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Live Feed Updates - July 5, 2017 - Day 14

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 5, 2017 - Day 14

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    4:25 BBT

    All HGs sleeping. Christmas was tossing and turning.


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      6:49 AM BBT

      All houseguests are still in bed/sleeping.


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        9:25 AM BBT

        Jason and Kevin up in the bathroom. Kevin in the WC, and out. Jason goes in the WC. Kevin brushes teeth, ask Jason if he knows how to make coffee. Jason tells Kevin to stick to the plan.


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          They are whispering and I have the volume up and still can't hear everything they are saying...BB loudly says Kevin! Jason! Please put on your microphones. Scared the CRAP out of them (and me)


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            9:25 AM BBT Kevin and Jason up so far in the bathroom
            Kevin - What's up what're you thinkin
            Jason - I think we need to just stick to the plan
            Kevin - You don't have to worry about me
            Jason - I know it's all just drivin me nuts
            Kevin - The key is one of us is gonna have to win the HOH
            *more whispering I can't make out much because Kevin is holding a towel to his mouth*
            Jason - They want to do an easy vote... they want to keep Christmas
            Kevin - Oh it's a done deal already
            *more LOW whispering* they don't have their mics on
            Then BB comes on telling to put on their microphones and scares the CRAP out of Jason LOL


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              Jason in the kitchen attempting to make coffee. Kevin come in kitchen with a broom, he starts sweeping the floor. Points out to Jason the amount of food crumbs on the floor. He starts talking about mice, good thing we don't have mice, they would have a feast. Talking about a ghost in the house.


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                9:39 AM BBT

                Kevin talking to the camera showing the camera his drink and he gets frustrated when it keeps moving lol
                Morse code for "I Love You All"
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                  Jason tells Kevin he has to go to the bathroom, Kevin says go ahead I'll keep an eye on the coffee I'm not going anywhere. Kevin talking to camera points out some markings on his drink cup. Says this is Morse code dot dot says I love you, he is looking at the camera one eye looking through the cup handle.


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                    Jason out...talks to camera says good morning Hummiston Iowa, Gatlin... Kevin joins in says good morning to Jason's mom and dad. (Lol Kevin is a trip)


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                      10:20 AM BBT

                      Cody and Jessica morning makeout sesh

                      Jason, Paul, Kevin and Josh in the kitchen

                      Christmas in the bathroom and Jillian in the shower

                      10:24 Camera 3
                      Cody - Like, you girls cant even offer your friend a seat
                      Jessica - I'm trying not to be too bothered by it because I know everything is going to change next week, but at the same time I see it... I don't like when people feel to safe in this house, so if they keep going, they're gonna regret it, they're gonna make an enemy out of the wrong side of the house
                      J - And also, I don't wanna necessarily talk about "who we would put up" anymore... in case Den of Temptation comes around, people hear it and disagree and wanna give someone some sense of power... so until the Den is over I don't wanna throw any names out
                      Cody - Right... Well... I mean.... huh.... If you were to get it and everyone is up your ass anyways.. I would just make everyone ****in sweat


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                        10:33 AM BBT
                        Cams 1/2
                        Jessica and Jillian in bathroom

                        Jessica - Hey, I talked to Cody and I talked to Josh last night in the kitchen and we were like Sooo do you know who you're gonna vote for who to stay and he tried telling me not a single person has tried talking to me... and just ranting and raving... and I think I convinced him to like stay with you.. he thought I was going to try and convince him to go with Christmas. And I was just talking with Kevin and he said he's gonna need to see what happens with Christmas' MRI today... I told him listen I don't think she should be getting a sympathy vote because Jillian's still here fighting and she shouldn't be voted off just because Christmas is hurting.. he said he is going to decide on Thursday but that "I agree with you" (Kevin agrees with Jody)


                        • birdiefriend
                          birdiefriend commented
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                          I'm laughing at myself - I just stopped in to see if there was any news about Christmas. I've been rushing all morning and when I got to the end of your post 'Kevin agrees with Jody ' - My mind starts whirling - who is Jody? did I forget someone?. Ohhhhh, Jessica & Cody, I get it!. lol

                        • stefshay89
                          stefshay89 commented
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                          LOL they cling together so much I think they are morphing into one being anyways hahaha

                        • KennyERJ
                          KennyERJ commented
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                          Just a reminder, no discussions in the live feed updates topic. But I'll leave this here just in case anybody is confused by who Jody is. :-)

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                        10:59 AM BBT
                        Camera 3

                        Paul and Kevin go in to the Have Not Room

                        Kevin - Yeah they were asking me who I was going to vote... I said man I don't know
                        Paul - You're voting to keep Christmas?
                        Kevin - Oh yeah probably *they fist bump*
                        Paul - Good
                        Kevin - But I'm tellin you... youre gonna be shocked
                        Paul - Here's who is voting to keep Jillian...
                        Kevin - But what if she comes back and she's gotta go...
                        Paul - She'll be fine.
                        Paul - Ramses, maybe Alex, maybe Jason... we convinced him... because you don't wanna be on the opposite end. I'm telling you everyone is going to be on that side voting to keep Christmas in because everyone hates Jessica and Cody. And believe it or not, Josh is voting to keep Christmas in
                        Kevin - Really! Wow..
                        Paul - Yeah because he hates Cody because theyre trying to pull him in.. now he's pulling on their legs saying Yeah I'm voting for Jillian Yeah I'm on your side...
                        Kevin - So what do you think the vote is gonna be?
                        Paul - 9. Going to be like 9-3 or 8-4 but you don't wanna be on that opposite end
                        Kevin - But no one knows

                        Kevin ends the convo there with a handshake and changes subject


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                          11:00 AM BBT
                          Camera 3

                          Paul talking to Elena and Mark

                          Paul - So I'm pretty sure the votes are going to fall 9-3 or 8-4... I'm not worried about anyone... The only one I'm not sure about is Dominique, I'm not sure what shes going to do. I think she will vote to keep Christmas because she doesn't want to be on the opposite end of things.... Jillian is her friend.. Im trying to express to them this is pre-jury it doesn't matter. If Jillian goes it doesn't matter.
                          Mark whispers something to Paul
                          Paul - I don't know the stipulations of that.. I think hes lying about his curse (Ramses) because the way I read it... I think he thinks he only has to do it once in the next 3 weeks that's what hes saying... but I think hes just saying that so that we don't vote him out... but when I read it he has to be up for 3 weeks consecutively...
                          Elena - I hate saying this because I like them... but once we get rid of them I will feel a lot better (Jessica and Cody)...I just think that Jessica is gonna go after me. I think she feels the most betrayed by me
                          Paul - She's just saying that so she can play victim


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                            11:55 AM BBT

                            Just general chit chat and stories..
                            Paul talking in the kitchen to Elena, Jessica, Jillian and Ramses is eating at the table

                            Alex doing yoga and Cody joined her

                            Others wandering

                            Still no sign of Christmas back yet


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