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Live Feed Updates-July 3, 2017 Day 12

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 3, 2017 Day 12

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    3:10 BBT

    Paul, Raven, Elena, Ramses were in the bathroom chatting about random stuff. Mark just went to bed. Elena got called to the diary room so Paul said they must be making their rounds so he is going to bed before he gets caught up. He and Raven went to bed and Ramses went to the toilet.


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      8:47 BBT
      Camera 3

      Christmas in the backyard with Jason on the ground. Saying she broke her foot!


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        8:54 BBT Back from Fish for less than a minute
        Camera 1 & 2
        Cody and Jessica at it again, lol *barf*

        Dominique in Storage room


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          Cam 3
          Whistlenut was running with Xmas on his back, slipped and her foot hit the grass.She is at the hospital now


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            8:47 AM BBT

            Christmas- ****.. **** me... tell them...tell them..t.ell them. Go! Tell them I broke my ****ing foot!

            Jason starts to run inside, turns back says = do you want me to carry you in there?

            Christmas- no... just leave me.


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              After waiting and waiting ... she says ...

              Christmas - production, I seriously broke my foot. I feel the blood swelling.... I feel it ... please, please, please ... ****ing come get me something fast!!!!


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                Christmas- ****.. **** me... mother****er...


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                  8:51 AM BBT

                  Christmas- Hey guys? Hey guys!? Somebody Please!

                  At that point is when the feeds went to FISH then to CATS


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                    9:48AM BBT

                    Jason- Did it break?

                    Cody- It was poking out of the bottom of her foot,...that's for sure

                    Cody - Matt and I carried Christmas into the Diary Room.

                    Jason - how did you get out there?

                    Cody- the door was open.

                    Jason - so the door rolled up and she was still laying on the grass?

                    Cody- yeah I came down and I saw Matt out there...

                    9:53 AM BBT
                    Jason explains what happened...

                    Jason- We were dancing and she (Christmas) was on my back. I was running around and I slipped on the grass.

                    The speculation begins as to whether Cody will have to make another nomination if Christmas doesn't return.

                    Jillian- This is crazy. Everyone that goes on the block with me, they disappear!


                    • #11
                      Elena to Jason - do you feel personally responsible for hurting Christmas?
                      Jason- I do..... I kept apologizing and she's like don't apologize... we were killing it out there


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                        Paul and Jason talk some game...

                        Paul tells Jason again that he has an "ace plan" ...

                        Paul tells Jason that the order in which things happen are important...because Cody won't care if you take Jessica out, but Jessica would care if you take Cody out


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                          Mark joins Paul and Jason and tells them that he was open and honest with Cody and told him that he had to keep Christmas


                          • #14
                            Matt and Cody talk ...

                            Cody tells Matt that he's "almost positive" that Alex won't go after the couples and/or Dominique


                            • #15
                              11:33 BBT Cam 3
                              Mark & Elena in storage room discussing the vote.

                              Mark: If Paul feels you are still close with Jessica & Cody, he's not working with us.
                              Elena: Do you feel 100% confident working with Cody after what he did?
                              Mark: I can't now - I'm trying to stay neutral.
                              Elena: You do what you want to do; don't be upset if it's different.


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