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Live Feed Discussion - September 8

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  • Live Feed Discussion - September 8

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  • #2
    Good Morning all. Looks like most of them are still going strong.


    • #3
      Boy Alex really blew it last night! She should have put up Christmas and Josh. She is letting her dislike of Kevin ruin her game. I think Paul would love to take Kevin to the end.


      • nannicarol
        nannicarol commented
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        Couldn't agree with you more! If someone sent my most trusted ally out the door, you bet your bottom dollar I'd shoot from the front. I wouldn't last a day in that house. I truly believe that Paul plans to take Xmas and Kevin to final 3 since he knows he can beat them.

    • #4
      Paul REALLY p**** me off last night. Yes, I know it's a game BUT Ive been thinking about what Cody said.... It's real life!

      He's right!
      Yeah they are playing a game, but there is now way after you spend time in that house to walk away the same person you were when you walked in.
      I think that place HAS to change you. Maybe it brings out more of who you really are but try not to be, bully, mean girl, patsy so on.

      Back to Paul, yes he is playing an incredible game, it's amazing how he can talk not one but several people into doing what he says.
      How he pulled off last night was... Awesome BUT did he REALLY need to start yelling s*** at Josh after Jason left?!
      "Josh, were you going to do that to me???!!!" Over and over till Josh (WTF) answers him Yes?!

      Josh, honey you know in your heart what is going on. Why oh why didn't you just tell him to SHUT UP!
      I can only wonder what in Josh's back round has led him to be a punching bag? He must've been picked on/bullyed as a kid
      (maybe still is) his way of fitting in is to do what he's told. Christmas is no better, I've heard her tell him to shut up or get out of a room and Josh just does it. SMH

      OK, I feel a little better.
      I wonder who had to hear how much Raven's pacemaker hurt after she hung on the fence by her belly.

      Oh & Paul.... didn't want to win HOH or POV huh, yeah dude WE SAW that. There is no way if he felt even a little uncomfortable with his situation that he wouldn't have won both.

      These people where the h*** did they find them???


      • LCnSummer
        LCnSummer commented
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        BeadLJuice Hi there 😬

        I'm also confuseled πŸ™ƒ to pieces. I thought πŸ€”,, the -- Post Jasons Death Scene ⚑️ Act I -- by yelling actors Josh and Paul..

        was just a continuation of the staged Shakespearean Play designed to be performed during each phase of the double eviction.

        I've not had the chance to watch Thursday's show but thanks to you I will probably see things I would not have noticed. Now I might not have to watch it twice. Lol....oh joy more time to try out the OCedar Pro dual action mop thingy I bot. Says it will last thru 100 washes. 😳 GACK, This sucker is gonna out live me. 😡

        Ok, forget it. 1. Gonna give it to my sister. 2. Gonna plan on spending the rest of the year(S) BBU'ering. 😎

    • #5
      Paul's actual endgame is still a mystery to me. Taking Kevin and Xmas seems to be his best F3, but I am not sure if that is his actual plan. If it was, he would have been pushing Kevin to win the F5 HoH, and hoping for the win, so that Kevin would put up Alex and Josh or Alex and Xmas, with one of them as the back up plan if Alex won PoV. The fact that he wants Kevin and Alex on the block, with the possibility of Kevin getting booted if Alex saves herself, seems to mean he really is serious about getting to F3 with Xmas and Josh. This is Xmas best F3, but not Paul's. It would be something if Xmas won the game at F2, or if Josh won F HoH and Vanessa'd Paul out at F3.


      • augie33
        augie33 commented
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        If it is a bitter jury do you think his best game is to bring Kevin and Xmas? None of the early evictees have beef with Kevin. Paul has made sure every single person leaving hates Josh so my thought is that is why he feels comfortable with Josh in the final 3.

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        KeninVA Not that we can rely on what Paul says (b/c he switches it up depending on who he's talking to) but it seems to be Xmas & Kevin based on what he told Kevin. I think the revelation by Alex to Paul (that Josh went in to say he didn't trust Paul I think after the POV or after the second eviction) put Paul off. He won't say anything while Josh is HOH of course, but let's watch for this week if after POV he tells Xmas what Josh did. At that stage I could see the two of them (Xmas/Paul) making a pact to go F2 & taking out Josh at F4 b/c of his betrayal. He'll convince Xmas she can beat Kevin in one of the final two comps & they'll secure taking each other. That's my thinking at the moment, but as per my post I switch constantly. For me.... the fact Paul didn't take out Kevin last night when Josh wanted to & Alex wanted him gone spoke to him wanting to keep Kevin to F3.

