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Live Feed Updates ~ July 4th 2017 ~ Day 13

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    Mark and Matt talked..

    They both agree that they should throw the HoH to Paul...

    Mark to Matt - ideally Paul would win and get rid of one of them (Cody/Jessica)

    Matt- yeah .. if you put both of them of them is going


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      Matt- If me, you ( Raven ) or him (Mark) win,... are we going to put Jess and Cody up?
      Raven- mmm..

      Matt - why are we so soft?

      Raven - the lines are going to be drawn in the sand anyway...


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        Jessica talks to Matt...

        She tells him by voting to keep Christmas.. it's like he is saying "screw you" to her...

        Matt tells her it's not that way ...

        Jessica- put yourself in my shoes....

        Matt- put yourself in Christmas shoes

        Jessica- Christmas ****ed up with me

        She goes on to say that she's not keeping someone in the house that is targeting her ..

        Matt- you don't think that Christmas got completely screwed over?

        Jessica- I didn't say that... she did ... but .. she's going to end my game

        Jessica- you made me a promise to me that we were going to jury.... you're breaking a promise to me right now


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          Cody and Alex

          She asks if he still trust Dominique ...

          Cody- she's on her own now. ...I wanted to play with her...

          Alex- she's playing with everyone..

          Cody tells Alex that all he's asking from her ( Alex ) is that she protects him, Jessica and Mark.. he said he's not asking protection for Dominique, Matt, Raven or Elena any longer


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            Jason and Christmas

            He tells her that he's still "struggling" ... ( with his vote ) ...

            Jason- I ****ed you up ...I feel like I should vote for you just because I'm the one that broke you...

            He tells her that he would rather have her there over Jillian ..


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              Cody tells Alex/Ramses and Jillian that his only interests in the game are himself, Mark and Jessica


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                Jillian asks Cody if Mark's vote his solid ..

                Cody- to keep you here... I can get him to that point


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                  Jessica tells Alex that in order for her to vote to keep Jillian.. she want assurances that she and Cody and aren't going on the block (next week)

                  Jessica to Alex - I want your word... no block... no backdoor.

                  Alex- that's fine...

                  Jessica- I have your word?

                  Alex- yeah ...


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                    Christmas, Elena and Jason ...

                    Elena tells Jason that she feels that the 8 votes for Christmas to stay are solid...

                    Elena to Jason - you may as well include yourself instead of isolate yourself....

                    They continue to tell him all the reasons why he should vote to keep Christmas ...


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                      Alex and Jason ....

                      Alex tells Jason that he thinks that Paul has a deal that he has to keep Christmas.. and that's why they are pushing so hard..

                      She tells him that she's worried/scared that Paul keeps saying he has a "power move"...

                      Alex -what if it's me and you up there?

                      Feeds are on Cat Cam as the HG's do a little 4th of July celebrating ... I hope your 4th was a good one. I'm out for now, gotta be up in the wee hours of the morning to go to work.. hopefully someone can jump in to update, when the feeds return... they could be interesting.. since they probably got alcohol...

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                        9:00 BBT Cams 1&2

                        Feeds come back Paul Elena Mark in storage room

                        Talk about Jason telling PAul about toilet comment, it was Jillian. Jillian is the mole. Paul is going after Cody. They want to get Cody then Jessica then Ramases.

                        Dom comes in. PAul asks if she heard about her banner fiasco. Mark tells her there was a banner flown over that said "Mark and Dom alliance"

                        Elena says that Megan told her there were alliances in the house including MArk and Dom. Then someone else said it to her. Elena says the chatter about the banner is a lie. Jess and Cody have conflicting stories.

                        Dom says she is not the person to cross. Tells Elena thats your friend (Jess) Elena says she isnt my friend, just trying to not make waves.

                        Paul comes back in and tells Dom this is bad for her game becasue people dont forget. Tells them about the messages last year. Paul says whoever Cody and Jess tell that to they will eat it out since Mark and Dom hang out.

