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Live Feed Discussion-September 7

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 7

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  • #2
    Morning all. Happy Double Eviction Day!

    It's going to be a wild a wooly show tonight. Who will win the HoH and who will walk about right behind Jason.


    • #3
      Happy Double Eviction Day Everyone!!!

      As we head into a DE this is the first time all season copious hamsters are emotionally affected by their own vote. The trio of PaXJo have each experienced depression & fits of tears following DR sessions. This b/c they all like Jason & this vote is the first time their guilt has taken a demonstrative, outward action. Josh broke down in tears right in front of Jason on Labor Day & since that time has tried to limit his one on one conversations with him. Xmas left the DR visibly upset, knowing Jason is expecting his second child & not feeling great about being the orchestrator (& what will be the deciding vote) to send Jason to jury. And, Paul who hasn't shown any remorse this season was also upset & saying Jason would've got his vote at F2.

      Suffice to say, Jason in spite of his poor choice of words & questionable sense of humor is beloved inside the house.

      PaXJo Trio cracks in foundation:
      PaXJo's strategy heading into the week was to get everyone to throw HOH (check), nominate Jalex (check), make Kevin a little nervous (check), keep their mandate from Alex hidden (check) & take out their primary target Jason....

      This latter objective to evict Jason was put into question based on Josh's recent DR/live feed talk. Despite Josh's angst it's doubtful he throws a hinky vote tonight. Specifically b/c it would:

      1) mean he also incurs the wrath of Xmas
      2) Paul could deny anything Josh says to Jalex (who Paul has a better relationship with)
      3) Raven has confirmed in front of Josh she is voting out Jason.

      This ongoing narrative by Josh doesn't feel fueled by TPTB just for entertainment value either. I've said for well over a month Josh has great insight on the social aspects of the game & this is just an example of how clear his vision is. Unfortunately, DE won't be a good time for Josh to strike since even if Paul were to land on the block too many of the other hamsters believe he is their F2 partner or at worst he is their best bet to pull them further. For example trying to get Kevin or Alex to take out Paul with each other still in the house won't happen. Likewise each of the 3 females remaining believe their best shot at reaching F2 comes by working with Paul.

      In the whirlwind of DE there simply isn't enough time for someone like Josh who struggles to communicate calmly under pressure to change the tide. Rather, his best bet comes at F5 especially if Paul wins DE HOH. If he can win both HOH/POV it affords Josh his best opportunity b/c he would have an entire week to lay out why Paul needs to be sent to jury & how he's worked everyone in the house. Josh would still face an uphill battle, but he would have the time required to make his plan work. His next best chance will come in the finale if he makes it to F3. In this scenario he's likely a participate in Part 3, & we know if he wins that comp he'll take anyone but Paul as his F2 partner. The other issue for Josh is he ALSO wants to take Paul deep in the game, but he wants Paul not to have an advantage with the jury. This is a tricky road for him to navigate, b/c if he raises (I think he already has) too much suspicion from Paul he'll become the next target.

      Christmas finally filled us in on why she isn't giving Josh's paranoia any credence as she sees her best path to F2 via her two men. (reasonable) Tonight she told live feeders Josh is right about Paul, but she also said she will ensure there is sufficient pressure put on Paul to take out Alex next. The difference between Xmas/Josh is she knows both will take her over each other at F2. So, it does behoove her to keep both happy for the time being. Now, the question is does Xmas believe Paul would lose to her in F2? It probably won't matter since it's unlikely she'll play part 3, but I wonder if she would take him over Josh.

      Moving into tonight, Paul has said he wants to win HOH & he can't afford to not take the shot at Alex. BUT.. it will come after POV is played to ensure she doesn't win it. Obviously, this is to ensure his own ultimate safety in case Alex wins. If Paul does in fact take out Alex he simultaneously removes his top competitor & should regain Josh's obedience in one fell swoop. Paul's next issue will be if Kevin manages to get into anyone's ear b/c his new thing is talking about how Paul wants to win & can't be beat. If Paul learns of this (ie: Jason tells him) then watch for Kevin to move up the boot list ahead of Raven.

      Whistle Nut beloved in BB House:
      As mentioned up top - Jason is one of the most popular hamsters & odds are each of the GB messages (which I hope we get to see) will include tears.

      From the moment Jason landed on the block his gut told him the truth - he was the target. Even after Kevin replaced Alex on the block Jason hasn't looked convinced he's safe. He's trying to buy into Alex's confidence, but his gut told him the truth & he should have trusted it.

