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Live Feed Updates- July 25, 2017- Day 34

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 25, 2017- Day 34

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    4:48 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


    • #3
      8:36 AM BBT

      Cody has been up making breakfast for awhile.


      • #4
        9:21 AM BBT

        Cody can't get his lady love to get out of bed, so his one-pan skillet breakfast remains cooling on the counter and he goes outside and exercises for a bit. (all whilst drinking coffee) Cody tells Matt (who just woke up) he could have some of the eggs he made.


        • #5
          9:30 AM

          Matt used the toilet and went back to sleep. Poor Cody and his cold, cold, eggs.


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            9:32 AM BBT

            For the third time, Cody goes to the HOH room to wake Jessica up. It is not the charm today. He goes back outside to exercise. (sad congealing cold eggs).


            • #7
              10:36 AM BBT

              Several people are awake. Don;t think anyone has touched the eggs yet. Paul is muttering to Matt, Raven and Jason, that he's not really buying Jessica's Den of Temp. story. He says he is more worried about the curse than he is her reward. Ramses comes in and walks over to the skillet and lifts the lid and says, "what the hell is happening right now?". (lol)

              Paul and Jason are moving to the backyard. Paul is still talking about Jessica's power. Paul is struggling to figure out what on earth it could be. Jason wonders how long until they (BB) actually start getting rid of people.

              Now they talk about what Christmas's power could be and does she really even have one.

              BB is yelling at Mark, Josh and Elena to wake up.

              Cody and Jessica join Paul and Jason outside, so that shuts down their conversation.


              • #8
                10:45 AM BBT

                Matt is horsing around with Raven in the kitchen. B tells Matt to stop that.

                Ramses joins the outside group and Jason goes back into the kitchen.

                People have been making their own breakfasts, Not sure if anyone has eaten Cody's eggs.


                • #9
                  10:59 AM BBT

                  Cody is telling war stories to Paul and Ramses. They aren't his stories but other's that he has heard about the Korean and Vietnam wars (yes, I know the Korean is called a conflict, I am just telling you what Cody is saying). He can't remember if the 38th parallel is Korea or Vietnam. He starts telling stories about General Mattis and BB takes the cams away from them and put all 4 on Raven and Matt in the kitchen (I guess BB is afraid of that general too, lol).

                  Raven (finally!!!!) dishes up some of the eggs Cody made and gives them to Christmas. Raven adds some of the french toast she just made.

                  Slow morning....


                  • #10
                    11:16 AM BBT

                    Cam switches me mid convo to Alex and Jason. Alex is telling Jason not to be stupid. (she is putting her shoes on and it's super hard to hear her) She is saying something about ? running to Paul when he won and then Alex when she won. She says who do you think he'll go to now that Paul has lost to him twice. ( no clue)

                    Christmas comes in and that's the end of that convo.


                    • #11
                      11:27 BBT

                      Cody and Ramses alone outside. Ramses says he hopes this week goes good. Cody says he hopes they don't keep that piece of ****. He says if they do, they will forever be attached to all the **** he (Josh) has done. "Oh, you guys voted to keep a guy that berates a woman 1/3 of his size?" Ramses tell Cody that was ****ed. Cody is mad because during the HOH comp, Josh called Jessica "a thing". Cody said Josh told Christmas that she better beat "that thing".

                      Matt and Christmas whispering. Christmas says something about Mark really wanting to win POV but she doesn't think Elena did. Paul comes in and tells Matt that Ramses came up to him and aske how he (Paul) felt about the votes this week and Paul told Ramses that he felt pretty good. Matt says that Cody and Ramses are out back talking and it looks pretty serious. Matt says Ramses looks pretty upset today and Paul says it's just nerves from being on the block.


                      • #12
                        11:53 BBT

                        Guys working out and chatting. Kevin laying on the outside sofa area.

                        Not much going on now so I am going to break away and gets some stuff done around here.


                        • #13
                          12:29 PM BBT

                          Paul and Raven whispering in the bathroom. Paul tells her that he was approached by Ramses and how asked Paul felt the week was going down. Paul said he told Ramses everything was good, fine, good, why are you so worried? Ramses told Paul that he's not, it's just the curse. Paul tells Raven that he hopes she is still on board and she says yes and they both agree that they just need to keep on reassuring Ramses. Paul tells her that they can't **** this up because if they do they are ****ed.

                          Josh comes in and Raven leaves. Paul tells Josh to keep crying and being sad. Josh says it's weird because when he walks in a room, everyone stops talking (kind of like they just did lol). Paul tells him not to worry, just keep acting sad. Josh says so I don't need to talk to anyone? Paul adamantly says "No! You shouldn't be!" Poor Paul keeps trying to go to the bathroom and Josh keeps talking to him.

                          Josh has been in the kitchen all by himself. Everyone else is outside.


                          • #14
                            12:57 PM BBT

                            Josh follow Alex into the storage room. Alex tells him to get away from her because they (Jess, Cody, Elena and Mark) are watching all of the others. Alex says why do you think Mark came in the kitchen? They sent him in there. Josh whispers that Alex needs to tell them that she is voting Josh out. Alex says yep, now get away from me.


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                              I'll catch us up on some key convos... it's going to be a quick post and go ... so hold on ...


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