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Live Feed Discussion - September 9

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  • Live Feed Discussion - September 9

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  • #2
    Good morning, everyone! All those in the path of Hurricane Irma, please stay safe!

    POV Competition should take place today!

    Current HOH: Josh
    Currently Nominated: Alex & Kevin


    • Mongado22
      Mongado22 commented
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      We're waiting to see what Irma is going to do. I'm in Palm Beach county, and we may have dodged a bullet so please keep praying!!

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    Morning all. I was thinking about it and there's only a slim chance that Josh could get Paul out, and I mean really slim. If Kevin won veto (little or no chance), he could replace him with Paul and talk to Kevin. Kevin is really the only one that may be able to be talked in to voting for Paul. Alex and Christmas won't vote for Paul. If Josh won veto he could also go to Kevin and make a deal with him to vote for Paul if he took him off. This one would be dangerous though because if Kevin doesn't vote out Paul then Josh would be a goner next week.

    I heard Josh talking to himself last night and he said he may just wait it out to F3 and try to win out there and take Christmas. That really may be the only shot he has at this point. Paul has too much of a wall around himself.
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    • SmilemakerRDH
      SmilemakerRDH commented
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      But Paul has no intention of Josh bring in Final 3. So if he doesn't take the shot now, he never will. Paul will shoot first

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    This is the egg carver Christmas talked about & example of his work:

    "San Francisco native Gil Batle spent 20 years in five different California prisons for fraud and forgery. Behind bars he used his self-taught skills as an artist to keep him safe from gang violence by designing tattoos, portraits, and greeting cards for fellow inmates."


    • MrsVee
      MrsVee commented
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      That's amazing

  • #5
    I hope Josh puts Paul on the block as a replacement - let the game begin!


    • #6
      I'd agree with you @sdkgeo Prior to last night's convo's there seemed more room for the possibility with Josh almost spilling the beans a couple times to Alex. BUT................ then the girls reinforced reasons for Josh not to do it.

      Alex told Paul she was faking tears & lamented over retaining Xmas ("gimpy") in the game & "now she (Xmas) thinks she can win". Josh wasn't deterred about Alex yet even though it was confirmed she was purposely crying to make him feel bad. Then she also stupidly told the trio even leaving her on the block was okay if they took out Kevin. And she also hinted at Josh's possible side plan to Paul.

      Christmas: wouldn't confirm F2 with Josh (though it seemed Paul did with him). As per usual I'm not convinced Paul should take Josh to F2 let alone give him the option to make the choice. But, instead of telling Josh sure or at worst saying I don't want to jinx our trio making F3 can we get safely there first instead she incredibly tells him she thinks she could beat him & it might be best for him to take Paul. That only served to add more angst to Josh who BRIEFLY considered screwing both of his trio over to take Alex/Kevin to F3. Josh is correct Xmas plans on taking Paul to F2 but doesn't want to lie to Josh IMHO

      The problem for Josh suddenly came flooding to him as Geo points out (re: the girls votes) & I also don't think Kevin would vote him out as he's Kev's best chance at a chair. Josh always goes hairy during HOH (let's take out Elena instead of Jody who want to target me personally). Plus he says it's not personal, but his tears speak otherwise.

      As for Paul, he seemingly kept missing all the Josh sketchiness until Xmas brought up the rogue Raven vote all while Josh was in the DR for an inordinately long session (insert light going on over Paul's head). When Josh emerged Paul queried his earlier Alex convo about wanting either her or Paul out (let's not forget Alex isn't filtering her "friendship" chats). Josh acted sketch & he still didn't tell about his "you can't trust him" comment (why not if it was part of a plan?).

      Since BB Comics won't play until later Paul will have all day to learn from Alex how Josh told her to win POV & he had lots of things to tell her right after. If that doesn't set off major alarm bells that Paul has to win POV I'm not sure what will. Assuming DR asks some sort of leading questions re: his "Josh trust" & knowing he can't let Alex win I won't be surprised if he abandons tossing POV to someone else.

      He'll need to figure out his reason for not pulling her down, but at this stage in the game I think he just needs to tell him the fact Jason planted those seeds to take him out & Josh was gunning to blindside him he needs to leave noms the same. Hey, it's FINAL 5 with Josh not playing next week's HOH ... so as they say it's win or go home time.

