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Live Feed Updates ~ July 4th 2017 ~ Day 13

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  • Live Feed Updates ~ July 4th 2017 ~ Day 13

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  • #2
    9:23 AM BBT

    Jason is up - Wishes America a Happy Birthday. In the backyard on the exercise bike

    A few others have gotten up and started to stir, but then find them going back to bed LOL


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      9:40 am BBT

      Kevin, Christmas and Jillian in the kitchen. They are wanting BB to play another song for them, or a "4th of July" song

      Kevin talking with Jason about coffee. Says he's never drank coffee before, but has had espresso. Jason has never heard of espresso

      Other chit chat in the kitchen with Christmas

      BB trying to wake up "Jody"


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        Kevin was serenading us in the kitchen with Frankie Valli's "Can't take my eyes off of you"
        And we get FISH


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          9:53am BBT
          Kevin and Jason in the backyard talking game.. I couldn't make out his first words but sounds like which way the vote will go
          Jason- It's gonna happen
          Kevin- and then I promise you this, you start to get your back scratched
          Jason- Naw man, I don't need my back scratched


          • #6
            9:58 BBT
            Camera 3

            Jason - What was Paul's deal last night?
            Jason - He's cracking, he's sweatin
            Kevin - I don't know.. I think everyone thinks we're stupid
            Jason - No no no I think they're running against Paul I think they're gonna blindside Paul again
            Jason - I think they're stickin together like glue
            Kevin - Out of everyone we have right now who would you say are the 3 safest people in the house?
            Jason - Right now? Paul, I would say you (Kevin)
            Kevin - So they're gonna hunt each other huh.. I forgot Paul's got 2 weeks off
            Jason - I would say the 3 safest are you, Paul and Mark right now... Or, I mean I feel like it might even be shifting to me a little bit
            Jason - Cody's like I need you guys


            • #7
              Camera 1

              Jason and Kevin in the bathroom chatting about how just because almost everyone in the house "knows the game so well" doesn't really give them an advantage
              Kevin - It's all about your social skills... me and you get along with everybody and you have other people in the corners cuddled up and crying
              K - M'fer you eat for free, drink for free, sleep for free, you **** for free, you lounge and grab ass for free, you fondle and grab ass, and you complaining?? (LOL)
              Jason is laughing (who could not??)


              • #8
                10:25-10:30 ish BBT

                Kevin, Jason, Paul in the backyard talking about how Jessica does nothing
                "Oh look she's doing something!! Oh wait, she just got up turned around and sat back down" LOL

                Jillian in the hammock talking with Alex

                Cody and Christmas in the kitchen


                • #9

                  Camera 3/4
                  Jason and Paul talking
                  Jason tells him that he thinks the 3 safest are him (Paul), Kevin and Mark
                  Paul makes a face - ehh I don't think so because he's been going up there a lot and people are starting to raise eyebrows. That side of the house is in shambles
                  Jason - Face it, nobody wants to get rid of you because you're the entertainment
                  Paul - If I give you my trust and then you **** me, I **** you twice as hard
                  Paul - I'd say the 3rd person (safe) would be... Dom..
                  Jason - And why does she deserve it??
                  Paul - I don't know because she talks to everyone
                  Jason - She doesn't talk to ****in me
                  Paul - She doesn't talk game though
                  Jason - She tries to always try and tell you what you're thinking... bitch you don't know what I'm thinking
                  Jason is very salty towards Dominique with her bible

                  They continue talking about having a trusting team to get them far enough to Jury because then "everyone gets paiiiiddd"
                  Paul telling Jason he just needs people to trust him and he can take them. (He is the almighty mentor)


                  • #10
                    10:50 BBT
                    Camera 1

                    Cody comes up to HOH with Jessica

                    Cody - I talked to Jillian... she's got all the votes locked in. She's like all you guys gotta do is chill. Paul's walking around tryin to campaign. She's like I'm gonna act sad for the next few days
                    The others live in fear and they will feel so confident and then be blindsided. Elena is gonna feel like she's on the minority side.
                    Jessica - And she never wants to be with the minority
                    Cody - They're all gonna be like holyyy ****tt Cody and Jessica... oh my gosh..


