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Live Feed Discussion-September 13

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 13

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    Morning everybody

    Feeds will be down today until the show airs on the west coast.


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      Hi everyone, I have been a little busy with hurricane Irma. No power, no cell service, and 100mph + winds. My family and I are ok, and house made it with minimal damage. However I'm confused with what is going on with BB. Why are the feeds down? And how long will they be down. Whats new with the hamsters? And what was the video they were filming? Thanks for any updates you can give me.


      • BBFAN2017
        BBFAN2017 commented
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        Glad to know you are ok. Irma was a wild one.
        Big Brother lives on tonight! Cannot wait.

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      Hi joniw. Glad to hear that you made it through ok.

      The feeds are down because yesterday they filmed the eviction episode that will air tonight. Feeds will be back up tonight after the show airs on the west coast. When they come back up the HoH and veto will already have been played. They will have a live eviction tomorrow night, which will take us to the Final 3.


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        HI Everyone! Just a question...
        When/Where can we vote for America's Favorite Player?


        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          My guess is that the vote for AFP will start after tonight's show or tomorrow night's show or might even be after the special Friday night episode. There is no Sunday episode which means the next episode after Friday night's show will be the Finale. When it is put up, it will probably take the place of the "Den of Temptation" vote page on the CBS Big Brother website.

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        Morning everyone,

        SPOILER ALERT............ not sure how reliable this is but on a site which has provided leaks all season it's saying Alex was evicted with a TIE VOTE (so if that's true Paul forced Josh to break it) & that Paul went on to win F4 HOH.

        Again, not sure how reliable this is. But, if true, then Josh shouldn't win b/c he had a shot to work with Alex then to the end. AND if true Alex deserved to lose b/c she wasted her post POV time angry & pouting instead of working the game to stay.


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          Apparently Paul's mother must be Allison (sarcasm) since I've heard complaints that she got him on the show this season by threats??

        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
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          This just shows how badly all of these people play this game. If Josh had saved Alex, Paul could not have targeted him, since they would still have to take out Alex, if they could. And of all the players, she would be most likely to win F4 HoH or F4 PoV over Paul.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          I mean we know Paul met/knows Raven b/c she was friends with Victor prior. But, I've heard Paul knows Alex, Jess and now Christmas. It's crazy how many conspiracies have been suggested. That said, I theorized the person he knew could have been Jess or Alex b/c they were in LA. But, I always felt the logical tie would be Christmas just b/c she was tatted up & into fitness. Still, knowing Raven certainly didn't help her as she languishes in jury.

          I look at it like if I meet a friend of a friend once it wouldn't make me feel like I could trust them to help me win $500k. How is that much different than all the pre-game trips the hamsters talk about where they see the same people. For example imagine 2 of the players meet in the ladies or men's room on one of these sessions and exchange emails to talk pre- game. It's not really any different from my perspective. Or super fans who talk on any number of sites to each other. In essence there are all manners of ways these hamsters could meet/talk prior to being on BB. Unless they are family, pre BB couple or BFFs I'm not putting much stead in an advantage, but that's just MHO.

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        OK I have captured all the comic covers we'll see tonight. Note: Meagan wasn't done. First pic is all in one, then I will post the 16 individual covers. You're welcome and yes my carpel tunnel is kicking in. 😲


        • DisMom
          DisMom commented
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          You ROCK BettyBoo, thank you.

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                • Freebyrd
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                  OMG. LMAO! Good one! Except too bad Matt did crap this whole game, so it's not really true.

                • Mary4BB
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                  You better pray you don't want cereal for breakfast

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