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Live Feed Discussion - September 15

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  • Live Feed Discussion - September 15

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    Morning all.

    Well, I'm a little surprised that it is indeed this F3. I thought for sure Paul would make sure that Josh left, but I guess Josh really is his goat. The question now is whether Paul will make it to the F2. I'm still not convinced Josh will take him.
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    • Freebyrd
      Freebyrd commented
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      Oh wow, I just don't know either Geo. I mean, I feel that Josh would be really, really, dumb to choose Paul over Xmas for F-2. Josh SHOULD win if he picks Xmas to go to F-2 with. Same for Xmas. Xmas should pick Josh, because at this point, if Paul goes to F-2, he has a much better shot at winning against either of the other two. Arghhhh. I am on the edge of my seat with this! lol. However, I am much more relaxed than any other season b/c I am to the point of not really caring who wins. My pick and total "root for" is now Josh all the way!!! Oye vey. <----not sure how to spell that! lol

    • Freebyrd
      Freebyrd commented
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      @ Lynette - I hear ya' and would LOVE for Paul to be 3rd out. OMG...Hee hee. The chance to see the camera zoom in on his face if that happens...priceless. Just sayin'. Hope I didn't offend the Paul fans here on BBU, because I said many times that Paul has worked very hard to get where he is at. It's just that Josh has really, really, grown on me and I want him to win now b/c he has truly been real this entire game with his emotions. He's a big baby and a mommas boy at heart - perhaps that's why I like him so much. Good lawd, never, ever, thought those words would come out of my mouth.

    • Ladychef
      Ladychef commented
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      Crossing my fingers that it will be Josh's choice of who to take to final 2. If Christmas makes the choice I believe the silly girl would take Paul.

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    KEVIN: He sleeps with the fishes. (And I do mean the sucker fish)


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      Good Morning BBU Family,

      Arguably the best show of the season occurred last evening between the jury segments and finally a hamster who displayed class and grace as they exited the house. More on this below, but I can't stress how tickled I was to see Kevin get the opportunity to show the National TV audience why many of the super fans fell in love with him from the get. Having an affinity for the more mature player I loved his humor & grace - both of which were on full display last night.

      Prior to jumping into the takeaways from last night's episode let's spend a second on the current situation in the house:

      Current Status:
      The trio played part 1 of the final HOH (the endurance portion) Sounds like it was a unicorn and they had to hang on to the tail. Josh went out first while Xmas/Paul hung in for another half hour or so. Paul eventually won Part 1 which guarantees he'll play in Part 3.

      Heading into part 2 Josh is now fully aware a win guarantees him one of those F2 chairs b/c Paul has sworn on his family he is taking Josh if he wins. Interestingly, I'm surprised Paul hasn't asked Josh for the same commitment. We'll have to keep an eye out for whether Xmas tells Paul that Josh already asked her for a F2 & guaranteed he is taking her. Early this morning Josh told Xmas we'd be sleeping much better if one of us won that. And then he implied to Paul that Xmas was okay with their deal. Let's put it this way - if Josh had played so diabolical the entire game it might have provided some great TV to counter Paul.

      Miscalculation by Paul?
      That said, we have to start pondering if there is a bit of the Steve vs Vanessa situation at play here. The difference being Steve always seemed poised to play/win whereas Josh got pulled - kicking & screaming through the first half plus, portion of 19. So, Paul is seemingly going to play Part 3 unaware if he loses he'll be evicted in third place. That is unless Xmas tells him especially if she loses Part 2.

      In that event, expect to see (if feeds are still up) some fancy dancing from Paul. What I envision is an explanation of why Josh can't beat Xmas, possibly a reveal or call out on his disloyalty over their F2 deal & I wouldn't discount a threat from Paul where he indicates he'll turn 4 votes if Josh goes back on his promise and evicts him (Kevin, Maven off the top of my head would be the 3 easiest & he'd only need one more). Hey, I'm not condoning this style of play, but it's been the standard of the season. Fairly apropos for the season to come full circle with the biggest active bully getting bullied into his final decision.