      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
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        I took the Josh telling Alex he did not trust Paul, as part of the Paul/Josh psychodrama of pretending to not be aligned, and to make Alex feel like she can both trust Paul, and can feel like she can not worry about Josh while Kevin is in the house. I don't put any stock in that. While he might prefer Kevin over Josh (or at least he should, IMO, his ACTIONS don't show that). Telling Josh "you know the plan" which is to nominate Alex/Kevin, sets the stage for Kevin to get the boot, if Alex wins the PoV. And he actively told Kevin, don't win HoH, so that means he did not want Xmas or Josh made vulnerable as a pawn, should Alex get the veto.

    • #6
      I know that this won't happen, but if Josh has the chance he should backdoor Paul. I am hoping that Paul's F2 is truly with Kevin.


      • beckyd30
        beckyd30 commented
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        If Alex or Kevin win the POV Josh has to put up Paul cuz he's not going to put Christmas up, and that would be the perfect time to vote Paul out of the game!

    • #7
      Kevin was silly not to win HOH if he could of. Leaving anything to chance now is stupid


      • #8
        As it is I will be very surprised if Kevin survives th s eviction. Josh will probably nominate Alex and Kevin and if Alex wins veto, that leaves Christmas and Paul as replacement nominees, who Josh puts up stays and to the jury house Kevin goes. Kevin needs to win veto.


        • #9
          Good Morning Everyone:

          Well, even when the BB Gods throw out opportunity the hamsters completely miss the mark.

          Josh decides to finally do something other than Paul wants BUT (BUT) his efforts will likely cost him getting further in the game. It's baffling to me how Josh can see so much and know what the best thing to do is, yet his moves aren't helping his game.

          What Josh did RIGHT was tell Jason in his goodbye message that Paul orchestrated his oust and that PaXJo are a trio. What he did wrong - well where do I start... of course he couldn't use the POV & risk Xmas leaving. Yet, he took time to go tell Alex he doesn't trust Paul. That's an issue b/c of course she immediately told Paul. Not surprisingly Paul immediately switched up who should win F5 HOH from Xmas to Josh. Why? Because now Josh can't win F4 HOH and he'll take him out for going against his wishes.

          Next up expect Paul to spend major quality time studying with Alex this week to get the dates nailed so he can win F4 HOH and POV - both of which should have some sort of physical and mental nature to them. I won't expect Paul to spend much time on dates with his trio unless/until he's already safely sitting awaiting a Part 3 partner. Depending on if he wants Christmas beside him he might then decide to help her so she can beat Kevin in Part 2.

          Hey, we all knew at some point Kevin would rei-enter the fray and Josh just opened the door wide for him to resurface. The other reason Josh has to leave is barring a POV win by Alex she'll leave next and Josh as HOH will get the credit for it. Speaking of Alex - how in the world could she not put up Josh/Xmas at a bare minimum in DE? Why on earth would she target Kevin & Raven. Sure, the live feeders will be joyful not to have to listen to her shrieks and delusional stories anymore, but there are moments to strike and DE when you & your ride or die were just blind sided IS ONE OF THEM!

          Since Alex has issues with seeing at a distance, the odds of her taking the BB Comics POV seem slim to none, so I anticipate a Paul POV win. Although, Josh has revamped his frame this summer, so if he can pay attention to details and win POV too there is the outside chance he veers from the plan to take out Paul instead. Doubtful - but hey, let's throw it out there for the fun of it.

          I said yesterday, I thought Paul's dream F3 was Xmas and Kevin and this seems to point to that assessment being correct. He's covered on all sides, but those 2 are his preference.

          Now - does he deserve to win - Well yeah. BUT - based on how angry Jason was at Paul's counterfeit friendship this could be a very bitter jury. The one factor I'm not sure about is what Paul expects to use as his jury argument, since his GB message to Jason was still trying to sell a bill of goods. Surely, Paul knows once in jury each of Maven, Jalex & Josh upon his arrival will discuss how Paul was positioned among all 3 duos. Once again I'm vacillating back and forth between who Paul will take to F2 if he has the choice. One moment I lean toward his original partner in crime (Kevin) b/c he can say he was the first partner he made in the game so every subsequent blindside took secondary emphasis to his partnership with Kevin. And, he may feel the jury won't reward Kevin after taking $25k and winning no competitions. The next moment I see a path for him to take Christmas with the story line of how he saved Christmas from leaving week 1 and how they low key worked together the entire game until jury when they ratcheted up their efforts. He can also point to Christmas' 2 HOH wins (both of which he personally made sure she won either by directly throwing it to her or getting everyone to).

