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Live Feed Updates-July 10, 2017-Day 19

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 10, 2017-Day 19

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  • #2
    3:20 BBT

    HGs sleeping.


    • #3
      6:40 AM BBT

      All houseguests are still in bed/sleeping.


      • #4
        7:02 AM BBT

        Raven up and in the WC, comes out, puts up hair, brushes teeth (without washing hands first ), mouthwash, rubbing face (still hasn't washed hands), checks out what's going on outside, and back to bed


        • #5
          8:49 AM BBT

          All HG's still sleeping, someone sneezed a while ago, Paul I think, but no one is up yet


          • #6
            9:01 AM BBT

            HG's it's time to get up for the day, there are fresh batteries in the storage room and lights must remain on during the day.

            We hear 2 seconds of "Shot through the heart and you're to..." before we get fishies


            • #7
              9:12 AM BBT

              Feeds back, Cams 1&2 on Matt in kitchen making coffee

              Cams 3&4 on sleeping HG's


              • #8
                More HG's getting up and ready for the day, Jason in his frog costume, Jessica & Cody getting into theirs. Most gathering in the kitchen doing typical morning routine stuffs


                • #9
                  Kevin walking in BY

                  Jason hopping backwards around BY

                  Jason says it's easier to hop backwards than forwards, made it around once and gave up, says it's too hot and too hard, getting light headed already

                  Cody & Jason talking a bout the hood being so hot, wouldn't be so bad if they didn't have to wear the hood


                  • #10
                    Mark comes out, going to play pool with Jason

                    Can't see Kevin but he just said good morning to Mark and sounded like he was struggling, so assuming he's working out/lifting weights or something


                    • #11
                      Cams 3&4 on ppl in bathroom getting ready

                      Kevin cleans the mirror tells Jessica now she can see her beauty coming through

                      Ramses brushing teeth, Jessica brushing hair, Raven waiting her turn


                      • #12
                        Cams 1&2 still on BY but nothing going on, Jason putting up the awnings

                        Nothing much going on, no game talk anywhere, everyone's just still getting ready for the day

                        (I'm out for a while, have a meeting from 1:30 - 4:30 EST so won't be around too much probably)


                        • #13
                          10:25 AM BBT

                          Cams go to kitties for the Veto Ceremony


                          • #14
                            11:38 BBT

                            Cams 3&4 Josh, Xmas, Alex on the couches, Josh has the POV around his neck


                            • #15
                              Cody & Jessica in lounge

                              Talking about something Josh was saying at the Veto ceremony

                              Guess he told Jessica she was going to be a disaster when Cody left so she should start making friends
                              Jess: Have we met? Do I look like the ass kissin type? Mr. I cry when I'm a have not, cried on day 1, day 2. day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6 day 7. I'm going to ask him every day now, did someone change your diaper yet?

                              Just eating and talking smack about Josh, I'm going to switch cams again


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