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Live Feed Updates- July 28, 2017- Day 37

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 28, 2017- Day 37

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    4:55 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      (I'm not really here, waiting for my next meeting to start)

      Sounds like BB told the HG's about the new comp, Mark, Alex, Kevin & Jason are on cams 1&2 discussing the new comp

      Cams 3&4 on Jody & Paul in the kitchen talking about Star Wars and video games

      (I'll try to jump in after my meetings in about an hour)


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        Cams 3 & 4

        11:20 AM BBT

        Jessica & Cody talking.

        She tells Cody to not play in the [Temptation] competition because it would just piss people off (since she said they have the Hex protection). Cody agrees that he won't play.


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          Jessica says they need to relax and let someone else become the target.

          She says, they have to think logically. The others don't know what the Hex is and they need to use that against them.

          Tells Cody, you be the beauty, I'll be the beast(?). I'm going to put on my make-up.


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            11:28 AM BBT

            Cams 1 & 2 (was 3 & 4 but just switched)
            Kevin, Jason, Josh & Alex in the Money room talking random talk (no game talk).

            Cams 3 & 4
            Mark & Elena in the bathroom area. Elena getting ready for the day.
            Kevin walks in now. (Kevin has had shaving cream on his face for like 30 minutes now)
            Cody & Jessica in there too. Jessica doing her makeup. Cody & Mark talking protein drinks.
            Elena uses the bathroom and heads to the Kitchen.
            Kevin in the mirror shaving.


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              Am having trouble with my flashback and tried to reopen numerous times so I am just going to go on from here.

              Josh and Alex in Green Bedroom talking about there being 3 noms so 8 people will vote. He tells Alex they are united now. Alex wants him to stop talking because Jessica is in the next room.

              Alex to Josh – just chill, just vote. Do not change your vote.

              In comes Jason and Kevin. Talk turns to Kevin being able to eat food again tonight. They are talking about Kevin’s birthday next week and Kevin says he will be 56 (? Hard living I guess). Josh says they are going to throw a rage party for him and asks TPTB to give them wine.

              Josh – what is your favorite wine? Kevin – whatever has liquor in it.


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                The camera moves us to Jessica and Cody in red room.

                Cody tells her to explain to Paul that if he puts him (Cody) up he wastes his entire HOH. She says Paul is aware of that. Cody asks how and she replies that she told Paul that they have safety so what would Paul think he was accomplishing Finding a loop hole? He doesn’t have any information from her.
                Cody says if she doesn’t tell Paul he predicts that come the end of the week he will be on the block and she will have to use it anyway.
                Jessica explains that she doesn’t want Paul to know that it is a rewind week but Cody is questioning why she wouldn’t tell him that.
                Jessica – because I don’t want anyone to know it is a rewind week. What is the benefit of that?

                Cody – me never going up there. Because if I have to go up there I might as well compete.
                Jessica is worried that Paul might win the HOH for two weeks in a row and then can evict them.
                Cody doesn’t think he will take that chance. Jessica is pushing back saying the Paul plays a character on a TV show. She says that if she goes to Paul he will blow smoke and not really tell her anything (my words, not hers).
                Jessica says if she talks to Paul he will start wondering why she is so worried and he will start looking for reasons.
                Cody – I think you think he’s more of a mastermind than he is.
                Jessica – I think I’ve been right about most things and I’m going to trust my gut.


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                  Before Jessica started to put on her make-up she told Elena she wanted to talk to Paul about the Noms. She had walked around looking for him and when she found him he was in the Kitchen with a lot of others so she ended up not saying anything to him yet.

                  Cams 1 & 2


                  Matt, Christmas & Mark.
                  Christmas says she's going to go figure out what she has to wear for the next week so now just Matt & Mark.

                  All 4 cameras go to the Kitchen and then we get FISH for a few seconds and right back.


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                    Oh good! Ladycop is here! Woot! Keep on going Ladycop! I suck at this! LOL


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                      Jessica – I am not gambling your game. I am just trying to keep the upper hand on someone right now.

                      Cody – (after long pause). I trust you.

                      Jessica – really, doesn’t sound like it.

                      Cody – I trust you.

                      Jessica – we don’t know if you are going up as a pawn right now. We don’t know. I’d rather sit back and let him do what he is going to do and then I will put the full court press on him if you go up on the block and I will tell him that if he does not use the veto to pull you off that he will regret it.

                      Cody – ok.

                      Jess – I have the feeling he is going after someone and it’s not us. (Another long pause). Everytime I second guess my intuition I’ve kicked myself in the a$$ for it.

                      Cody – Well, I trust your intuition better than mine.

                      Jess – If I go to have a conversation with him (and then asks Cody to get off her legs because he is breaking them and he moves). If I go to have a conversation with him, I have to have a smile on my face and be happy and not be pi$$ed off, angry, vindictive or any kind of negative emotion. And I can have that conversation but I just need to chill the f**k out.

                      Cody – Oh gosh, I totally agree.

                      Jess – I hate gambling. I hate it. I don’t do it. I don’t do with my money, I don’t do it with other people’s money and this game is one gamble after another, and I am so stressed over it.

                      Cody – I love gambling.

                      Jess – Yeah, clearly.

                      Cody laughs. Jessica tells him she is done with this conversation and doesn’t want to keep having it. It is bad luck.


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                        Jessica is telling him not to try to compete this week (in the game within a game that is part of the hex) because the people who need safety this week will hate him. She says that Jason and Alex are going to compete and she just hopes one of them loses. She goes on to say that she believes that Paul wants Alex gone and Cody on his side and if Alex loses than he doesn't have to backdoor her.


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                          Jessica to Cody - Paul is treading lightly. That's why he told you not to react emotionally. He might see you as an asset in the future. And he won't put you up (if Alex is up there). You are too juicy of a target and he won't put you up there if Alex is up there.


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                            Jessica feels that the two of them, Alex and Jason, have big mouths and there is a possibility that they said something last week that set off red flags.
                            Last edited by Ladycop; 07-28-2017, 02:55 PM. Reason: Forgot my commas.


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                              We are currently on fish or rather the things that love to eat fish (Cats).


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