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Live Feed Discussion - September 12

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  • Live Feed Discussion - September 12

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Feeds should go down sometime this afternoon so they can film the Wednesday night eviction show. The feeds will then be down until after the show airs on the West coast.

    Hope everyone weathered the hurricane ok.


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      This is definitely the FUBAR season. From return of Paul and Meagan quitting, thru the dumb plays which lead to easy blind sides, the comps that weren't endurance or skill but gimmees, the temptation twists that fizzled, to the disliked final HGs, its been a season where not only were players but production were played.

      But CBS got good ratings, so wonder how they will deal with next year's season. They didn't implement stuff we did like from BBOTT like open mike Diary Rooms or being able to see all comps from start to finish, so not sure they CAN learn. And we'll likely be cut out of feeds again this week to keep stuff secret until network shows. Gurr

      But, tomorrow's another day, declares Scarlett. We'll soon be debating the 16 on the island 👙🌴☔🌞. (And eventually Jaimie and Claire will get back together 💕💑💘)

      OK Livzee PUT THE TEA DOWN!!!

      Time for Betty's last FUN FOTO FOLLIES this season. Enjoy 😁


      • #4

        CHRISTMAS: Oh, Paul, you're SO gra-oovy!!!


        • #5

          PAUL: I don't know why everyone says I have a Napoleon Complex?


          • #6

            JOSH: Paul, anything else I can do to help you win the game? And stop calling me a dummy.


            • birdiefriend
              birdiefriend commented
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              For some reason, when I first glanced at the photo I thought it was going to be about Kevin! lol

          • #7

            KEVIN: They hit him with five shots and he's still alive!!


            • #8

              ALEX: OK, guys, I'm packed and ready to go.


              • birdiefriend
                birdiefriend commented
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              • OhThisHouse
                OhThisHouse commented
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                Ziva pictured to left, loves this one. She says its so Purrrrrfect

            • #9

              JASON: They shoot horses, don't they?


              • #10

                RAVEN: Oh, Matthew, I'm coming for you!!


                • Diane40
                  Diane40 commented
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                  while looking at your pictures I got to thinking about what I envision who these people remind me of. While watching Paul ordering Xmas and Josh around, telling them what to do and then yell at them for not reading his nasty mind, reminded me of a chubby, hairy Kim Jong-un. a total dictator. Sitting next to him is the Ice Queen. That woman has ice running thru her veins. Especially while admonishing Josh. She is one cruel b**ch. Then there is Josh.....the Court Jester. At one time he's jumping around looking like a 2 year old idiot and the next minute, blubbering like a 2 tear old idiot. Kevin....well he's the wise old Wizard. Telling all of his stories about times that happened way before they were born. Alex as the spoiled brat. No more said. I wish I could figure out how to post pictures, but this brain of mine has burned itself out. It's now just a cinder. But it was fun sharing my description of our house guests.

              • #11
                Good Morning All-

                BettyBoo as always I love your pics, spot on and funny.

                I'm gonna take a trip down memory lane. I remember being soooo excited for BB to start this year. The first show I was very happy about the temptations and thought it would be a great twist. Kevin taking that 25G right off the bat and taking his shirt off to make it look like he was sweating it out, that was so funny. THEN when the consequence of that turned out to be Paul I was beyond happy-he was my favorite from last year and I was gonna get to spend a little more time with him this summer. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

                It didn't take long for things to go bad though. "My Boy" was given safety for what many deemed to be too long and in that given an unfair advantage. The safety ran out and by that time he had worked some kind of evil- voo-doo- vulcan mind control or something. I kept thinking that they were just playing along with him because he was safe and maybe he had some game wisdom he could pass on to them since he had already been there and done that. I mean no one can be that stooooopid right?

                We had the BB dating game going on which aptly diverted the attention of 6 of these people. The 2 who could see what was going on isolated themselves right out the door. Funny how it was those two who had been given a 2nd chance and a Hex and STILL didn't get Paul. I mean they were given a fair shot at him and didn't take it.

                Like many of you I've not enjoyed the nastiness and ugliness of this season. I think that we see this kind of stuff every season, but I think that with many of the things going on out here in the real world we are more sensitive to it this year. I know that after watching the ugliness of the world on the news I want my entertainment to be not so ugly so that I can escape that for a bit, this season there was no escape.

                Is Paul a coward for sending someone else to do his dirty work and for planting those seeds that the others seem to grow so rapidly and run with? I don't think so, I think it's just another way to play the game. You know the circus act where they spin the plate on the poles and they have to keep going back to each pole and spinning the plate or it will fall and break? That is what Paul has done from the moment he come in and he's done it masterfully.

                I would have preferred Paul not have such an easy road, hard fought wins always seem sweeter. Still I go back to the fact that at any time these lemmings could have and should have taken a shot at him. The fact that he convinced every. single. one. of them that he was on their side speaks volumes to why he should win. He has played multiple sides of the house openly and they allowed it to happen. Give that man his money.