      Being more of a risk taker & analytical in nature, I would have thrown Part 1 to Xmas knowing I had her on lock to take me to F2 & then beast out the win in Part 2. I mean it's a calculated risk b/c Paul knows the dates better than Josh and performs better under pressure. Bottom line, if Paul is evicted Wednesday this one decision will haunt him forever.

      Is Josh turning a plus into a minus?
      As for Josh another eviction resulting in another Goodbye Message information dump, this time to Kevin & one can assume Alex got the same treatment. Yet, the original leverage he gained via his Jason GB message may be losing it's initial value. The common theme in jury is "Paul was working with our duo" so perhaps Josh continually driving home the fact he is in the Poshmas alliance is only serving to show he was simply in the same boat as everyone else, but the lucky meatball Paul decided to drag along.

      Moreover, the fact Josh thinks his message is throwing shade at Paul's secrecy may further punctuate why Paul selected him - b/c he is untrustworthy. See, for as much as Josh can spout his loyalty- most of the house only used him (except Xmas) as a minion especially after he grabbed the gold apple & then promised his vote to both nominees. And he went off script with the Raven vote. Plus, rubbing into people who had the same deal with Paul may back fire on Josh in that the bitter jurors will be annoyed by his c*cky ignorance.

      Jury Segments:
      Perhaps I'm alone in this, but I was surprised Jason truly believed Alex was in on his oust. Just goes to show how little social savvy he had in the game. The fact the vote was split even speaks to Alex & Paul voting to save him, but by his comments he was acting like they were the 2 votes.

      Straight jacket time: I said yesterday I wondered if there would be men holding a white coat with arms that tie in the back awaiting Raven on finale night. Well - after her jury comments I'm convinced that girl lives in her own world. The fact she truly believes she was a puppet master is beyond baffling. WOW.

      Mark: (you'll recall I wasn't a huge fan of his when he was IN the house) earned himself some solid AFP votes last night with a couple of his quips. First when Raven laughs at her Arkansassin comic & replies "Yes, so accurate" Mark responds "It wasn't the Puppet Master?" Then when Jason tells Alex "oh btw, these two (Matt/Raven), claim to be the puppet masters" then as the argument between Jason & Raven breaks out Mark says "I just never heard someone say they were a puppet master & win nothing" Although Dr. Will would disagree with you Mark - you made a very valid point (LMAO)

      Elena: though she was obvious in her attempt to use her sexuality in the game she did provide some of her better TV moments & solid reasoning last night. I guess she's using this platform to present her hosting skills as she was often the one posing questions to the new arrivals. Her best bit came when Raven said "They said Alex was the puppet master, I think they're gonna figure out it was me & Paul" after Elena laughs Raven says "maybe NOT Paul, but I was pulling some strings b/c I knew what was going on" to which Elena laughs, hits Mark's arm & says "this is hilarious" Um no Elena, THIS is Arkandelusional

      Kevin's Eviction Gems:

      Hot One-Liners:
      "I shoulda came in here with a name like Thanksgiving"

      Re his 4th consecutive time on the block: "I've been on the block so much now Julie I feel like one of the New Kids" (nice Boston reference Kevin - New Kids On The Block"

      Julie: "Well you're the sharpest dresser we have" Kevin: "Well I'm probably the ONLY dresser"

      Kevin drops a bit of wisdom in his final speech:
      "I told you guys a while ago a friend of mine wrote a song called "Humble & Kind" sung by Tim McGraw. When you get out make sure you listen to that."
      Now if that wasn't the most profound statement of the summer I'm not sure what was. Hopefully his daughters send Alex a copy.

      Kevin's exit interview offers a few interesting tidbits....

