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Live Feed Update - July 2 2017 - Day 11

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  • Live Feed Update - July 2 2017 - Day 11

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    8:20 AM BBT

    All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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      Good Morning : ) ... I'll get us up to date...

      HUGE THANKS to Mischief for the awesome Live Feed Updates yesterday!


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        Mark and Jessica have talked...

        Both saying that they trust Cody.

        Mark to Jessica - I really like yo and I love Cody.. and Elena, Matt and Raven,... but that is a lot of people

        Jessica agrees

        Jessica - the goal is to get to jury.

        Jessica tells Mark that she really hopes that it's Jason ( replacement nominee ) ...

        Jessica - I don't know what we would get out of anybody else going up... I love Paul and I don't ant to see him go anywhere

        Mark - I'm so glad you say that..

        Jessica - I will do all that I can to keep Cody in the game, but I also do not want to see Paul go anywhere


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          10:23 AM BBT

          Jason and Cody talk ..


          • #6

            Cody - what's on your mind man?
            Jason - I feel like it's about to get real, and I'm kinda like you, I'm not going to tell my moves before I make them, but I'm going to ask questions to see who aligns with what I'm thinking.

            Jason tells Cody that he doesn't want to reveal what he knows, if Cody isn't going to put him up.. but at the same time he thinks they are on the same page.

            Cody- if I put you up there you are going. ( home )

            Jason- no ****.


            • #7
              Jason - nobody is going to vote Jillian

              Cody- Correct


              • #8
                Cody to Jason = you and Alex are the closest thing to my personality in this game.... it sucks you are on the opposite side

                Jason- but that's okay .. because we can influence votes on the other side...


                • #9
                  Cody -that's what I am saying... and you are on my side... and this is what I need to happen ...

                  Jason- whatever you tell me.. won't leave my lips...

                  Cody- I haven't made an alliance yet .. and I probably won't... I just have certain people I want to protect... you and Alex I want to protect. Everyone thinks that I'm going to put you up


                  • #10
                    Cody- so here's what I need..if you get HoH next week..I need you to not up Dominique and the couples... Mark/Elena... Matt/Raven and then...

                    Jason- I think that's a bad move for me


                    • #11
                      Jason talks about how Josh is a big target....

                      Cody- but if you go after these people,.. I can't protect you this week

                      Jason - **** .. so you got me by the balls.

                      Cody- I don't ... it's your game


                      • #12
                        Cody- just to get to jury .. I need Dominique...

                        Jason- why do you need Dominique? She's not in the 6...

                        Cody - she is closer to me than anyone realizes...


                        • #13
                          Jason- okay ...

                          Cody- and I need her ( Dominique ) protected. AND.. I need you to realize the names I didn't mention...


                          • #14
                            Cody- . I didn't mention Christmas, I didn't ... mention Paul or ****ing Ramses.. and I didn't mention Kevin and it's not like I don't like these people.. they just don't have my interest.. and I didn't mention Josh ..


                            • #15
                              Jason - I want to level it up a little bit

                              Cody- but... by having me on your side.. you have those people on your side

                              Jason.. alright ... you got my word... but if Christmas is off the table, I'm taking Christmas.

                              Cody laughs says - I'm not going to say anything... but I will even do something to up the numbers this week


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