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Live Feed Discussion - September 14

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    Got distracted after the show ended, then hubby asked me to watch a show we had DVR'd with him during which I fell asleep on it/him! I woke up in need of a potty run (geez getting old sucks lol) and thought I'd peek in ...I see we are still without Feeds... *sigh* oh well, guess I'll peek in again in a few hours when I'm up for the day But first..... (hehe)

    Gonna pop over to CBS and do my AFP voting and head back to bed... nighters BBU'rs! <3

    #KevinForAFP #JasonForAFP #HeckABCForAFP (ABC = Anybody But Cody of course lol)


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      2:45 am and feeds were up and all 4 cams are on Christmas and Josh at the table. My best guess is Paul in the DR and could be winner of part 1 as most expect.


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        Paul emerges from somewhere, they are covered in what looks like colored chalk powder.

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      Paul wins round 1.
      My favorite part of last night's show was jury
      Loved how Matt called Cody out for "Still not playing the game".
      Raven thinks she and Matt were Puppet Masters. (I spit my drink out when I heard that one)
      Except for Raven, the light bulb finally went on and HG figured they were played. They're pissed at Paul, but they need to be pissed at themselves.


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