                • birdiefriend
                  birdiefriend commented
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                  Great post, DisMom, very well said!

                • Lira2012
                  Lira2012 commented
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                  I agree, DisMom, Paul has played everyone and done so masterfully. Paul's play this season reminds me of Boston Rob Mariano's winning season on Survivor: Both had full control of the game from start to finish (still an open-ish question for Paul) and shut down any opposition before it could take hold. I admire both these guys for their gameplay strategy, but what I don't appreciate is the mob boss approach. Paul could have pulled this off without threatening anyone at all, and that I found somewhat distasteful. And unnecessary. This house was filled with willing idiots.

                • Mary4BB
                  Mary4BB commented
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                  Don't like to comment so late after a post, but it's boring right now, and I am moved to add my 2 cents about the hatefulness this season. I basically agree with the rest of your post, and our society is full of people just waiting to be offended by something. But, I do not remember a season when almost every single person being evicted was tormented in this way. "Josh, you need to go fight with <<insert next victim's name>> - Make them self evict - Say this or say that, they will lose it"

                  Nope. Definitely more evilness in it this year. Paul is way younger than the beard makes him look, though, right? I can kind of see how he got to that point - youth hormones are not brain enhancers.

                  Paul has earned the win. He really is the only one that played the game. Which sucked for us. Come on, Survivor!!!

              • #12
                Is there really a Christmas/Paul showmance? If so there goes my dreams of a Kevin/paul final 2.


                • Ladychef
                  Ladychef commented
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                  I thought I read that he supposedly has a girl back home.

                • birdiefriend
                  birdiefriend commented
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                  He's spoken of someone at home who he's afraid of losing (it's fairly new). But watching them over the last month I've wondered if there was something growing between them.

              • #13
                Walleye, anyone but Paul 😈?


                • Walleye
                  Walleye commented
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                  Seems like I feel that way but I know he earned it lol.

                • CubbyBrother
                  CubbyBrother commented
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                  Walleye, you have nothing to worry about. This is going to play out like BB14 when Ian beat Dan. Yes, Ian played the game MUCH more than any of those this year, but I will always remember Jenn being quoted "I'd vote for a ketchup bottle before I voted for Dan." If you remember, they were very close during the game. They will not vote for Paul to win, especially after him getting money last year. Many felt Dan earned it that year also.

              • #14
                His Gf back home should run. All the cuddling sleeping together etc. One just doesn't do that when in a relationship.
                Last edited by Snazzie; 09-12-2017, 01:29 PM.


                • #15
                  Alex is one bitter lady - maybe if she'd used an iota of her anger toward trying to work her game she would be the one staying.

                  Comp Wins Tangent:
                  Alex went on a tangent that she was the only one in the house who deserved to win & only one who earned her comp wins. While there is some truth to this (especially with Xmas) it's far from accurate. Josh straight up beat her in the DE POV. And, Alex has selective memory since Cody threw her the initial POV.

                  She said Paul was thrown all his HOH's but this isn't completely true either b/c he had to beat Maven in the tattoo HOH comp. Plus it's inane for her to claim throwing all these comps to Paul when so many were timed, particularly POV comps (total of 3 HOHs/5 POVs - if you count the sweep of Hex Week) and 2 of Alex's HOH came early in the game when a majority of hamsters are still throwing comps. She also used this argument the week of Jason's HOH even though he was far more secure on the wall.

                  Play the game Alex, don't let the game play you:
                  I love her competitiveness, but this is poor sportsmanship. Just like she could never let go of her personal vendetta vs Kevin, she couldn't let go of not winning $500k long enough to PLAY THE GAME these past few days.The crazy part is it would have been sooooooooooooo easy for this to happen. Had Alex afforded Josh just one conversation. All they had to do is have a conversation in front of Paul requesting a split vote, Josh saying he would still be evicting her but he'd be fine to do that so she wouldn't leave in a sweep (& then keep her instead).

                  Technically they could still do this b/c the vote hasn't happened, but it's unlikely given Alex's wrath & Josh's unpredictability. Instead we get the oxymoron of Alex reading the bible, stopping long enough to curse, spew venom & beg for America's Favorite.

                  As I listen to Alex I don't have much empathy for her. This mostly due to the zero compassion she had for any prior evictees (except Jason) and how much of a mean girl she was particularly to Kevin. It's funny how this happens as each player leaves the game with their blinders firmly in place. Alex had no problem lying to others, doing sketchy things (like the Mark vote, throwing out the slop on Kevin & blaming Raven), calling out Jason so she would look better, nasty GB message to Jess (I'll take care of Cody for you) or treating Kevin like dirt. But, now as she prepares to leave she is incensed people weren't just working to hand her the game. It happens every season with almost every player as they suddenly claim to be the only honest player, only competitor & only deserving hamster. It's a bad look on her & hopefully her brief stint in jury will allow her to let the anger go prior to finale (I don't hold a lot of hope for this though as I have a feeling the mean girl is closer to her real personality).

