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Live Feed Updates-July 11, 2017-Day 20

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 11, 2017-Day 20

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    4:05 BBT

    All HGs sleeping. Dominique is sleeping in the HoH again.


    • #3
      7:12 AM BBT

      All HG's still sleeping

      (I'll try to get back on around 9 when they are usually getting up)


      • #4
        9:09 AM BBT

        Everyone still sleeping except for Matt who got up to make the morning pee pee. Alas, he too went back to bed.


        • #5
          9:43 AM BBT

          Frog Cody (or as I call him, Frody) is up and standing on his kitchen lily pad sipping his morning cuppa. Raven got up to tinkle but went back to bed.


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            10:05 AM BBT

            Fishies! Time to wake up HGs!


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              10:57 AM BBT

              Cody and Jessica were in the pool, others were outside working out and doing other things..

              Now they have another lockdown and have to go back inside

              Others in the kitchen with general chit chat


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                10:57 AM BBT

                Cody and Jessica just got out of the pool. Jason had a long chat with us about horses (actually it was a chat to his family and friends to the camera, but we had to endure it).

                Cody participating in the morning chitchat.
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                  1:56 PM BBT

                  Jessica and Cody alone saying a long and painful 1 week goodbye, replete with tears. Everyone else, horsie-rodeo-weird games.


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                    2:06 PM BBT

                    ♪♪Hello darkness, my old friend
                    I've come to talk with you again

                    Jessica left to use the restroom. Raven follows her and it turns out that Jessica is very sick. Raven tells Paul, Matt and Christmas that Jessica has not used the restroom for three days (constipated) and has been throwing up. They are all upset that the slop causes these issues and she (Jessica) should go unload in the DR.


                    • #11
                      2:26 PM BBT

                      Jessica rejoins Cody (what are we calling the lounge room this year? need to ask Lexie) Jessica is complaining that they are stuck inside of the house because of construction and that they (the frogs) only have 4 lily pads they can stand on and that Cody is lucky because at least he can go home. Jessica says she will be stuck there on slop again. Now they smooch.

                      Meanwhile, Paul and Josh are talking. Josh says he is going to make supper tonight because his friend (Christmas) is leaving to have surgery tomorrow. He says he is going to make meatballs and invite Jessica and Cody to eat with them (obviously to annoy them since they are on slop and a little dig back at them for saying he was a perv).

                      And with that, I am out. Anyone out there want to take over? The peeps still at work or away from their computers would sure appreciate it!


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                        I'll try to catch us up ...


                        • #13
                          Jessica and Cody

                          Jessica - I'm sick to my stomach....we can't outside.. we're stuck on lily pads. We're in a ****ing frog costume...sleeping on spikes... taking cold showers...

                          Jessica to Cody- they broke me... it's official... they won


                          • #14
                            Here's Raven with Jessica...


                            • #15
                              Here's Paul... ( BB told him not to ride the Cowboy ... or Toad... )


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