mascara off and puts on her Black Swan face. Live show opens to solemn faces on camera and Julie's announcement. Then footage of the fights and Matt being the bad boy.

      As Julie signs off from egg comp, she announces next week's double eviction.


      • #8
        OK, just a side, what's with Matt's lizard tongue. It's constantly flicking out. Does he need some flies to go with his contraband food?


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          Coffee just flew all over table BettyBoo as I LMAO

      • #9
        Does Matt get a penalty vote every time he comits an infraction? If that's the case there is not a need for a house vote. We may see the Jury House tonight in order to fill air time.

        Regarding Kevin, If he is not the target this week, are the HG being mean to him to convince Alex and Jason that Kevin is this coming weeks target? If that's the case, why doesn't Kevin know about This? Why do they want him to throw HOH? (I doubt he would win) because on the chance he does win, I have no doubt he would definitely put up Alex and possibly Jason since Jason told him Alex is ROD. Wouldn't it be funny if Kevin has been throwing every comp to fool the HG? I would love it. Then watch all the "Rats" scurry.


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          I would assume they'll show jury tonight b/c there are now 3 people in there. Also I think tonight might be the home town videos.

          PXJ & Maven are ignoring Kevin to "sell" Kevin as the priority target so Alex doesn't gun for HOH. As for Kevin, both Paul & Xmas have told him he's not alone & not to worry. They can't say much more b/c they know Kevin is still super close to Jason & can't retain secrets. The other reason they can't tell Kevin much more is they need Kevin to act a bit nervous. Alex is so laser focused on taking him out that if Kevin felt safe & suddenly was relaxed she would gun for HOH.

          So, it's a double pronged plan. If Kevin won HOH I think he'd want to put up Alex & Raven. Jason would be on him to put up Raven & Xmas but PXJ/Raven would try to get him to put up Jalex & would tell him Jason has to go up so he can't win POV to save Alex (though they would vote out Jason over Alex - they just wouldn't tell Kevin). Whether Kevin would be willing to put up Jason though I'm not sure. It would likely take PXJ & Raven outing a bunch of intel & letting Kevin know Jason tells them everything he says to him to make it work.
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-31-2017, 07:58 AM.

        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
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          Matt read a card to the house earlier this week, that he was accepting a penalty vote, since he refused to abide by the HN diet rules. So, he does not get another vote. I assumed they would give him a vote for not sleeping in the HN room, giving him two votes for eviction, before the first vote is cast.

      • #10
        I've watched BB since season 1, started taping and watching BBAD & watching the next morning. When talking to someone who only watches the show I always tell them you are missing SO MUCH!
        This year I stumbled on this site (yeah!) Here I've gotten to read about the feeds and read others opinions. It's awesome!

        with that being said, this year has been a disappointment for me. The only people that actually played their own game is Paul and not for nothing Cody. Everybody else followed "the house" (Paul & Cody) ok I don't know about Jillian but I really doubt she would've voted against Paul or Cody.
        Even Jessica followed, when Cody wasn't there she did what the house wanted.

        it's sad really, I've always looked forward to BB. I agree with TTOTamz they should do more of a mixed age group. I think that would be a great social experiment. I truly hope someone at BB reads through these boards to see what WE think not just the people that watch only the show, cause let's face it they only see a stained glass version of what's really going on in there.

        I truly hope future BB houseguest do not use this years.... target, terrorize then ignore. The bullying is terrible, when these people get out and watch themselves I hope they all take a long hard look in the mirror. I'm sure there are tons of tv viewers that had they known what really happened during those fights would probably stop watching the show. I think people that have been pick on, or parents of kids that are bullied would boycott CBS if they knew what's really going on.

        ..... Oh one more thing before I go back in the shadows......

        Paul and that fraking blow up!!! Somebody pop it already!!!! It was cute when he did it last year but it's just old and silly now.
        Does anybody know if he had it on what the weight bar hit him? IF he did you would think he'd have learned something.


        • DisMom
          DisMom commented
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          I have to admit that last year I loved Pablo, but Trejo is no replacement. My guess is TPTB put the blow ups in the game to try and lighten up some of the hamsters, didn't work though.

        • purrwing
          purrwing commented
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          So happy you found us here at BBU! But nooooooooo! Don't go back in the shadows!!!!

      • #11
        Cast for Season 35 of Survivor has been revealed:


        • JeanK
          JeanK commented
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          I predict Lauren the fisherman is first off her tribe, lol. I just feel it.

        • DisMom
          DisMom commented
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          Thanks Kenny-Survivor is one of my all time favorite shows, I've never missed a show. I can't get enough of it. Looks like an interesting cast. I already feel bad for Mike, he might fool me, but I don't see him lasting too long. And I think the Healers will be the tribe that we see most at tribal.

        • lisains
          lisains commented
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          interesting cast can not wait till season starts (fingers crossed it is a good run) Thanks Kenny for posting

      • #12
        All I have thus far today is Please let a miracle happen and Kevin wins HOH. Just to freak out the masses. Not sure he will buy into Paul (Sure hope not) controlling things. Would love to see him put up Paul and Alex replace either if necessary with Jason for his disgusting comments.


        • #13
          If Alex does indeed throw the HOH and her and Jason end up on the block I hope Jason wins the Veto and Alex goes home.

          It it would serve her right for throwing the comp and would be nice for Paul to not get what he wants.

          And Alex would probably throw some dirt before she walked out.


          • Walleye
            Walleye commented
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            Yeah we need some BB Karma to come swinging around. This would be epic.

          • JeanK
            JeanK commented
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            Even though I've learned some of Jason's reasons and he explained his thoughts in DR. I feel Jason pulled a Cody on his team. Kevin was always safe. When your ride or die and F3 promise you, you accept it. Jason went against his team and the house. A plan that was in place for 2 weeks. If he goes next week, he deserves it. Kevin had a strong F4 and was in on the plan to get Matt but REFUSED to go up when every one of them offered themselves up as a pawn.
            Lol, Paul doesnt count because they apparently forgot about Paul.

          • DisMom
            DisMom commented
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            Would love to see Alex get a big ol' slice of Karma Pie with a big ol' scoop of crow to eat on top.

        • #14
          I like that idea as well^^^


          • #15
            Why are so many people demanding or expecting TPTB to boot Matt? Rules are, break the rule, penalty nom.
            Kevin and Matt were already HN during VETO comp. Matt waltzed in, drank Gatorade AND ate someone's cereal. Kevin strolled around whining about clothes then went in the kitchen, tossed a few containers and grabbed some cookies. BB said NOTHING. Kevin admitted to Jason he hid in the bathroom to eat and came out to Josh and Christmas. Josh yelled at K for not using soap. Later, telling Jason the food story, Kevin was mad about people minding their own business. K was eating, mind their own business. Josh hid under his blanket and ate food. If we see it, BB sees it and ignored it.


            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
              Editing a comment
              I think it's because Matt is doing it so blatantly. As you stated, the others were hiding it (or at least trying to). Matt is doing it right out in the open and in everyone's face and breaking ALL the have-not rules. Some people find that disrespectful to the viewers and to the game itself. Myself, I really don't have an opinion on it. More than likely he will be going tonight anyway.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              Heck I was annoyed when Cody didn't wear his toad costume out to see Julie.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
              Editing a comment
              Also thinking back to how they did not tolerate Chima's defiance that historic night. Only dif is that she deliberately destroyed CBS property, her mic. But looks like he gets away with it with just the vote(s) against him. Pretty weak response however from TPTB and sets another precedent going to future season(s).

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