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Live Feed Updates- July 23, 2017- Day 32

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 23, 2017- Day 32

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    5:18 AM BBT

    All Cams

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      9:53 AM BBT

      All Cams

      All HGs are still in bed/sleeping.

      (I've got some house chores to do for a while so if anyone can, once the house guests get up, please jump in and update. Make sure to post a time and camera number, at least where the conversation starts. Thanks!)


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        Here's a little bit from LAST NIGHT that we missed ( it was a tough night for me, so I apologize for not being able to return ) ...

        Jessica and Cody talked...

        She tells him that the others think that Dominique did the interview with Cody... to call out Mark ...

        Jessica- it's so bizarre ... because calling out Mark would implicate her too


        Paul talks with Jason, Alex and Kevin

        He tells them that "from what he's hearing" ... Jessica doesn't want to cause any more waves

        Paul tells them to "just make it look like Josh is going for sure"


        Jessica and Cody

        Jessica - I want to hide Froot Loops some where for the veto ceremony.... if Josh starts talking.. I want to throw them at him

        Cody tells her not to give him ( Josh ) any more "air time" ...

        She tells Cody that it's frustrating not to be able to defend herself against him ( Josh )

        Cody - you even reacting shows a weakness in you

        Cody tells Jessica that when she called Josh "disgusting" .. that she "stunk his heart" and that was the best thing she could do ...


        Paul tells Christmas, Alex, Jason and Kevin to " tell them Josh is going home no matter what...

        Paul- the last thing we need is for them to change a nomination


        Kevin and Christmas

        Kevin tells Christmas that he thinks they ( Cody/Jess ) are going to change the nominations and put someone else in place of Ramses


        Josh counts votes - Paul, Christmas, Alex, Jason, Kevin, Raven and Matt...

        Josh says ( to the cam ) that he wants their ( Cody/Jessica's ) ego so inflated seeing him miserable...

        Josh -they are going to lose it! ( when he stays in the house )

        Josh- on Thursday when I give my speech,... I'm going to drop a bomb on this house ...- I'm going to stand on that sofa... call them out and go off! If I stay, it's going to be game time, baby!!!

        Josh-Mark .. you are shady and now you are riding with Cody.. I'm going to blow your game up on Thursday!

        Josh ( again to the camera ) - just know that your boy is about to blindside these fools!! I'm going to go off on them!

        Josh - You're getting played, meatballs. You are getting played!

        Josh - -if Mark sits on the block... you heard it here first...that kid will **** his pants!

        Josh - I'm done being the nice guy... I'm going to give BB hell to Cody and Mark until they walk out that door!


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          more from LAST NIGHT ...

          Paul talked with Jason, Kevin and Alex...

          Paul- the're all laughing at him (Josh)... we're all laughing like the week is done.... if they don't use the veto, Checkmate.

          Paul tells them that if one of then wins HoH .. they will figure out everything then...

          Paul- I think we should put up Mark ..

          Christmas joins the convo ..

          She tells them that she thinks for sure that Jessica will leave the nominations the same.. and that she's pretty sure that they ( Cody/Jessica ) think everyone wants Josh gone...


          Cody and Jessica

          Jessica to Cody- they're literally celebrating that Josh is leaving.... I'm so happy.

          Cody tells Jessica that it's only a matter of time and there's only so much that Paul can keep doing ****ing people.. before the others are like "**** this guy... why is he on our season?"

          Cody - Paul has the little man syndrome...

          Jessica tells Cody that she trusts Matt to be honest and upfront with her.... but not so much Raven ... she says she trust that Elena will be upfront with her...but not Mark .. she says she doesn't trust ANYTHING that Mark says...


          Mark and Paul

          Mark- tells Paul that he doesn't think that ( keeping ) Johs is good for them... if he stays in her.. I'm going to end up getting evicted


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            A little more from LAST NIGHT ...

            Earlier in the night, Paul told Josh that he should talk to Jessica and tell her that he knows he's going home.. but he wants to enjoy his last days in the house...

            Jessica now talking to Cody about her convo with Josh ...

            Jessica to Cody- if he wants to be civil and enjoy his last few day... I can support that cause I'm not a piece of **** individual


            Josh tells Christmas about his convo with Jessica...

            Christmas assures him that he has the votes to stay .. and to just keep doing what he's doing...

            Josh - I'm going to lose my **** on Thursday when the votes come in ...

            Josh says he can't wait to get Cody and Mark out ...

            Josh- he ( Mark ) is a flip flopper. Christmas- He is an opportunist. No loyalty


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              That's pretty much gets us up to speed from LAST NIGHT..

              Now I'll catch us up on today ( June 23 )

              Josh and Matt talked...

              Josh points out how quickly Mark changed, when Cody walked back in ..

              Josh - I don't respect him ( Mark ) at all ..


              Jessica and Cody

              They talk and run numbers...

              They say that if Alex wins HoH ... and they go on that side .. it would be 6 and 6... 6 on that side, 6 on Paul's side...

              Jessica- If someone from Paul's side wins ( HoH ) ... ideally we would go to that side and they would put up two from Alex's side...

              She tells Cody if wins HoH .. they chose one side of the house...

              Cody - if I win HoH.. I would back door Paul.. that would be my only goal ( as HoH )

              He goes on to say that he might even think about putting up Raven as a pawn ...

              Jessica tells him that if he wants to back door Paul, they would have to form a solid alliance with one side of the house...

              Jessica talks about how "after this week when Josh leaves" .. everybody left is in pairs.. so a pair will most likely go up...

              She says they could "strong arm" them into saying you either work with us,....or it will be two of you going up

              Cody to Jessica- regardless of who gets HoH... you tell them about that temptation... nobody would waste their HoH


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                Jessica tells Cody that she doesn't plan on telling anyone what the temptation is .. she doesn't want anyone to know that it would be a "rewind week" ...

                Jessica - I'm gong to say my temptation is better than Paul's .... I control both ... (nominees ) ... and the only person that's going to suffer is the HoH ...

                Jessica to Cody- I'm going to let people think I can put whoever I want on the block...

                Jessica - I want them to be fearful of it to the point where they are like ...."I should work with them"... ? ( her and Cody )


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                  Jessica tells Cody that she trust Paul more than Alex

                  Cody- I don't trust either


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                    Cody tells Jessica that they could bring Christmas in ..

                    Cody- she ( Christmas ) is looking for someone to trust.... deep down...she wants to feel loyal

                    He goes on to say ... that if she ( Christmas ) is going to get special treatment .. they should use it to their advantage...


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                      We've been on FISH for about 30 minutes or so .. probably time for the Have Not Pick...


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                        Kevin, Mark and Paul are Have Nots.... ( they were first 2 .. to drop out of the HoH competition )

                        Josh is also a Have Not ( 2nd week for attempting the key and losing last week )


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                          Mark is going to try for the Have Not Temptation Key ...


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                            HN Reveal

                            Kevin/Mark/Paul are HN's as they were the first three down in the HOH Comp. Josh is continuing on as a HN and he will not be eligible for the HN exemption.


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                              Paul tells Mark that he doesn't think it's worth the risk
                              Mark tells him he can't do another week ...


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