          At this very second I'm leaning toward Christmas, b/c Kevin is well liked in jury, more so than Christmas and b/c they have a solid working relationship. I guess we'll see. If Kevin does go out F3 I do think in these next few shows he may build up enough momentum to over take Cody for AFP. Witnessing his goodbye speech once more showcased why many BBU posters are fans of his. (Btw - that was down right mean last night when none of the 4 would share any beer with him - it really ticked me off, b/c it was so unnecessary and cruel).

          Moving forward expect Alex & Kevin on the block today. Since Alex told Paul about Josh throwing him UTB I think he'll have to win POV to ensure nothing hinky happens with Josh. I just haven't figured out how he explains to Alex why he's leaving her on the block aside from all 3 of PaXJo telling her they are an alliance & need to cut her now b/c of how strong she is. That revelation should go over like a lead balloon. I don't see many ways around him not using POV & I can't see him throwing the comp or risking Alex winning it to be safe which could mean his own exit over Kevin.

          The mean girl part of me hopes there are loud cheers if Alex in fact is sitting beside Kevin upon her oust (there is just so much sweet symmetry in that).

          Other tidbits:
          Watched back the BB Comics and spotted a few former players and tried vainly to slow my PVR to a roll to catch others unsuccessfully.

          Opening scene appeared to be Dani Donato (maybe) against the wall with James jumping out of trash can at either Glenn from BB18 (or maybe Chicken George). Next scene was Caleb fighting two different people (no idea who the first was & think the second was Victor b/c we only saw his back), next was Frankie UGH Grande fighting what I initially thought was Ian but believe it may have been Cody with glasses, then Nicole hits a female with her beer stein but we only see the other female's back (Dani again?). Finally we see the 5 as pictured last night: Frankie, Nicole, Victor, Caleb and DaVonne.

          As for Celebrity BB PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT let that pink haired Grande back on my TV again. Although I'd be thrilled to see Dr. Will & Janey come school some B- list actors. (well maybe D-List b/c you know Kathy Griffin is going to want to play).

          That's it for today. Looking forward to seeing what went down during commercial breaks last night (and btw ticked at my cable provider b/c BBAD kept cutting in and out). I wonder if Josh did tell Jason prior to the vote, what was said in the aftermath that we didn't see & what is really being said in the DR sessions.

          Finally it's funny both hamsters who left in DE were pissed. Raven is delusional thinking anyone owed her anything & has zero grasp of her own game play or what is occurring in the house (let alone how the outside world views her). Jason I have far more empathy for b/c Alex ignored all his protestations and gut instincts. Should he have forced the situation - probably - but playing with a teammate who only sees their own agenda is never easy. Wednesday night the conversation between Kevin & Jason was extremely interesting as Jason told Kevin "only winning $50k wasn't enough money for what he gave up this summer." (wow), while Kevin explained the only reason he went at Josh physically & aggressively is he felt Josh blowing up him winning the $25k early probably cost him winning the whole game.

          I do hope Jason's unfortunate sense of humor doesn't hurt his post show opportunities as IMHO he's a genuinely good guy. Ditto for Kevin who continues to be the only gentleman playing this season. His common refrain "I coulda won that" might very well be the motto of this season. If I were in that house I think I'd have bitten my tongue in two trying to avoid saying "then DO IT".

          Lol ... enjoy your day.


          • herms is here
            herms is here commented
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            That was cruel. Why do they dislike him so much?

          • Border57
            Border57 commented
            Editing a comment
            Somewhere along the way I read that Jason said he passed up a $49K job to play this summer, so the $50K really would probably be a drop in income for him when he would have other jobs/income, as well. But that's the gamble he took. He sure was ticked off, though. I don't blame him for being mad, but he was clueless about Paul.

            Raven is purely delusional, thinking she played a great game. What an idiot!

            I cheered when Josh blew up Paul's game to Jason in the good bye message.

          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            Paul just did a friendship talk where he said he convinced Kevin to throw HOH to Xmas and then talked Xmas into throwing it to Josh. So, not sure if he's mistaken, but it could have easily been a chat she had after she spoke to Paul. Also, Paul confirmed in his chat he wants to go with Xmas/Kevin to F3

        • #10
          Thinking of "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here" U.S. versions in relationship to the new BB Celebrity. Here's who was on the shows as examples of whom we may see. First, second and third placements listed at top of lists.