      BB: Who do you feel the most betrayed by?
      Kevin- I really don't have that kind of animosity... I don't feel like anyone betrayed me, it's a game, everyone is there to try to win, I personally am not that type of person to feel like " oh, Paul betrayed me, Josh betrayed me, Christmas betrayed me" They want to win, they don't want to go into the jury vote with someone everyone gets along with. So, I feel like it was a good move on their part. I don't feel any animosity or betrayed by anybody at all, --maybe my physical skills, that's who I'm mad at

      Notes: Kevin is the first person exiting who understands the obvious - this is a game and EVERYONE should be playing to win.

      Re: who his strongest ally was (Paul's jury management):
      Paul explained he thinks all the people in the jury like me (Kevin) So, he doesn't want to go up against me in the F2 and then feel he doesn't have a chance to win.

      Notes: Paul is displaying great jury management paying compliments to people as they leave & giving them honesty. He did the same with Alex, but she is still too salty to hear it. All her DRs & exit interviews focused on how she carried Paul & that he just now turned on her. But, when you are playing BB a good rule of thumb is to use the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). In Alex's case she played an excellent first half, but the minute Mark was evicted, her game (& Jason's) went into the tank. Why? It's three-fold - Because Alex began to focus on jury votes, allowed herself to believe Paul's hype she had already won (ego) & most importantly Paul shifted who he was sharing information with.

      As much as we can cite how amazing Alex played the first part of the game, her actions post Mark's eviction demonstrate she wasn't as capable without all the game intel being hand delivered to her. Many of us have tried to figure out why Alex's game suddenly shifted from excellent to poor. IMHO the absence of knowledge is why. Up until that point Paul shared everything with her. So, she got comfortable, c*cky, and lazy.

      It's easy for Alex to now say she carried Paul, but the truth is Jalex remained b/c they posed big shields in front of Paul. And, if the opportunity (luck) had spun differently with HOH wins Jalex would likely have left the house even before Maven.

      Kevin's Final thoughts:

      I knew what was going on the whole time (he's clearly referencing being made fun of) I don't want anyone to feel bad because I made it to the Top 4. I want to say hello to my girls, my son and my wife, I want to tell them that I knew what I was doing the whole time, guys.. so it wasn't that I didn't know what I was doing and it wasn't that Dad, was being picked on, I knew what was going on, everything was fine,

      Notes: Clearly Kevin doesn't know everything, but he's a smart cat who picked up on much of what Alex was saying/doing & the others too. I do believe he & Jason will talk & resolve their issues and visit one another. As for Alex she DOES owe Kevin and his family an apology IMHO b/c she took the cruelty too far in the game. Consider the fact of how salty Alex is that Paul wasn't loyal or willing to throw his game away to let her win & then extrapolate the fact Alex didn't allow Kevin to play the game. She repeatedly tried to cut the ties between Jason & Kevin (even the friendship ties) and was unnecessarily cruel to him. This is the same girl who lost her chit over her cat ears being hidden - but she threw out the only food Kevin had to eat. Why? Because she was jealous of his & Jason's bond & simply didn't like him. So, yeah I try to stay focused on the analytical aspects of the game, but I found this particular aspect of the game disconcerting & unnecessarily cruel.

      Class & Grace will win in my books every time:
      Watching the jury segments last night only served to punctuate why I never took to Cody. When he smiles he is disarming, but those moments are so rare. I know he has a great shot of winning AFP, but I personally hope that doesn't happen because then we are rewarding someone who refused to play the game much of the time. His surly, caustic demeanor was more the norm than the exception. He refused to make speeches, play the game for large portions of the day and in truth is only salty about Paul b/c he wanted to be in his position. If Paul hadn't been part of BB19, we'd be sitting here discussing how Cody did essentially the same thing in the game. I don't think he would have been as astute socially or strategically, but he would have dictated, manipulated & intimidated to get to the end.

      Watching the jury clips it is clear Cody is filming only because he HAS to. In the first clip he says he wants to leave. Second clip Matt asks him a simple question & he walks out (granted, it was rich for Matt to call out Cody on "playing" the game since Matt surely wasn't busting moves, lol). When Raven arrives he is sitting away from the group.

