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Live Feed Discussion - September 20, 2017- Final Day

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  • Live Feed Discussion - September 20, 2017- Final Day

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  • #2
    Happy BB19 Finale Day BBU Family!

    So, I wrote an entire post for yesterday, but fell asleep & didn't save a copy and lost it. When I awoke and it was irretrievable I thought, hmmm doesn't that just about sum up this season?

    With finale night finally here, few things are left to be determined aside from the winner, second place and AFP. At this stage it doesn't even appear as if the F2 will be a surprise since Christmas has decided to throw in the towel & Josh has determined he would probably lose to her. There is an outside chance if Josh wins Part III he might still evict Paul. Still, that seems like a long shot b/c Paul has told live feeders he will definitely try to put himself in the position to pick. And, for as much as Josh is decent at social skills, Paul knows the hamsters better, what to expect in Part III & Josh will likely be super anxious under the live circumstances (especially questions where he tends to mess up during live comps).

    In retrospect, the final 3 aren't a huge surprise to me (although I still think Paul should have dragged Kevin to the F2 chair as his goat). Paul was destined to arrive at F3 given his 24-7 game management among a house of non players. Christmas likely got further b/c she was injured as she rubbed some people the wrong way & a competitive Xmas wouldn't likely have avoided the block as easily as she did. One site I visit abhors her, but when she wasn't on her meds I found her to be one of the better players at managing personalities. If not for her directive of Josh for example he may have been in jury. As for the big meatball, going back to one of my first or second posts this season, I tagged Josh as a player who read the house well and earmarked him as a dark horse candidate. And so we arrive at F2.............

    Hey, that left a bitter taste in my mouth!
    Despite rumors of an extremely bitter jury fueled by Maven's Paul support I'm not convinced Paul isn't the winner. Now, in fairness this crew of sheep could surprise, but it does seem likely there are 4 locked votes: Matt, Raven, Kevin & Cody.

    Maven are the obvious two, plus it's hard to imagine Kevin (the one player who left the house sans animosity/bitterness) would pick Josh over Paul. First of all, the pair (Kevin/Paul) discussed opening a bar together post BB, so why would he hurt that option? Additionally, Kevin consistently pegged Josh as the target (conceivably b/c he would steal his goat spot) & it's doubtful Kevin will want to reward Josh over Paul's play. As for Cody, Jess has repeatedly said Cody would vote for "game" which means comps & there is the issue of the angst between Cody - Josh. Most of Jody's fights were with Josh at the center of the storm. AND if nothing else let's remember Jess despised Josh most in the house & with Cody ready to reunite with his showmance his vote will likely reflect that.

    Granted, I 've yet to see the round table, but jury segments did seem to point to Paul having the edge:
    • Mark said the best Josh could finish was second
    • Although a minor situation - it does appear as if Elena - Mark have been cuddling up in jury, so again, it's doubtful she'll want to tick off Mark by voting for the guy in the house who has a big crush on her.
    • Alex ridiculed Jason & told him "you have to vote game"
    • Further, Alex promised Paul her vote before leaving - so if she wants to keep her "you did me wrong" narrative rolling she'll need to stick to her word.
    • Assuming plans remain the same, I think Christmas is more likely to vote for "her (Paul) crush" over Josh. Especially if she senses Paul could lose b/c of a bitter jury.

    The other thing I've been wondering is based on TPTB manipulating so much, doesn't it stand to reason they would encourage the jury to spout their bitterness in an effort to have the audience suspecting a blindside upset?

    From a personal perspective, Paul is the only player who deserves the title/win given his full game. However, let's break it down........

    To wit...

