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Live Feed Updates-July 9, 2017-Day 18

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 9, 2017-Day 18

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    4:30 BBT

    Sleeping HGs


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      7:00 AM BBT

      Christmas just got through using the bathroom but has now wobbled back to bed.

      All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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        9:36 AM BBT

        Not much going on.

        Cams 1 & 2

        Cody & Jessica in bed.

        Cams 3 & 4

        Dominique & Mark in the backyard talking. She's telling him he needs to strengthen his mind. He starts talking about Elena. Sounds like he's in love (or falling in love) with her but is afraid he'll get hurt.


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          I'm going to catch us up from where I left off last night ... ( just adding some Flashback times and bits of convos ) ...

          6/8 - 11:50 PM BBT – Paul talks with Jessica

          Paul tells Jessica the he's sure he's made it clear what he wants done this week...

          Paul - I'm dishing out what got dished my way

          Jessica tells him she understands...

          Paul talks to her about secluding herself...

          She tells him that she doesn't "have the heart" to let Cody go through this alone...

          Jessica to Paul - you and Kevin are the only two people that asked me if I am okay

          She tells him that she can handle the "game" ... just not the "personal" stuff that hurts...

          Jessica- how can I have a relationship with these people when they don't care how I'm doing?

          Paul- that is a choice you have to make

          He goes on for a while talking to her about how the game is hard, have to separate feelings... etc.

          Jessica- I think Christmas is attention seeking and she is a coward...

          Paul tells her the game will only get worse....

          Paul to Jessica - do you think it's easy for me in this game? It's not.
          Jessica- you have 3 weeks of safety ...and everyone follows you like you are God

          She tells him he has a house full of groupies and that he should "feel great" ...

          Jessica- they literally eat up everything that you say
          Paul- What is it that I'm saying that they are eating up?
          Jessica- everything

          She goes onto to tell him that she really hopes he wins...
          He tells her it's impossible ... that the odds are stacked against him

          She tells him that no... the odds are stacked in his favor...

          Paul asks her who she thinks has the temptation
          She tells him Christmas

          Paul after his convo with Jessica...


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            12:55 AM BBT - Paul tells the HoH crew about his convo with Jessica...

            He talks about how she said the game was stacked in his favor...

            How could she say that .. because he "sticks out like a sore thumb"... etc....

            Talk turns to Ramses

            Paul says he's over him...

            Paul - I need to put my foot as far in Ramses' ass as possible


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              1:05 AM BBT Alex talks to Kevin ..

              Alex - if we keep our heads down... they will wipe each other out... let them think they are in control... as long as we are not a target... no reason to start a war

              Alex tells Kevin that if Jason can't get on-board. there's no way they can help him and they would need to distance themselves from him...

              Kevin to Alex - where does Dominique stand in all of this?
              Alex- she's playing the best game.... she never gets her hands dirty

              Alex tells Kevin to not trust Christmas.


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                1:40 AM BBT Alex and Mark

                Alex talks with Mark about the votes for Jillian/Christmas

                Mark- people think Kevin voted for Jillian?
                Alex- mm hmmm ... but I think it was reversed


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                  Mark talks to Ramses asking him who he voted to evict...
                  Ramses - Christmas ...

                  Ramses tells Mark that he's been trying to figure out the votes the whole time...

                  Ramses - cause I'm the one who is being screwed up by somebody

                  ( That pretty much all the game talk.. from last night )


                  • #10
                    Today - Sunday - July 9th ...

                    Alex talks with Jason again .. telling him that he needs to play nice with Christmas..

                    Alex- be nice to her and kiss her ****ing ass...

                    Jason- I'm not doing it...

                    Alex - if you get out now,'s all for nothing... you'll have 1 month of fame... kiss her ****ing ass


                    Alex tells Cody that they put her on the block because they knew she wouldn't vote against him.. and that they are going to leave her on the block


                    • #11
                      Cody to Alex - they had to chain me up... take away my weapons... build up their defenses... have followers give them a temptation and curse me


                      • #12
                        Cody to Alex/Jason - if there's a Battle Back... I'll smoke all of them. I'll be back


                        • #13

                          Matt tells Raven that he's "actually am starting to like Alex"

                          Raven agrees .. saying that Alex can work on Jason .... he's the wildcard


                          • #14
                            Matt to Raven- I will sit down with Cowboy ( Jason ) and tell him ....if any of us win HoH.. you ( Jason ) are safe as long as if you win you put up Ramses/Jessica


                            • #15
                              Cody to Alex and Jason- they're going to get what they want from you this week and then turn their backs on you next week


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