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Live Feed Discussion - September 16, 2017

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  • Live Feed Discussion - September 16, 2017

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    Good morning, everyone!

    Only 4 more days until the Finale!


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      Happy Saturday BBU Family,

      Just stopping in quick b/c I have a busy NBA day .

      So some quick thoughts (and questions on last night's episode & brief feeds activity yesterday).

      I had mixed feelings about last night's re-cap show. In particular, the one area of the show I find difficult to gauge is how National TV audiences (who don't watch live feeds or chat online) absorb what they see. Since I'm predisposed to an opinion which includes all the details I can't decipher if something would have a positive or negative effect to the National audience.

      Specifically, I'm referring to Kevin and Cody's segments.

      Let's break it down:

      Kevin fight with Raven, Matt, Alex:
      The early segment featuring Kevin telling Matt about the money & then following up with lying about telling him & then getting into it with Raven, Matt and an all too eager Alex.
      • Does this make Kevin look shady b/c we see him tell Matt then lie?
      • Or does he look like he can't win b/c Matt's comments seemed unnecessarily egregious (are you going to attack me?)
      • Raven definitely looked nutty & Alex definitely looked all too eager to jump in and go straight for Kevin's jugular
      • Of course the best part of this bit was Kevin yelling back at Alex she wouldn't finish better than second & that a shoe could beat her (LMAO).

      My takeaway was a bit of angst b/c the TV audience don't know about Alex throwing out his food or all the nasty things she called him.

      Jody Segment:
      Okay this segment was incredibly frustrating for me b/c first of all we've seen it countless times. But, I was so annoyed TPTB objective seemed to be to place Cody in this great light. Running it immediately after the Kevin fight segment (IMO) made Cody look even better "great Dad". And, I know many who watch live feeds know more details regarding Cody's situation with his daughter which don't make him sound anything close to a Father of the Year candidate. But, am I wrong? (ie: he came off looking really good? ... although the comment about his daughter not being another of the booger kids was closer to his true demeanor) Or, is the fact he kept his daughter hidden and would give up the only time he spends with her something that would raise questions with the audience about how much time Cody actually spends with her.

      The Raven - Matt cinnamon-milk battle was obviously done just to garner air time. OR... maybe that was part of the puppet masters plan
      That said, the side bar of this segment were Paul, Christmas eating Triscuit's like popcorn in the background. It was one of the few times this season where Paul reminded me how he appeared last season.

      Kevin Story time & the Mobster theme:
      Once again I came away from this wondering if it wouldn't register more negatively than positively. There were countless story time sessions which had me in stitches they could have used instead. Like when he talked about being on Geraldo & having to dance with all these single guys. I died laughing that night. Plus there were so many instances of Dad-like touching moments with Ramses or Josh. Or walking in the backyard with Jason or sticking his head in the freezer to cry when he missed his family - but didn't want to be viewed as weak for crying.

      Or maybe an audience not familiar with Kevin would look at the whole mobster theme they were trying to spin and think he was an interesting character just trying to fit in.

      I'm just so unsure.

      Mark - Josh fight:
      This segment showcased Josh doing what he does & Mark charging him wasn't flattering, but then again not showing him throwing hot sauce in Paul's eyes or Josh crushing on Elena didn't provide the proper background. That said, as much as I didn't like Mark 'IN' the house I enjoyed his jury quips. And Mark in that tutu was TV gold.

      Poshmas & the others:
      In terms of the others TPTB couldn't do much more damage to Maven then they've already done to themselves. Clips of Elena, Jason, or Alex were virtually non existent other than the crying DR bits. So, I'm assuming the only players in the mix for AFP are Kevin/Cody (maybe Mark) and of course TPTB were trying to present how the Poshmas trio came to be.

      Live Feed Activity:
      As for the trio, there wasn't much to witness yesterday as they spent most of the day sleeping & BBAD was entirely of the trio sleeping (thank God for PVR I just cycled through it and erased).

