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Live Feed Updates-July 15, 2017-Day 24

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 15, 2017-Day 24

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  • #2
    The HoH group continues trying to decide on a pawn so that Dom goes home. Dom has been throwing out Paul's name. Matt and Raven told him.


    • #3
      The HoH group went round and round. Dom got hold of Alex and called Paul the "temptor" of the season and called him a snake.

      Alex went up and told Paul. Paul got heated and went down to get Dom.

      Paul confronts Dom. Dom says that she never said a name. Dom getting coy about not saying names. Paul spells out the logic of howing she insinuated he was the snake.

      Dominique now getting heated about "you don't come at me like that".


      • #4
        Dom said that she just wanted to get clarity. Dom says now that she confided in Paul and he said he would never say anything to anybody. He was her sounding board. Dom then talked to Elena and got the information. Dom told Paul and one other person, so she knew it came from Paul.

        Dom then turns to Elena to ask about it. Elena says that Dom told her that she told one person, but she said there are two people she uses as a sounding board.

        Elena going through conversations. She finally gets around to Elena never heard anything from Paul.

        Paul now confronts Dom about calling him the "temptor". Again, she says she never said his name. He says he is in the house only beause one of them took a temptation.


        • #5
          Paul says he has to play an honest.

          Dom takes issue with being called a motherfker. She still wants a house meeting.

          Paul confronts her with the way she has a conversation, "Paul, Paul, Paul, and oh by the way there's a snake.

          Paul says she has now lied to him 4 times.

          Dom says she never said he was a snake. Paul says she implied it. She builds up to a climax and then never says the end.


          • #6
            Dom says that she heard about people saying that she was using the interview thing for game. She says she wasn't.

            Dom says she's baffled that Paul believes three people over her.

            Dom says that conversation happened three hours ago (???). She clarified later that the conversation was with Paul and the team of 7 no longer existed.

            Dom says that she never said a name.

            Paul says that God can't vouch for her in the BB house.

            Now they are talking about Dom bring God in to a make believe game as a character.

            Paul goes back to Dom saying she was certain that the information Elena got was from Paul when it apparently wasn't her.

            Dom says Paul's fans are seeing this. Paul says this is what his fans like, him calling out people on their bs.

            Dom says that Paul is going home. He says that's rich coming from a person on the block. She says that is leaving sooner rather than later.

            Paul says she is throwing out metaphors and fishing for information. If she is going to come at him she needs her books in a row.

            Paul asks her if she thinks she is a snake. She says that he has snake tendencies.


            • #7
              Dom says that he is defending himself and being reactive.

              Paul says that she was "certain" that he told Elena something and it turns out it wasn't him. What else is she "certain" about.

              They go down to get everyone else that is up.


              • #8
                Now Dom says that she did tell Alex his name.


                • #9
                  Josh was sitting in there during this thing with Dom.

                  Jason came back up and they are waiting for Christmas.

                  Paul says that he has respect for her, she interrupts and says he has disrespected her.

                  They go back to she doesn't say names, she connects all dots except one. Alex confirms that she "heavily" implied.

                  She goes back to but she never said his name.

                  Paul says that she is making people uncomfortable in the house. She wants to know if it is house consensus.

                  They pause to wait for Christmas. Getting her settled with her leg up. Josh says he is just there to get information.

                  Paul says that she hasn't answered his questions. Back to she says she never said his name.


                  • #10
                    Dom bringing Christmas up to speed. Dom talked to Alex (Paul chimes in and three other people").

                    Dom told Alex that there is a snake and a tempter. Didn't say Paul's name. She told Alex that to brace her and that other people would be targeted the way she is. Says Paul told her not to have private conversations.

                    Paul now tells his version. They go back to Dom saying Paul was the one that told someone something, but then admitted she had also told someone else. He ticks off the points about her saying things about him to three other people. The snake implications, a tempter and "heavily" implying it is him. He walks through the implications she threw out that could only lead to him, because it couldn't be Mark.

                    He then goes to the part about her being certain information she told two people, must have been relayed to Elena by Paul. Elena confirms that Paul never told her that info.

                    Christmas asked why don't they just clear the air tonight. Dom says he won't say the names, Paul says she won't say names.

                    Dom goes back to the tack of she never said Paul's name.

                    Paul says that her "one team, one fight" is not.

                    Alex called up Raven and Matt. Christmas said well let's just clear the air tonight.

                    Others may show up because they will also be woken up.

                    Talking about a house meeting.


                    • #11
                      Dom goes back to the interview and people saying she is using that as strategy.

                      Dom wants everyone to know that what she says is true.

                      Matt and Raven arrive.

                      Paul says he as answered all of her questions, but he is not going to throw 3 people under the bus.

                      She goes back to what she told Alex and Paul told her not to have private conversations and that there was no longer a team. She says why would she lie about this. Paul says "because she is on the block".

                      Talking about now this has turned in to Dom vs. Paul.

                      Round back to Dom saying she never said Paul was a snake. But there seems to be agreement that she was implying, but she never said his name.

                      Back to what she told three people about Paul. Back to the conversation Alex had with Dom. Alex quotes slithering, tempting, all that. Then she started talking to Alex about things Paul said, heavily implying that he was the snake and tempter. Elena then confirms that the info didn't come from Paul.


                      • #12
                        Paul said he is defensive when people attack his character.

                        She goes back to the one team one fight. round and round about whether she said if she is going to be blamed, others are going to be blamed.

                        Back to the three people telling Paul about Dom saying negative things about him.

                        Back to her implying things, but not saying names.

                        Christmas asks her to tell who the infiltrator she was talking about is. Dom says she won't say.


                        • #13
                          Christmas asks why she wanted to bring people together if she won't say anything.


                          • #14
                            Paul says she wants to throw him under the bus.

                            Dom says she just wants to mention that she voted for Cody to leave. She wanted everyone to know that he was.

                            She is throwing in little comments

                            Dom won't give up the name on who is the infiltrator.

                            Christmas is still confused on why she wanted everyone brought together. Dom said that she is being targeted and blamed and she wants everyone to know.

                            Paul says she just did it again. She talked about a snake and an infiltrator and then talked about what Paul said. Again, implying he was the snake and infiltrator.

                            Dom says she is done.

                            Now she is getting a little aggressive with Christmas about a question on whether she had an agenda about the infiltrator before this meeting.


                            • #15
                              Paul goes back to her 4 things, her calling Paul a snake by implication. He says she can keep smiling and making face gifs, but she has

                              Christmas asks her if she is on the block and wants to defend her honesty, why wouldn't she give the name. Why won't she take this opportunity. She says she won't give up a name and throw anyone under the bus.

                              Paul chimes in that she has thrown his name and Elena's under the bus.

                              Jason and Alex are whispering on the bed.

                              Christmas again says she doesn't understand why she won't say who she is calling an infiltrator that is more descrving to be on the block.


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