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Live Feed Discussion - September 8

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    Okay.. after the recent Paul/Alex conversations today... We are left with only one option... let's play how stupid is she...

    How Stupid is Alex?

    At this point, Alex is SOOOO STUPID she could be sitting next to Julie and still think she was talking to her through the BB living room monitor.


    • Mary4BB
      Mary4BB commented
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      Alex is SOOOO STUPID she'll be campaigning for votes (for herself) in jury house.

    • LCnSummer
      LCnSummer commented
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      I feel so stupid. 😐 I can think of the stupid things she HAS done, I.E. Voting for the wrong person, 😄 then needing the DR to prove it to her. The only thing I can come up with is if she is in the 'Which house guest said this... Q and A," and she get all discombobulated 😜 like she did that time in the DR... and says the opposite of what she is thinking.....thus getting the question wrong.

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    Josh finally figured out Christmas has no intention of taking him to the end. Does he finally start playing for himself now and turn on those two? Come on Josh, stick to your own intuition this time! Give us nice things.


    • Crlillian
      Crlillian commented
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      This was the last week to be able to get rid if Paul and Josh isn't smart enough to figure out the math. I wish that whomever wins the POV will take off Kevin and then Josh could put up Paul. A girl can dream......

    • OutOfTheDarkness
      OutOfTheDarkness commented
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      Josh's fatal flaw in thinking is believing Paul will take him to F3 yet alone F2. He won't. Xmas & Kevin are better goats. Even Xmas is seeing that as a better option. Josh won't make it to F3 to try & oust Paul. He HAS to strike NOW or lose the opportunity. He just doesn't SEE it or want to believe it.

    • SmilemakerRDH
      SmilemakerRDH commented
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      Exactly. He can't wait or Paul will strike first. He's got to listen to his gut for once. He's right, he's got a much better shot getting there with Alex and Kevin cause those two hate each other and each would definitely take him rather than let the other near the F2 money.

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