    Can Paul beat himself?
    So, if there is some truth to the jury already having decided they won't vote for Paul (aside from Maven), it may not matter what Paul says. For the sake of argument though, let's assume that's not the case or at worst his jury argument can sway some votes. Here's what Paul should highlight:
    • NEVER on the block!
    • In contrast - Josh was on the block three times. But, those three times offer more credence to Paul's argument b/c the first time Paul removed Josh with the POV, the second time Paul orchestrated the strategy to oust Ramses & keep Josh (Jess' HOH) & the third time he forced Xmas to vote out Kevin to keep his hands clean.
    • NINE comp wins (with potential to be ten at night's end)
    • Josh won 2 HOH's (golf comp - chance) BB Comics HOH in which he barely won even with Paul, Xmas & Kevin all throwing it to him under Paul's directive. His DE POV win was legit. And, his final comp win (part II) was barely won versus a one-legged, one eyed girl.
    • Assuming Paul wins Part III - that gives him more the double the comp wins of Josh
    • And, it cannot be understated Paul manipulated copious competitions via the sheep missive of "throw the comp"
    • Every player (aside from Kevin) was playing with a partner (duo) except him. Therefore he employed the strategy of becoming each & every duo's third vote & then managed each week depending on who was in power. Each of them were keen to have him as a vote, BUT IF THEY ARE HONEST NONE OF THEM WOULD HAVE TAKEN HIM TO F2 OVER THEIR PARTNERS.
    • While many in the house took time off or moved on to jury management he played the game 24-7

    Perhaps the key point of persuasion Paul needs to focus on beyond the above points is EVERY single person in jury landed there as his target. While this might be viewed as a negative and will require a deft hand at how he answers, it still warrants mentioning. From my perspective (& I haven't seen him addressing this in his proposed speech, though he could deal with it in his responses to questions.) Of all the hamsters in the house the 2 people from my perspective he needs to focus on are Jason & Alex.

    To them he needs to say: You were an extremely strong duo I worked closely with for a long time and considered being in this very spot with. But, Jason you actively discussed getting me out with Mark, Josh & Alex. And, Alex when you lied about your Mark vote, it was clear you had moved on to jury management as your priority, so even if Jason got evicted leaving me as a F2 option you were already ensuring you would beat me. This combination made you too risky to leave in the house. Going back, I took both you off the block at different times with the POV and ultimately I still never voted for either of you to leave the house. And, with all due respect, b/c of my own game play you never were put in a position to have to protect me or save me. Hindsight is 20-20, but Jason given your conversations to target me I couldn't count on you not evicting me. Which means I couldn't feel safe within our trio.

    Or could Josh self sabotage?
    On the eve of the finale Josh has committed to taking Paul which in itself could cost him the game if he gets to choose & doesn't select Xmas over Paul. But, I think another key will be Josh's argument. Hearing what he intends to highlight IMHO could end up cementing the win for Paul.

    Specifically, Josh plans to say HE was the reason Jess, Alex and Elena were targeted & subsequently ousted.

    This very argument could serve to drive Alex/Elena to vote for Paul as they'll look upon this statement as delusional. It will give both ladies the very reason they need to vote for Paul. Especially the Jess - Elena comment since Josh pushed hard for Elena to go the week Jess left & Elena ONLY left b/c Mark was safe.

    Furthermore, Josh reminding Cody of the Jess - Josh dynamic won't serve him well. Suggesting he was the reason behind her exit will only piss Cody off & guarantee he votes for Paul.

    Josh's better bet would be to say he aligned with Christmas & Paul early in the game & for as much as he witnessed Paul working every duo he chose to remain loyal to this trio as his solid alliance. He should further play to Alex's ego & state this was the only reason she had to leave when she did & that the Jalex votes were the hardest for him this season. If he doesn't do that - I think it helps Paul & hurts Josh.

    AFP (or sheep):
    This also appears to be a 2-horse race between Cody & Kevin.

    If we are to believe the polls & social media Cody has this on lock. I hope that's not the case. With apologies to Cody fans, I'm pulling for Kevin to win.

    My reasoning - I recognize Cody got burnt having to nominate so many players in the first HOH especially once Megan self evicted. But, Cody was part of the reason why Megan left. Going back to that first week there is an argument to be made Cody hamstrung himself b/c he was one of the people who got into it with Megan.

