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Live Feed Updates - July 6, 2017 - Day 15

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 6, 2017 - Day 15

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    Overnight (not a whole lot though ) happenings HERE

    2:56AM BBT
    Cams 1 & 2
    sleepers in HN room

    Cams 3 & 4
    Elena & Mark heading to bed


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      okay...looks like all the hamsters are tucked in for the night/morning
      3:01AM BBT
      All Cams on sleeping HGs

      {{and with that, I'm out ...gonna head to Chick-Fil-A and score some yummy little chicken minis See y'all later BBU'rs!}}


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        7:43 AM BBT
        All Cams

        Everyone still sleeping. zZzZz


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          8:55 AM BBT

          Everyone starting to wake up. BB telling everyone to change their batteries. Making coffee, rubbing eyes, saying they didn't sleep good and shouldn't have went to bed so late


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            Christmas gets a little massage from Paul this morning

            They get back in bed to cuddle before she gets called to the DR


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              9:00am BBT

              HG are up.


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                9:05 AM BBT

                Ramses and Jillian talking about dreams..
                Ramses dreams a lot about being in the house and talking to people... wakes up and wonders what was true or not and who he needs to talk to (LOL)

                Everyone migrating to the kitchen.. Kevin still in bed "I only got maybe 4 hours of sleep"

                Alex, Paul, Dominique not up yet I don't think...


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                    General morning chit-chat. Alex giving Jason the Finger (Top Right Camera)


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                      Cody and Jessica huddled in their corner having breakfast/coffee
                      Typical laughing and smothering

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                        9:22 AM BBT

                        Christmas, Elena and Raven in bathroom

                        Christmas - I have to check back in with Jason... I checked in with Josh yesterday... We're good, I'm gonna give him a little encouragement today

                        Elena - The only person I'm worried about is Jason and Alex

                        Christmas - I know I don't have Alex's vote... we just gotta get rid of 2 more before everyone is eligible for Jury.... we get rid of the 2 people that are most evil... then we get rid of a wild card. Even if Jessica wins HOH we still have the numbers

                        Raven - You should go to Cowboy and be like "if you vote me out, how is America going to perceive that? You broke my foot and then vote me out"

                        Christmas - I didn't want to go that route because I don't want him to think I'm trying to strongarm

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                          9:42 AM BBT
                          Cam 2
                          Cody and Jessica laying in HOH

                          Cody - What gets me are the explanations... I've heard Dom, Matt, Elena all give an explanation and it almost sounds like they're about to say "and that's why we stand by you" but then they say "and that's why were voting to keep Christmas and I hope you understand".... uhhh I don't think you really understand ME

                          Jessica - I've given up on Dom... I'm not even gonna try and convince her

                          Cody - Her mind is past the show... There's no more protection.. no more team play... she's in her own world

                          Cody - whispering.. Gosh she sucks physically.. disappointing... that's what put us behind... trying to be nice aaaand then she votes for Christmas to stay.


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                            10:00 AM BBT

                            Some are cleaning the house, some more lounging


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                              10:14 AM BBT
                              Cams 1&2

                              Matt, Christmas, Dom in bathroom

                              Dom - So more than likely you will be up there (HOH) with Paul... so I'm gonna claim your bed...

                              Christmas - Why don't you claim it when I go pack

                              talking about Cody and Jessica maybe being have nots...

                              Matt whispering to Christmas... I think about Josh helping Christmas... Christmas tells Matt that its not that he doesn't trust you just not sure where your head is at... and that if one of them get it (HOH) that they would have his back...Matt says he was gonna go talk to him today about how much better he has been these last 2 days


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