      I can sum up how I feel about AFP vote comparing two identical game segments - Cody & Kevin's exit from the house onto the stage. While some may have enjoyed Cody throwing shade at the entire house as he walked across the glass table & exited to Julie, I'm far more partial to displaying some class & grace which is what Kevin did last night. Sure, Cody took a ton of shade from the cast, but he instigated much of it as well. Kevin took shots even from his own allies & still walked out in a manner which would make himself, his family, friends and Boston proud. Hey, the man has 7 kids to care for & if I was waffling at all in my AFP vote, last night cinched for me why I was drawn to Kevin initially & why he'll get all my votes.

      Aside from winning AFP, I do have one wish for Kevin remaining in the game -- I hope he receives a huge roar of approval from the audience on finale night & Alex's pales in comparison, just so she can hopefully start to recognize the consequence of her actions.

      Here's wishing everyone a great Friday,

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      • Freebyrd
        Freebyrd commented
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        TTOT - You are very welcome! Hope you were able to get all of your NBA posts up today!

      • Shan
        Shan commented
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        I agree wholeheartedly with Freebyrd! Best post! Perfect sentiments here in the home stretch! Kevin had gotten 95% of my AFP votes (I threw a few Jason's way and a couple for Mark after last night's JH segment) but starting with today's he has gotten and will get every single vote from here on out 😁 Along with every one I know that is watching/voting ... I even talked a few people that don't really watch/care anymore to throw theirs his way too 😁 Hope it works! #Kevin4AFP #ABC4AFP (AnybodyButCody) lol

      • magoopy
        magoopy commented
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        TTO-I absolutely love your post and I love Kevin. I hope that people think about voting for who entertained us and showed class when voting for AFP. I was glad to know that Kevin knew how these heartless young people were talking about him. I am pretty sure that his seven children would not do the same. Kevin could not have spoken about a better song for all of these houseguests to listen to when they leave the house. "Humble and Kind". I gave this song to my kids and these houseguests could learn much from these words.

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      Couple more tidbits popped into my head.....

      Re Cody for AFP - had a bit of a debate about him last night re: why he should be able to not participate if he doesn't want to. My response was he's getting paid to do a job & part of that job includes jury management & participation. He fought to get back on the show & spent most of his time by himself, only playing for brief stints (not to mention he was the one who advised Jess not to replace Ramses with the POV). Bottom line as much as many of us may not like parts of our jobs we don't have the luxury of saying "I don't like it, so I'm not going to do it". He's getting paid good money to lie around a mansion for month & VERY OCCASIONALLY film DR or group sessions. Suck it up & do your job.

      During the debate my acquaintance told me they were voting Cody for AFP to send a message to Paul & b/c no one played the game this season. I did tell my acquaintance I understand her reasoning (& hey we all have our preferences), but if that was the reason why I don't get it. This b/c Cody isn't playing the game right now either, and I asked her if she thought when Paul cashes his $500k cheque if she thinks he'll give one "bleep" that Cody won $25k.

      Finally, I told her to go watch a podcast on Jess Twitter timeline where she states Cody will vote for Paul at end game! To this her response was

      I mean it makes sense, I just can't imagine Cody voting for the guy he threatened to beat up on the outside, called the "r" word & who his "girlfriend" hated the most in the house. Can you?

      The only other point I'll add is it was funny to see Jason is by far the most bitter juror. Even though he's furious right now, I do suspect long before Paul gives him his tickets to Me, Myself & I they'll have patched things up.

      Polls shifting: Although Cody has led most polls for the majority of the season, yesterday one well visited site has him falling off dramatically (in the day & the past week). The day leader was Jason???? & the weekly rank has Kevin leading with Jason, Mark & Alex also ahead of Cody who Paul is catching up on. After the show last night & his surliness it will be interesting if we see a Kevin & Mark surge & whether Jess social media efforts can offset the momentum.


