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Live Feed Updates-July 20, 2017-Day 29

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 20, 2017-Day 29

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    4:00 am BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      9:05 AM

      Fish and then...

      Cams 1 & 2

      Paul & Alex pass each other and high-five with Alex on her way back up to the HOH.

      Cams 3 & 4

      Were on Christmas in the bathroom mirror and then wobbling out.
      Then on to Paul fixing his hair in the Have-Not Room.
      Then Paul heads to the Kitchen where Christmas is standing.
      Christmas & Paul hug.


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        Cams 1 & 2

        Alex in HOH Room trying on different outfits.

        Cams 3 & 4

        Paul & Christmas in Kitchen.

        BB says, "Wakey, wakey, houseguests. Time to get out of bed."

        Paul says, "Get the F**k out of bed. We have a live show today."

        Talking about the songs being played this morning. One was Bootylicious (by Beyonce).

        The camera turns toward Paul. Paul says to the camera, "I'm going to make a little coffee and we're going to have a little friendship chat."

        Now advertising the Big Brother mug for them.

        Alex comes down carrying her stuff from the HOH room. Paul says that's smart to go ahead and start bringing it down.

        Then Paul & Alex start whispering about someone talking. Couldn't hear but sounded like maybe they were talking about Dom and/or Jessica.

        Alex leaves.

        Paul says to us, "I'll meet you in the Blue Room for a friendship chat. I'll tell you about my life."

        Alex heading back upstairs.

        Paul says he'll be up there in a second. He's going to go do a little friendship chat.


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          Cams 3 & 4

          Paul in the lounge (blue room) having his friendship chat with us.

          Talking about getting Cody out. Alex getting HOH. Paul says Dom painted a target on her back and he went with it.

          Said the whole house was talking about Dom & Mark. Since they were the target it was best just to roll with it.

          Paul said he needs to make a bigger target than himself each week until he finds someone he trusts.

          Saying he believes that Cody wasn't the only one that knew he had planned on putting him (Paul) up on the block.

          Talking about Dom. People don't like her. Talking about her calling him a snake.

          BB: Paul, please go to the DR.

          Paul: Well, my friendship chat has been cut short.

          I hope I win HOH but if not, I hope someone random like Josh or Kevin wins HOH.

          Paul heads to the DR.


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            Christmas now has a non-motorized scooter thing to rest her one leg on and push herself around with the other leg. Paul says how f***ing funny that is on his way to the DR. Christmas loves it and says it's a "game changer".

            BB, now in a stern voice, "I SAID, it is TIME TO GET UP FOR THE DAY. There are fresh batteries in the storage room."


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              Christmas' new scooter...


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                Cams 1 & 2

                Christmas in Kitchen talking to camera.
                Says her vote for Ramses was not malicious. She says she really likes Ramses in the game and as a person. (She said something about Jessica before that but I missed it. I think trying to get on Jessica's good side is why she didn't vote for her? IDK)

                Paul comes out of DR. He & Christmas speak. Paul leaves.

                Christmas (talking to us/cameras) says she doesn't trust Jessica.

                Christmas is cooking.

                Josh comes in.

                Cams 3 & 4

                Alex in HOH Room lying in bed.

                BB calls out all those in bed by name this time telling them are fresh batteries in the Storage room.


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                  Cams 3 & 4

                  Paul back with his friendship chat in the lounge area.

                  Talking about Dom and her show. Talking about her staying in the room for 4-5 hours and then when people would come in she would leave.

                  Paul says he needs someone to win the HOH (if he doesn't) that would make a rogue move.

                  Paul says unless he finds people that he really really trusts he'll probably be on the block every week.

                  Paul says he's playing a straight forward, honest game but at the same time having others do his dirty work.

                  Says he can't have people be intimidated or scared of him.

                  Talks about how short of time the people were up for the Endurance comp. (he could beat them)

                  Says he can't show his cards too soon.

                  Talking about last season. He was fighting for his life every week and he still lost.

                  Says he needs to play more strategically this year and he can't have people walking around calling him a snake.


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                    Paul says people who aren't receptive to his advice have to go. He names Ramses & Jessica. Says they have to go. People that aren't falling for his sh*t have to go. Says others would be down with those two going so if he gets the chance he has to take that shot.

                    Says he's enjoying the company/people this season. Kevin makes him laugh.

