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Live Feed Updates- July 27, 2017- Day 36

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 27, 2017- Day 36

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    4:24 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      9:10 AM BBT

      Everyone is sleeping except Josh who used the potty and spent a few moments studying the memory wall.

      9:15 AM


      Time to wake up the peeps!


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        9:31 AM BBT

        No clue what all the FISH! was about. No lights are on and everyone is still sleeping (I know how you all love that update!)


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          9:49 AM BBT

          BB keeps telling everyone to wake up, but they keep on sleeping away.

          Jason just got up and turned the light on in his bedroom then promptly crawled back in bed.


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            9:55 AM BBT

            Lights are on. Peeps are conscious. Light banter going on.


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              (I am going to FB and see what we have missed. I thought for sure I could get dressed, make my bed, blah blah, without any drama. Nope!! Stay tuned!)

              10:50 Josh talking to camera. (camera=me ) He says he is not a bully but if you want to be a bully he will bully the bully. "Welcome to meatball madness!" If you want to play dirty and mean, Josh will play the same back at you. Josh says he is going to be loud, annoying, obnoxious, and bang pots and pans to through you off your game. Josh says that "he" is going to have a whole week of hell with him (Josh).
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                10:31 AM BBT Josh comes into the bathroom and tells everyone in there that he is going to raise hell today. He says he is just in that mood. Says Mark gave him an evil look. He bangs pots yelling for Mark to wake up. (whew! He is really tormenting Mark)

                10:40 AM BBT Mark takes refuge in the apple lounge where Alex and Jason are chatting. Mark tells them that Josh is following him around getting into Mark's face.


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                  10:49 AM

                  Cody, Mark, Jason and Paul are in the apple lounge. Mark is saying he was bullied as a kid and he is not going to be bullied in here for all of their (hg's) enjoyment. Paul (I think) says he doesn't enjoy it and Mark says that there was laughing. He specifically calls out Christmas for laughing. Mark says he is counting down, seven hours and he's(Josh) out of here or Mark is going to ****ing do something. Jason and Paul (maybe Cody too) mumble that it's not worth it. Josh doesn't deserve Mark's time. Paul and Jason leave the room. Cody says if Josh keeps banging pans, Cody will knock them out of his hands for Mark.

                  (I can hear Josh hollering and taunting Mark in the background)

                  Josh pulls a stool up to the closed door of the apple room and keeps yelling at Mark that Josh only has so many hours left in the house to bond with Mark. (oy!)

                  Cody takes Mark up to the HOH room. Cody is fuming. He keeps saying he is going to knock those ****ing pans out of Josh's hands. He says Jessica wants Cody not to react, but if everyone else wants to be a *****, he'll handle it. Mark tells him not to worry about it.

                  Cody starts talking about Josh calling Jessica a "thing" and how everyone outside of the house just loves her.


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                    In real time we are on HOH lockdown. Cute doggies on my screen.


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                      Feeds are back. 2:45 PM BBT

                      Most getting ready in the bathroom - Christmas, Cody, Jessica.

                      Paul getting dressed in RBR. Mark sitting on the bed and Elena all covered up in bed. They are going over the pictures for the HOH comp.

                      In another room Josh is working with Jason going over the pictures. Kevin and Alex were in there too. Josh says if anyone comes in, he will just say he is saying good bye.


                      • #12
                        Christmas in the RBR with Paul, Mark, Elena. Still going over pics. Kevin comes in, Paul leaves. Kevin leaves. Just Christmas, Mark and Elena there.

                        Paul goes in with Kevin and Jason. BB says Paul...Kevin...shut it down. They were going to do Kevni's hair in there. They got in trouble so they went to the bathroom.


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                          1:17 PM BBT

                          Feeds back and Christmas, Matt, Raven, Kevin jedi training for the HOH comp tonight.

                          Kevin goes into the green apple lounge. Jessica asks him if he is voting Josh out. Kevin says yeah, but it doesn't matter and tells Jessica that the ones that Jess thinks are on her side aren't. He leaves.

                          Cody walks in and tells her he is glad he doesn't have to be social anymore.

                          They leave and go into the downstairs bathroom. Elena comes in and there is no talking. (awks!) Now they chit chat.


                          • #14
                            Paul is going to cut Kevin's hair. Paul holding all Kevin's ponytail hairs and now Kevin has his long hair up looking just like Pebbles Paul is shaving the back of his hair, telling Kevin this is the haircut he had when he came in to the house.


                            • #15
                              Josh all pumped up in the storage room, punching his fists in the air, now making the sign of the cross and saying a prayer.


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