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Live Feed Updates-July 22, 2017-Day 31

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 22, 2017-Day 31

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  • #2
    4:21 AM BBT

    Saw everyone in bed/sleeping at first and then saw Christmas come rolling through on her scooter heading back to bed (must have went to the washroom). Now all HGs are in bed/sleeping.


    • #3
      9:45 AM BBT

      Jason and Cody ...

      Jason tells Cody that he didn't want to "follow Paul" ... but everyone else has to wait for someone ( Paul ) to tell them what to do

      Cody to Jason- how much you wanna bet that Paul **** his pants when there was 3 votes to keep me?


      • #4
        Cody tells Jason that Jessica "respects the hell out of him" ... and that she told him how he was going to use the veto on her... but she was sure she had the votes, and asked him not to.


        • #5

          Jason and Cody talk about how the season would be, if he ( Jason ) .. Cody, Ramses, Alex and Jessica had been evicted...

          Cody- it would have been Season 19 .. the ****ing dud season ..

          Jason - I hated the fact that there was a bunch of conformity ...

          Jason- I really feel like half the people here only want to go to jury. Why in the ****?
          Cody- 11th is the same as 3rd

          Cody tells Jason that he and Alex are the only ones that have been loyal to him and Jessica

          Jason - I told her ( Alex ) that I don't give a ****.. we're not going to suck anyone's dick...


          • #6
            Jason to Cody- seriously dude.. that ****ing Christmas is crazy...


            • #7
              Jason- I don't know why I can see it... but she's nuts...

              Cody- I think it's one of those things where they just want to keep her around ...

              Jason - she's crazy, an emotional ****ing train wreck...

              He goes on to say that he feels responsible for her foot... but...


              • #8
                Cody - we have a lot of weapons going into next week.... I guarantee you that they are ****ting themselves


                • #9
                  Cody says his first question to Jessica was .. " was Paul really trying during the battle back challenge" ...

                  Jason- yeah he was

                  Jason talks about how everyone voted for Paul...

                  Jason to Cody- he (Paul) stood up and said "everything is the same"..... everybody vote that ****er (whoever was coming back in ) out


                  • #10
                    10:06 AM BBT

                    Cody to Jessica- Christmas voted for me to stay .. it wasn't Jason

                    Jessica- according to who?

                    Cody - he just admitted it to me...

                    Jessica- why would he do that?

                    Cody- because he's an idiot .. when he gets to talking...


                    • #11
                      Cody - did I tell you I talked to Kevin too? He told me that he was the one that voted for me to stay .. but he told me not to tell anyone ...

                      Jessica- I figured that ...

                      She goes on to say that she had thought that Kevin's been lying about his votes for awhile...


                      • #12
                        Jessica - I knew the Christmas thing.. I'm shocked about the Jason thing. I was pretty convinced Jason voted (Ramses out)



                        • #13

                          Jason tells Cody that he's thinking about shaving his head bald..

                          Cody- don't do that ..

                          Jason- I don't know .. I think sometimes people get tired of looking at the cowboy hat

                          Cody- no not at all ... keep that look.. don't shave your head... if you do ..then you are going to look like.. some time of racist..

                          Jason- ohh I never thought about that

                          Cody laughs says - I don't think that you want to start shaving your head...

                          Jason- yeah Alex is already trying to throw me under the bus with racist comments.. he laughs

                          Cody- yeah keep the cowboy hat look...


                          • #14
                            Jason - I never drank coffee until I came into this house ...

                            Matt/Cody- really?

                            Jason- yeah.. and I like the ****...

                            He says his dad goes to get coffee everyday and he's always like why do you drink that ...

                            Matt to Cody- I can't believe you drink it straight ...

                            Cody- it's the only way


                            • #15
                              Cody - I've never been offended in my lift, but now that people think I make weak coffee

                              Jason/Matt laugh ...

                              Cody telling them that he's turned it up now ...


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