    Then he went against (read: behind their backs) his entire alliance, to target a big player in Paul, then Xmas (both of which were supposed to be part of his alliance). Generally, BB fans (of which Cody says he was) don't target big fish straight out of the gate or not work in concert with their teams. I point you to players like Devin BB16. Those type of dictator moves rarely are successful.

    Further, if Cody wanted to take out a big fish then swing for the fences & make sure you have 2 big fish on the block to start with. As much as Cody can complain about Paul's minions - THAT is precisely what he was counting on having for himself. Moreover, HE was the one who convinced Jess to not take down Ramses which speaks to how poor his social game was.

    But, more than anything, I simply can't reward a player who clearly doesn't want to be there. He played the game in short spurts, refused to make speeches, interact or do the basics. Ditto for his time in jury. To reiterate from an earlier post of mine - you are getting paid a salary so DO YOUR JOB.

    This is simply my opinion - but if you are in the camp who were severely disappointed by this cast specifically b/c they chose to not play -then WHY reward someone who actively thumbed his nose at the game?

    That's why I hope Kevin wins b/c (again just MHO) he was the only player who left taking ownership for his personal shortcomings, without animosity and was graceful/courteous upon his exit. Besides, he gave me several laugh out loud moments. Personally, I'd rather send a message to future hamsters that they either need to PLAY the game & in the absence of game fans would prefer to see an entertaining, kind individual.

    Parting Thoughts:
    BB19 was a highly disappointing season. There were few personalities to like, even fewer game strategists and the mob mentality wore us down. I was never a Paul fan last season, but acquiesced at game end believing he deserved to beat the bed ridden Nicole. After this season, he's still not a person I would chose to spend time with, but love or hate the style of his game - at least he had one & played it 24-7. For that, he deserves the win.

    Still, I won't shed tears regardless of where the final tallies fall in any of the prizes amounts to be determined tonight. I'm not likely to be around for Celebrity BB since NBA training camps begin next week. Feel free to reach out to be (my Twitter is the same as my name on here & you can DM me if you want to chat).

    Ultimately, this cast showcased the characteristics of humanity which make us all cringe & shone a bright light on bullying. The irony is I still walk away from the season with a big grin. And that my BBU family is because of each & every one of you. Whether it was DisMom KeninVA or many of your brilliant analysis or BettyBoo tickling my funny bone or the numerous moderators who kept me abreast of happenings when I didn't have time to watch live feeds b/c I was on deadline, or just the camaraderie of the forum. Although I visit other BB forums, none compare to BBU - (many exhibit the same type of bullying attacks - just through text).

    And so as another season comes to end I leave the Dr. Will equivalent of the BB forums. I'll miss you all & will look forward to next summer when our BBU family once again convenes to update on our lives & share in the game we all love.

    Thanks for another great summer of memories & smiles.

    Tamberlyn xoxo


    • TTOTambz
      TTOTambz commented
      Editing a comment
      CubbyBrother I'm old school (& not particularly a fan of LeBron specifically for what he has spearheaded in his era of leading the NBA.... super stars who won't enter the dunk contest unless they are paid millions, super starts colluding to form 'super teams' & using social media to create false images all while making bank). Even the Cavs 1-3 comeback IMHO is tainted b/c of the Draymond Green suspension & Steph Curry fouling out of a game after not doing so for 3 straight years. Still they won when it counted in G7 & earned the title. In terms of GSW Kevin Durant endured a tough past few days publicly ridiculing/criticizing Steph Curry's Under Armor sneaker brand & then posted tweets thinking he was doing it from a fake account but forgot to switch over from his real name. In it he bashed OKC head coach Billy Donovan & the Thunder franchise.

      Aside from the fact KD obviously has too much time on his hands (& needs a constant PR presence in his life) the big takeaway here is what he did to Steph. Although the new Collective Bargaining Agreement & Super Max deals made Curry a millionaire several times over ($201 million/5 years) it's the sponsorships & branding of the stars which offer longevity off the court & beyond their pro careers. This KD gaffe may cause some locker room issues (we'll just have to wait & see).

