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Live Feed Updates-July 8, 2017-Day 17

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 8, 2017-Day 17

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    3:35 BBT

    All HGs asleep.


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      1:52 AM BBT
      Cam 3
      Christmas and Paul in HOH

      Christmas is giving Paul some soft touches and talking about upcoming veto comp and what they think it could be... how happy he was that everyone cooperated at this HOH comp... he sees that he can trust some more people... Knows that sooner or later people will start to ban together to get him out... Only so many Vetos and HOHs you can win... I'm gonna gas out sooner or later..

      Skipped ahead to like 2:01 AM because of Fish...

      Now talking how Cody threw the Veto comp for Alex... bad talking Cody's actions...

      Christmas - Jason thinks that Kevin voted for Jillian to stay.. and that Ramses turned on Jillian

      Paul - Kevin and Josh voted to keep you I know that for a fact..

      Paul - I think there's something way more to Matt.. he's way too Plain Jane to have made it on the show..

      Christmas - That's what I thought too! He says all I do is workout and play with my buddies

      Paul - There's no way a character like that just makes it on the show

      Christmas - You're not just an average Joe buddy

      Paul - I think he's an honest dude, and trustworthy, but I think he has a secret of some sort.. I think he's super intelligent or something

      Christmas - Well he worked for Northrop Grumman.... she explains to Paul who they are and how they have devices in things like Humvees and military intel... What does he say he does now?

      Paul - Sales. I'm gonna go ahead and say bull**** on that one.... There's definitely more to him... more to Kevin.. I'll never get it out of him but I can just tell

      Christmas - How do you feel about your relationship with him? (Kevin)

      Paul - I trust him... he trusts me... I don't think he has a good grasp on the concept of this game... genuinely confused... doesn't know what he's doing but I think he's very very intelligent

      Christmas - The things he remembers! Specific details and dates....

      Pillow Talk continues on talking about other's gameplay...


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        2:22 AM BBT
        Cam 3
        Kevin and Jason in Money room

        Kevin - These mother****ers are good they should work for the FBI... I told them they should be in ****in Quantico Virginia

        Jason - They're trying to put words in your mouth... they know more about us than we know about us...

        Kevin - I'm gonna keep my cool from now on

        Kevin kinda half-heartedly "aligns" himself with Jason.. saying "if you're up there, man you don't even have to come to me" (about Jason getting on the block at one point) didn't come right out and say it, but I got what he was intending..

        Lots of ruffling with the mics so it was hard to hear...

        Still going back to talking about this last eviction.. Jason tells Kevin he knew he was voting for Jillian (to stay)... Kevin tells him "they told me you were voting for Christmas"...

        Jason - No **** because they were trying to flip you!

        Kevin - Sneaky mother****ers....

        Jason - That's how they got Josh and Ramses to vote

        Kevin - What would've been different (if Jillian stayed)

        Jason - It would've made us stronger with Cody (and their group)

        Kevin - So why don't we just keep Cody?

        Jason - We can't now...

        Kevin - So if no one comes off (the block) they will vote Ramses out - or Josh, then it will be Alex, Josh, me, you, Jessica and Cody against them...

        Jason - If it's the 3 of them still up there they will vote out Alex because she is the strongest one

        Kevin - Okay then we gotta come back and win HOV 2 weeks in a row (LOL)

        Kevin - If Alex wins (HOH) she's gonna put up Matt, Mark or Paul... say Matt goes that week.. the next week put up Mark/Paul and one of the girls

        Alex comes in the room and tells them she knows for a fact Christmas took the temptation


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          7:00 AM BBT

          All HGs sleeping... we get Fish


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            8:00 AM BBT
            Cam 1
            Christmas and Josh in the kitchen

            (You can hear them building the set in the backyard)

            Christmas giving Josh tips on what he should pay attention to.. see who talks to who and then who they go talk to after.. Engage reactions.. get some feedback... Don't be too emotional today because Cody is gonna be PISSED that he cannot play Veto


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              10:15 AM BBT

              Matt and Elena picked to play in POV.

              Jason will host POV.


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                12:15 PM BBT
                Cams 1/2
                Money room with Kevin, Jason, Paul, Alex, josh, Ramses

                Just general chit chat all around... Mark and Elena wandering

                Cams 3/4
                Still on the Cody and Jessica show in the HN room. Haven't moved from their lilypad in a very long while


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                  I'll catch us up a little....


                  • #10
                    Paul continues to try to ensure that Ramses throws the veto competition ..
                    He also asked Alex if she wants to throw it to him ( Paul ) or .. just play for fun

                    Alex told him she would play.

                    Paul to Alex- I would rather have you come off ( the block ) because I want to see Josh and Cody on the block together


                    • #11
                      Josh and Paul ..

                      Josh tells Paul that he doesn't think that Cody will go out as easily as he thinks he will...

                      Paul - he's dead fish in the ****ing water. .. he knows he's going

                      Josh tells Paul not to let Cody get in his face ... ( during Veto Meeting speeches ) ...

                      Paul tells him not to worry .. he won't ...


                      • #12
                        Cody and Jason ...

                        Cody told Jason that he needs to figure out what to do about Jessica ( since he's probably leaving ) ...

                        Jason said that Jessica will be fine, no one is going to exile her...

                        Cody tells Jason that as long as Jessica is fine, he's fine.


                        Paul is asking Kevin why Jason is whispering to Cody ...


                        • #13
                          Kevin to Paul- I think it's a signed, sealed and delivered thing ( Cody going home ) ... you played a perfect hand


                          • #14
                            Paul talks with Matt and Josh ..

                            Paul tells them that Cody made a passing comment to him ... saying - "production put you in God mode"


                            • #15
                              Paul tells Josh/Matt that it's Big Brother, every season there's a ****ing twist ...

                              Paul- America saw you (Cody) plotting against me.... they gave me the medallion of temptation so I'd be protected.... you ( Cody ) did this to yourself.


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