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Live Feed Updates-July 18, 2017-Day 27

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 18, 2017-Day 27

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    3:30 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      9:10 AM BBT

      Everyone is still snoring the day away!


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        10:41 AM BBT

        A few people are out of bed but just general chatting.


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          12:30 PM BBT

          Jason, Paul and Alex in the HOH. Jason is telling them that no matter what Christmas says, he knows Christmas blames him and is mad at him for her broken foot. Jason says it would be hard for him, since it is his fault her foot is broken, for him to win HOH and put Christmas up. But he feels strongly that she will be gunning for him.


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            Welp.. this has certainly been the slowest day on the Live Feeds, I'll catch us up .. but don't hope for much!

            ( I guess we all can use the break, because you know more drama is coming )


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              Jason ( as the PoV winner ) got the Snap Chat Glasses....

              Alex wearing them as the others ... well you can see..


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                Dominique asks Kevin if he was going to do "the show" with her ...
                He told her that he would tell her later...

                Kevin tells Jason that he's not going to do the "show" with Dom, but he'll wait to tel her...

                He talks about how he was helping her do a good job with the "the show" ... but she ( Dom ) "had her own agenda" and she threw him in the middle of it ...


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                  A moth made an appearance...

                  Kevin - put it in a cup
                  Paul- I don't want to put it in a cup
                  Kevin- no, no.. you can just capture it in a cup and then put it down someones dress.

                  Kevin - when you go to the picture show, put it down the dress of the girl you like.. .

                  ( "picture show" ) ...


                  • #10
                    Jessica asks Jason if anything is going on in the house..

                    Jason - I think everyone is just excited to rest... it's ( the vote/eviction) is decided.. there's nothing to fight for .. I like that

                    Jessica - yeah... except for the Josh thing yesterday

                    Jason - I think everyone was like what the **** was that..!!... but he's ( Josh ) laying low.. so that's good

                    Jessica- do you trust him?

                    Jason- he's about the flippy floppiness thing in the house...

                    Jason - he literally promised everyone .. everything...

                    Jessica- the same thing...

                    Jason - I mean I like the kid.. but ...

                    They talk about him not using the veto on her...

                    Jessica- I think it was a smart move.. unless I get evicted...

                    Jason- you're not going to get evicted...

                    4:38 PM BBT

                    Jason - Dom is really sealing her fate...

                    Jessica- Yeah .. I don't think she wants to be here anymore...

                    Jessica - if you would have put up Mark, we wouldn't be able to chill like we are right now

                    Jason agrees...

                    Jessica- and you and Alex are getting along with that alliance right now ...

                    Jason- yeah ...

                    Jessica - I think that Alex had a very successful HoH .. she took out one of their numbers without having to make big waves...

                    Talk turns to how they aren't 100% sure who the 3rd vote was ...


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                      5:19 PM BBT

                      Dominique in the Wave Room .. reading the bible...


                      • #12
                        Dominique- since people are afraid to talk to me in the house.. I thought I'd make the best use of my time by reading... because in my real life, i don't have that much time to read.. and spend as much time as I can with God, because my life outside this house is busy


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                          Dominique talks about her "show" ..

                          She says she didn't have one last Wednesday, because her feelings were hurt...

                          She says she asked Kevin to do on this week.. but he said he didn't think anyone would come..

                          Dom- I wonder who persuaded him to say that


                          • #14
                            Dom - 2wat person has that much power to persuade everyone in the house not to talk to me?

                            Dom- I like my alone time.. but the only thing that bothers me .. is that people have already made their own conclusions.. and they won't delve into the little bit of feeling they have that Dominique might be right...


                            • #15
                              She says this is what happens "when you go against the grain" .. "people are intimidated by that" .. and that they should just "come up to my level" ...

                              Dominique- people are going to miss out on what they could have learned,, miss out on on the enlightenment, miss out on the opportunity of thinking outside the box by avoiding me... because they are too afraid...


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