      What we did learn is Josh has suddenly changed gears and for the moment is leaning toward taking Paul to F2. The combination of how Kevin said goodbye to Xmas and Paul playing upon that got into Josh's head. He still hasn't committed to 100% taking Paul, but given how much he waffles I think it's a safe bet. The only argument against that is whenever Josh is in power he tends to act differently (gets tunnel vision), so he may strike in the moment.

      One other tidbit I caught was a bit of a throw away, but intriguing. The problem was I had two laptops open writing a column on one with the feeds on the other so I'm not sure if I accurately caught the point (any insight would be appreciated).

      The trio were talking & Josh brought up how "they" kept trying to get him to go with them to turn on Paul. I'm assuming he meant Jalex b/c he said Jason specifically said they wouldn't have another opportunity.

      The problem is I don't know if josh is lying about this b/c he also lied about his GB message to Jason (b/c he's obviously hiding the fact he outed Poshmas & made sure the jury knows Paul was intrinsically involved in their ousts... MAN I wish we had seen Alex's GB messages)

      Moving Forward:
      Part 2 goes today sometime with Josh & Xmas facing off. At least that should offer something to see on the feeds when they finish other than Xmas nestled tightly against Paul & the 3 sleeping (YAWN).

      Anyway - that's it for today (lots of articles to write & not enough time in the day).

      Hope you all have a great day.

      Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-16-2017, 08:29 AM.


      • MrsVee
        MrsVee commented
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        I am in love with all of your posts , can't watch this season very much but you fill in all that I've missed and more. Thank you

      • Freebyrd
        Freebyrd commented
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        Hi'ya TTOT - I didn't enjoy last nights show at all and my opinion is that BB editors did a lousy job on the segments / clips they showed. In other words, I feel they didn't tie in the segments all that well to one another because you are right - there were so many other clips BB could have shown to make their segments all come together that they just didn't show. BB, for the most part (IMO) showed a lot of the wrong stuff & really missed the mark for last nights show. Oh well.

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Thanks MrsVee & Freebyrd thanks to you as well... we got the same read on it then based on your response. I'd still love to know what the National TV viewing only audience thought.

        While I took a break from writing my Adam Silver missive I was reading a site (the one where we've been getting our spoilers) and one other noting several posts from fans saying the Cody jury segments turned them off so much they aren't going to vote for him anymore. Conversely, there is also a strong contingent of Paul haters who love Cody for his dismissiveness and are championing him seemingly almost as much for his anti-Paul rhetoric as him individually

        Other key takeaways were copious comments about Raven's craziness (with some pretty funny Gifs though I'd put BettyBoo 's pictures up against the best of them), Mark gaining huge support for AFP based on his jury segments and anger over the fact Alex's meanness wasn't remotely shown.(aside from the end of the Kevin argument). I'd agree on the latter & don't need to expound (I've ranted about it enough on here lol).

        Finally, the polls I checked yesterday did show another shift with Cody regaining support after a huge drop off this week. So, he took a hit Thurs but based on what I saw today it seems it helped him regain momentum (& Kevin slipped slightly). So, perhaps that answers my original question regarding how the show affected the overall view of Cody/Kevin.

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      I had drank quite a bit of beer by the time I watched last nights show but I was hearing the psycho theme in my head when they showed the part where Christmas was talking about her feelings for Paul. I despise Paul, but in that moment I was worried about him? That was weird lol.


      • MrsVee
        MrsVee commented
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        Something tells me that Christmas "Joy" is still on some kind of pain pills🤔

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      Whenever I've got to watch the feeds this year wherever Jason , Alex and Josh were at that's what I would watch because everyone else got on my nerves and the Three Stooges all made me laugh so my votes are getting split 3 ways and let the best stooge win 🙊🙉🙈


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        I'm such a klutz. I typed a fun note about Merica! and how people vote for the underdogs 🐶 and 😻 cats and accidentally hit the wrong key when I was trying to copy it from my IPAD notes page to BBU. GACK, tears, gack...

        So here is a mini-me version.

        Merica! Votes - Part One

        We heard that The Powers That Be (TPTB) are now wringing their hands aghast that they did not see the ramifications of the Temptation Voting and Paul's introduction to the game. SNORT!