      As for the Bulls I suspect it will be a tough year though Zach LaVine should offer some excitement for you. DWade will very likely be bought out (even though Gar Forman & ownership HATE to waste money). Still, that's not a bad thing for the Bulls as the top end of the 2018 draft is chock full of super star talent. How ironic would it be if the Bulls end up with a transformational star at season end? Especially considering LeBron is very likely to bolt from Cleveland this summer in free agency & head to his next new 'super team'. I called for him to head to La La land LONG before everyone else started tossing it around (he has businesses there/& wants to do more acting). In fact, keep an eye on the banana boat crew all finding their way to LA (CP3 & DWade are in the last year of their contracts & both LeBron & Melo have a player option where they can opt out). Feels like it would be a bad fit (all except Wade need the ball in their hands to be their most productive), but Iet them convene & fail - nothing would make me happier #Shade lol .

    • Luanne
      Luanne commented
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      TTO- I always look forward to your post. I love reading your thoughts on the game and the houseguest. You have really good instincts and are usually right.

    • herms is here
      herms is here commented
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      I enjoy reading your analysis as well. I am hoping for a Josh win of the final HOH and a blindside. Josh has grown on me and that would show Paul that he should have taken Kevin.

      Enjoy your winter.
      Last edited by herms is here; 09-21-2017, 12:30 AM.

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    Happy Finale Night to All!!!!

    I'm so excited that it's finally here! TTOTambz pretty much already covered my thoughts, although I admit I'm a little more cautiously optimistic about Paul's chances tonight. I'm hoping that some reasoning will sink in on their little sheep brains and they can overcome their bitterness. If that doesn't happen and Josh takes the big money, I'm ok with that too. He's a meatball, but one that I've grown fond of. I think he's a sweet kid and has a good heart. Of course, I'm assuming that Christmas won't be in the F2, if she is I don't think she deserves the win.

    Although I have the live feeds sometimes I just get highlights off of youtube. I saw where there was a small earthquake felt in the house. Our F3 were playing cards and Paul immediately recognized what was going on. Very calmly he told the other 2 to lay their cards down right now we have to go outside. I know being a CA resident he's likely been through that many times before, but I was impressed with his calmness and quick response to be sure that they got somewhere safe, production didn't make any sort of announcement. Obviously, it wasn't as bad as it could have been -prayers to Mexico and what they are going through.

    The end of the BB season is always bittersweet. Being a TV junkie I know that it ending means the start of all my favorites -Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, This is Us, Supernatural, Walking Dead, ...and OMG the return of Will and Grace!!!! I'm BEYOND excited for that, lol. Normally, I check out of BBU and see you all the following summer. This year I think I'm going to hang around to watch Survivor and CBB(Celebrity BB) with my BBU friends I hope to see everyone else there too!


    • TTOTambz
      TTOTambz commented
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      Oh the earthquake night reminds me.. Josh was asking how soon they get paid b/c he wanted to go to a club & "make it rain" ie: throw cash around. This served to remind me of how young Josh is (for that matter so is Paul - he just seems so much older).

    • Freebyrd
      Freebyrd commented
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      Awww, DisMom, I feel a little like Dorothy from the Wizzard of Oz when she said to the scarecrow, I will miss YOU the most...I have enjoyed your posts this season b/c you have been saying exactly what I have been thinking. Definitely hope to see you here on BBU for the Celebrity special of BB this winter. <3 Now, THAT ought to be interesting! lol. Whoever wins tonight whether it's Josh or Paul, I am good with that. If Christmas wins...well, not so much, but hey, it could have been worse with someone else who we all disliked, right? Take care, my friend and look forward to seeing your posts again in the near future (this winter!!! lol)

    • DisMom
      DisMom commented
      Editing a comment
      Freebyrd that was very sweet, thank you for that. My "nerdness" actually started with the Wizard of Oz waaaaay back when, so that is funny you would say that, lol.

