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Live Feed Updates-July 12, 2017-Day 21

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 12, 2017-Day 21

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    3:20 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      ( I'm am sneaking in quickly to update up on where I left off from last night ) ....

      Kevin talked with Alex and Jason

      Kevin asking Alex who she would put on the block if she won HoH
      Alex tells him that she would have to "follow the plan" with Jessica and Ramses

      Jason- I think they just want us to follow the plan to make us weaker..

      Kevin asks why no one on the "other side" ever gets put up... ?

      Kevin to Jason/Alex - so Paul is on their side instead of our side?
      Jason- I think.
      Alex- yeah

      Kevin asks Alex why she wouldn't go ahead and put up powerful people...

      Alex tells him there's not numbers to support it and for now, they have to "get rid of the people they want first"

      Kevin says .. Jessica/Ramses then who .. Josh?

      Jason - probably me

      Alex- yeah

      Kevin to Jason - if you go up ... then put them up ... **** them!
      Jason - that's what I am sayin'

      After Kevin leaves..

      Alex tells Jason that Kevin is changing the way he treats them...

      Alex - he's super aggressive towards Ramses and he's kinda doing the same to me...

      She tells Jason that Kevin is either getting comfortable with them ( the others ) .. or he's paranoid...

      Alex tells Jason that they have to get Christmas away from Paul...

      Kevin talked with Jason again ...

      Kevin to Jason - they would have a heart attack if you ( won HoH ) put Raven and Elena up....

      Kevin - neither one of them mother****ers would win a PoV

      He tells Jason that he won't put up him, Alex , Paul or Mark....

      Kevin - those are the four best players left....

      Kevin to Jason - who are you gonna put up?
      Jason- I don't know...... just have to see

      Paul talks with Mark and Elena

      Mark tells him that he wants Jessica out before Ramses and that he wants to win HoH and be the one to take her out ..

      Mark - when she ( Jessica ) comes up to me... ( I'll say ) ... "Jess, you said zero words to me last week. Let's keep that up!" ...

      Paul- Christmas) isn't dropping a bomb (on Jessica) anymore on Thursday

      Mark- What the **** happened?

      Paul tells them that she ( Christmas ) said she was feeling bad for Jessica

      Paul tells them that he told her that the BB house isn't the environment to heal from surgery ... and it's not worth messing up real life stuff for a gamble ( on a game )

      Paul to Dominique- I think he (Mark) is going to kill Christmas sooner than later

      Ramses tells Jason and Alex Kevin is working with Paul...

      Ramses - Paul always pulls him up there... he (Kevin) is playing both sides perfectly

      Jason- you really did not vote Jillian out?

      Ramses- I did not

      Jason- Where is he (Kevin) now?
      Alex- Exactly.
      Ramses- that is what he ( Kevin ) does... he's always going up there...I don't want to believe that cause it's Kevin but...
      Jason- **** Ramses... this sucks

      Ramses- every time I had a conversation with him (Kevin).. he would ask me... "who did you vote out?",

      Ramses - he's kinda freaked out.

      Alex- God damn it....

      Alex - we don't have the numbers anymore.... because they (Josh/Kevin) ****ed us..
      Ramses- We have to win HoH

      Alex- even if we do vote Jessica out... they're gonna come for one of us next
      Ramses- maybe we can pull in Jessica somehow...


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        Right before midnight.. maybe 11:57 PM BBT (7/11)
        Convo runs into this morning.

        Paul, Dominique, Mark in HOH room

        Complaining how Christmas is annoying them... telling Paul how he should take care of his beard. "This is for me, not for you"
        She also told Mark how the chess games should be played and then she says "Well that shows how strong of a woman I am when a man won't even argue back".... she's getting a little too comfortable in this house and thinks whatever she says goes

        Paul asked her if she was taking her meds and she told him no... probably just bitchy because she is in discomfort and having surgery.
        She's going to start pissing everyone off... Paul also predicts her getting on Alex's nerves quick.. they've been spending more time together whispering

        Paul - Once you get comfortable (in the house), the guards go down then the real **** starts to come out

        Mark - I was finally relaxing and getting comfortable with Elena and she (xmas) comes up and says "You look stressful Mark let's talk about it."