        R U Kidding ME? The wee lad who recently lost Half A Million Do$$ars to a sleepy headed blonde. ---- gets bounced back into the game after someone else gets Twenty Five Thousand Do$$ars.

        R U Kidding ME? Like the wee underdog 🐶 lad wasn't gonna win the First Temptation with what felt like a mere 30 seconds after he entered the game fresh from so much prior loss.

        And then, Marine Cody tosses a live grenade into the round circle of his elite alliance unit which failed to explode, making the wee lad a War Time Survivor. Then...

        R U Kidding ME? Same said Marine tosses yet another live grenade into the round circle of his elite alliance unit looking to take out a.n.o.t.h.e.r of his own.

        Merica! Votes - Part Deux

        So, what does the underdog 🐶 / cat 😻 loving Merica!s do? R U Kidding Me? They vote the very next Temptation Of the Summer for the most recent live grenade 😻 victim. Cause that how they roll.n.stuff.

        *Merica! stands for all those who voted for the under dog 🐶 /cats 😻 across all voting continents.

        **R U Kidding ME? stands for..... well you know.


        Part One of my treatise on why I think Marine Cody (and his live grenades) had an over the top totally unexpected positive impact on Paul's game.


        • #7
          Part Two of my treatise on why I think Marine Cody (and his live grenades) had an over the top totally unexpected positive impact on Paul's game.

          Cody, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

          I recently finished a book that had a group of Marines following and protecting two good guy spy's (GGS). The GGS had no idea they were there.

          So here is what happened when the GGS suspected someone was on their six.....

          Out of the dark, they hear a friendly voice with a southern drawl say,

          "Ah US Marines, one-one.”

          "What the hell?" Nathan ...the good guy spy ... exchanged a stunned glance with Harv and quickly considered their options. He needed verification in a big hurry. That southern voice could belong to anyone.

          Whew, big relief..... So after they learned the southern voice as well as the men who surrounded them as they stepped out of the dark gloom.....were home grown.......US-OF-A MARINES..... 😍💞

          GGS Nathan extended his hand and said in a relieved voice, “You Marines are a damned welcome sight. Sorry you guys got dragged out here.”

          ... “Are you kidding? We love deploying.”

          GGS: “How long have you been here?”

          ...“Corporal Ramirez and Sergeant Birdsall have been with you since the LZ. The rest of us have been up here for the last twelve hours.”

          GGS: “Are you serious? We were followed?”

          ...“Yes, sir.”

          GGS: “We never saw or heard anyone.”

          With a deadly serious twinkle in his eyes, Marine Lyle smiled, and in his southern drawl calmly stated

          “Ah, nah Sir, you wouldn't have."....

          (Note to self, I bet Christmas would develop a serious crush on this dude. Heck, I know I did. LOL )

          Moving along. Then near the end of mission the GGS says,

          "Although they wouldn’t see or hear Lyle’s Marine team now,

          .. KNOWING it was back there felt good."


          Ok, back to the world we all live in,GGS, Marines and all.

          All my life I've read about the sacrifices and commitment of Military Units, etc. across all countries. And so have our House Guests (HG's).

          The study of society, folklore, ingrained stories, long held beliefs, expectations... etc....make up and shape people's reactions to the situations they encounter.

          The Few, The Proud. The Marines. Semper Fidelis = Always Faithful

          Upon meeting Cody and becoming part of his alliance the die was cast for the HG's as to how they would respond to his actions.

          They were a team, members of an elite alliance totally committed to each other. Although it was only in the Big Brother House, I'm sure they felt kinda bad ass to be a part of such a unit. In a way unknown to most of them, they became Mini-Me Marines. Their stab at being The Few, The Proud. The Marines. Semper Fidelis = Always Faithful!

          Paul and Christmas were part of this elite force. They all had discussed battle plans and were SECURE in their place in the unit.

          When Cody nominated Paul, and subsequently Christmas, he betrayed his own alliance. Their belief that they were part of Something Bigger Than Themselves was ripped from them.

          The deadly grenade Cody tossed didn't go off, and Paul's life was spared. Being spared death by a live grenade tossed at you by a supposed alley.......

          Well, just think back to all the war stories when an ENEMY combatant throws the grenade....