      I will definitely be around for CBB. I've had so much fun this season sitting on my little Paul island and making margaritas Hoping "My Boy" brings it home tonight!

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    Happy Finale Day BBU fam! looking forward to watching with you all tonight!

    I dont have much to say except a huge "ditto" to TTOTambz's perfect Finale posts (as per usual )

    "see" y'all tonight for FINALE!! Weeeeeee 😁


    • Shan
      Shan commented
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      DisMom LOL thanks for the heads up! I'm usually a day late and a dollar short so I guess I was gettin excited early for once hehe

    • Starshine
      Starshine commented
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      @Shan I too thought Survivor began tonight.
      Duffus here (me) didn't really believe TV Guide. Had to actually NOT see it come on when BB credits rolled.

    • Shan
      Shan commented
      Editing a comment
      Starshine LOL glad to know I was in good company 😁

  • #5
    Based upon Grodner's interview on The Hollywood Reporter.. my take is the 'FIX' is in for Paul to win this season of BB. Sounds like Production got to the Jury House Guests and everything will be make it look like they are voting Josh the win then a sudden .. 'SHOCKER" Paul win. No surprise here.. !!


    • CubbyBrother
      CubbyBrother commented
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      Yes Darkness, the "editing" of the first hour of the show and Dr. Will's sit down will be a key indicator of what is going on. If it is over the top against Paul, no doubt that Paul will win.

      And here's my final hope of the season---since the show is two hours tonight...(1.5 last year)....please CBS---announce the winners by about 20 until the close of the show and be able to sit down with the winner and have an interview---or a quick roundtable with the houseguests. Nothing more annoying than the confetti still falling, Julie announcing AFP and directly into a commercial and sunset, never to be seen again until next season.

  • #6
    Not a shocker at6 all BIG B had this one planned out from day one. BUT I will watch to see their faces when Cody takes America choice by a landslide. Paul and Josh can run back home to mommies and cry that everyone hates them.


    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      If I was Paul I'd take my half mill, run home to Mama's 6000 sq foot house worth $2.2 mil and laugh my arse off at all the suckers he outplayed. He'll be puzzled if Cody wins AVP over Kevin, but will be too busy celebrating to cry about it.

    • DisMom
      DisMom commented
      Editing a comment
      I think that Paul's ego took a hit with his BB comic makeover with Pottymouth, that had to clue him in that he may not be the house favorite this year. And I agree with BettyBoo, I'm not too sure he will care so much about who got AFP if he's taking home the big money.

  • #7
    My thoughts are pretty much in line with TTOTambz . As for Cody, I remember when Paul nommed him via the first back door that Cody did the sempter fi chest bump. He recognized and accepted that Paul was able to outplay him. I do think Cody would be embarrassed to give the win to Josh whom he considers to be only Paul's pet dog.

    Jason is the one I believe will refuse to give Paul a vote. He can be stubborn and could refuse to bend to Alex's argument. Mark and Elena have acknowledged Paul was the game leader. And Alex will vote game, no matter how hurt she felt.

    I am no fan of Paul as a person, but he's whipped butts in this game by playing a brain worm format. The majority of HGs thought he was going to the end with him. And if they weren't on board with him, he kicked their butts off the choo choo. People can dislike his style of game and wish for him to lose, but cannot deny it got him to the end twice.

    But while we think about this nonsense, our thoughts and prayers 🙏 need to be with the people of Mexico and all of those affected by this 3rd horrific hurricane. Sgt B's Mama is still in Puerto Rico and he's been a wreck today worrying about her since she's a frail lady in her 80's. Cell service was down but he just got thru and she & everyone else made it thru storm OK. Between earthquake and storms so many other people have lost loved ones along with property and going through the misery of being without electricity, homes, jobs, vehicles, etc. So reality outweighs reality shows today for me. (But of course I'll be watching tonight. My brain needs some relief of silliness.)


    • DisMom
      DisMom commented
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      We have dear friends in Puerto Rico, I'm praying that they are ok. The real world has been real mean lately, my heart goes out to so many people. The HGs all have a lot to catch up on when they come out.

