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Live Feed Updates ~ July 4th 2017 ~ Day 13

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    1:05 PM BBT

    Dominique to Mark -how are those new underwear?
    Mark - new underwear?
    Dominique- you know when you put your big girl panties on...


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      1:14 PM BBT

      Paul and Jason

      Paul- I think Christmas is staying.

      Jason- okay... I kinda feel that way

      Paul to Jason- you are going to be surprised in a good way.. just trust me.

      ( okay kiddos.. I have to jump out for a bit.. if anyone can jump in, that would be awesome )


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        1:30 PM BBT

        Christmas and Jason in the Apple Room.. she's telling him about her book

        Ramses, Josh and Jillian by the pool talking about what they do for the 4th of July Holiday


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          1:35 PM BBT

          Christmas and Jason talking about when they got their BB key and how they were caught of guard, didn't know if it was real or not

          1:39 BBT
          Paul goes into the bedroom and does a happy dance LOL
          Goes out and comes back in, Camera zooms in and he starts chatting with us. Are you all eating some good BBQ and ****? This is how far it goes for me... I have a ****in bald eagle tattooed on my chest what more do you want...Thank you to the soldiers that fight for our freedom, thank you to the vets that have fought for our freedom... Teachers need to be paid more... Write to your local congressmen


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            4:26 BBT Cams 1&2

            Jess and Jason are talking in the HOH

            Jason is talking about how he is going to vote Xmas out.

            Jess says her vote will tie it and Cody will be the tie breaker and needing assurances from Jason Alex and Jillian. Jason is sure hes a target. Jason promises Cody and Jess wont go OTB if he wins HOH.

            Jason says Ramses is fishy he cant trust him. Jess assures him they have Ramses. Jason tells her to not freak out when he talks to Paul, his vote is solid.

            Jess says she doesnt say stuff she doesnt mean. Jason doesnt trust anyone, he has been putting lures out. Tells Jess about Paul chewing him out. He told Paul to watch his back Jason is not watching his front but he has his back.

            Jess warns him to not shoot himself in the foot. She says Jason and Cody get along because they both just say Im gonna do this and see how it pans out.

            Jess asks Jason to tell Alex he wants to talk.


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              4:43 BBT

              Jason Alex and Paul talking in HN room about how much they hate Jess and how the majority are gunning for Cody and Jess. Paul is telling them this is where the paranoia starts. (Jess and Cody) Paul says to give them something or else they make it up.

              Jason says Christmas told Jess that JAson wanted to slam Jess's face into the toilet. Paul is saying no way Christmas said that. She hates Jess.

              They dont trust Christmas but its a good game move to keep her.


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                Paul says Christmas is a loaded gun and she will do the damage so they dont have to.


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                  4:53 BBT

                  Elena and Ramses talking game. Elena says she thinks Paul will win next HOH. He was in stand by but Cody turn him on. She watched him before and when hes on he dangerous. Elena says she wants to remain calm in the chaos. Ramses is working on his social game since he has to put himself OTB.

                  Ramses says he might put himself up next week just to get it over with, but he doesnt know since things change so fast. If Paul wins hes going to do something big. Elena says if Paul wins to put himself up then. She doesnt think he will put Jess and Cody up together but he is planning something big with it. She tells Ramses to lay low and just get information. And give Paul a peace offering so he know he can trust him.

                  Talk about Jason going up to talk to Jess. She guesses how the votes will fall. She thinks there will be 7. Talk about her and Mark. How he is emotional and she isnt. Her Matt Raven Dom are solid votes.


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                    5:02 BBt

                    Kev Paul Jason talking in money room. Jason says he is voting to keep Jill. Kev leaves. Jason doesnt trust Cody. He feels Jill and Christmas are the same right now. Rehashing

                    Paul says someone is blowing smoke up Jasons as* about the toilet comment. Paul says everyone was trash talking Jess and Cody. Jason says he could change his vote at the last second. Paul says to be cool he doesnt need to tell anyone what hes doing.

                    PAul says why not vote for Jill and that way its stacked and then he is on the right side of the house. Paul says he talked to Alex and Alex says Jill is going crazy she might vote for her.

                    Jason is convinced Christmas told Jess about the toilet comment but Paul keeps telling him hes wrong. Tells him he is paranoid and backwards. Paul warns him if his name comes out of JAsons mouth he will back out of their deal.Paul says Jason and Alex arent on the same page because Alex is more on page. Jason is sure he is going OTB and Paul says no she will go after Jess and Cody.

                    Talk about how no one is campaigning for Jill.


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                      5:20 PM BBT

                      Christmas and Raven in the apple room

                      Raven telling her that Jessica was trying to get into HOH where Cody was and he wouldn't let anyone in... Said to leave him alone and not let anyone in. They said he was in there talking to production and he came from the DR straight to the HOH. Then afterwards he seemed very happy.

                      They're speculating that the HOH gets something to do with the safety deposit boxes and possible other twist... we get Fish for a bit


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                        I'll catch us up ..


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                          Matt tells Raven and Christmas that he "has a piece of info" that could send Cody home and would split up him and Jessica

                          ( he's talking about Cody telling him that the reason he wants Alex/Jason in jury .. is to take out Jessica/Raven )

                          Christmas guesses that it's that he has a girlfriend..
                          Matt tells her no ..


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                            Jason and Alex

                            Jason - w're just going to vote her (Christmas) off. ... we have to stick to the plan


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                              Jason tells Kevin that he wants "Paul off his ass"

                              Kevin tells him on Thursday to just tell Paul " I don't know what's going on. ...I voted to keep her ( Christmas )


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                                Christmas and Elena

                                Christmas tells Elena that she has Josh " in her back pocket"

                                She tells her that she has the votes to stay.

                                Christmas tells Elena that Josh told her that he's telling them ( Cody/Jessica/Alex/Jason ) that he's voting ( to keep ) Jillian.... but he's really keeping her ( Christmas )

                                Elena tells Christmas that she tried to talk to Ramses today ...

                                Elena- we don't have him..

                                Christmas- we don't need him


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