      What is unfortunate is Jason likely won't win AFP b/c of his poor attempt (& poor taste) at humor. I'm just one person, but I don't believe Jason is cruel or judgemental. Cody who leads most of the polls has issues with specific segments of society, but his words didn't hit social media (at least to the same degree as Jason's did). If they had he might not be in that position. I guess my point is there is a reason Jason is so well liked in the house - it's not coincidence. The best example of this is despite everyone wanting Jason to ostracize Kevin (not help him cook, talk to him or spend time with him) Jason has ignored them all & continues to walk the yard, cook for Kevin & include him in conversation.

      In retrospect, Jason's flaw in the game was not having the best read of situations & being unable to decipher what to repeat/keep secret. This week he's kept more of Kevin's comments to himself likely b/c he doesn't want to open up a can of worms.

      Who is Paul's real goat? (Xmas, Raven or Kevin):
      Moving forward I wonder if Josh's inability to communicate his concerns or garner favor from Xmas is going to end up costing him his F3 position. Many of us have wondered why Paul would keep a couple (Xmas/Josh) together through to F3 b/c he has to know Josh won't take him to F2. Personally, I've felt it was his one true flaw in the game. Assuming Jason is a done deal in the eviction tonight, the one player I think would definitely NOT take him to F2 of those who'll remain is Josh.

      Weeks ago, I said Paul would want to win F6 & F4 HOH (which he's confirmed). In addition, he'll likely also want to win F5 POV to ensure his safety & F4 POV to control who leaves. Again, I'm not convinced Paul wants to take both Josh/Xmas to F3. This point seemed to be plausible as he told Raven she HAS to win F5 to avoid their (his & hers) eviction next week. IMHO he wants to use Raven to take out Josh (assuming Alex is already gone via DE). The tricky part will be how he gets this to happen without voting against Josh & upsetting Xmas. If she's on the block beside him it won't be an issue, but again Paul will want to win F5 POV if at all possible.

      Notably, no one wants to take Raven to F2 b/c there is concern the jury will vote for her in fear of what the public would think b/c they don't realize everyone is aware of her creative exaggerations. Kevin is also a risk b/c he hasn't upset anyone directly in jury (other than Alex should she be there). Still, Paul's perfect F4 trio includes Xmas, Kevin & Raven based on their competition ability. Keep an eye out for Paul cementing his F2 with Xmas this coming week, so she has a reason to keep putting Josh in check. He'll also reinforce his F2's with Raven/Kevin this coming week BUT IMHO Xmas is who he plans on taking.

      Also of note, Paul started blowing smoke saying there won't be another DE (no way he believes that, he's doing it to ensure ultimate tension tonight).

      DE Comps/Winners:
      The plan is for Josh to tell Jason just prior to air that he is voting Jason out so there isn't enough time for Jalex to talk him out of it or talk to Xmas who'll be breaking the tie. When Jason is evicted Alex is the person who'll be thrown the most & we'll see how she responds. Conceivably everyone will be gunning for HOH to avoid their own quick eviction. Paul has told Josh he wants to win & once Jason leaves he'll tell Alex he wants it to exact revenge. If either are in a position to throw it to him & don't we know he'll use that as ammunition moving forward. The bigger question will be whether Alex trusts Paul in the POV to not try to win it... I highly doubt she throws it.

      In terms of competitions HOH will be something quick and POV is likely to be some sort of puzzle or race. Thinking back on past seasons perhaps HOH will be a more-less question comp & POV will be the puzzle maze where the hamsters have to guide a car, shark (or maybe this season a snake) through a maze exit.

      Expect Josh, Paul & Alex to gun hardest to win HOH & if TPTB are stuck on the Paul narrative don't be surprised if the HOH is something he would have a better shot of winning than Alex would. Ditto for POV.

      I suspect F5 HOH will be the chicken wire comp & F5 POV should be BB comics which also favors Paul.

      Danger Meter: (Order of most to least)
      Xmas/Paul (IMO this is the one instance where both are equally safe, although Alex may put her up if she won it's unlikely)

      Target Practice: (who each hamster nominates/re-noms with target bracketed)
      • Paul -Raven & Kevin (Alex)
      • Alex - (Kevin) & Josh renom - Raven, Despite Jason leaving I think Paul will be able to reign her in & somehow blame Kevin for Jason's oust
      • Josh- (Alex) & Raven re-nom Kevin
      • Raven- doubtful she wins it but if she did insert Paul's noms, but with (Alex) going up immediately beside Kevin & Josh in renom
      • Kevin - also doubtful he wins, but if he did expect (Alex) -Josh up initially with probably Raven as the renom

      Note: neither Paul or Xmas hit the block in any of these scenarios hence why they both rank in the safest category

      Pecking order (who each hamster target):
      Although anything is possible, given the above situation what we know is essentially everyone will target & vote to evict Alex. The two paths which will stop that from occurring is an Alex HOH or POV win. With an Alex HOH win PaXJo will keep Kevin over Raven & if she wins POV it will depend who is HOH on who exits. In most cases it will be Raven, but I could see Josh leaving if Raven is HOH & Alex wins POV.

