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Live Feed Updates- July 24, 2017- Day 33

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 24, 2017- Day 33

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    5:04 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      This morning has been pretty much;

      story telling


      and "who's the bunny now bitch?"-Janelle Pierzina


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        12:00 PM BBT

        Jessica did not use the POV. The target is still Josh, but others are planning to overthrow that plan and oust Ramses.


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          12:09 pm BBT

          Paul and Josh are celebrating a little. Paul tells Josh not to act so happy. Paul and Jason leave. Josh asks Kevin for a hug. Josh says he felt to sick to his stomach. Kevin asked him if he threw up and Josh says no. Josh says he just doesn't like being on the block. Josh thanks Kevin for calming him down. He says he was shaking. Kevin says it's alright but Josh needs to cam down. They talk about the Den Of Temptation and how there are things that haven't been used yet (including the punishment). Somewhere in that convo, Josh said Mark is on slop for two weeks. (sounds like Josh is still gunning for Mark).



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            12:22 PM BBT cam 3 & 4 (well worth the flashback)

            Josh is dancing alone in the apple lounge.

            He says "you ****ing meatballs."

            "You're getting played meatballs. You're getting played"

            I gotta walk around like I am depressed, but this is how inside this is how I'm feeling" (more dancing)

            Hey Cody, this is how we're going to send your ass home. Meatball, you're going back out those doors you ****ing meatball. (swings a broom like a bat)

            Josh gets called to the DR. He looks back in the camera and says,

            "Alright guys, it's back to moping around.

            Updated with pics
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              1:07 PM BBT

              Elena puls Paul into a room and tells him that she wonders if something is going on. She says that Jessica is worried about the votes because a few people have been a little sketchy with their answers when Jess has asked them about their vote. Elena also says that Jessica told her that Josh came up to Jessica and told her that Mark was egging Josh on to trash talk them (Jess & Cody) during the HOH comp.

              Raven and Matt are in bed together. Raven does not feel good today.

              I am out if anyone can take over.


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                ( I'm home early from a workshop, love it when they let you go early, even if it wasn't "that early". I'll catch us up ... )


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                  Jessica and Cody

                  Jessica tells Cody that Christmas asked if she would be okay with her giving Josh a sympathy vote...

                  ( I don't blame her for trying to cover her butt )

                  Jessica tells Cody that she really wants it to be unanimous ...


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                    Elena and Paul

                    Elena checks on Paul's vote...

                    She tells him that Jessica is nervous about votes... and asks if he's voting out Josh

                    Paul- yes


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                      Elena tell Paul and Mark that even if Jason and Alex go rogue... they still have the numbers to get Josh out


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                        Mark tells Paul and Elena that he doesn't think the vote against Josh will be unanimous ... but.. he ( Mark ) is voting him out ...

                        Mark- Josh is going home...


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                          Alex and Jason

                          Alex warns Jason that they ( Jessica/Cody ) will be asking about his vote

                          Alex to Jason - tell them you are voting out Josh


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                            Paul tells Matt and Raven that Cody/Jessica "****ed up" ...

                            Paul - Ramses is coming into rooms and ****.... they're all nervous... they're ****ing stupid


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                              currently .... 2:45 PM BBT

                              Nothing much going on inside the BB house ...

                              BUT... just you wait until the votes are revealed Thursday night....

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