          ABC 2003 version filmed in Australia:
          Cris Judd Dancer, choreographer & actor
          Melissa Rivers Actress & television host
          John Melendez Television & radio broadcaster
          Bruce Jenner Olympic decathlete
          Downtown Julie Brown Actress, host & former MTV VJ
          Tyson Beckford Fashion model
          Nikki Ziering Model & actress
          MarΓ­a Conchita Alonso Singer & actress
          Alana Stewart Actress & former model
          Robin Leach Entertainment reporter & writer
          NBC 2009 version filmed in Costa Rico:
          Celebrity Fame
          Lou Diamond Phillips[3] Movie actor
          Torrie Wilson Former WWE wrestler & model
          John Salley Former NBA power forward
          Patti Blagojevich[4] Former First Lady of Illinois
          Sanjaya Malakar[5] Former American Idol contestant
          Holly Montag[6] The Hills star
          Stephen Baldwin Actor & author
          Janice Dickinson Supermodel
          Daniel Baldwin Film & television actor
          Heidi Montag The Hills star
          Spencer Pratt The Hills star
          Frances Callier Frangela comedian
          Angela V. Shelton Frangela comedian


          • #11
            Since I haven't seen the international versions of BB Celebrity not sure if we'll see feeds like we do now? Can't imagine some will want to be seen without full makeup and hair or just sleeping. Get Me Out of Here was limited to broadcast shows and filmed segments. I don't want to see any BB alums competing. They can host comps, but that's it.

            Obviously they must have the celebs already signed up or they wouldn't announce the show. Bet we'll see an Osbourne kid and/or Rob Kardashian. Dancing With the Stars has lots of cast-offs too. So curious to see WHO will do, WHAT we'll see, and WHEN it will happen.

            Figures CBS gave me another free month when I was going to cancel. To quote the Godfather: Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in.


            • BigMur
              BigMur commented
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              see, my problem is what CBS considers a "celebrity". I have a nasty feeling it is gonna be about HALF former BB HGs, and the other half no-name reality stars. If they get ACTUAL big name entertainers, then it would be fun to watch...

            • Babben
              Babben commented
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              I watched a bit of the current UK Celebrity BB. It had a lot of former UK reality stars from different shows. They also had some American Z-list celebrities in there. One was a former Housewives of Wherever contestant, I think.

            • Lynette
              Lynette commented
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              Excerpt from Julie interview with The Hollywood Reporter........In previous years, the U.K. version has cast stars including Pamela Anderson, Gary Busey, Stephen Baldwin, Perez Hilton, Ivana Trump and MTV's Spencer and Heidi Pratt. Casting is underway for the untitled CBS iteration and will be revealed at a later date.

          • #12
            Honestly, as long as Kevin doesn't win, I don't care who does win. He's just coasted thru like Derrick's Victoria. I've never gotten the love for him, since I find him annoying. However, I weirdly had a vision of him in the first month as the one coming out to the confetti. But, whatever. In the end doesn't change my life.


            • herms is here
              herms is here commented
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              How about Christmas. She hasn't truly won anything either. You can't tell how Kevin would have done if he wasn't listening to Paul.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              At least Christmas was an effective conniver helping to plot blindsides. Whereas Kevin sat on his bed, telling his tales, only offering pleasantries when someone was about to be evicted. Paul would never toss Kevin a couple HOHs like he did Christmas. She is a partner in crime. Kevin is just the convenient goat to Paul.

          • #13
            What is the mysterious appeal of Nicole? Saw the video where she and Victor announce they are an official couple now. Remembered how he was crushing on her last year. Didn't think she and Corey would last since he wasn't into being a boyfriend (he and Paulie were closer 😁). But, darn those guys love her.


            • Border57
              Border57 commented
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              She did say she would buy her brother a tractor, so that played pretty big with me. I liked her a lot better the first time she was on, though. Last time she spent too much time laying around with the boy.

            • BigMur
              BigMur commented
              Editing a comment
              I used to like her, when she was just blond and nerdy. Then she starting hooking up with showmances, and laying around doing nothing. Plus, her whiny voice annoys me. I didn't actually make it through the whole season last year..

          • #14
            BettyBoo, I have no idea what Nicole's attraction is, other then the obvious physical looks. Does anyone remember if Julie said the Eviction episode next Wed would be Live? Just interested on whether the feeds are going to cut out Tuesday. They could easily put a Thursday show together of a quick F4 HoH and an early morning PoV, with live F4 eviction and start of F3 HoH, but I just don't remember, and I erased it from my DVR. Not sure why I care, given the small amount of feed time I have spent this season.


            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              Hi Ken. No, Julie didn't say Wednesday's eviction would be live, only Thursday's so yeah, the LFs will probably go out for a while at some point.

          • #15
            Julie just posted this pic:

            Frankie, Mr. Pectacular, Austin, James, Caleb, Nicole, Dan, Day, ​​​​​ Victor
            Last edited by BettyBoo; 09-08-2017, 12:21 PM.


            • BigMur
              BigMur commented
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              oh, hell NO.....

            • Ladychef
              Ladychef commented
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              All I can say is eeew

            • BigMur
              BigMur commented
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              well said, Ladychef....

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