          A. When the soldier miraculously escapes death..... that soldier then has a different status if you will for the rest of his life. Someone others want to protect and be around, tell stories about, buy drinks, etc!

          B. But IF a supposed ALLY threw the grenade, well that surviving soldiers status goes off the charts. You know how to respond to A.

          However Soldier B. will automatically be vested with additional levels of Love, Loyalty and Protection etc. It's an ingrained response and very very hard to overcome. People go out of their way to show Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful to these survivors.

          History is full of stories that boggle the mind. That's why I love the study of why people do what they do.

          Just like the good guy spy in our story, KNOWING you are protected and watched over is powerful. But our BB elite unit members knew their prior Marine Leaders name wasn't Lyle, and no way are they ever gonna feel safe knowing he's back there.

          1. Self Protection. The surviving Mini-Me-Marines look around at the carnage and the last thing anyone of them would do is willingly put themselves at the mercy of the same renegade, death wielding, totally unfaithful not-Marine like leader.

          2. Semper Fidelis. They close ranks to protect themselves and want nothing more than to show each other, the Few, The Proud. The Marines. Now on their own they work to gain back the honor and safety that was ripped from them as they set their eyes on their new enemy - Cody.

          3. Paul / Soldier B has now been granted so much emotional gratis/currency it's unbelievable.

          Even if his safety had only been for that week, I believe he would have been able to spend and invest the unexpected mountain of game coinage long enough to build his own alliance.

          So that's the end of my rambling. What do you all think? Other than, thank goodness she finally finished. We were tired of her victim noises.


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            I think you're right on the money - Cody's actions united them in protecting Paul like nothing else could!


            • LCnSummer
              LCnSummer commented
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              YUP. Paul could not have gotten a better gift.

              If he wins, he should open a College Education IRA for Cody's daughter.

              Ya know, just so he can continue the 'Cody, The Gift That Keeps On Giving.'

              His daughter deserves something from her fathers bad decision making and open faced stare eyed promise to always be stubborn and inflexible as well as always choose the most risky path every time an opportunity to do something presents itself. No matter the consequences to those around him.

              If he keeps making mistakes like this, and if those who benefit from those mistakes fund that child's education fund, well that girl will be able to go to college. The Few, The Proud. The Educated.

              HA! Maybe she will grow up and marry a handsome southerner named Lyle. (<' Semper Fidelis

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            Jason And Alex Have A Tearful Reunion In The Big Brother Jury House
            The ride-or-die pair put the past behind them in an emotional reconciliation. Watch the two-hour Big Brother finale on Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.


            • LCnSummer
              LCnSummer commented
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              LOL Kenny,

              Thanks for giving us something to read as we close on 3 1/2 hours of watching under dog potential pets. YAY pets.

          • #10
            Maybe Josh and Christmas are both trying to throw the comp.


            • birdiefriend
              birdiefriend commented
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              LOL - I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if that were the case !!

          • #11
            Two thoughts. The DR must give the HG info from the outside, otherwise how would they know team names i.e. Maven & Jody & Marlena.
            Christmas is a recovering alcoholic. Why is she drinking in the house.


            • BBfan4life
              BBfan4life commented
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              At the very beginning of the season when the couple's were all in alliance together (before Cody took a shot at Paul) the couples gave themselves those names. It was on one of the first episodes

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            I saw that Lexie posted the winner of part ll but any chance she could post who actually won it? Lol


            • Lexie
              Lexie commented
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              I didn't post the "winner" yet... just posted the "Part 2 HoH is underway... and that I'd update as soon as it plays out " .... ; )

          • #13
            Sounds like Christmas won Part 2. She beat Josh by 5 minutes.


            • Walleye
              Walleye commented
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              Actually I think josh won.

            • sdkgeo
              sdkgeo commented
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              You may be right Walleye. They keep saying things that make me think both ways. Gahhhh, just tell us.

            • Walleye
              Walleye commented
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              Christmas said I would have beat you if......but I couldn't tell if she meant the whole comp or one part of it.

          • #14
            Lexie says josh won.


            • #15
              Yep, Paul just said it. Said Josh almost gave him a heart attack.


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