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Live Feed Updaters Needed!!!

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  • Live Feed Updaters Needed!!!

    Ok folks, I post this every season... we NEED folks that are willing to do Live Feed Updates, meaning that you watch the Live Feeds and post what is going on there here on BBU. Doesn't have to be word for word but any kind of description helps and we especially want the interesting conversations/fights/events posted. As I always say, would be nice to get some West Coast folks to do updates as when it gets late here on the East Coast, you all are 3 hours behind us so like when it's 3 AM here (and the houseguests are still up and going strong) it's only 12 midnight there on the West Coast. Any and all help is appreciated.

    Sample post:

    2:25 AM BBT (BBT=Big Brother Time, which equals West Coast time)

    Cams 1 & 2 (cameras that it happened on)

    Rodeo clown Jason stripped butt naked and ran around the house with only his cowboy hat on while screaming Yee-haw!!!

    Jessica said, "Ride it boy! But where's the beef?"

    Dominque screamed, "Oh, Lord Jesus, help us all!"

    Cody proclaimed (while yawning), "Uh huh, yeah, I think this is exciting"

    Kevin said, "I got 30 stories to tell you all about something just like this happening to me so sit back and be prepared to listen for the next 3 hours and don't you say a word to interrupt me!"

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    Kenny, that's some imagination you have!! Or, is that wishful thinking???? lol


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    Kenny you have been looking at all the interviews, I think you have them down to a "T" Cute.


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    Thanks for posting this very expressive post Kenny.

    I just wanted to add that I am working through the summer again - so for now - I am working the same as last summer 10 hour days - 4 days a week with Friday off ( thank goodness ) but that will change as the months go by.

    I will do my level best to update as much as I can - I will be here all night on Thursday nights and as long as I can last throughout the weekends - BUT we definitely will need some help with the Live Feed Updates again this season.

    As Kenny said, it certainly doesn't have to be word for word or even close - a summary with a time stamp is awesome and so very helpful for members who come by to check out what they've missed throughout the day or night.

    Heck... some days I've even be happy for just a word and a time/date ... ... like NAKED .... 12:50 AM BBT Cam 3 ... or FIGHT .... 3 AM BBT Cam 1

    ANY help is greatly appreciated!


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      We're getting close!! We now have a dark fish tank with the "fish music" and a countdown timer showing how long until the Live Feeds start!


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        Lexie Hi!!


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        Thanks so much to
        Big Brother Enthusiast
        Mischief1 for stepping up and doing LFUs!! You're doing a great job! I say it every season, I know I'm NOT good at doing them and respect anyone who's able to have the patience (like our Admin
        Lexie ) to listen and type, sometimes for hours on end, what they're seeing/hearing in a way where folks that don't have the Live Feeds (or are unable to watch at certain times due to work, etc...) are able to know what's going on in the house! Hope everyone who reads/uses the LFUs show their appreciation for all those doing Live Feed Updates!


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          I've never done it before, but have read the updates and can try posting whenever I get the chance!


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          Sorry I've been away this weekend guys, too much stuff going on with the holiday! I'll get in there and post as much as I can after this week, but I'll be hit or miss all this week!


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          Will help when I can.


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          Thanks for doing updates today
          Big Brother Groupie
          stefshay89 ! Great job! You just started and already seem like a pro.


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          Newbie question here lol Trying to add pictures/screenshots on the Live Feed posts.. wasn't sure how to do it. Said I couldn't upload attachments


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          • To post photos, go to the site and create a free account (you can also use other photo sharing websites like Photobucket but they have TONS of advertisements that, even with high speed Internet, slow your computer down)! After you've created an account, from the drop-down menu by your username, select "Images" (note: I've been using them for a while so can't remember for sure but as soon as you create an account they may have a page that comes up to ask you to add images). Click on the green "Add Images" button. Now you can either drag your photo from your computer/file (with mouse; left click and hold) and drop it (release mouse button) on the box where it shows a picture of a giraffe or you can click the "Browse" button and navigate to the place you have the photo stored and then double click on the photo. Once your photo is uploaded on the site, click on the photo so it opens up and at the right you will see a list of links/codes. Look for "BBCode (message boards & forums)" and click the purple "Copy" button. Have BBU already open in another tab or window. Come here and then click inside the post box. Now right click on your mouse and click on "Paste". You will see just the code pasted. Once you click "Post" here, your photo will show up. I know it sounds a little complicated but it's really not once you get the hang of it. Please try to make sure the photo isn't too large (around 450 pixels is the right size). You can either edit it on your computer before uploading it to Imgur or you can use Imgur's editing tools to change the size after you've uploaded it.
          Added this here so I don't have to go searching for it over and over. 😊


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          Thank you to those that have helped. It is greatly appreciated.


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            Do the LFU dance... bump, bump, bump!


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