                    • #11
                      11am BBT

                      Looks like everyone is up and around getting ready, outside, working out, etc
                      Paul talking how tonight around 6-7 it will be great and we can turn our brains off for a little
                      Cody - "I've already turned my brain off" LOL

                      (I'm going to have some lunch and be with the kiddos for a while but will keep this on for background noise. Will pop in later)


                      • #12
                        He's not one that I've transcribed that much yet...

                        So, here's a moment with Josh ...

                        11:50 AM BBT

                        Josh alone talking to the camera...

                        He's saying that everyone wanted him out and he threw a wrench into their plans...

                        Josh - So, I trust Christmas, I wanted her out week 1... because she was a competitior.. she's a beast.. I'm thinking game. Nobody was thinking that. But, now .. moving foward.. that girl has a heart of gold. She has helped me a lot in this house. And, like .. her word is bond, her word is not going to be broken. So, I know that I gotta win her trust over, I know that I gotta build a stronger relationship with her game wise and I know moving forward.. all my emotions .. all the homesick.. missing my family... my family knows I'm here... it was really hard .. being sequested .. being thrown in here... but I got my emotions in check and it's game on from here.

                        So, I'm focused, I'm in control and I'm going to show Paul and Christmas my loyalty and that I'm a man of my word, and show them that I'm with them. We will see where that takes me.

                        Now, what else was I gonna say? Oh, I forgot what else I was going to say...

                        Ohhhh... also being in this house .. you lean .. you ... I didn't know how much I leaned on my family ...I'm a big family guy, I'm pretty sure America knows this but.. I didn't know how much I leaned on my family and there's a few people in here, that you know.. make you feel like home.

                        For instance, Kevin, he reminds me a lot .. like back in Jersey. He reminds me a lot of.. like you know.. my uncles and my dad... a funny solid, great person.

                        BUT.. I realize that he's ****ing annoyed with me. He's sick and tired of me. He wants me out of this house more than anyone else.

                        But, you know what? I'm not mad at him. I'm not targeting him. I think I just gotta give him his space. He's completely right, I've been a little wuss.. if you wanna call it ... but I'm going to give him his space, I have so much respect for that guy. I got so much love for him. And, you know, when I was feeling so emotional and going crazy and all this anxiety, and everything and dealing with being in the house, I leaned toward him a lot and I couldn't get out of my funk ... he doesn't know that he actually helped me... get out of my own head.. stop being a little baby .. and I appreciate him a lot.. but I'm going to give him his space and distance.. because I know he's annoyed with me..

                        Also, Christmas. And, Dominique, I got a lot love for her. And Mark, my grandfather and it was very hard to deal with, and see him like that, and I didn't realize how much of a toll on me .. but people.. like Raven ... I didn't understand Raven in the beginning.. I thought oh this girl is going to do all the ... to get to the end.. but then I hear her story ... and that **** like hit my heart.. it literally took a toll on me. And, I have so much respect for that girl, she's an angel.

                        Her positive energy. Every morning when she wakes up, she's cooking for us, even conversations, I mean I know I'm not her favorite guy in here, and I know I was very stupid day one. I said stupid things. But, I have so much love and respect for that girl. Respect her story, respect her as a person, her positive energy, I"m pretty sure you guys see ....

                        And, then the cam switched us to ..


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                          12:26 PM BBT

                          Christmas- so that's just 3 votes against me?

                          Raven = Jessica...

                          Christmas- Jessica, Alex, Ramses...

                          Raven - Jason

                          Christmas- oh dude. I'm going to have a conversations.. I'll be like "Jason, I know the numbers"...

                          Matt- tell him .. you body slammed me... I'm serious...

                          Christmas - I know. I have to pay for this ****ing medical bill. This is not covered under BB.

                          Raven- oh? It's not?

                          Christmas - right?

                          Matt- well... you're health insurance should cover it

                          Christmas- yeah, but I still have a ****ing co-pay, I still have a ****ing deductible...

