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Live Feed Updates-July 21, 2017-Day 30

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 21, 2017-Day 30

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    Feeds will be down until after the special Battle Back episode ends on the west coast, about 9 PST (midnight eastern time).

    In the meantime, restock your pantry and wash your dishes to get ready for what is sure to be a wild and wooly weekend.


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      This is what you will see all day until feeds come back on at Midnight EST..


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        Julie - This summer, returning to the game is going to be even more challenging. There is no guarantee that anyone will return to the house.

        The Battle Back will end in a showdown against a challenger from the house.
        The current house guests will vote to send one of their own
        If the evicted house guest wins, they are back in the house, if not, they go home for the summer.

        The top two finishers in the first competition will advance. The other two will go home.

        Cody wins the first spot to advance himself in the Battle Back Competition ....


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          Cody wins the first spot to advance himself in the Battle Back Competition ....


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            Cameron wins the 2nd spot ....


            • #7
              Jillian and Dominique head home for the summer...


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                Cody and Cameron face off to win a spot to move on to face the BB19 house challenger ...


                • #9
                  First to knock down 10 panels wins and advances to face the BB19 House Challenger.


                  • #10
                    Cameron takes an early lead...

                    But.. Cody remained focused ....


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                      Cody has 9 down .. one more to win ...
                      Cameron has 7 ...


                      • #12
                        Cody wins...


                        • #13
                          Julie lets Cody know that he can chose which challenge he will face off the House Challenger... it will be a slightly different challenge...

                          He chose the Maze Race...


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                            Julie reveals the Battle Back to the house guests and tells them that they might have send 4 house guests out, but they didn't go home.


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                              Mark in the DR - -as soon as I hear there is a Battle Back and someone is coming back in the house, I'm pissed off.

                              Jessica in the DR -- I've been praying for this moment since before Cody left.... if Cody is back in this game.. it's going to change everything!

                              Paul in the DR - - if Cody comes back, I know I am going to have to do all this work over again. Pissed!


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