  • #8
    BettyBoo you bring up a great point (first of all prayers for everyone in the affected regions as well as for safety to anyone who has family/friends there) I wonder if josh's family was affected at all in Florida. I'm assuming TPTB would have told him if they were.


    • #9
      I do not have a lot to add to all your wonderful post this morning. I think Paul will win over Josh. If Josh takes Christmas, he might have a chance.

      I think Cody will vote for Paul. Cody is a fan of BB and has watched(not just in sequester) I think he will vote based on game play.

      I hope to join you all tonight.


      • #10
        Happy Finale Day, everyone! I don't have much to add. I put all my AFP votes down for Jason, think he deserves it the most, and I'd be happy if Kevin won, as well. It will be too bad if Cody wins, but CBS made such a good edit I'd be surprised at this point if he doesn't get it. The audience sure is getting fooled by him!

        Jessica seems to know and like Paul, so I'd be surprised if she didn't get Cody to set things aside and vote for him before she left the house. I remember Paul saying a long time ago that Jessica lived only ten minutes from the studio, and if he knows that about her, they probably know each other outside of the house. So I expect Cody to vote for him if he's in the finale, and of course he most likely will be.

        I'd kind of like Josh to win. I started out really disliking him, but he grew on me towards the end, and I'd like to see him get it. I'm OK with Paul, but it would be better if he loses. >

        It's been great on BBU, not so great a season, but everyone here makes it fun.

        Lexie, just wanted to add I made a donation for the Finale. Hope it helps.
        Last edited by Border57; 09-20-2017, 02:43 PM. Reason: Edited to add note about donation


        • CubbyBrother
          CubbyBrother commented
          Editing a comment
          Willing to guess that it will be set up that Cody has to ask the scripted question to Paul. I also see Cody walking up to the box, putting the key in and walking back without saying anything. Jess was out before jury---if, with a dozen people left in the house she was able to convince Cody to vote for Paul, she's pretty darn good. They haven't seen each other in over a month and they won't see each other until after he puts the key in the box. All of his interaction will have been with those in the jury house. It's much, much, much easier for us to know what is going on in the house than them and easy for us to vote on "game play". We are talking about giving or NOT giving someone a half million dollars that they didn't get themselves. The last minute speeches will mean nothing--they never do. The jurors will have their minds made up well before they hit the stage depending on who walks out last. I re-watched last year's finale yesterday and Paul blew Nicole away with his speech and played a better game through the season---he didn't win then. It's possible, but going to be tough to win tonight.

        • gabesrah
          gabesrah commented
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          Jessica mentioned several times this season where she lives, so Paul may have heard it then.

      • #11
        TTOTambz It would be a cool final "in your face" move to the game and everyone - if it comes time for Cody to vote and he tells Julie - NO, I won't vote for either of them. It would the first time in BB history any Jury member abstained in voting, and I would love to see Julie tell Cody off for not playing the game at all with saying something like, "If you don't vote now any votes cast for you as AFP are nullified, meaning you won't have a chance to win $25,000. So make a choice or lose your chance." That would make for some great TV right there. I would love to see someone on jury write "Neither" on the parchment for Survivor as well, or hey like with elections do a write in vote for Jeff P to win.


        • DisMom
          DisMom commented
          Editing a comment
          I'd love to see that. Cody is just a horse's rear end IMO, I'm wondering what comments he will make tonight as he votes.

        • beckyd30
          beckyd30 commented
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          DisMom, He most likely won't say anything.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
          Editing a comment
          Oh man beckyd30 that would be awesome. LMAO.... Still, I'd bet TPTB have been threatening Cody for weeks with him not getting his stipend so if Julie had to threaten him that would be funny too. I suspect based on the editing the audience will be full of Cody & Jody signs, so he'll probably play along (if only b/c Jess & Cody plan on doing meet & greets to make money post show, so he has to pretend to be someone other than we know him to be).

