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Flashback Worthy -- (2017)

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  • Flashback Worthy -- (2017)

    If you have any flashback worthy moments to share and pass along with everyone else, please post them here.

    Please include date, time (and camera) - and a short description.

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    8:38p BBT
    cam 3/4

    Cody explaining how he went straight to be in the middle of the riots and how excited it made him, how much he 'enjoyed it'.


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      Here is a good one, especially after the Cody, Jessica and Alex drama.

      Saturday, July 1
      Camera 3

      Cody and Jessica talking in bed.
      Epic Pillow Talk Fail!!
      Cody calls Jessica, Alex!!


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        Friday, 6/30
        Camera 1

        Elena towel malfunction in the HOH bathroom with Jessica.
        And this is AFTER a breast reduction?!?!
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          Saturday, 7/1
          3:07 thru 3:14am
          Camera 1

          Cody/Jessica. The first sex of the season.


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            8:47 BBT
            Camera 3

            Christmas is laying on the ground in the backyard, she calls out to BB for help, saying her foot is broken.


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              quad cams

              Raven falls down the stairs


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                Here's the whole convo as Paul is coming up with dressing up like a snake for the Veto Ceremony and Live Show ...

                7/16/17 -
                5:09 PM BBT

                Paul to Elena and Jessica- okay, I'll wear that dress, what other leggings do we have... what other snake-like leggings do we have

                Elena -python like this...

                Paul- you have them?

                Elena- uh...

                Paul -who has them?

                Elena- Christmas

                Paul to Elena and Jessica- what else should I do.. should I slick my hair back... or should I just put a black.. what do I do?

                Jess-are there any green bandanas.. I think that Alex has one.. didn't she wear green?

                Paul -how else do we emphasis a snake?

                Elena- put that **** on your face from last night...

                Paul- Oh My God, the black mask?

                Jessica - Oh My God.

                Paul - you guys are playing Big Brother with me.. do you not think I'm going to do stupid **** like this?

                Jessica - no, go for it

                Elena- it's entertaining ...

                Paul - do you know why I wore Pablo around the whole time? So, that whenever I got into heated arguements, I'm literally wearing a pool floatee around my waist talking **** to you and it's ****ing hilarious...

                5:09:56 PM BBT -

                Paul - so the black one or the green one?

                Elena- I don't know

                Jessica- the green one...

                Paul - but the dress is black and white ...

                Elena- then the black yeah..

                Paul - it just has to be black..

                Jessica- what dress?

                Paul - it's a snake pattern dress and I'm going to wear it ...

                Elena- Christmas was unpacking and it's this little like snake pattern romper and I grabbed it and said "has Paul picked out his outfit for the veto ceremony"?

                Elena laughs then says- cuz I'm such a bitch

                Paul- I'm going to do it for the live show too...

                Jessica- that's what she said eviction ..

                Paul - no I'm doing it for the veto and the live show too.. ladies I can't thank you enough ... because that is the ****ing funniest thing ...

                Elena- you're welcome

                Paul - straight up .. I'm going to go look at the leggings.. where's Christmas

                He leaves..

                5:11 PM BBT

                Paul to Mark and Ramses - you guys are going to die for the live show and the veto ceremony

                Mark- why?

                Paul- because Christmas pulled out a black and white snake dress... and she has leggings that are a phyton pattern and I'm going to wear the black mask that I've been putting on .. and just sit there...
                Oh My God.

                Ramses- you're insane...

                Paul- you guys thought Pablo was funny .. just wait...

                Mark -where did you get Pablo from a competition?

                Paul- yeah and the only reason I put it on, is because I thought it would be funny it would be funny if I was talking **** to them with a pool floatee around my wasit.. was it funny?

                Mark- yes

                Paul leaves...

                5:12 PM BBT

                Paul to Christmas- let me see these ****ing leggings right now.. I'm going to wear my black mask.. with the mask..

                ( for those of you who do not know what he's talking about when he references the "black mask" .. it's the Dead Sea facial mask that not only he, but Jessica and others have used in the house ) ...

                Paul- and the dress, let's try it on...

                Christmas- it'll fit.. you'll just have to slither into it ...