                  Did Josh play into Paul's hands?
                  Every season you'll hear the winners tell of how luck plays a role in winning. For Paul, if he ends up winning, this past week may well be when his lucky break came. Case in point - Josh was on a major tangent to strike at Paul. Several things occurred to stop that inevitability. Paul won POV, but Alex's angry tantrum factored more. This b/c Josh couldn't get in a 5 minute conversation, Alex just decided to check out - and b/c it's a short week TPTB won't even be able to tweak her to do something. Couple that with how strange Josh was acting & there's no way Paul & Xmas would chance trusting Josh to vote her out.

                  In fact, Josh who has seemingly been in Paul's blind spot all season jumped out of the shadows. His crazy actions have gone beyond his normal "emotional" out bursts to full on target. Although, Paul isn't aware of the message Josh left for Jason, his subsequent actions have put a glowing beacon on him.

                  Prior to Alex's anger reaching fever pitch she made sure to tell Paul that Josh has no intention of taking him to F2 & that he blamed Paul for Jason (inadvertently). A crucial point in the game could end up being this conversation between Paul-Alex b/c he learned Josh made these comments after Raven left and after the HOH comp. THAT should have sounded alarm bells for Paul. The other note was Alex reminding Paul that Cody said Paul would take josh to F2, so given Paul's hard on for Cody maybe that alone will veer him away from taking Josh.

                  Blind hamsters:
                  The curious fact of this season is how blind everyone is to Paul's full game. Even now as Alex prepares to leave she hasn't fully put together how much Paul was controlling. Her ramblings about having control of the house speak to her delusions - Paul let her believe that, but in truth he was only feeding her ego. The minute he stopped micro managing Jalex on what to do next was the point in the game they went in to free fall (ditto for Maven). I don't think until the jury round table or finale speeches will everyone learn just how intricately Paul was involved with everyone in the house. For example, his closeness to Maven hasn't been divulged yet.

                  Ultimately, I agree with Dr. Will - Paul micro managed the game via a Derrick/Dan type strategy (with a dirty spin albeit) capitalizing on naive & impressionable hamsters. It wasn't comfortable, enjoyable or entertaining for the fans for the most part - but it was masterful none-the-less.

                  Last 5 steps:
                  Now the question is whether Paul will recognize Josh likely has the most (not the least) votes to challenge him at F2 and therefore would be better served by cutting josh at F4. Certainly, it won't be hard to turn Xmas. The reason this move is best for Paul is the duo of Xmas/Kevin are easiest to beat, would both likely take him to F2 & are easier to beat in Part 3 than the socially aware Josh.

                  So, as we head into what will be the final 5 competitions of the season the only drama left for us to experience is who'll win F4 HOH/POV, make it to F3 (will Josh or Kevin be evicted), who'll face Paul in part 3, and will ANYONE have the balls to take out Paul if they get the opportunity.

                  What's Kevin been spending his time doing?

                  I think Paul is a lock to win F4 HOH, but it sure would be great if Kevin suddenly pulled out the POV win. Hey, he knows the game better than he's let on & he's had all this time to study while he's been the outcast. I'd die laughing if that happened b/c suddenly Josh would have to be nice to him & convince him to vote out Xmas which of course Kevin wouldn't do.

                  Have a good day all


                  • grannychris
                    grannychris commented
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                    I watched bbad and Alex was talking to the cameras, she said Paul was getting her vote and she was going to convience Jason too. She said am I salty ---- Yes am, I got played by Paul. He really played me. I will give him my vote , will we be friends----hell no. She called him a few names. She is also mad at Josh and Xmas, She finally got it when Paul told he was not goning to use the veto on her. All season long, Paul,Josh,Xmas spent so much time together and no one could figure it out.

                  • BettyBoo
                    BettyBoo commented
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                    One reason Josh could be beat at Final Two is his inability to articulate his arguments. Kevin would also dance around. Christmas and Paul would be concise. Thinking of Cody' C.s weak responses to Derrick's that cost him votes, especially with the revelation that he didn't know Derrick was a cop. I do think Marine Cody will respect game play and Alex despite her pout does appreciate that Paul was honest with her before the Veto Ceremony. Also think Paul will get Matt and Raven and likely Mark and Elena. But wondering if Jason will stop fuming. We know what's happening today with Operation Adios Alex but its the next HOH and Veto where games are made or broken. But to quote Jessica, WORLD PEACE.

                  • TTOTambz
                    TTOTambz commented
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                    Agreed BettyBoo

                    Jess said in a podcast Cody would reward game play (Paul) & Maven will vote Paul regardless. Alex says she'll reward game play & get Jason to play ball (but he might not be willing to listen to her after his oust). I would think Marlena would vote Paul too. Hard to deny never being on the block (if he pulls that off) & getting so many players to throw comps while winning when it counts. I also think you are right about Josh, but how does his story out match Paul's? As far as articulating it I'd agree with you again which is once again an example of Paul last season who lost out by one vote (granted he had a better story than Josh b/c he did deserve to beat Nicole whereas Josh simply played Paul's game up until his Kevin vote).

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