          Come to think of it when they introduce the jury I really, really, really hope Alex is already on stage for most of the introductions.Unfortunately, they tend to introduce the jury as they were evicted which means Cody would be first on stage. BUT, Alex would enter just prior to Kevin so, she'll be able to see & hear the difference in the cheer for her versus Kevin.. PLEASE Mr. Cameraman make sure you get a shot of Alex's face for Kevin's intro. That will make my night (& be sure to focus on her face specifically when the top 3 AFP vote getters are announced since Kevin should also be among those). Tee hee

      • #12
        Thanks for all the enjoyable posts this season. Well we all probably think that this was a lack luster season, I loved reading everybody's insights about what was going on. I look forward to touching base with you all when celebrity big brother begins.


        • #13
          And Borders57, I also voted for Jason for America's favorite player!


          • birdiefriend
            birdiefriend commented
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            I voted for Jason too !! Let's hope it works!

          • Luanne
            Luanne commented
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            I voted for Jason

        • #14
          The ending of a season is always so bittersweet...

          I posted this last night but I wanted to put it here again because .. well it's important... : )

          First, let me say how thankful we are for all of you being a part of BBU.

          We've been through many, many, many seasons together and I personally couldn't be more thankful to have all of you here with us for WHATEVER Big Brother brings to the table.

          There are a LOT of ups and downs along the way, both inside the Big Brother house and outside the Big Brother house, for all of us game wise and personally.

          I have personally struggled this season, being here hasn't been easy on me, but your support, your kind words, your appreciate of what we do here, made it worth every single key stroke, every single day.

          But, I know that BBU could not have made it through with watchful and gracious eyes of the BBU Moderators, Kenny, Purrwing, sdkgeo, Shan and Linden, who have been here, each and every day, even with tremendous obstacles in their own personal lives. I could not be more thankful for them and their dedication to all of you and to BBU.

          We've had a few bumps in the road this season, the "game" gets personal and emotions run high, but look here we are on the other side of it.

          No matter who is crowned the winner of this "game", I am genuinely happy that we shared this season together.

          And, even before we close the door on Season 19, we are looking out the window and up the road to this new adventure called Big Brother Celebrity Winter Edition.

          And, yes... here I am again.... advocating for BBU... to ensure that we can stay here, and to do that....we'll need your help, now more than ever.

          We really want to be able to cover this new Winter Edition of Celebrity Big Brother, but I'm telling you that we can't do it without help.

          Unfortunately the subscriptions for the Live Feeds this season, were minimal, worse ever, I guess due how the majority of you guys felt about the season itself. So, that's left our little piggy bank up there empty and that's never a good thing when you're heading to the end of the season and hoping to be able to be here for the next one.

          We are looking into adding some additional non-intrusive advertisements such as Amazon, where you can click and shop and in turn that helps BBU with a small commission... BUT ... since typically most of you run screaming from here after the season ends, into the arms of you're "haven't seen you in a while" families, we always struggle during the off season to make ends meet, so if you're not here reading, you're probably not going to be here shopping. But, if we do get the links up for that, then please stop by and shop away ... every little bit helps in every way.

          We'll do what we can on our end and if you can help, please know how very much it's appreciated.

          With a grateful heart...

          for any support you can give : )


          • Ms. Charlie
            Ms. Charlie commented
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            I love my BBU family and I love Amazon! So I am in!! Thanks for this safe site to check in with old familiar names and catch up on BB! All of you have my love and support in all that you do both here and in your personal lives. It's not goodbye, but see you next week on the Survivor side and later on the BB Celebrity end.

        • #15
          Well, all I can say is shame on the jury if Paul does not win this thing hands down. He outplayed EVERYONE. So, hope Paul takes the big prize tonight.

          What I also hope is that neither Cody or Jason win AFP. I really dislike them both.
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          • Lynette
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            Me too. Hope Paul wins. Glad Josh made it to the end. Don't think Josh is in a position to be responsible with $500K so hoping he gets the 50K. Voted for Kevin for AFP. Regarding AFP will be happy with ABC winning.

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