                        Jill and Ramses are gathering intel. Jillian looked right at Paul when Cody sat next to her and told him about the talks with Jason and Cody got up and got Jess. There are two sides of the house but everyone is united against Jess and Cody. Paul will make the move against them. Keep Christmas in. They hope the MRI is good tomorrow.

                        Paul leaves. And comes back for a minute.

                        Mark and Dom are talking about the blimp or banner in the sky. Dom is upset. Dom says there is an infiltrator in their alliance. They talk about how close they are. Mark told Cody he likes Dom and can open up to her. Dom says something is off. Ramses told Dom Mark and Elena were kissing in storage room. Ramses told Elena that Mark and Dom are in an alliance. Talk about an infiltrator. Talk about Elena as well she might be an issue when the number dwindle, how she doesnt like Dom and Mark hanging out. Elena is close with Ramses like he is with Dom. Elena wont open up to him. They arent going to respond to the banner talk.

                        They agree to not be seen together so much.


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                          9:43 BBT

                          Alex tells Jillian her vote is locked in for her and she will get Jason to vote with her.

                          Alex goes into money room with Paul and Jason. They tell her Jill was the one who told Jess about the toilet comment.

                          Paul asks if he sees the bigger picture. Jill isnt campaigning because she is running to Cody and Jess to keep her safe. He asks if Christmas wanted your vote why would she tell Jess that.

                          Jason asks if everyone is planning on exiling Jess and Cody. Paul says literally everyone.

                          Paul says they are both safe the next two weeks. Everyone is on the same page. Jason says what about after, Paul says do whatever you want.

                          Jason ask where Matt is. Paul says hes 70% sure that Matt jumped ship to their side. Nobody likes them except Jill and Ramses, and Jess and Cody keep dropping J&As names to everyone else. to keep Jill safe. Jill goes into rooms and then goes and tells Cody who is in the rooms together. Vote will be 9-2 so you want to be on the same page. Dont trust these people but the next two weeks agenda is to get them out.

                          Jason says pretend youre me and youre HOH and everyone is telling you to get the cowboy out. Cody saved me.

                          Paul says he didnt save you he was after me. Jason asks why did he put Christmas up. Paul says Cody threw the comp because he had to keep Jess happy by putting Alex and then let her take herself off. Then making a deal with Jason to keep himself safe.

                          Paul says if you dont see this you are dumber the dark and I dont know what else to tell you.

                          Jason says he is voting Jill off. Paul says its not jury so she just goes home. Shes on the block shes selling you out. Paul says I am trying to help you.

                          Paul leaves.

                          Jason tells Alex they have been bested at their own game.

                          Alex says Paul is lying. She thinks hes selling Jill to hard. Hes trying to divide us. He knows you are on the fence but Im solid. Alex says they are terrified of me.

                          Alex says they need to vote Christmas out and Paul is pushing Ramses too hard because he knows Ramses is one of thier number.

                          Jason says he thinks everyone is jumping off the Cody ship.

                          Paul comes back.

                          He says IM safe for two weeks if I didnt want to work with you why would I be wasting my time.

                          Jason says isnt this about jury?

                          PAul says its too early. Jill and Ramses are snakes.

                          Jason says our problem is they would be a vote for us. So whose going to be a vote for us?

                          Paul says him and Christmas. For the next two weeks the agenda is clear. No has their eyes on you. You are tripping yourself out. Im not telling you to work with anyone or align with anyone or anything. Im just giving you intel, if you dont use it its your problem. But if you get shady Im pulling out. Ramses is going to put himself up when Cody is up so he is safe.

                          Paul says when hes in power he is going to put another couple up to get more information. Paul says he will give Jason HOH but he wants to be the one to take Cody out. Jason says Paul has the experience. Paul says if he is HOH he will take them up there and lock the door and tell them the whole plan.

                          The person who is safe for two weeks is the calm one because I dont have to scramble. He tells them he respects them and thats why he is telling them. Jason is trustowrthy even if he is too loud and talky but he looks for character traits. TPTB pick the same cast every year. In order to make it to the end you need to make it to jury.

                          Paul leaves again.

                          They go to story time with Kevin.
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