      Wondering if Julie will show family film segments tonight to the hamsters & if so would it happen before or after Jason's eviction. My hope is the latter so the hamsters have to see Jason's little guy prior to voting to evict him.

      Have a great day everyone
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-07-2017, 06:13 AM.


      • nannicarol
        nannicarol commented
        Editing a comment
        In the heat of a double eviction with no time for Paul to manipulate, Alex will be going with her gut and her emotion. If Xmas breaks the tie tonight and Josh admits that he is voting Jason out tonight, I could really see Alex put up Xmas and Josh. Paul can't pin this on Kevin because Kevin was on the block.

        I loved Jason in the beginning of this game because he wasn't falling for Paul's BS. In my opinion, Alex ruined Jason's game. Too bad. He had a lot of potential! It will be so sad to see that rodeo clown go.

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
        Editing a comment
        nannicarol you make very valid points, BUT I think Alex has known for quite some time she couldn't beat Jason if beside him at F2. Given how fast DE occurs I'll be surprised if she recovers in sufficient time to win HOH. And to your point, if she does win -- I think the limited time is precisely why she will listen to Paul b/c he'll plant the seed of how vulnerable she'll be next week.

        Josh does plans on telling Jason just before the vote, but will Raven?

        It's likely when Xmas breaks the tie she'll remind everyone she did tell Jason in her nomination speech he was her target (Jalex just chose to ignore this fact). As for not being able to blame Kevin b/c he's on the block - all Paul has to tell her is Kevin probably told Josh something about our F4 so they wanted to take out the more competitive player. Alex's dislike for Kevin is such that one little seed is all that is required to redirect her laser focus in his direction.

        No doubt Alex's head will be reeling losing Jason. The fact she never bothered to examine what Christmas said in her nomination speech or investigate where anyone's vote was speaks to her arrogance. She's assumed for quite some time everyone would just have the same agenda as her. A perfect example of this is Alex believes Josh is closer to her than either Xmas or Paul and thinks Xmas is just happy to be there & is content to leave whenever Alex decides.

        I completely agree with you about Jason's game & although he did have issues with the intricacies of the game (like when not to repeat something like telling Kevin he & Alex were the 2 votes for Matt), Alex never gave him an equal footing in strategy sessions.

        Tonight will be a major wake up call for Alex & unless she's extremely lucky she'll be walking into jury right after Jason.(IMHO)
        Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-07-2017, 09:27 AM.

      • sofieckcs
        sofieckcs commented
        Editing a comment
        IF Josh tells Jason before the show he's going to vote him out, the first thing I think Jason will do is go to Alex with this info and then to Raven and Paul to find out how they will vote. Depending on how much time there is before the show, Alex and Jason may begin to realize he's leaving. Depending on the amount of time Alex has to ruminate on this info, she could get begin to realize they've they "had" and get VERY ANGRY.

    • #4
      OK Livzee PUT THE TEA DOWN!!!

      Time for Betty's FUN FOTO FOLLIES. Enjoy 😁

      (Gurr, suddenly IMGUR stopped letting me sign in on my Kindle, demanding I use their app, which isn't available from Amazon/Kindle. Found a substitute (but more complicated work around) with Kindle apps, so can still do my photo posting, but again Gurr. KennyERJ also tried Photobucket and wow that's a mess too with the ads. Any other programs out there?)


      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
        Editing a comment
        you can try tinypic (but warning it's finicky - works sometimes & not others)

      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
        Editing a comment
        Thx I tried it and no like either. I'll keep experimenting with my 3rd party Kindle app to see if I can get a simpler work around. It gives me the right photo code, but I have to manually type the '[IMG]' brackets around it, so extra work. Also has extra steps just to upload. BUT it does work in the end. 💻

    • #5

      Jason Dent, what happens when you DON'T listen to me?
      I end up like this, Tiger.

      Jason Dent, what happens when you DO listen to me?
      I end up like this, Tiger.

      So who's fault is it, Jason?
      All mine, Alex. All mine.


      • #6

        ALEX: No, Paul, I can't see anything you and the Ricardo's are doing.


        • #7

          CHRISTMAS: Giddy up, Paul!! I finally shot that effing mule that broke my foot.


