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Live Feed Updates- July 14, 2017- Day 23

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 14, 2017- Day 23

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    Well that was one heck of a night...

    Catch up with it all HERE

    For now ..

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    Alex- I can't sleep... I hope the Live Feeders are enjoying this because I'm going insane.. a whole week of crazy ...


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      9:45 AM BBT

      A few HG's are up and the whispers have started. Kevin and Jason were whispering in the bathroom about Jessica going up on the block for sure and talking about who else may go up.

      Matt and Raven were whispering in the kitchen about Jessica. Raven told Matt that she heard things about Jessica last night that pissed her off. Raven heard that Jessica told Jason that Raven was the one who hid Alex's ears.


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        9:57 AM BBT

        Matt whispers to Raven that he is worried about Mark this week because Mark is on slop and there will be a lot of **** said about him. Matt says that this is the perfect storm for Mark because of him being on slop (as in Mark will be grumpy and not feel well)


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          10:13 AM BBT

          Alex comes down to the kitchen and asks Matt if he wants to talk. They head up to the HOH where Alex just wants him to confirm that he will vote to evict "the other person who is not named Jessica because she is not allowed to say who she is putting up for sure". <insert giant eye roll> Alex tells him they have a spy in their midst.

          Meanwhile, Raven is in the wave room talking to the camera. (she's not making any sense to me. something about squirrels chasing nuts and a baby's momma).

          Alex heads to the wave room to talk to Raven.


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            10:21 AM BBT

            Raven and Alex are trying to suss out the person who made the hinky vote. They both talk about how on previous seasons of BB, everyone voted with the house. (oh how we love that!! Not!) Raven says she feels like they need to get their ducks in a row. She feels like they have a bunch of squirrels in a row and they are all chasing their own nut. (ohhhh! Now I get what she was babbling about earlier). Neither understands why someone wants to tell them they are voting with the house and then wants to go and vote rogue.

            They continue to yammer about the weird third vote for Ramses.


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              10:35 BBT

              Raven is in the kitchen with Matt. They are whispering about what they think, hope, want, Alex to do this week. Raven tells Matt that Alex told her Ramses came up to the HOH room and told Alex that she should trust Jessica over Raven.


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                10:51 AM BBT

                Jason, Ramses and Josh are in the storage room. Ramses is worried because Alex isn't really telling him anything. Jason says that Ramses has no reason to worry and that Alex is just talking to all the others to see if she can get some intel on who the rat is that made the hinky vote.

                Ramses is stressing out because he wants to talk over scenarios with Alex but she doesn't seem interested in what he has to say.

                Ramses and Jason talk about how if Alex puts up Jessica she will be gone and the other side will be left intact with their numbers. Jason says **** it, I'm going up ta talk to Alex.


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                  11;10 AM BBT

                  Alex tells Jason that she knows Jessica is lying. She says she knows Jason doesn't like Matt, but they need the numbers on their side. She says they have to keep Ramses and Josh calm after the nominations. Jason says he will talk to them about it. Jason says they really need to get rid of Dominique. Alex agrees but says she has to put Jessica up also. Jason tells her that is a smart move because it takes away Jessica's vote. Alex tells Jason that Paul is on their side (Alex's) but they have to keep away from him so the other side doesn't find out.

                  Raven and Elena are whispering in Elena's bed. Elena asks her how her chat went with Alex. Raven said Alex told her that Ramses was telling Alex to trust Jessica over Raven. Alex said she wasn't buying that, so Raven tells Elena that they are cool.
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                    11;21 AM BBT

                    Back to Alex and Jason. Alex says she is telling everyone that they will be surprised at who she puts up next to "Jessica even though she can't say she is putting her up for sure" that they are more than welcome to vote out "Jessica who can't be named as a for sure person" but Alex thinks they have the votes to get out "Dom that she can't really say she is actually putting her up". Speaking of Dom, she comes up and uses the HOH bathroom. Kevin comes up and wants to talk to Alex.

                    Kevin says he knows people are saying that he is involved in the hinky vote. He tells them he would never vote against Alex and Jason. Alex tells him she can't say who she is putting up, but that she needs Kevin's vote to get out the person she wants out.

                    Kevin talks about how Paul sits around and tells jokes and everyone dies of laughter and his jokes aren't even funny. Kevin says he even told Paul he wasn't ****ing funny.


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                      11:45am BBT

                      Kevin, Alex, Jason in HOH room

                      Talking about how long they were on the endurance. Kevin thinks he was on for 1 1/2 hrs and Jason thinks he was on for 2hours.
                      Alex won HOH, but doesn't say how long she was on.

                      General chit chat.

                      Dominque was in HOH shower
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                        11;46 AM BBT

                        Elena and Paul talking about how they feel like Dominique may be going up. Elena wants Dom to talk to Alex.

                        Not sure how Paul can have a serious conversation with her, but she makes a super cute clown! I am out for a bit if someone wants to jump in.


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                          Jason & Kevin left HOH so Alex and Dom can talk. Dom says I know there has been some talk that I was the extra vote for Ramses. I want you to know that I was NOT the extra vote. She ask Alex if anyone has planted the seed to her that she (Dom) was the vote.

                          Alex says so no one has said that but someone has stirred the pot.

                          Alex says that she was done whatever the "other side" wanted. She indicates that she will be putting on the one person that they all want, but Alex does want to get some other people out way more.


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                            Dom/Alex in HOH
                            11:50am BBT

                            Dom knows that someone is out to target her in her group. But she has God on her side and she will figure it out. Dom says she was asked twice by the same person if she voted for Ramses; it's very fishy. You go with your gut. Cody tried to throw me under the bus twice.

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                              Catching us up..

                              Paul and Dominique ...

                              Paul tells Dominique that he's confident that Alex is putting Jessica up as one of the nominees...

                              Paul- she's very ambiguous as to who the second one is

                              Dominique tells Paul that Alex told her that Ramses has been throwing her name around...

                              Dominique to Paul- I am more than 50% convinced that there's somebody in the group targeting me.... I don't know who ... but I'l find out

                              Dominique - it irritates the crap out of me that people are targeting me and Mark...


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