      • SmilemakerRDH
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        My response to those saying they are voting for Cody to stick it to Paul or the other houseguests for Cameron. The guy they voted out on day one cause they thought he was weird, the guy that didn't even get to play the me THAT would be more of an 'in your face' than voting for Cody. Cody tried to make a big move and when it didn't work he didn't do anything but pout and is still pouting, that doesn't deserve rewarding IMO

      • SmilemakerRDH
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        To add: I'm not doing that...I'm voting for Jason cause he was my favorite most of the season and with a new baby on the way he could use the money.

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      to TTOTambz I agree with all you said about Kevin. He's a million times more respectful and classy than any other guest this season. I so want him to win AFP. It may show the others that their way of degradation of people doesn't bring them the fame and fortune they crave.


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        This may have been, probably was, the most imature cast to ever play this game. Paul is the only player who deserves to win because he's the only one who isn't an idiot when it comes to game play. The rest of them marched merrily out the door with their heads up their own behinds right up until the vote or Paul told them his version of why they were going out.

        Not saying he WILL win just saying he should.


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          As edited last night, it appears that it will be a close vote...but I think there is now, other than Josh winning final HOH, there is only one scenario that Paul loses and I don't think it is going to happen. Christmas needs to win the final HOH and boot out Josh---and in turn, Josh has to vote for Christmas to win. Matt, Raven (ha), Kevin and Alex will all vote for Paul. Cody, Mark, Elena, and Jason will vote for the one sitting next to him. If Christmas is out in the final HOH she is voting for Paul. If Josh is out, I think he votes for Christmas if he is not too emotional (ha) when coming out. Paul has already said he is taking Josh if he wins. Josh will take Christmas.

          One other predictable thing: I am sure that CBS, in the final scripted questions, will have Cody ask Paul the question. I wonder how slanted it would be.

          Finally, to all leads and moderators---thanks so much for all the work that is put in here. I am really only a lurker, due to time constraints, but want you to know how appreicative I am.

          Finally---as much fun as it was, I am very happy that there was not a fantasy game this year. In the absolutely most predictable season ever, there would have been about a 93 way tie on top of our leaderboard with none of us ever getting anything wrong. There had to be an enormous amount of work for that and again, I appreciate all the efforts that made that possible in the past.


          • TTOTambz
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            I was wondering if TPTB might get Raven to ask Paul to explain to the jury how she was the other puppet master in the game just for the shock on Paul's face.

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          This post is about my disappointment in the Feeds schedule this year. It is the first time that I can think of, that the Part 1 HoH was not on the feeds. I guess after BBOTT last year, they have to compensate by not showing anything. I was hoping that some of the BBOTT innovations would make it onto the mainstream show, but apparently the took just the opposite approach. Onto Wed


          • Luanne
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            KeninVA-- I agree. Could not stay up last night and got up early to flash back and found that the comp. was not on the feeds. They have killed the feeds a lot this year. Very disappointed.

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          Good Morning All

          Thank you TTOTambz for another amazing analysis-I always look forward to them.

          Last night I think Paul made the wrong choice and I hope that it's not one that comes back to bite him. Guess time will tell.

          Kevin was just so awesome last night. Honestly, I think he was relieved to be out of the house and he's happy that he has a nice prize to take home. He didn't place blame on any one other than himself and his own comp skills, that's class. Aside from class he has the one thing that none of the others had and that is the advantage of life experience. He was smart enough to not let the things they were doing rattle him. Maturity is something all the rest of them could use a dose of. I wish he had had the comp skills to make a go of it. Kevin for AFP!!

          Alex just makes my jaw drop. In her mind I guess she was the Queen and Jason and Paul were just there to fall on their swords to ensure she made it to the F2, their own games be damned. SMH.