                          Matt- I don't know if it's covered under BB or not

                          Christmas- my thing is like look, I'll know the numbers, and I'm going to be super nice, but I'll be like I'll know the numbers and you ( Jason ) owe me a ****ing solid

                          Matt- right

                          Christmas- this is your opportunity to get right.. I mean like yeah we were together, but man I wouldn't be in this ****ing predicament.. yeah I contributed, but you ( Jason ) ****ing kinda owe me
                          Not kinda.. you do.

                          Matt- not to be a ****ing jerk, but dude, but Jillian is going to be going home soon anyway

                          Christmas- Jillian is not going the distance. So he can either...

                          Raven- Jillian is smart.

                          Matt- I know she is .. but

                          Christmas- every person here is smart. She is just keeping her mouth shut right now ... she doesn't know we rekindled...


                          • #14
                            12:43 PM BBT

                            Josh joins Christmas outside

                            Christmas- how we doing baby boy? Is this our daily check in?

                            Josh -yeah

                            Christmas - don't you be smiling at me.. you got put that ****er away ..

                            They laugh ..

                            Josh- so if anyone asked me when I get out of voting on Thursday. I voted for Jillian

                            Christmas- Done. Give me a little pump. Thank you sir.

                            Josh - and I'm telling you .. you know that I'm completely alone in this game. Completely alone.. but my loyality ...

                            Christmas- I will tell you what Josh, you are in a good position to stay a lot longer..

                            Josh -you think so?

                            Christmas- yes.

                            Josh -I'm actually happy. I'm lovin' life.

                            Kevin and Jason walk by .. so that convo ends...


                            • #15
                              Once Kevin walks away...

                              Christmas to Josh -thank you for that reassurance.

                              Josh - you have nothing to worry with me.. .like Paul was telling me... words are just words, through my actions, I'll show you guys

                              Christmas- that's right

                              Josh - and that's all I can do . and I hope to God I go further...

                              Christmas- if we.. if I .. can do what I think I can do .. you'll stay longer than you think.

                              Josh - okay

                              Christmas- okay?

                              Josh - I trust you.

                              Christmas - I can't guarantee .. but I'm working

                              Josh - I know.. I trust you

                              Christmas- there's a list longer and you're not at the top of it .. especially since the last few days, you've been chillin' out ... and again as a friend.. be a little cognizant of how you are with the ladies.

                              Josh -um.. where's that.. yeah .. I'm being a little too...

                              Christmas- yeah .. you know.. I mean everyone here is a little playful... but I think that they are just sensitive about it .. for some reason ... because your behavior.. and I mean I think that you know me well enough that I'm not going to bull**** you ..

                              Josh - I know

                              Christmas - this is why I think I can tell you and you won't take it wrong..

                              Josh- no, I would never.

                              Christmas - some of the ladies.. because of the behavior of up and down .. until the last few days.. they are just unsure... and umm.. I would probably try to take more of a friend roll... than a flirt roll..

                              Josh - okay

                              Christmas - and I think that will definitely get you further ...

                              Josh - okay.

                              Christmas- ask questions, listen to what they have to say ...

                              Josh - yeah just chill...

                              Christmas- lean on them like a friend and a bro.. other than like a showmance.. got it?

                              Josh- yeah .. cool.

                              Paul walks up ..

                              After he leaves..

                              Josh tells Christmas that he "loves that she checks her"

                              She tells him that she knows he has a good heart.. and she wants him to stay long in the game...

                              She goes on to tell him to help around the house, flush the toilet, make extra food, not just for himself, and be the big brother, the friend, the bro, that's his best and safest play ..

                              She says she feels like that's his most comfortable play anyway ... he doesn't want/need some crazy bitch going off on him because he didn't vote the way she wanted...

                              He tells her that he told America that he's solid with Paul and her.

                              She tells him that him helping out in the kitchen the past couple of days isn't going unnoticed...

                              Raven comes over .. talks about cooking something...

                              Josh- what are you going to cook, I'll help you!!!

                              ( LOL )

                              Raven- I got it ... baby boy.


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