      P.S. and if ANY of what Josh told Alex does come out re: his plan to take out Paul & either Paul/Xmas win HOH expect the pair to take out Josh at F4 (whether they tell hm or not). There is still the possibility of a Paul blindside via either a Kevin/Josh POV win & Paul re-nom BUT even in the very rare percentage that happens I think it would result in Josh be targeted by Xmas/Alex next even over Kevin.
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-09-2017, 12:11 PM.


      • #7
        I have not been able to watch feeds, just reading.

        TTOTambz, did Josh tell Alex that he plans to take out Paul? I did not read that until your post. I read about Josh talking to the cameras about what he should do.

        I may be wrong since I am so out of the live feed loop, but I do not think Alex would believe anything about Paul. I read where she asked Josh when the plan to take out Jason happened, He indicated it was last min, That would have been the time to tell her about his F3 with Paul/Christmas but he knew they would take each other. She might have bought that. If he tries to tell her now, she will not believe it.

        I firmly believe that Paul's final 3 has always been Christmas and Kevin. I believe he was leaning toward Kevin. He would tell the jury that Kevin did everything Paul told him. He would say I told him to shut up and stay in his corner and he did it. Good reason not to give the $500,000. to Kevin, If he takes Christmas, he tells them yes she won 2 HOH but I convinced everyone to throw the comp so that Christmas could win. Paul has this game if he is sitting in F2 against anyone but Alex.


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          Hey - he never overtly says it BUT he does skate all around it & specifically at the moment you mentioned above, he told her fight for veto & right after we'll talk. Then he said I have a LOT to tell you that you can't tell anyone else. Do you remember he kind of started a conversation like that with Jason? (it was very similar where he leaves a sentence hanging & then backs off?) He did it a couple times. Plus when he reads his letter he gets fired up again & it was also somewhat similar to when he was HOH & wanted Elena out (or last week & wanted the trio to all get blood on their hands about Jason, but then he went against them to vote out Kevin instead of Raven). Not to suggest there is any code in the letter- rather it was as simple as a reminder of why he's playing the game (loved ones).

          He talked about turning on both Xmas/Paul (once she wouldn't lock in on F2), talked about unlikelihood he'd get the vote out of Paul he wanted, & later acquiesced to waiting til F3 (this after Paul let him know Alex is telling him - well pretty much everything).

          I agree with you on Paul's F3 which is why his continual insistence on PaXJo confused me. I said all along his story of getting the house to keep Xmas week one was a great narrative (ditto for Kevin - save he has more people who like him in jury). Raven is mad at Xmas (so add Matt), Cody isn't a fan & remarked on Paul throwing her HOH (add Mark & prob Elena b/c of their bond to Cody), Alex & thereby Jason won't vote Xmas over Paul & I doubt Kevin would either. so I'm thinking it's her. But LMAO I change my thinking on a daily or hourly basis. Still, they do seem to have a very tight bond & she has a way with him where they can talk calmly. I can craft an argument for anyone left in the house to win, but Paul should be an easy win over any of them. Still, we can assume the jury wont' vote bitter, but who thought they'd keep acting this way all summer? Let's just say this cast sure seems short on intricate game play or a base level of kindness. You know.
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-09-2017, 01:21 PM.

      • #8
        I don't know if Paul will want to win veto today. On the positive, yes he would be safe, but on the negative he stands to expose his double dipping whether he uses it or not. If he leaves Alex up and she is booted, she would know he was in on the plan to get her out (unless she really is as dumb as she seems sometimes) or, if he takes Alex down he is exposed to Josh and Christmas as having a deal with Alex also. He was trying to prime Josh yesterday to put up Christmas if either nominee came down, but I just don't see Josh putting up Christmas. She is his house mama and I just don't see him putting her in danger even if it is minimal.

        I do see Josh gunning for it. Christmas may be able to compete but there would be some moving about and she would be slow. Alex will go hard, but I think she trusts that Paul would keep her safe even if she stayed on the block. Kevin will not be in the running most likely.


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          IF Paul wins Veto and pulls one down, Josh MUST nom Christmas as she would be only body left to nom.

        • sdkgeo
          sdkgeo commented
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          But he is still exposed and becomes vulnerable if he doesn't win F4. Of course he probably thinks that him winning F4 HoH is a given.

      • #9
        Sorry this is BLASPHEMOUS to my ears .....Raven said she modeled her game after Dr Will.