          Cody-Again he is in no way participating of his own free will. He is only there contractually. Some might find the snub to be about Paul and his advantages coming in, but I find it to be a snub to the game and the fans and it's insulting to people who really would enjoy being there and playing the game. TTOTambz said it perfectly- DO YOUR JOB! He was given a 2nd chance and his girl was also given an advantage-neither of them used their opportunity to get out Paul or work the house. They are the ones who chose to lay around in isolation being "in love" and making victim noises. They have only themselves to blame.

          Raven- I just got nothin' for this one. Puppetmaster? Seriously? What alternate universe show was she on because it wasn't coming through on my tv.

          I have to say that I'm glad that the season is almost over and that I'll have my Jeff Probst and Survivor back. Also super excited about Celebrity BB, although I think it will be a lot more scripted than even our normal BB is. Will be interesting what they allow us to actually see. I'll be here at BBU and hope everyone hangs around for that too

          Have a happy, happy, happy Friday all

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          • Toober
            Toober commented
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            Absolutely agree that TTOTambz is an excellent writer, know wonder she has a fabulous writers job!
            Most of my votes are going to Cody, and some to Kevin. I just don't like the others enough to throw them my votes.
            My consistent least favorite house guests are in final three. Yuch. Having Cody or Kevin win AFH will save the season for me.
            And please, No more Paul on BB - ever!

          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            Aww thanks DisMom I look forward to your posts every day as well.

            Today, was particularly funny b/c I wrote this one & then pulled on my NBA hat to cover the shade thrown at Russell Westbrook by Si's Crossover ranking him 6th. I was laughing writing it thinking so here I am analyzing Paul/Josh/Xmas & 10 minutes later I'm analyzing Westbrook/Harden/Curry. LOL .. I love my life.

        • #11
          to TTOTambz I agree with all you said about Kevin. He's a million times more respectful and classy than any other guest this season. I so want him to win AFP. It may show the others that their way of degradation of people doesn't bring them the fame and fortune they crave. I don't understand how anyone would want Cody for AFP....except that if he wasnt attached at the hip to Jessica he may have been able to get out Paul. Never happened so we'll never know. I'm hoping people come through for Kevin!
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          • Freebyrd
            Freebyrd commented
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            Count me in on voting for Kevin as AFP!

        • #12
          Good morning, all! I lost interest a few weeks back and haven't been on much since. Couldn't tell you the last time I turned on the feeds, it's been at least 2 or 3 weeks and even then it was only to see an HoH complete, hell I haven't even been watching the episodes when they air Sun/Wed, I just save them until Thursday and watch all 3 for the week back-to-back. After last night's show, I'm so confused as to why people are saying they are voting Cody for AFP, the dude is a nightmare. Kevin handled his eviction with grace, I'm leaning towards casting my votes for him. The guy didn't win anything, but he kept his chit together this year, didn't attack anyone, and played a great social game, even when Alex tried to turn everything against him. Jason had my vote up until he made the seriously disturbing remarks about Kevin's family, I liked the guy a lot up until that point, but I just can't get behind someone that thinks it's ok to joke about raping/torturing people.

          I'm really having a hard time getting excited for a "celebrity" season this winter after seeing the first group of HG's that are supposedly on board. A Mob Wife, a Bad Girl, and Dog the Bounty Hunter....seriously? I'm sure I'll tune in, but I just can't help but think it's going to be a circus.

          Anywho, hope you're all doing fabulous, TTOTambz your assessments are awesome, I enjoy reading them, thanks so much for posting!


          • DisMom
            DisMom commented
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            UGH, those don't sound like celebrities to me-just B grade reality show people. I mean can we at least get some Dancing with the Stars caliber folks?

          • NicChick
            NicChick commented
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            I was thinking the same thing! The only one that they listed that's even semi-close to celebrity status is Lance Bass...and he's seriously old news. I had higher hopes, I used to watch the Bad Girls Club, it was TERRIBLE, I really don't want to spend my BB time watching people of that caliber.