        They go on with more Christmas bashing saying she tells them what they should eat, how to workout, etc

        Mark's frustrated face about Christmas' attitude LOL


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          12:02 AM BBT
          Cams 3/4

          Pillow Fight on Jason to celebrate his birthday


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            12:54 AM BBT
            Cam 2

            Mark, Paul, Christmas and Dominique in Wave Room

            Talk about next HOH comp being endurance (wall comp?) and outcomes if certain people fall off... etc

            Paul - We could give it to Josh (let him win HOH).. A- He would be ****in hyped B- He would definitely put up Ramses and Jessica

            Christmas and Dom - (very approvingly) Yeah, that's a really good idea

            Mark - And he doesn't compete the following week..... Alex is NOT dropping on this one though

            Paul - If we continuously work together... we are guaranteed here another 4 weeks.. that's final 8... after Ramses, Jessica, Jason (Paul's order of evictions)

            Anytime Christmas brings up her surgery we get fish
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              9:36 AM BBT
              Cam 1

              Cody and Christmas in Bathroom

              Christmas - So Cody, before I head out I just wanted you to explain why there's so much direct animosity and disdain from you... like what caused the put-up (on the block)

              Cody - You're not gonna believe me...

              Christmas - Well let's try... Entertain me

              Cody - It wasn't blind... I didn't go into the decision by myself.... Jess didn't know... Everytime you were around the group was like high anxiety... high emotion... and 2 people came to me after like some interview or something. Mark came up and he was pissed.. he comes up and says "**** Christmas, we gotta get her out" Right behind Mark, Dominique came up and validated the same sentiment... and then I was so confused afterwards because after I put you up Dominique comes up to me and says I promise you I'm gonna keep Christmas here.. so I'm like Did you just play me to get me to put her up

              Christmas - My vision.. was you put me up because of my relationship with Paul..

              Cody - That is another reason.. I realized that you're his closest ally..

              Christmas - So what was Mark and Dominique's issue about a showmance?

              Cody - I don't know, there was some talk about showmances during the interview and then you spoke up and said something and Mark was somehow pissed about what you said for Mark/Elena... I mean I would like to say I can believe Mark but he also told me I was his ride or die till the end and next thing ya know.. and once that vote to Jillian was made right after the show I went to Mark and was like *he throws his hands up* WTF dude? And he tells me he had to go with the house...

              All the while we have Kevin in the kitchen trying to listen in...

              The chat continues until about 10:03 when we get fish for the musical alarm
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                10:56 AM BBT

                Christmas gets called to the DR for her to leave for her surgery... Everyone hugs goodbye except Paul, Dom, Mark, Elena, Jason.


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                  11:32 AM BBT
                  Cams 3/4

                  Cody and Jessica in Wave Room

                  Rare moment of Cody laughing! They're talking about fingers up the butt.....


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                    1:20 PM BBT Came 3 & 4

                    Kevin, Alex and Jason talking about Josh and how he is the worst player in BB history. They talk about everyone has Josh convinced that they are all "with" him now.


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                      1:56 PM BBT
                      Cam 3 Kitchen

                      Day 2 of Josh's bet losing.. he has to drink pickle juice every day. (He lost a pool bet)
                      Paul tells him before they get to the kitchen.. "Make it funny man, they are definitely loving it.. like its a thing so"

                      Josh - I hate all you meatballs!!


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                        3:17 PM BBT

                        Raven slipped and fell down the spiral staircase

                        Her foot is cut open and bleeding...

                        She said she hit her head, elbow and foot

                        Fish until 3:46 BBT

                        She has to have stitches... she split in between her toes on the railing.. OUCH

                        (If someone wants to take it from here. I gotta go for the night.. did what I could today )
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                          OMG 1st Christmas now Raven. I don't remember these amount of injuries in 1 season ever


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                            7:41 PM BBT

                            Raven returns...


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                              She had to get stitches...

                              Raven tells them that they couldn't numb her ... so she had to endure it ...
                              She says she felt it all .. and she's surprised they didn't hear her screaming...

                              Raven- I'm okay.. I've been through worse...

                              She tells them that they put her on antibiotics...

                              And.. if there are any competitions where she would have to submerge her foot.. she can't compete


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