        The fact she had the audacity to compare ANY part of her game to my favorite player of all time just made me throw up a little in my mouth


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          Well, she DID give us someone to ridicule. I found her entertaining since she was so out there. Couldn't wait to hear the next nonsense she would spiel. But as a player, ugh. And didn't like her screeching faux fights, hurt my ears. But as a cartoon character, quite the joke.

        • Mary4BB
          Mary4BB commented
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          Maybe she meant Dr. Will in that other show he did, not in the house.

        • ophelia__
          ophelia__ commented
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          hahaha Walleye. hallucinations can really rattle a girl....

      • #10
        Saw the video of Paul smacking Josh's face. It was a lite, snap out of it motion, but totally inappropriate. I don't care about the verbal assaults or Josh's pan clang dance, but never touch somebody without their consent. I didn't like it when Frank would smack buns last year and I don't like threatening violence as Cody did. Screaming and mental trickery is part of the game, but they gotta keep their hands to themselves.

        Josh's awakening was coached by Production. Remember he revealed that they were asking him if he should trust Paul. Got him thinking and now he finally sees Paul's game, but he's not able to see a clear path to get him out. Mommy and Daddy have locked him into a Catch 22. I think his youth and emotionality work against him, especially since he's rather inarticulate. But remain curious to see if he can pull it off. Nomming Paul ONLY works IF he can get him voted out. Otherwise it's just an adios, Joshie, move.

        Last note, Josh told Christmas he won the last Veto so SHE wouldn't be nommed. He didn't care about Paul (who was sweating). Realizing his ride or die doesn't return the 'love' has gotta hurt. It's what made Jason so angry: thinking Alex had turned on him.

        Just some thoughts from chilly Detroit on this gnarly season. At least we have Survivor, Celebrity BB, and new tv season to move on to.

        And everyone in Florida - stay safe if you couldn't get out!! Prayers are with you.


        • #11
          I do not usually read the tweets on the BB live feeds. Was looking at them this morning and saw the funniest video of Kevin entertaining all by hisself. He deserves the American Favorite not Cody.


          • #12
            I gotta know! What was the ringing bell about?


            • LCnSummer
              LCnSummer commented
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              LOL GEO,

              I've looked online regarding the ☎️⏰💍ing, and only found that the HG's learned it was an error on the part of production. But we don't know if those waskelly production types were just messing with them. 😬

          • #13
            Tried to watch feeds twice today. First time, they were in the kitchen, Paul talking, talking, talking and talking. Second time, he and Alex in living room, Paul talking, talking, talking,and talking.
            Back to ball games for me.


            • #14
              I just hope that Josh doesn't take the baiting he got last night from Christmas and Paul to start a fight with Kevin today. Josh was very hesitant while they were giving him instructions on how to start a fight with him and they were baiting him with BS stuff that Kevin supposedly said about Christmas.


              • #15
                Hi everyone! As some of you know I am in Southwest FL (Fort Myers to be exact) and we are going through a lot mandatory evacuations but all the shelters by us are full we are as prepared for this storm as we possibly can be. I am staying at home with my mom and grandma (nana lol) It is nothing less than scary the winds have already started and you just hear emergency announcements and it looks like the eye is coming straight for us here in Fort Myers as a Cat 4. I promised to keep you guys updated so that's what I am doing I know its a matter of time before we loose power and I'm without communication. I did find out I can charge my phone off a 9 volt battery but that will only last so long they are talking weeks before we get back together. It is honestly the scariest thing I've been through and I lived here during Hurricane Charlie & Wilma but they are saying that this Hurricane is Hurricane Andrew on steroids. Anyways if someone could give me a run down on what I've missed lol I saw that Paul slapped Josh? What's the latest I know my safety and family comes first but I am still upset I won't be able to keep up with BB and I'm missing the first Sunday football lol Thank you all for everything! Please pray for us.


                • OhThisHouse
                  OhThisHouse commented
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                  Amy, showing fort Myers is in 9 foot plus serge of water. Please be safe. You are not in a good spot.

                • MrsVee
                  MrsVee commented
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                  Amykay and Lynette , been thinking about this Damm IRMA all day I'm praying for you and all in Florida too

                • herms is here
                  herms is here commented
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                  I will be thinking of you. Be safe. We live in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area and spent the day putting up our hurricane shutters. But now I have time to relax and just read the live feed updates. Paul has won the POV so Josh will have to wait on his chance to strike at Paul. I hope that Josh doesn't start fighting with Kevin what's the point. Also if Paul does vote out Alex she will be another bitter mirror.

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