          • Freebyrd
            Freebyrd commented
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            Hi NicChick ~ Right after Julie announced that there will be a winter celebrity BB I thought to myself, ok, but I doubt they will be anyone fantastic that people really want to watch because there is no way the celebs are going to be A-list or even B-list! I think they will all be D-listers! lol But that's ok, it's to be expected. But I am looking forward to watching anyway as long as it is televised and not just on the internet like BBOTT. I was not a fan of the internet version last year. Plus, maybe we will finally get HG's of ALL ages too! One can only hope.

        • #13
          I gave up on Cody when he told Julie he wanted to see Jessica and, oh yeah, his daughter. Sorry, Dude, but your own kid comes before some short term hook-up. Combined with his moving away from where his girl lives and admitting his baby mama works multiple jobs to support his kid, made me lose all respect for him as a man. Also, he gave up his summer custody to be on the show and gave up trying at the first obstacle to his game and didn't try to win. For me, if you give him the $25k, Jessica will spend it quickly and he'll be right back where he was before June.

          Watch for the knee bend on the show. Jess will say yes, in embarrassment, then drop him later.


          • Freebyrd
            Freebyrd commented
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            Hi'ya Betty ~ As much as I love a good romance, I am actually turned off by a very public marriage proposal. Very. I hate them enough to turn my head away in the opposite direction and say "Ewwwwww". So i hope that Cody does not propose to Jessica on the finale. I have a feeling he won't, though. It's way too soon and they really don't know each other - besides, she never even met his daughter yet. Cody cut his own throat just this past episode with the clips they showed from the Jury house. Cody is a very bitter person. Period. I read elsewhere that he has lost a ton of fans because of what was aired on the show last night. Annnnd, I doubt Jess would say yes if he asks her to marry him - but I get what you said that she might say yes just for TV, then later dump him, but I doubt she would even do that! lol

        • #14
          On last night's show Mark said something to indicate Josh won't get his vote. It was either "he does realize he's playing for second" or "the best he can get is second:". Now that may have been just if he sits beside Paul, but I don't think so. Based on how Marlena were laughing at Maven it's a good bet Paul already has won if he gets to that F2 chair. The trick is ensuring he gets there.

          Paul will have Maven, Marlena, Alex, Kevin (and as per Jess) Cody. The only uncertain votes would be Xmas (who I do think would vote for Paul b/c she's closer to him than Josh) & Jason who Alex may not be able to turn away from his bitterness. Still, I think it could be a sweep or close to it.

          For me, the bigger question is can Josh beat Xmas (who he intends to take). I'm not so sure he can.

          Christmas had her moments in the house but Cody, Mark, Elena, Kevin and Alex all have better relationships with her. Maven will do what Paul tells them & if Josh wins & boots him I expect Paul WILL be the bitter voter & give the game to Xmas & pull Maven in to vote the same way. So in this scenario Josh might get just Jason's vote. '

          While Dr. Will could get this bitter cast to look at game & reward Paul - they may not be as open to rewarding the guy who attacked the majority of them & was Paul's minion. Granted, getting out Paul could result in the hamsters rewarding Josh for "the big move".

          Come to think of it, if Paul is worried all he has to do is plant a seed with Josh & tell him that each of Kevin, Alex & Maven noted how Xmas got Josh to calm down & credited her for his improved game play. THAT might get Josh to thinking. Since he knows Marlena could be doubtful votes to begin with would that deter him from taking Xmas. I guess it comes down to whether Josh believes he can beat her vs being regarded by the fans as the guy who cost Paul the game.

          Anyway, just remembered that Mark quip & went off on a tangent there lol


          • NicChick
            NicChick commented
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            THANK YOU!! I heard that too and my hubby and I argued about it for like 5 minutes, he thought Mark was saying PAUL would be getting second, I took it as him saying JOSH would be getting second.

          • Freebyrd
            Freebyrd commented
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            Last nights airing of the Jury house had me rewinding my DVR constantly while they were showing clips of the HG's talking! I found them (especially Cody) very hard to understand what they were saying.

        • #15
          How about Raven last night. I am speechless 😶


          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            She's her own Magical Mystery Tour.

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