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Live Feed Updates-July 17, 2017-Day 26

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 17, 2017-Day 26

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    3:35 BBT

    Kevin and Paul laying in bed. Kevin telling a story.

    Elena, Mark, and Ramses in the bathroom just chatting. Ramses left and Mark is teasing Elena about her bj jokes. Dom was in there laying on the couch when Mark and Elena came in. I couldn't tell if she was talking to Josh or was just talking to the cameras. Mark talked to her briefly and she left.


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      9:14 AM BBT

      All houseguests are sleeping/in bed.


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        9:15 AM BBT

        And right after I posted that, we get FISH. Must be waking the HGs up.


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          9:30 AM BBT

          Cams 1 & 2

          Alex & Jason talking about Kevin. Jason says Kevin is trying to stir things up. Jason says he keeps asking him if he's going to use the POV. Says he should and then says he shouldn't.

          Jason says Kevin asked him if he would f**k Christmas if they both made it to the jury house.

          Jason says maybe they should use the POV and put Kevin on the block and vote him out.

          Alex says they can't do that right now or they will look bad to the rest of the HGs.

          Sounds like Jason doesn't plan on using the POV right now. Like they are going to leave the noms the same.


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            9:33 AM BBT

            Cams 3 & 4

            Following Matt around the house getting ready for the day. Others are still in bed.


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              9:40 AM BBT

              Paul gets called to the DR.

              Back to Alex & Jason...

              Discussing rather to use the POV (again). Jason said he's not going to use it. That's his final decision. Alex says to let her know what he decides.

              Now Jason talking about Mark having some rank-a$$ farts this morning. Said he needed a gas mask.

              BB says that the bedroom lights must stay on during the day.


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                Jason tells Alex not to trust Paul completely. Alex says he can't lie in front of America. Jason says, "YES he can!".

                Alex talks about the friendship bracelets and their friendship deal (her and Paul).
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                  Now they're talking about who voted for Ramses. Jason gets it right at first... it was Jessica, Christmas & Kevin. But then they're not sure. Start talking about it might be Dominique. Alex says she thinks Paul is just saying/using that to get Dominique out.

                  Jason says he likes Paul as a person but doesn't like that "son-of-a-b*tch" in the game.

                  Jason leaves the HOH Room.

                  Alex says to herself, "My a$$ is safe right now".


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                    Alex gets up, looking at the monitor, gets her glasses and gets back in bed and once again says, "My ass is safe right now". She's intensely watching the monitor now.


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                      Alex hollering out, "these glasses suck! Where are mine?!"

                      BB calling all the folks in bed out telling them that there are fresh batteries in the storage room.

                      Cams 3 &4

                      Paul, Jason & Matt are in the Kitchen talking about Mark's farts. Jason says Mark sh*t the bed. No game talk.


                      • #12
                        Going on right now. Raven has joined the guys in the Kitchen. Talking about Duck clubs and duck hunts.

                        Matt asks Jason if he thinks Raven is a hillbilly. He says yes and she says, I am not. Jason says she damn sure knows the territory.

                        (No game talk going on. I'm out if anyone wants to jump in and do updates. Thanks so much!)


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                          10:25 ish AM BBT

                          Raven tells Jason and Matt that she has never kissed a guy in the state of Arkansas even though she has lived there for 23 years. Matt and Jason are laughing and making fun of her because they don't believe it. Sounds like Raven is getting a bit defensive. She must keep talking about people who haven't signed a release because they keep taking the cams away from them and putting all 4 on Christmas sleeping.

                          At one point Paul smears something on a doorknob (petroleum jelly?)

                          Dominique gets called to the DR.

                          Jason comes into the bathroom laughing hysterically. He tells Paul that Dominique grabbed the doorknob (it was to the DR) with the gunk on it.

                          More laughter and Kevin joins in too.

                          Matt and Raven play fight in the kitchen. Kevin and Paul head out back to lower the awnings.


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                            11:14 AM BBT

                            Kevin and Jason outside. Jason reaffirming that he is not going to use the POV. (apparently, Kevin told him not to use it last night) Kevin says he should do whatever Jason wants to do and Jason says he already told Alex he wasn't going to use it. Kevin counts up the numbers and he has Jason, Alex, Kevin, Josh, Ramses, and Jessica on one side, Paul in the middle, and then just the two showmances on the other side.

                            Feeds cut to puppies in a kennel so it may be POV ceremony time!


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                              12:02 PM BBT

                              still on those cute little puppies


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