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Live Feed Updates- July 7, 2017- Day 16

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 7, 2017- Day 16

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    3:20 BBT

    Christmas/Paul, Mark/Elena, Matt/Raven, in HoH eating, talking about food, and the lack of fish food.

    They talked about Josh talking about getting a boner. Now they are talking about Mark rubbing one out in the water closet yesterday morning. Dominique joined them.

    Now they are heading to bed. The girls are questioning Paul about whether guys make sound and talking about Mark telling Elena.


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      Elena, Dominique, Paul, Christmas (went to DR then came back to HoH)

      Talking about Cody and Jessica making Josh cry. Jessica was scratching and push Josh during the HoH comp. Jessica putting her hand up in Christmas face and trying to goad her. Jessica has been saying stuff to a number of people.

      they're listing things that Cody and Jessica will say to Paul. They making up the worst things that they might say. Bad friends, out to sabotage them from day 1, jealous of Jessica, been after Cody from day 1, etc.

      Dominique and Elena head to bed. Christmas will stay in the HoH.

      Cody and Jessica are staying in the HoH room just so that they can be away from the others.

      Now they have moved on to the plan and how risky it is. Paul has a team this year and doesn't want to risk them. He realizes that putting up Raven and another of his allies on the block as pawns is too risky. I'm not sure what they're going to do though.

      Christmas finds toiletries and such that they give the HoH so he doesn't have to go in to the Have not room to get his stuff to shower.

      I think they're winding down.


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        6:12 AM BBT

        All Cams

        Matt was just up using the bathroom, then washes his hands and face and heads back to bed. Takes a drink from a cup beside his bed and gets in bed.

        Now all houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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          8:35 AM BBT

          Looks like we have the dark fishtank..

          BB probably waking them up


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            9:00 AM BBT

            Everyone slowly getting up and at 'em... Changing their batteries...

            Cams 1/2
            Kevin and Jason laying back down

            Cams 3/4
            Christmas in the "wave room"
            She's in some pain this morning.. earlier Kevin asked how she was doing and she said "beat up"...

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              9:12 AM BBT
              Cams 1/2

              Kevin and Jason talking

              Jason saying how Paul's "lie" about the two of them voting to keep Christmas.. (Jason still thinks Kevin was on his side)... actually worked in a way because the way the vote turned out... he says even though it was a lie it still shows people flip flopped... that's what the game is.. people flip flopping

              Camera zooms to Ramses laying in bed listening


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                9:35 AM BBT
                All Cams

                Everyone pretty quiet... Still sleeping/laying in bed. Cams have been staying on Christmas in the wave room and Kevin, Jason, Alex, Ramses in the money room


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                  9:50 AM BBT
                  Cam 3

                  Cody, Jason

                  Jason to Cody - Do you know how we can get Christmas on our side?

                  Cody - No that would never happen... not at all... I don't even wanna talk to her...I'm as good as gone this week...when I play in the POV this week they're gonna put either Jess or Alex up. I'm not gonna throw them under the bus... so I wouldn't use it on myself.


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                    10:07 AM BBT

                    BB comes over the speaker telling the houseguests... Time to Get Up!! (lazy bums)

                    Kevin gets called to the DR and he keeps saying Nope! His tooth really hurts today.. Paul tells him he's gotta go tell them


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                      A little busy today so going to just be posting times/convos that I come across as it's on as background noise)

                      Game Talk....

                      10:17ish AM BBT
                      Wave Room with Christmas and Ramses

                      HOH room with Paul and Jason

                      HOH with Paul and Kevin


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                        Cody and Jessica in Have Not Room

                        Jessica telling Cody how great it would be if he were to be voted out this week, win a battle back competition and come back in the house...

                        Cody - Typically, I'm a dreamer... I believe in slivers of hope... but... this time around... I don't think this game was meant for me to win... So I cant see that opportunity coming. (talking about battle back comp)

                        Saying that if he were to come back in how he wouldn't say hi to no one and just tell them "you're done, you're done, you're done..."

                        They did come out to the money room and sat with the others and actually engaged in some convo.. but now they're back to hiding in the have not room


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                          12:24 PM BBT
                          Cam 1 zoomed in to the Living Room TV like something was popping up soon...

                          Now we have kitties!

                          Picking nominations possibly?


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                            1:30 PM BBT

                            Still on Kitties, must be Nominations


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                              2:10 PM BBT

                              Still kitties


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