                    BB is still trying to get people out of bed.

                    Paul says we have a bunch of lazy sh*ts this season. Says they are more rebellious (against Production) this season. Mentions Meech (Michelle) from last season).

                    Shouts out to Season 18 cast. Tells Season 18 not to freak out because he's not talking about them alot. He does sometimes when folks ask.

                    Says he saw Nicole (from Season 18) like 2 weeks ago and knows she's doing well (though we know it had to be a little longer than that).

                    To Natalie & James... I hope you two aren't still eating each other alive with your Twitter beef.

                    Talking about his life. It's been an interesting year. Done a lot traveling. Met a lot of people.

                    Folks in Canada invited him back like 6 times. They love him for some reason.

                    Talking about doing "Meet & Greets". He says... gets interrupted by BB telling Elena & Raven to change their batteries.

                    Paul says, "Jesus Christ, if I hear that again I'm going to go make them change their batteries."

                    BB immediately says, "Raven, Elena, please go change your batteries" (LOL )

                    Paul runs to their room and yells, "Go change your f**king batteries!"

                    Paul says they'll change them now.
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                      9:47 AM BBT

                      Cams 3 & 4

                      Paul says he'll go out and talk to the kids that can't get into the "Meet & Greet" because he wants to inspire them.

                      Says he doesn't really like clubs. Says he likes to get out and explore the cities.

                      He says he goes exploring by himself. Says two people (a couple) came up to him in Edmonton, Canada and started talking to him. He told them he was exploring and they asked if they could hang out with him and he said sure! They ended up hanging out all day and they showed him the city.

                      They invited him to their wedding and he was going to go but he ended up in the BB house.

                      Cams 1 & 2

                      Ramses & Christmas in the Kitchen.

                      Then switches to Jessica & Elena in Have-Not room bed talking.


                      Cams 3 & 4

                      Alex and Jason in the HOH talking.

                      Talking about Jessica & Dom talking last night. Telling lies. Alex says she understands why people want to get the girls out of the house first. They cause so much trouble.

                      (Sorry but have to go do some work! Hopefully someone will pick up from here)
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                        10:44 AM BBT cam 1 & 2

                        Matt and Paul are walking in the storage room. We come in mid convo as Paul is saying that he told Alex they should go ahead and send her home now and that Alex said that would be funny. Matt tells him that that;s how he feels. He says Dom is not a threat, especially now, whereas Jessica is strong in competitions. Matt says Dominique won't win anything. Paul asks if that's really true. Matt doesn't think there is any way Dom can win tonight's HOH but that either way, Matt is good with whomever goes home. Matt asks about what Alex wants and Paul says that Alex doesn't care because she hates them both. They leave the storage room shrugging their shoulders and acting a bit wishy-washy. Paul says he is tired of being penetrated, no lie. (WHAT?!!)

                        I am going to flash back to where Kenny left off and see if there is anything else.


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                          9:51 AM BBT

                          Alex and Jason joking around about sending Jessica out tonight and then putting Dominique up against Christmas for next week. Alex says everyone is down for doing it. She also says it would be so funny and that her goodbye message to Jessica was "bye, didn't think this would happen. Sorry if it did". Jason says that's exactly what he said. They laugh and laugh. They talk about "her" coming up and saying that she has the temptation. They can't believe "she" said that. They make fun of how they can't stand Christmas and they are always trying to rush out of the room when she walks in. Jason says she is a loon.

                          Talk turns to Josh and how he is a psycho. Alex says he is going to keep it up and Mark is going to punch him and get kicked out. Jason says that Mark won't punch him. He says that the most funny thing is the thought that Josh thinks he can actually win an HOH. Jason also says that he doesn't think that Matt is into Raven. He thinks Matt is more like Ramses than like Jason.

                          Now they go over the days and what happened (jedi training)


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                            9:53 AM BBT

                            Jessica in bed with Elena (I think, she has a blanket covering most of her face). Jessica tells Elena that Matt and Raven had sex last night. Jessica said it was so awkward because they obviously thought Jessica was asleep. Jessica said she had an itch, but she didn't want to move and let them know she was awake. She kept wishing someone else would walk in so they would stop. Jessica said there were times when she was having to hold back laughter.

                            They are almost impossible to hear because they both have the comforter pulled up over their mouths.


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                              So.....we have been on Puppies for awhile now.


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