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Live Feed Updates-July 13, 2017-Day 22

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 13, 2017-Day 22

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    3:25 BBT

    Everybody sleeping


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      9:04 AM BBT

      Still sleeping....zzzzzz

      9:05 AM BBT

      I stand corrected, camera just switched from the sleepers to Cody in the shower.
      Last edited by purrwing; 07-13-2017, 11:07 AM.


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        9:49 AM BBT

        The HG's are up. There's lots of mumbling and stumbling going on (poor Raven is almost dragging her foot along).


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          10:27 AM BBT

          Jason, Kevin and Alex chatting. Jason tells them he used to work at Hy Vee. Cody and Jessica head to the Have Not room and where they have a little froggie time.


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            11:32 AM BBT

            Matt, Raven, Dom & Paul in kitchen

            Kevin, Ramses, Alex, Jason, Elana & Mark in bedroom

            Alex is fasting (??) and can't eat until noon

            Mark talking about some people that fast for 20 hours at a time and how hard it is

            Kevin says, you know what's hard Mark? Being lonely, being lonely is the hardest thing in life ()


            • #7
              Eleana saying Raven, Mark, Xmas and Josh have cried

              Ramses saying he doesn't cry

              Jason said he cried when he thought about family, a tear rolled down his face

              Listing off all the people who have cried

              Kevin says there's nothing wrong with crying...and touching yourself

              Jason says he hopes he gets to keep his toad outfit because he thinks it's "bitchin'", says some lady measured them and that's who made their costumes (so I guess they all get meaused for all the different costumes before they come in)


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                Switching to other cams

                Paul saying Dom would get along great with his mom Dom says and I would give her beautiful babies

                Matt - I don't think I've ever met an Arminian black person

                Paul - they are pretty rare

                Talking about Kanye & Kim Kardashian

                Very interesting mix, it'll be big butt central

                Talking about famous Armenians, Dr. Kavorkian, Steve Jobs mother (adopted mom?), a lot of random people, a lot of inventors, Gwen Stefani, Cher part Arminain

                Dom - also Reagan, you know who Reagan is? Our unborn child (Dom is all about some Paul!)

                Paul - I get to name the girl? Valentina

                Dom - you can name her whatever you want to name her, you can take her too, I don't want a girl

                Paul - you want 4 boys?

                Dom - yeah, and I might want more

                Paul - did you not hear the stories of when I was 3? You're going to have a bunch of naked boys running around

                Paul - I want a little princess, I don't want a little ****head (boy)

                Paul - my dad would tell me funny stories of when he was little, he was dating some girl and didn't use a condom and the condom broke and he freaked out and it was snowing outside and when the girl left he poured vodka on his dick to kill the bacteria


                • #9
                  and then we get fish on all cams

                  Back for a minute

                  Paul still talking about his dad - dating some girl and every time they went to dinner she'd order everything on the menu and not eat it so his dad was like, ok so they went out one time and his dad ordered all this stuff off the menu and just left, went to the bathroom, climbed out the window and never saw her again; my dad has some funny stories from when he came to Canada and was a little Lebanon boy, Paul saying Vancouver is his favorite city, then probably Toronto; saying a small town in Canada is really beautiful and went out there for meet & greets and would love to go back out because it's so pretty

                  HoH lockdown starting at 11:47 AM BBT


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                    We have puppies today instead of kittens!

                    I'm assuming feeds are off until the live show tonight so I'm out


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                      12:17 PM BBT

                      Awww, NicChick, when you said we had puppies I had to go get a screenshot. Looks like they are all piled up sleeping.

                      Yeap, looks/sounds like feeds are down until after the show tonight. See you all then!


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                        Feeds back up at 1:39 PM BBT


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                          Endurance comp is underway. So far, everyone remains on the wall and they have already been sprayed with water.

                          Last edited by purrwing; 07-13-2017, 09:07 PM.


                          • #14
                            Josh is the first to drop. They gave us a close up of Raven's feet. Have no clue if she is protected from the water.


                            • #15
                              Mark is down


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