                Paul - Oh My God.. production .. everybody is going to ****ing die... my fans.. everybody ..

                Paul - and what makes it even better is that she ( Dominique ) can try to drop any ****ing bomb that she wants, no one is going to take her serioulsy ...

                Paul- wow this is so amazing...

                ( as he looks at the leggings )

                Christmas- they're going to be tight as ****

                Paul - Oh My God!! .. where's the dress.. let me do a test run...

                Christmas - the dress is a V neck .. so you might wan to .. oh look right behind you .. a black tank top...

                Paul - no I'll be shirtless...

                Christmas - oh. It's like a super deep V ..

                Paul - I don't ..

                Christmas- okay ...

                Paul -which is the back and which is the front

                Christmas- this is the front.. but you might want to go back to front .. to give you more ..

                Paul- dick space...

                Christmas- just in case ...

                Paul- this is going to be great...

                He puts on the leggings...

                Paul- thank you guys so much for even showing this to me...

                He puts on the dress with help from Christmas

                Christmas- she ( Dom ) is throwing ****ing shade at me...

                Paul- well this will help to ridicule her.. and if she drops a bomb.. I'll be like .. clearly you're upset..

                Christmas- I wish that would come off easily and you could be like "shedding my skin" ..

                Paul- well what I'm going to do is put something over it and then just release ...

                Paul calls for Elena and Alex

                Alex- Oh My God!!

                Ramses runs it too..

                Paul to Alex- I'm going to put the Dead Sea Mask on my face...

                Paul - this is going to be my live show and veto outfit .. with the black mask ..

                5:18 - Elena enters..

                Paul to Elena- with my black mask on ...

                Paul - don't say anthing to anyone.. I want the pettiness to be fresh ..

                Elena- hold on .. let me look through my clothes.. I don't think I have anything snake skin...

                Paul- ****, you girls are so funny.. does this look funny as ****...

                Christmas- you need a leather jacket... what if you wore the one without sleeves..

                Paul - what if I wore the one with hair...

                Christmas- yeah the one without sleeves..

                Paul - because it's like I ****ing killed a rabbit and ate it

                Christmas- a mongoose..

                Christmas- I ****ing love it.. this seals the whole thing...

                Elena gives him another leather jacket to try on

                Paul- which one is funnier that or this?

                Christmas- this is more badass.. this ( the fur collar one ) is more hilarious...

                Elena- if this was black, it would be better

                Christmas- this looks camera ready .. like you planned your outfit

                Paul - and this is really tight .. like another layer of skin...

                Christmas - you should just be peeling it off

                Elena- yeah, you should be like.. let me shed my skin...

                Paul to Elena- yeah but I don't want to ruin your jacket, it has to be placed on me perfectly so I'm not stretching it...

                Paul says he would need help taking it off...

                Elena- ask me for help..

                Paul- Elena, will you shed my skin?

                Elena- sure ..

                Christmas- Mark should get the other side..

                Paul- so black leather, you ( Elena ) don't mind if I wear it

                Elena- no, just so you know leather jacket ediquittee

                Paul tells her that he knows and he won't stretch it out.. etc.

                Paul- if she ( Dom ) thinks I'm worried .. this is definielty going to demoralize anything she's trying to plan. I'll be like here you go bitch ..

                Mark joins them...

                Paul -should I do the face mask, or is that dumb.

                Mark- I dont' think anything you do is dumb.

                Christmas- I feel like this is already over the top.. so you need to go all the way

                Paul- so the black leather jacket and the black face?

                Mark - if anything.. I would wait until like half way through .. like wait for one of the live shots and put it on ..just out of no where.. just keep it in your back pocket or your jacket

                Paul - so like I go pee and then just ( he makes the motion of putting the mask on his face )

                Mark- yeah and then come back like that

                Paul - **** that is funny too... do I save that for the live show or veto .. because I know she's going to try to do something at the veto meeting..

                Mark- both ...

                Paul- so face mask for both?

                Mark- it's just going to be hard.. because when would you do it .. we're all going to be in the room together...

                Paul -I'll do the face mask both times... this is the face mask, it's this color...

                Mark - Oh My God

                Paul- I love you too buddy ...


                This is after the Veto Ceremony today ...


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