          • #8

            PAUL & JOSH: Ignore us, we are just two Wild and Crazy Guys, not crafty engineers of your fate.


            • #9

              KEVIN: Say hello to my little friend. Sorry, Paul, I didn't mean to say you're short.


              • #10

                RAVEN: Don't worry, viewers, Raven will be fine. Now where did the Elmer's Glue go?


                • #11
                  Paul plans to vote out Kevin to stay in good with Alex, so if Josh voted Kevin out as well that would leave only Raven voting out Jason, so Jason would stay.


                  • SmilemakerRDH
                    SmilemakerRDH commented
                    Editing a comment
                    This is what I'm hoping happens. Then he blames Raven for changing her vote. I doubt it does, cause he will be to scared to but one can hope. I'm hoping once he hears that it's a double this is what he does, cause he will have already told Jason he's leaving and how so if Jason stays he will know Josh saved him.
                    Last edited by SmilemakerRDH; 09-07-2017, 02:28 PM.

                  • Playmisty4me
                    Playmisty4me commented
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                    This was the "plan" I tried to telepathically transmit to Josh a couple of days it is really so......

                  • herms is here
                    herms is here commented
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                    That is why I don't like this plan. Josh better vote out Jason.

                • #12
                  Author Peter Grainger says in the last line of his BIO,

                  'but I still spend a lot of time developing the characters; to me, character comes before everything else in fiction.'

                  And I am still beating the dead horse about the titles we give ourselves and the ones other give us and how both impact peoples reactions to what we do tied with its impact on them.


                  If I don't post my 'How Cody Nominating Paul Actually Helped Him' thesis, I'll blow up into a million 'floaty rainbow reflective bubbles.'

                  You KNOW what I mean. You know what it's like to go through your life NOT having completed that one THING nagging at you. Your body is a big mass of the tiny rainbow soap bubbles aching to get out and

                  you see the world through toooo many refractive lenses...and

                  you KNOW where you can go, and where you cannot. You KNOW you cannot go to your sisters until all the wee bubbles are in check because.....(gack)

                  you will not be able to cope with seeing the dreaded ottoman through the refractive eyes of all the soapy soaps. It CAN'T sneak up on you with all this new awareness, however it is never not just lurking in the corner of your eye...and

                  you keep murmuring 'r u kidding me' over and over and threatening to run out into a storm so a lightening strike will deliver...

                  you from a week spent swatting at gnats versus taking down the big-o-dinosaur lumbering thru the room.n.stuff.

                  AKA, procrastination... and now...

                  you too see the power of authorship and rainbow colored poetic license.

                  So first off... I gotta drag that big oh dino outta the house, run errands (aka- buy snacks) and be back before Double E show time.


                  • MrsVee
                    MrsVee commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Lol LCn just think it's all 🌞& 🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭

                  • LCnSummer
                    LCnSummer commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Lol. MrsVee. 😍.

                • #13
                  12:07 am Xmas talks about her crush on Paul.


                  • Snazzie
                    Snazzie commented
                    Editing a comment
                    No wonder she is ignoring what is so obvious.

                  • MrsVee
                    MrsVee commented
                    Editing a comment
                    She needs to get out of that house ASAP 😳

                  • bamabbfan
                    bamabbfan commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Yuck, I just threw up a bit on that one!

                • #14
                  I Hope just for the sake of screwing up Pauls plans that Josh votes Kevin out. Tells Jason prior that he is the target but Josh is going to change that and hook up with Jason and Alex. Expose Pauls game and make Jason swear not to tell Alex till after. Christmas and Paul could care less for Josh or his game.


                  • SmilemakerRDH
                    SmilemakerRDH commented
                    Editing a comment
                    My exact hope too!

                  • gabesrah
                    gabesrah commented
                    Editing a comment
                    The only problem with this scenario is that if it happens neither Alex or Jason will ever believe that getting rid of Kevin wasn't the plan all along. Alex already believes this and Jason will just think that he has been paranoid this week. Because that is what Paul will tell them. Jason would probably want to believe Josh, but as long as Alex is there, he will go along with whatever she tells him.

                  • bamabbfan
                    bamabbfan commented
                    Editing a comment
                    True what gabesrah said, BUT please, please, please let this happen..............

                • #15
                  I am really hoping that at some point today that Josh realizes he has to play for himself. I would love to see him vote out Kevin, I think at this point it would be kinder TO Kevin to get him out of the house. Let him go relax at the jury house. I think in the interest of a watching standpoint, that it would be fun to see him vote out Kevin and team up with Alex and Jason.


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