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Live Feed Updates-June 30, 2017-Day 9

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  • Live Feed Updates-June 30, 2017-Day 9

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    3:45 BBT

    All HGs have turned in for the night. Jessica is sleeping in the HoH bedroom with Cody.


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      Well .. the first night of the #BB19 live feeds didn't disappoint.. there was drama and tension ... throughout the house in all kinds of ways....

      Missed it?

      Catch up on last night's episode and breaking news HERE and HERE on the Home Page Articles...

      And HERE for all of the drama ( well ALL of the drama I could catch with my fingers/eyes/ears ) ... with the Live Feed Updates


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          6:44 AM BBT

          All Cams

          All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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            8:06 AM BBT

            We have FISH


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              8:17 AM BBT

              Cams 1 & 2 in one of the bedrooms, looks like Paul & Christmas sharing a bed, can't tell who is on the other cam (still learning people)

              Cams 3 & 4 on the bathroom but no stirring in there yet that I've seen


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                8:20 AM BBT

                Cams 1 & 2 switched to HoH just in time to see Coy & Jessica having morning kisses

                Cams 3 & 4 on Kitchen someone walked through but I missed who


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                  8:30 AM BBT

                  HG's are starting to stir, nothing much going on yet

                  (I'm off to lunch, try to be back later but I have some meetings this afternoon so I may not be able to grab too much)


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                    Back from picking pov players, it looks like Matt and Raven were picked


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                      The POV Players are:

                      Cody as HoH
                      Alex and Jillian as nominees
                      Jason, Matthew and Raven as the picked players.


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                        Here's what we see when the feeds are down


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                          Catching us up quickly since the veto players were picked

                          Cody and Alex talked.. he told her that he thought she would have tried to get closer to "the dude" and that she would have tried to reach out to the girls more..
                          She told him that she thinks she's cool with "the dudes" and that she's tried to reach out to the girls ..

                          Cody told Alex that he thinks that she and Jillian have been "isolating themselves"
                          She tells him that they haven't ...
                          She also says that she doesn't think the girls like her and that they ( the other girls ) are fake


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                            Kevin and Paul talked with Kevin telling him that Alex told him that there are already 6 couples that are making it to the end
                            Paul tells Kevin that he doesn't need to worry .. he ( Paul ) has told them that he ( Kevin ) is okay ...
                            He also tells Kevin to relay any info he hears like that back to him.


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                              Cody asked Dominique if she trusts him.
                              She told him yes
                              He told her she's good with him


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