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Live Feed Updates- July 26, 2017- Day 35

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 26, 2017- Day 35

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    4:00AM BBT

    all the little hamsters are snoozing away of course


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      10:56 AM BBT

      Most everyone is up. Jessica and Cody are cooking in the kitchen. Everyone else awake is outside exercising.


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        11:07 AM BBT

        All cams on everyone exercising as I look down to see my tummy hanging over. Birthday convos going on about people at home. Lots of fishies!


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          11:40 AM BBT

          HG's are put on indoor lockdown. Jessica talks about how pissed her mom is going to be when she gets out of the house. Jessica says her mom will be mad when she sees the way Josh treated her and mad in general because her mom didn't want her to do the BB show.


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            12:01 PM BBT Cam 3

            Josh is talking to the camera.

            "So I wake up this morning and Cody and Jessica are counting votes on the memory wall. You meatballs, you don't have the numbers, don't you get it? You're getting blindsided. Again! You ****ing meatballs!! <sigh> God I love this house."


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              12:29 PM BBT

              Paul and Jessica head into the storage room and they are talking about the temptation and what the possible curse could be. Paul is thinking that maybe there will be a comp and the person who comes in last will be evicted. Jessica says she hates that thought. Paul thinks that whatever the curse was, it would have had something to do with Jessica and Dom being on the block and since nothing happened, the temptation wasn't used. Jessica says maybe it was like Paul's in that the temptation has to be used before they release the curse. Paul says that could be. He thinks maybe Dom got the temp and just swallowed it and left. Jessica asks him who he thinks got the temptation and Paul says he knows Jessica said she got it, but he thinks she was just blowing off steam. Jessica says yeah. (lol) They talk about how they are worried about whatever the curse is going to be. Jessica thinks maybe the second temptation was money, because no one has said anything and nothing in the game has changed and she and the others had to dress up as frogs for the curse.

              Talk turns to Paul reassuring her about his vote this week. Jessica tells him that she is so worried about Ramses going home, because that was never her intention. Jessica says she knows other people wanted her to do something different but she wants Josh gone. Paul says he can't imagine anyone would want to keep Josh. He talks about Josh throwing flour on Jason while he was taking a shower. Now they talk about the HOH comp and how Josh was calling her a "thing" and how she was going to leave the house before her and how Josh knew about her dad when he was saying all that stuff. Jessica says it does bother her on a human level seeing Josh walking around sad and crying, but she has to shut that off and remember that Josh brought this all on himself.

              Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


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                12:53 BBT

                Paul goes into the red room and tells Raven and Matt about his talk with Jessica and how she was making it personal. He said he told her he was voting Josh out but it is big brother so if the house changes their mind, he's voting with the house. Elena (super spy!) comes in so he just generalizes with her that Jessica just wanted to make sure that he voting Josh out.


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                  1:05 PM

                  Cody and Jessica are in the HOH talking about the possibility of getting Paul out. Cody thinks that he and Jessica have Ramses, Christmas, and Kevin on their side now. () They talk about Matt and Raven and how they are too weak for Cody to waste his time taking them out and Jessica wonders if they are even here to play the game.


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